64 thoughts on “Crazy Train Tonight!”

  1. Ha! Kasich’s hanging on to the clown car for dear life.

    (Btw, all is well; 5th try was the charm.)

    I look forward to your comments sans the actual debate.

  2. Golly what a miserable couple of days–I really feel like the bottom of the birdcage. Spent all day covered up on the couch. Katherine, I hope the Admiral is holding his own…

  3. If I take a drink every one of them claims to be a true conservative, how long will I last?

  4. Been watching the Chris Matthews and now Chris Hayes coverage of the Trump campaign manager kerfuffle. What a hoot. What a great way to start the Crazy Train.

  5. Ted’s delegate math denial like Barney Fife arresting old lady jaywalkers. Nobody agrees.

  6. Whenever Cruz talks about God in politics I think of Bobby Knight explaining why he did not let his players pray before games: “Because God doesn’t give a damn about college basketball.”

  7. Lewandowski’s lawyer is an utter a$$holian uneffected by any facts that contradict his narrative.   If I ever get arrested for anything I want him as my lawyer.

  8. He’s right about what he won’t do with the military because he’ll never get the opportunity to do that. God help us if he does.

  9. I expect cruz’ very long tongue to dart out of his mouth and lick his eyebrows at any moment

  10. Funny. Cruz ignored dairy farmer who said he needs Mexican workers to survive, somehow segued to Sonny and Cher in an epic dodge.

  11. Cruz just referred to “my homestate of Florida” huh? Pandering for that primary is over. Better than saying Canada

  12. Sorry I cut away for a bit. The cavs are playing the Rockets and quite frankly it’s a whole lot more entertaining than lying  ted. I must have missed something. Just what the hell does Gilligan’s Island have to do with jobs?

  13. Cruz calls welfare a “hammock” not a safety net. Call 1-800 for the 1980’s.

  14. Tuned in just in time for the Trump entrance … This is no way to start an evening.

  15. Ok, I…just…can’t. This is so fucking stupid…I…just…can’t…stand…it. Back to the Cavs for a while.

  16. Trump will send his assaulter campaign chief to strong arm Pakistan. Problem solved

  17. I’m thinking about that scene in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou when the candidate is driven out on a rail.

  18. Having a Policeman who was wounded helping targeted minorities ask Mr Trump a question is priceless.

  19. And Cavs up by 15 heading into the half. And Satch is still amazing.  Think Trump will answer this question from someone who knows a shit load more than him about muslims.  So far, he’s not answering the question. Second amendment?  Wtf.  Back to basketball and guitar.

  20. One thing you will not see is a hoarse Donald Trump…….he’s good with his voice…….

  21. I’ve seen it in many a dark and dingy pool hall……..
    It’s never dark over the tables…….

  22. well Donald they ask the sane questions over and over until you actually answer the uestion

  23. Just like the night of the Florida Primary, Mr Trump doesn’t mention his daughter Tiffany. Anyone else notice this?


  24. Trump oozed his way through that interview like a frog in mud, tongue snapped several skeeters while crossing the pond.

  25. Pogo,

    She is his daughter with the esteemed Marla Maples. From what’s been reported, Tiffany Trump is doing well as a student at Penn State. Despite her parentage.

  26. He’s a member at the Pete Dye golf club here and eats at our favorite restaurant when he’s in town.   The owner loves him.  Not a hint of an air about him. Seems nice enough.

  27. I think his cowlicks are kinda cute.   I had cowlicks as a kid.  Then most of my hair fell out and I found a hair stylist (she’d be offended if I called her a barber) who has a gift of doing a good job with very little.

  28. Kasich and Matthew Delavedova must have the same barber (no one should accuse him or her of being a stylist).

  29. Well Cleveland blew a 19 point lead to lose by 6 to Houston. Of course Lebron wasnt plsying, but still,  damn.

  30. Or what ever lawyers get at the “Can’t Touch This” Lawyer’s Award Show……you can see the light come on over his head when it dawns on him………dawn’s rosy red fingers…….he probably had a raging hangover……

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