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  1. Watching the Washington returns.  It looks as if the 70/30 Sanders/Clinton split seems to be holding up pretty well.

    BTW other useful info, Washington is heavily retired military.  It is a mark of the failure of the GOP that so many are fleeing to the Democratic party and are appreciative of Sanders’ votes for recent Veterans votes for Medical/Dental benefits.

  2. P.S.  I still hate the caucus system.  I admire the people willing to participate, moi included simply because you really have to love the idea of of the right to vote to do it.  The main problem is that I favor making voting open to all and as easy as possible and Caucusing does favor those with nothing more important to do on a Saturday.

    Of course the lady in the wheel chair on her breathing tube assisted by her attendant so that she could caucus today was more than impressive.  It definitely comes under the heading of “voting is inconvenient for you is it?” Suck it up Bunky, this is part of your responsibility as a citizen.”

  3. I like the primary over the caucus system for voting.  In the caucus a strong and dominate leader could (and often has) made the system go their way.  Today, the primary gives equal chances (but not totally due to money) to the multiple candidates.

    Bernie offers Utopia, not reality.  HRC is who I want in the WH to handle the complexities of the world.  Truth be told I wish she was in the WH right now.  Almost eight years in and I get the feeling the WH is still trying to figure out what to do.  I will give that the mess the world is in makes it hard to do anything right or on time.  I still would like her running the show.  This is one of those times age rules.

    Jamie44 – I know the bar, name is floating around and not showing up yet.

    Fanne Foxe was a stripper best known for being involved in a 1974 sex scandal surrounding Arkansas Congressman Wilbur Mills, in what is reputed to be one of the most reported political sex scandals of the 1970s

    Silver Slipper at 815 13th Street NW

    This is my favorite story about a politician and drinking.


  4. Blue Bronc

    I know it is truly bugging me.  It was a great bar/restaurant and I think had an Irish name.  Phony name or not, I lived and dined well on other people’s gold cards who really wanted endorsements for three years … 🙂

  5. Yes Children … Politics are evil, internecine and loaded with the tangled webs we weave, but you have to keep believing because strings can be pulled and sometimes they get pulled in your favor.  Bernie Sanders wants 1968. The Hillary folks want 1992

  6. Bernie wins today like phantom pain, the limb is gone but still feel the burn

  7. Is it okay that listening to the Bernie victory speech that I still don’t like him?  That much ego from either side of political spectrum is really hard to take. Every time he says “brother and sisters’ I want to slap him up the side of his supercilious head.

  8. Jamie44 – know it well.  A long story about life in Old Town Alexandria, okay a whole lot of stories to tell.

    But, this is D.C.  and the stories are not told.  Even my stories about life here are not told.  I could, forget that, I cannot release a book, of any kind.  Even my novels cannot be released.  Life in D.C. has realities which involve clearances, often those clearances involve persons who can stop publication of fun stuff.

    Current novels in the Que:

    Red Line to Shady Grove – dead guy on a train

    Red Light On The Green Line – oh eek – dead people on the rails

    I-595 to Annapolis – dead guy floating around (oh and a VIP in the power structure of D.C.)  I-595 is US 50.

    and none will every see the black ink of printing or the light of day.

  9. Blue Bronc

    And I will not mention the hotel keys that got tossed in my lap that got tossed back to the offender.

    DAMN but politics was fun 🙂

    Are we disillusioning the children?

  10. Crime and Punishment had a Very favorable review in this morning’s Journal. Yes, Dostoevski’s novel.

    Wasn’t ol’ Wilbur picked-up for dancing in a reflecting pool during one of his cavorts? Even made it into the Panamanian newspapers.

  11. Isn’t Fanne Fox the one who ended up in the tidal basin?  I much prefer  Blaze Starr stripper to to the LA governor as way more entertaining.





  12. Bernie 2016.

    The Clinton campaign needs to realize that if HRC is the nominee, Bernie’s supporters aren’t going to magically appear at her doorstep in November.

  13. Bernie’s persistence is as futile as Hillary’s at this point in 2008. Difference is he won’t become Secretary of State

  14. Blue, Clinton world has already (stupidly) trashed and riduculed Berne supporters to such an extent she’ll have to win without them.

  15. Craig, bullshit   nonsense Bernie has been handled with kid gloves. It is why he is still a factor. Clinton know she can win without  getting rough. So she hasn’t. Left wingers lol whine whine whine.  go ahead bring her down and feel so very much alone…..

    When Bernie runs as an independent he had better resign from the Senate cause he will be a caucus of one with no committee. He will be a lonely lonely man.

    And yes he is going to make a run.

    I know folks keep telling me he won’t but…….

    but he is a lefty and that is what they do


  16. The ads that are really insulting to women are those like the Florida for Hillary; a real revolution is a woman prez.   Trying to sell HRC based on her gender is offensive. It’s just as offensive as McCain hedging his bets with Half-Baked Alaska.  (If HRC  had been the nominee in 2008, he had a woman on the ticket, too.  If she wasn’t the nominee, all of us angry females were going to show up for the ticket with a woman on it.)

    Just like McCain didn’t get it then, Clinton’s campaign doesn’t get it now.   Not  show up for her?  Most likely, we will do what we can to block her.

  17. The animosity is far less than what we saw in ’08. I think Craig and Jack are both right, though. Clinton supporters have dissed Sanders supporters (an vice versa) fairly energetically. Sanders himself has been treated well enough. Party jockeying when there is an open seat is usually rough and tumble. I mean, it is a campaign after all.

    At least, the Dems aren’t calling each other foreigners and sluts.

    Now, can’t we all just get along ?


  18. I love the Birdie Sanders cartoon.  Hillary glomming on to Bernie in hopes of getting support.

    jack – HRC has let her surrogates go after Bernie.  Bill had been especially nasty…cuz he’s ticked off that this isn’t the cake walk they imagined.


    Craig-I do think Bernie will be lonely in DC once we get to the general.  What do you think will become of Tulsi Gabbard?  Not sure what you mean by the Clinton world.  the Clinton supporters are not at all in the same league as the Bernie Bros at all.   The bernie bros trolling going on is terrible.  Peter Daou has had a very difficult week- threats etc.  He tweeted-
    Tom and I have been subjected to coordinated threatening, malicious, libelous attacks because we support #Hillary
    Peter Daou added,
    Tom Watson @tomwatson
    As I have. And against my family. From those aligned with Bernie (or at least pretending to be). cc 
    peter daou tweet- 15 years of battling conservatives online — and now the most heinous attacks against me have come from the left. No words.
    Anyways, Olberman doesn’t either doesn’t have the sensitivity or simply doesn’t care if his comments are misogynistic. Craig does, he just maybe isn’t there right now.  Will never forget watching Craig’s reactions to Olberman slamming Hillary or Palin,  he tried to cover his discomfort and his reluctance to join in yet still stay in the conversation.   Craig was in a pickle and he did good.
    KGC- thoughts and prayers coming your way.


    Revolution | Definition of Revolution by Merriam-Webster



    2 a : a sudden, radical, or complete change b : a fundamental change in political organization; especially : the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed c : activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation d : a …

    If voting a woman POTUS after 227 years of male Presidents isn’t a revolution- then I dont’ know what is.

  21. KGC and Jamie,

    Glad you liked Sophie. she is a four legged feather duster with a hundred mile an hour tail.

    Needless to say we are quite fond of her.

    If she were running for president she would get more votes than either Clinton or Trump.

  22. Sweetie and I caucused for Sanders. We did so, not because we dislike Clinton, although I have serious issues with her husband, but because we 1. support re-regulating Wall Street and the breaking up of the financial cartels, 2. dislike the export of American jobs by people who steal Americans’ promised pension money, 3. are utterly opposed to Citizens United and the proposition that anonymous speech is protected, 4. strongly support a return to the broadcasting fairness doctrine, and finally, 5. support a Federal Election Campaign Finance Act that would limit the length of campaigns and the amount of $$$ spent on campaigns. We felt that Sanders strongly supports ALL of these points.

    And in November, we shall joyfully cast our votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next president of the United States !

  23. My, my how thin skinned some of us are.  If by some miracle bernie pulls off a win in the Democratic nomination contest, i will, despite all of the nasty crap that’s been said by people on this blog and others about Hillary, vote for Bernie. Never have I decided that to make myself feel better because I felt slighted would I cut off my nose politically to spite my face. I see that that’s not happening here. I don’t understand it. I’ll never understand it.  Luckily nothing done in deep red states will block HRC anymore than the same in those states would block Bernie if HRC supporters were so inclined.

  24. Unless Sanders is planning on winning New York and California his path to the nomination is pretty well determined. He simply won’t have the delegates and it’s not going to be all that close.

    Personally I applaud what he has done and the direction he has driven the conversation. He is saying some things that need to be said.

    At the end of the day, if he is any kind of man at all he will do exactly what HRC did in 08 join the team and elect a democrat. If he fails to do so he will go down in history as an old crackpot socialist who was out far more for himself than the country.

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  26. Jace there is no doubt in my mind that Bernie will do just that.  Im sure he understands that nothing good for the country could possibly come from the election of any Republican with two to three likely vacancies on the court and one or two houses of Congress under pugn control. He, and hopefully his supporters will do what hillary and her suppotters did in 2008 – lick his wounds and support the nominee of his party, or at least the party he ran to be nominee of.

  27. Jace,

    1. Congrats on your new boss.

    2.  If Sanders doesn’t campaign for the party candidates in his strongholds, I will be very surprised and disappointed.

  28. XR& Pogo

    New boss is right, but at least she is a cute boss.

    I have no doubt that Bernie will come through in that regard, and if his supporters are as loyal to him as they claim they will follow suit.

    A couple of new appointments to the supreme court could spell the end of Citizens United and that is the only way it is going to get undone. Sanders gets it, Clinton gets it, and their supporters better damn well get it.

  29. Not voting for Hillary in November has nothing to do with sour grapes.  She is owned by/represents Wall Street, she has continually changed her stance (or  said as little as possible) about trade agreements, Keystone, etc., and, has proven herself not to be a competent and trustworthy agent of this country.

    The woman = real revolution is the most demeaning argument to be made for voting for her.  Seriously, that’s as ridiculous as saying I only want Bernie to win because an old, white guy.

    No, the reason we don’t want Hillary is that she represents the special interests that already control Washington, and, the content of her character.  We’d be  no worse off with a Republican.

    That is what Hillary’s campaign doesn’t get.  We just don’t like what she stands for, nor do we trust she would stand by any of these new-found positions (of Bernie’s) that she now says she supports.

  30. Sweetie and I caucused for Sanders. We did so, not because we dislike Clinton, although I have serious issues with her husband, but because we 1. support re-regulating Wall Street and the breaking up of the financial cartels, 2. dislike the export of American jobs by people who steal Americans’ promised pension money, 3. are utterly opposed to Citizens United and the proposition that anonymous speech is protected, 4. strongly support a return to the broadcasting fairness doctrine, and finally, 5. support a Federal Election Campaign Finance Act that would limit the length of campaigns and the amount of $$$ spent on campaigns. We felt that Sanders strongly supports ALL of these points.”


    If you would care to run for president and make these the five pillars of your first 100 days or 1000, I would be more than happy, indeed honored to be your campaign manager. My compensation package would be very much negotiable, ranging from nothing, all the way up to meals and booze.

  31. Blue, then feel self satisfied when you write Bernie in or vote Repugnican.  Whatever, it’s your right.  And you’re welcome to your opinions about Hillary, but your conclusions about being no worse off with a trump or a cruz in the WH couldn’t be more wrong.  30 years of a RW court will likely set in stone as the law of the land for generations those opinions that have firmly established the principles you seem to abhor.  Or maybe I’m wrong and bernie will win or a pugn pres will appoint moderates to the court. The first is a mere long shot,  I however think pigs will fly first if the second option occurs.

  32. OSH, Tulsi’s political future in the short term is tied to bernie’s. Long term, who could even venture a guess? I don’t see her as chair of the DNC.

  33. Blue, as I have made clear here often I do share your concerns about Hillary’s allegiances, re: Wall Street etc. But I am resigned to watch the ball move into her court and see if she proves us wrong as president. Dont see any choice, hope her actions will match the rhetoric she “borrowed” from Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. I am full with cyncism about her intentions, but standing down awaiting the verdict of history she can control. Survival of middle income Americans depends on it, and the symbolic joy of electing our first woman president won’t change their prospects by itself.

  34. The most dangerous thing one can do in this election cycle is to sit it out or cast a protest vote.

    Republicans oversaw the plummet in the economy and they proceeded to do everything in their power to stand in the way of any relief for the American people.

    At no time in American history has a party so exploited naked partisan ambition and ill will  at the expense of the well being of the nation. Their history of indifference and hostility is etched in stone, blood, and despair

    The republican party is a party that deserves to go down in flames, and be kicked onto the ash heap of history.

    Sit it out if you so desire, but when the Trump or Cruz chickens come home to roost, kindly have the decency to refrain from telling me how bad Hillary Clinton would have been!

  35. Here in one picture is what is wrong with the caucus system:  There are approximately 5 million people of voting age.  25,000 of them voted in the Dem Caucus

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