Hillary Radiates Presidential

By OldSeaHag, a Trail Mix Contributor

Hillary spoke eloquently at Stanford University on Wednesday regarding counterterrorism, the day after the terror attacks in Brussels. Back at the GOP campaign circus the candidates swiped at each other’s wives. Bernie stumped in Los Angeles, giving over an hour long speech filled with his standard populist rhetoric and including numerous Hillary slams. He only touched minimally on foreign policy, never mentioning Belgium or counterterrorism.  Bernie can share his foreign policy plans, but that is all they are, plans for the future. Hillary’s articulate speech reminded us that she is now already a world leader, and presidential at that.

My Two Cents: I found this speech particularly striking for Hillary’s tough talk about European nations stepping up to the plate. Clearly they have dropped the ball on terror, and she made it crystal clear that will not be tolerated. Apologies for language, but I so prefer her bitch-on-wheels mode over the love and kindness rhetoric that doesn’t suit her. — Craig


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  1. craig, your two cents about Hillary’s tough talk about European nations stepping up to the plate. Clearly they have dropped the ball on terror, and she made it crystal clear that will not be tolerated are pure gold.

    sea, good post to start off a good friday…. and on good friday to boot.

  2. Kathleen,

    Excellent post, thank you.. I agree, watching the whole speech the other day was so impressive especially compared to the GOP.. The amount of knowledge Hillary possesses, wow that can only help this country.. Smart Power, i believe her..


  3. thanks for the opportunity to post craig.   the love and kindness rhetoric has evolved, originally mentioned by her as the qualities that motivate her to do her work, to be a defender, warrior goddess or as you put it bitch on wheels.  it has since become the preferred contrast to the hatred and meanness of the GOP candidates.

  4. Donald Trump can’t stop saying nasty things about women. It could cost him.

    Jose A Delreal and Jenna Johnson

    ““I have some very real concerns should he become the nominee. I think it would be catastrophic for our party,” said GOP strategist Katie Packer, who leads the Our Principles PAC, an anti-Trump super PAC. “Half of the reason why I’m fighting so hard to stop Donald Trump is because I think he’s a walking, talking stereotype of a sexist misogynistic pig.”
    Polling shows Trump sliding sharply among women in recent months, hurting the GOP’s already shaky position with that demographic. Trump’s favorability numbers have decreased 10 points among women nationwide since November, to 23 percent, while his unfavorable number among women has jumped to 75 percent from 64 percent, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll taken this month.”https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/donald-trump-cant-stop-saying-nasty-things-about-women-it-could-cost-him/2016/03/24/51a0ee82-f1d7-11e5-85a6-2132cf446d0a_story.html?tid=pm_politics_pop_b

  5. Whatever their differences, at least the Democrats have two intelligent, sane Candidates. This is a plus.

    The Vice Presidential pick (for both Parties) will be very interesting. Methinks privileged old straight Conservative white guys need not apply. I’ll gladly spout my prejudice here 😉

  6. I love her command of the issues even during the few times when I don’t agree completely.  The lady does her homework rather than just spouting opinions.  Even more important, she knows she can’t do the job alone.  Her actions to help Congress change will make a difference this year and for the foreseeable future.  Until we get a Congress that does its job, the other two branches of government are sadly weakened.

  7. Little sidebar: Today is Elton John’s birthday. Not a fan of his later work, but his early ’70s work was incredible. Burn Down The Mission still blows me away. Bernie Taupin was at his best then too.

  8. Crazy About Money
    Paul Krugman

    “The moral here is that we shouldn’t be surprised by the Republican establishment’s willingness to rally behind Mr. Cruz. Yes, Mr. Cruz portrays himself as an outsider, and has managed to make remarkably many personal enemies. But while his policy ideas are extreme, they reflect the same extremism that pervades the party’s elite.

    There are no moderates, or for that matter, sensible people, anywhere in this story.http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/25/opinion/crazy-about-money.html?ribbon-ad-idx=5&src=trending&module=Ribbon&version=origin&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Trending&pgtype=article

  9. as ole ray sings “oh Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find” 1st amendment dilemma

    Multiple studios have vowed to boycott production in Georgia should the controversial Free Exercise Protection Act become law, but a Christian advocacy group says that the studios are picking and choosing when to make a stand.

    “I feel like it’s hypocritical from some of these businesses because they do business in foreign countries that are very adverse to the LGBT community directly,” Mike Griffin, public affairs representative for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board told TheWrap.

    “All these things being done — fear mongering and demagoguing this particular legislation — it’s gotten where any time anybody says anything about First Amendment rights, particularly religious freedom, it seems that people are trying to attach a narrative of discrimination to [the bill],” he continued.
    But Jeff Graham, executive director of the LGBT advocacy group Georgia Equality, applauds the studios’ decision, even if it hurts Georgia’s bottom line.
    “As a resident of Georgia, it pains me to see that this could have such a negative impact on our state’s reputation and our state’s economy,” Griffin told TheWrap. “However, I am certainly heartened that so many companies, executives and individuals associated specifically with the entertainment industry have spoken in opposition to legislation that clearly has the intent to discriminate against the LGBT community.”

    so what are the right wingers waving religious freedom flags going to do when it comes to the muslims, the wiccans, rastafarians in their midst?  think again, y’all, liberty’s sword has sharp edges and cuts both ways.

  10. In Trump’s World, Women Have Always Been Objects
    Of course he’d use Melania and Heidi as props. To him, women aren’t worth much more.
    Emma Gray

    “As women — or any group of people who aren’t straight, white men — continue to demand their voices be heard, and that policy change accordingly, we will see a backlash from those traditional arbiters of power. The 2016 GOP race has become their vicious last stand.”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/to-donald-trump-women-have-always-been-objects-hello-misogyny-2016_us_56f3f66ae4b02c402f66908a

  11. tony, that link on indiana also noted:

    North Dakota is the only U.S. state that prohibits abortions based on fetal anomalies.

    this will become a major issue with the increasing zika caused microcephaly cases

  12. Donald Trump’s shocking ignorance, laid bare
    Eugene Robinson

    “Donald Trump’s ignorance of government policy, both foreign and domestic, is breathtaking. The Republican Party is likely to nominate for president a man who appears to know next to nothing about the issues that would confront him in the job.
    Such a sweeping condemnation may sound unfair. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump were already busy tweeting that I’m a “dummy” or something. But if you read the transcript of Trump’s hour-long meeting with the editorial board of The Post, which took place Monday, I don’t see how you can come to any other conclusion.”

    Mark Thompson from  XM radio played the audio of the interview by WAPO editorial board, wow. Eugene is not overstating the man’s ignorance.. Really, he wouldn’t answer whether he would use tactical battlefield Nuclear weapons to fight ISIS, wtf??? Oh and again he went on and on for what seemed like 5 mins on how beautiful and large his hands are.. That there are some who consider Trump a choice over Hillary i say to them you’re as bat shit crazy as Trump..

  13. while on the trail today, mixers, a thought to ponder from  alexandra petri:

    The Internet is an ongoing high-and-low-stakes Tragedy of the Commons, where for every 100 people who are using the communal well appropriately, there is one person who will dump a dead rat wrapped in pornography into it. You don’t need a LOT of people dropping dead, porn-covered rats into the communal well. Just one will suffice to ruin the well. And the nature of the Internet is that it encompasses Everybody, so suddenly instead of just one slightly furtive local Rat Guy, there’s a Vibrant, Self-Reinforcing Community of hundreds of Rat Guys wrapping dead rats in pornography and dumping them in wells. If you don’t build a dead-rat filter onto the well, it’s a matter of time until someone deposits a rat in there.


    so what brought this wisdom to Alexandra? microsoft’s new ai character tay:

    Microsoft called her “a machine learning project, designed for human engagement” who hoped to pick up how to speak like an 18-to-24 year-old millennial. But, this being the Internet, Tay quickly degenerated into that rabid conspiracist Obama-hater whom you find at the bottom of every comment thread.

  14. Georgia’s state motto is what – “Not as dumb as Alabama”?  Well, looks like the pols there are out to prove that the motto is wrong.  Lotta stupid sh*t going on in pugn legislatures – Georgia and North Carolina the most recent groups of morons.

  15. Tony, while GA’s law IMHO is simply stupid, NC’s compounds stupid in substance with being contrary to the pugn obsession with local rule – until it opes the door to possible local rules they don’t like in substance.

  16. BTW, OSH, good thread starter.

    Message to Ted – there is one person running for prez who really should not accuse anyone of being a sniveling anything – that would be YOU.  I’m pretty sure your picture appears at the dictionary site for the word sniveling.

  17. OK Pat you’ve got me doing my Ray Charles imitation and the dog is ready to bite me. If I get bit it is all your fault

    OOOOh Georgia,mmmmmmmm Georgia …………………………………………….


  18. OSH

    Just copy the URL for the post and then paste into Twitter with a comment in order to link.  I’ll do this one and you can retweet or do your own.




  19. SJWNY

    The album Elton John did with Leon Russell is one of my favorites The Union  This is When Love I Dying, but the whole album has great songs such as:  Hey Ahab, Gone To Shiloh, and In The Hands of Angels.  Most are John/Taupin with a couple by Russell.


  20. ray couldn’t have sung it better, man.

    jack, so what does “the de facto neighborhood watchman in the McCoy neighborhood” really think when the press isn’t quoting him?  what do you predict will be the unintended consequences of the city effort?


    sturge, that song should be retitled to “midnight train FROM Georgia”….


  21. Pogo

    I already posted the Cruz picture beside “SMARMY” though I suppose it can do double duty at “sniveling”.

    How long do you think he rehearsed the delivery of the line?  I tweeted:  “My name is Rafael Cruz.  You insulted my wife.  Prepare to die!”




  22. Washington is being inundated with “Bernie Sanders has a plan” commercials.  Of course none of them mention what the plans are, what they will do or how they will be accomplished.


  23. Good post and very relevant to the issue of which old person should be in the WH.  We start off by eliminating the raving loon.  Now between the old guy socialist and the lady in pantsuits, I go with the one who knows the WH very well.  And, besides that I will go with her world view as a world leader.

  24. OSH…  great post!  I haven’t seen that speech yet.  Will try to make some time to watch and listen to it here later.

    Craig…  I love your added 2 cents.

  25. Did someone mention “religious freedom”…   here’s an ad made by Ron Reagan that I saw a few nights ago.  Sorry, can’t remember which channel…  but it’s my understanding that all the major networks refuse to air it.

  26. Although Monday is Maryland Day, a day celebrating when the English went ashore at what is now St. Mary’s, Maryland in 1634.  With the confirmation of DNA, I am calling it the day when my English ancestors stepped ashore and were greeted by my other ancestors (who had been here a while).

  27. just one poll, but keep this up and Libertarians within striking distance of Fall debates 15 percent polling threshold …
    Poll shows Gary Johnson in double digits
    In a three-way contest, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton was at 42 percent, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was at 34 percent, and Mr. Johnson, who is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination, was at 11 percent, according to the Monmouth University poll.

  28. Blue Bronc

    If you are part of that crew, then we are probably related in some way through Matthew Howard as his genes do seem to have really gotten around among those of us whose families were from that neck of the woods.

  29. Harbor Woman

    Eric Prince is in a lot of trouble hope you are enjoying it


    Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkle   a lot alike

  30. Good suggestion OldSea, about share buttons on posts. Had forgotten to add those, now there

  31. a progressive Margaret Thatcher is how I see her. Hillary also probably wouldn’t have gotten along with queen as PM

  32. Oh I think Hillary and QE II will get along just fine.  Both are way more family/duty oriented than Maggie who was more ideology aligned.


  33. I would love to see the Libertarians get in there.  Not that the philosophy works in anything larger than a pioneer society, but it is always interesting to see them try to convince others that it will.


  34. Pat, the way I read the ‘fine print’ in Jack’s article, folks taking up the City’s offer of buying a reparable house for $1 then receiving a grant approaching $10K must still come-up with about $40K in rehab expenses during year one in order to make their ‘bargain’ habitable. Seems to me, that makes gentrification the most likely potential market. Will those people build on Jack’s work, or will they ultimately displace his constituents?

  35. Flatus, Yeah, that looks to me like a flipper’s paradise.  Pass a background check, have $8500.00 to match the grant, and have access to up to $40K to bring the place up to code would just scratch the surface for a dilapidated home if it needed electrical, plumbing, roof, gas lines and HVAC – then you’d have to make it livable.   I think you might see a little gentrification depending on where the unsafe houses are.  Looks like the kind of thing I would have done when I was younger – having rehabed 5 homes from the 1900-1927 era, but each was livable when I bought it. But then again I didn’t buy any home for $1. (In reality, the purchase price would be $8501.00).

  36. BTW, according to RCP since last Tuesday, Congressional job approval polls have shown an increase in disapproval from 65% to 81% and the disapproval margin has increased from 53% to 66%.  The ONLY silver lining for congress is that the approval number has increased from 12% to 15%.  Hmmm, I wonder if Myrtle and the pugns’ refusal to consider Garland have anything to do with that?

  37. Jamie,  LOL.  Now my mom in law will know about Cruz’ affairs.  If it’s on the mag racks in the grocery store, she’s all over it.

  38. Jamie and pogo  add pernicious, promiscuous and peevish to that smarmy sniveling snake…. well, the truthiness is still out on the promiscuousness…

  39. renee, I think that ron reagan spot is a rerun and that’s why you’re not seeing much of it.  seems like it 1st ran in 2013.  old news.   it’s a good one and needs to be repeated in msm now and then.

  40. from politicususa

    Ted Cruz “Sex Scandal” Has Donald Trump’s Dirty Little Fingerprints All Over It
    By Jason Easley on Fri, Mar 25th, 2016 at 1:38 pm
    The source for the Ted Cruz sex scandal tabloid rumors is owned by a very close friend of Donald Trump. The fact that the story comes from one of Trump’s pals highlights that there is no dirty trick that is off limits to the Republican frontrunner.

  41. “Politics is sex for ugly people.”

    Jamie, has to be the only explanation….  or maybe he borrowed some pharmaceuticals  from helpful  lobbyists in that industry. those ladies had to be non compos mentis, stoned or the equivalent

  42. True or not you have to admire Twitter Creativity.  It is being referred to as

    The Cuban Mistress Crisis by the Canadian Mountie at the Bay of chauvinist pigs.


  43. cnn must be having a field day (see the above linked politicususa story) and will be running with this from every angle not even imaginable in the kama sutra.   goodness, if the primary season behavior is a predictor of the general, we are in for some exciting times.

  44. now the flood gates burst forth with muddy muckraking stories of drumpf’s dalliances.

    kinda makes the big dawg look like a puny puppy.

  45. At least with Bill, women could understand the attraction.  Ted or Donald would require money, power, and anti-nausea medication.

  46. The huckster’s credo, by W.C. Fields: Never give a sucker an even break, nor smarten up a chump.

  47. That was his character’s advice to his little girl ward he was bringing up in show business–as he lay dying, knowing he was going to leave her and hoping he’d taught her well…..


    “Spilling the beans is quite simple when it comes to Heidi Cruz,” Pierson said in an interview with MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki.

    “She is a Bush operative; she worked for the architect of NAFTA, which has killed millions of jobs in this country; she was a member on the Council on Foreign Relations who in Sen. Cruz’s own words, called a nest of snakes that seeks to undermine national sovereignty; and she’s been working for Goldman Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his financial disclosure,” Pierson said.

    “Her entire career has been spent working against everything Ted Cruz says that he stands for,” she added.

  49. Dex

    I don’t think anybody is confused about Bernies ideas.

    It is just his skill in getting even the most mild ones passed. In 20 years he hasn’t demonstrated any real ability in that direction. He can’t even orchestrate a small filibuster. He does pretend ones, if president that pretend stuff is out the window, It is all about real.


  50. How did Ted even get one woman?  I have difficulty believing there is much of a market for him.  Blechhh!

    Jamie – Get some rest. You have a big day ahead of you.

  51. With enough political will, Bernie’s plans will pass and so many will be better off.  Dream big, ask for more than you think you can get, and, keep pushing forward.

  52. thanks renee- her speech had me believing for a minute that i was back in the 90’s when i really didn’t worry much about what was going on- because i had faith that between big dawg, ted and tip that everything was being taking care of to the best of anyones abilities.

  53. Pat, given that the plan was devised to shut up some neighborhood leaders that wanted a pony, I’m not sure what the unintended ‘s are. Those houses are all on the dangerous building list, meaning they all have a lot of problems.

    May be they will use the interest to market their other houses that can be had for a Couple of thousand and investing $20 thousand more, plus lots of self labor in fix up.  As I told the reporter they all should be on the market for a dollar , If they were worth anything they would have sold at the tax auction.

    Flatus, for a property owner gentrification is a good thing. A little of that is spreading east across Troost (the traditional black white dividing line) But most of the neighborhoods where these houses are for sale  just getting the working class to come back would be a step up.  Basically between bad schools and crime “the ones with git up and go got up and went” leaving behind older people who were stuck there because they couldn’t sell out and move. Slum Lords moved in and milked the property for it’s last bit of value. A large number of those took advantage of the crazy housing market to dump these properties to out of town investors.  In the end large numbers of houses ended up abandoned and taken back by the county for taxes.

    Part of the protest against tearing down the houses is that it reminds everybody of just how bad things are and tearing the house down seems to make it permanent.

    But I admit I take more of a gardener approach in that just as no plant lasts forever and my yard is constantly changing so too are neighborhoods. These neighborhood were built for life 100 years ago. No three car families or houses with 3 bathrooms and a bedroom for every child.

    So save the house worth saving, the rest  tear down and redistribute the land so lots are bigger and build modern housing. I think with good planning and moving out from infection points” These neighborhoods can be revitalized. Will they be the same ? No, But then 70 years ago they weren’t either.

    As usual I’m in the minority here.


    Habitat usually builds new housing but they have started experimenting with rehabbing. What is really needed is a Habitat type financing, not interest free but just step out and loan  $60,000 on a rehabbed house when all the comparable sales(comps)for an appraisal in the neighborhood are running $30,000. Then you get investors who will rehab houses and they will employ neighborhood workers and everybody wins. But it all starts with a friendly banker.

    Been kicking this can around for a while at a lot of meetings.




  54. Now that there’s a cruz sex scandal, sex must be out of style. Teenagers all across America tonight are zipping themselves in tight, saying, 

    I ain’t doin’ none of that shit !

  55. Ya know thinking about either Ted Cruz or Donald having sex, with anything,  is not my idea of a relaxing evening.

    So cut it out.




  56. Why is it that whenever I see Ted Cruz, I begin to see a  bad character from ‘The Walking Dead’?

  57. Hillary radiates presidential? Of course she does.


    Say what you will about the Clintons, they have always been fortunate in their choice of enemies.

  58. “Trump:  P.T. Barnum meets George Washington Plunkitt.” – Mr. Sturgeone

    Old P.T. and the Old Sachem must feel deeply offended, Sir.

    Mr. Plunkett will offer you a duel of honor, Sir : ballot boxes at dawn from ten paces. You may bring your own ballot box, or choose one from a matched set.

    Should you emerge vindicated, Mr. Barnum will then offer you a duel of honor : two-headed dogs at ten paces. You may bring your own two-headed dog, or . . . .


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