Survivor Day

Survivor_Image_398_250_c1Voters in a bunch of states today decide who lives or who goes away in presidential politics. Is it time for Rubio to find another job if his home state rejects him? Will Ohio Gov. Kasich get a hall pass from his constituents? Can Sanders win an excuse to go on, despite the delegate math piling up against him? The questions answer themselves, but still worth watching.


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  1. hehhehheh…..who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women) voters? ….  hehhehheh…..the shadow govt knows


    btw, boss, love that doggie in the truck window.  nice touch.

  2. As long as no one starts wandering around naked. But then again … naked guy ended up on The Apprentice.


  3. There’s a big difference between north Florida and South Florida. As different as Alabama and New England.

    And on Tuesday, those distinctions will likely play out as Florida voters decide who to give 99 Republican delegates to in the race for president. The Florida GOP primary is considered a pivotal moment in the campaign: The winner-takes-all contest could mean a huge boost for Donald Trump, or the death of Marco Rubio’s campaign in his home state.

    amen to that, ap news

    the sunshine state is like a small usa and just as diverse in its craziness.  god help us (as Hiaasen noted the other day) if the decision who gets prez is up to floriduh again.

  4. Just noticed an article on The Raw Story regarding DOJ planning on requesting the Apple source code and keys as an escalation of the fight to gain access to the terrorists phone.  This is one of the backdoors which we (software and privacy groups) been fighting against for decades.

    I do not have a lot of problem with Apple breaking the phone to provide the the information the dead, repeat dead, terrorists had on the county phone.  It was not the private phone of the terrorists, it was the county government phone that has the information.  The fight is not about a private citizens phone, it is about a government phone.  Apple could break the phone and give the data to DOJ.

    Apple can do the necessary code changes and then hand the phone to the DOJ without giving the feds any information.  The backdoor is not opened if Apple does the work.  But, if DOJ gets the source code and keys, the backdoor is going to be wide open.

    [the rest of the rant is self-censored]

  5. Showing a little sympathy to the folks of Florida: where Candidates stand concerning delegate totals before today’s vote is out of their hands. A begrudging nod to the powers that be who got Florida a March placing in the Primary brackets. Yeah, March matters. Madness, perhaps, but if they find themselves in the position to be kingmaker, heck, go for it. Wouldn’t you? 😉

  6. Thou setter up and plucker down of kings – William Shakespeare, Henry VI.

    Florida, the Warwick of Primaries.

  7. “What do I know about it? All I know is what’s on the internet.” so said drumpf, the goper god.

  8. craigcrawfordsays:
    March 13, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    “CNN presents Roland Martin as co-host in a discussion about political violence???
    On February 5, 2012, Roland Martin’s Twitteraccount responded to an underwear advertisement featuring the association football player David Beckham, stating “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!” GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) responded on its website: “Martin’s tweets today advocating violence against gay people weren’t an accident — they are a part of a larger pattern for Martin. Anti-gay violence in America is a serious problem”.

    Your comment from a few threads ago i very much appreciate! I really don’t like Roland Martin and his religious homophobia. I thought while watching that night, wow, CNN didn’t have a more credible person to put forward knowing political violence was part of the topic.. I remember that whole Beckham underwear thing and how it exposed Martin but there’s more..
    This from Michelangelo S. whom i listen to daily on XM.

    That’s because for a long time Roland Martin has viewed gays as a group that, figuratively speaking, need the “ish” kicked out of them — as in having a preacher “bowl down your alley.”
    I’ll explain that, but first, let’s not forget that this is a man who came to Tracy Morgan’s defense when the comedian said he’d kill his own kid if he was gay. Though a Democratic political analyst and supporter of President Obama, Martin’s been on the wrong side of gay rights in just about every debate, even saying “thanks” to the Miss USA pageant loser, Carrie Prejean, for coming out against same-sex marriage in 2009.
    But most revealing are Martin’s comments in a column he wrote in 2006, in which he promoted “pray-away-the-gay” therapy:

  9. “Guys, the message is clear: even God cannot stand to have a direct conversation with Ted Cruz,” Bee argued.

  10. from  the new yorker’s “conventional wisdom”:

    The last contested Republican and Democratic Conventions were in 1948 and 1952, respectively, and both nominated a candidate on the third ballot. The 1924 Convention went to the hundred-and-third ballot, before rejecting both front-runners, former Treasury Secretary William McAdoo, of California, and Governor Al Smith, of New York. It has lately drawn attention as an extreme example of what Politico has called “conventional chaos.” What tore the Convention apart, however, wasn’t choosing a nominee, or even Prohibition, divisive as the fight between the drys and the wets (many of them wicked New Yorkers) had been. It was another question, one that Trump’s candidacy has brought back to the fore: whether, and how strongly, to disavow the Ku Klux Klan.


    The G.O.P. may have to decide what scares it more: losing without Trump or winning with him.

  11. From the above article, there is a dem ‘progressive call to arms!‘ against Trump.  Now who is the violent, obstructive group??  Trump and violence?  The entire country is violent and Trump single-handedly took down Dr. Ben Carson and his knife.  Highlighted the mental health crisis behind violence by showing Dr. Ben could never really be cured of his luny darker side.  And now, that same Dr. Ben is supporting Trump…the crazies love me!  I guess liberals are either so bored or afraid or both that they have to take this guy down now?  In reality, Cruz and Sanders are the most polarizing figures in the Senate…neither one will work with with either side.  And the truth of the matter?  After today, there is a shift in the political poles…Florida is no longer the geographic heart of the GOP…Illinois is no longer the geographic heart of the dem party.  I do believe in the end,  it will be a New York state of mind with Trump and HRC…we need to start bolstering HRC rather than vilifying Trump.



  12. BW

    Not disagreeing with any of your spot on points, just want to add. When those groups start getting all hysterical it is 99% about fund raising. The right wing nuts do it also (Obama is going to take your guns!!!!!!!)



  13. Yeah, tonight will be interesting pol watching. My focus is on Ohio and Florida- they will tell a a lot about what could happen in the Fall.

    And the polls have shifted a bunch in a couple of days – fivethirtyeight’s projections haven’t moved that much.

  14. Just saw an interview of Douglas Brinkley about his new book Rightful Heritage covering FDR’s Conservation Corps created to help save land destroyed by the dust bowl and created jobs necessary during the Great Depression.


  15. Wall Street Journal unfortunately behind a subscription firewall, but for those who have it “Donald Trump Meet Your Customers” with a rundown of the thousands of reviews about his Trump products.  Blurb gave one of them saying Trump Vodka has the quality of a “gas station burrito”

  16. Jamie44,
     My father said the Conservation Corps saved him as a young man, put him on the right path. There was an American Experience episode about the Corps that was very good too.

  17. SJWY

    My part II on The Disappearance of Work will be going in to the aspect of is it time for a combination of government and corporations to create paying jobs to the extent of paying to do all the necessary that needs to be done without a profit for everything from free day care centers to cleaning roadways.  All the labor intensive or low skilled “jobs” that are no longer needed by industry in any form but have great value and would improve living standards for everyone.


  18. Tony, the filter held your comment above and it took me a while to figure out why because there weren’t too many links in it. But there was an extra </a> with one of the links. Guess that’s a lesson for us all, didn’t know the filter does this, but looks like stray code like that sends you to the pending bin.

    As always, anytime anyone doesn’t see their comment posted, shoot me an email and I’ll fix it.

  19. The Ides of March are upon us and it is a primary election day.  Which politician(s) will fade from existence tonight?

  20. By
    Joseph Rago

    March 11, 2016 6:11 p.m. ET
    New York

    ‘So you have the water, you have the steaks, you have the airline. I mean, what’s wrong with selling?” Donald J. Trump asked Tuesday in his remarkable election-night defense of his business empire. “Every once in a while you can sell something. You have the wines and all of that, and Trump University, we’re going to start it up as soon as I win the lawsuit.” He went on to invoke other “assets” including his hotels, Trump Vodka, the New York towers, the golf links and the Mar-a-Lago club—but missed the opportunity to plug his Trump-branded neckties, restaurants, jewelry and mattresses.

    Mr. Trump says he’s the candidate of the common man, and, well, the common man now regularly shares online his opinions of the stuff he buys. By coincidence, a few weeks before Mr. Trump’s speech, I wondered what the amateur critics who contribute to websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Amazon were saying about his consumer-facing products, and I started to comb through their reviews whenever I had a spare half-hour.

    According to my spreadsheet, I’ve now read about 26,000 individual reviews. It has been slow, bleary-eyed scutwork, trust me, and remember, kids, this is what happens if you go into journalism.

    Opinion Journal Video

    Assistant Editorial Page Editor James Freeman on Thursday night’s debate and why Trump is still turning off voters. Photo credit: Getty Images.

    The digital portrait of Mr. Trump that emerges, review by review, is instructive, however subjective and impressionistic. You might call it an unscientific poll—Mr. Trump’s favorite kind—of his achievements, failures and the relationship between his grandiosity and reality.
    Mr. Trump was flanked on Tuesday by a pile of what he called Trump Steaks, but his mail-order beef business is defunct. The label on the steaks indicated that they were sold by Bush Brothers Provision Co., a West Palm Beach grocery.

    The reviews for Trump Steaks are still posted on the QVC website, however. One reports that the Classic Collection, which cost $199 for two filets, two bone-in rib-eyes and a dozen burgers, had “no redeeming qualities.” “Dreadful pieces of meat for a high price,” reads another. “It’s hard to believe these are the same pieces that Mr. Trump eats.”

    Disenchantment with Trump food is a running motif. “After all, how bad can a restaurant be that has Donald Trump’s name on it?” a TripAdvisor user wonders about DJT, a restaurant at Trump Hotel Las Vegas. “Well, pretty bad,” he concludes. “Donald, they don’t deserve your initials,” somebody else says.

    Drinkers can also no longer enjoy “Donald J. Trump: The World’s Finest Super Premium Vodka, Success Distilled,” which was discontinued in 2011, though it is unclear if anyone ever enjoyed it. A connoisseur at the website Vodkaphiles compares the flavor to “gas station burritos, slightly expired 2% milk, hard boiled eggs, and canned pears.”

    Perhaps Mr. Trump’s people simply have different preferences when it comes to the human senses. On a fragrances bulletin board, a reviewer says the notes of Success by Trump eau de toilette spray evoke adjectives like “cloying, synthetic, annoyance, headache inducing and maybe even household cleanser.” Another chimes in, “Maybe it could make the dumpster outside my house smell better, but I doubt it.”

    “We were almost violently ill from the smell,” TripAdvisor’s Rady reports about the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. “The ‘roof deck pool’ was nothing but a used hypodermic needle collection area,” notes Lauren W.

    Alas, the Taj is just another bankrupt AC casino, not another AC casino whose bankruptcy Mr. Trump caused. He took a buyout in 2009, and his trademark remains because the hedge funds that run the joint told a chapter 11 judge that they lacked the funds to change the “ubiquitous” Trump signage.

    This brings us to Mr. Trump’s unconventional conceptions of ownership and property. Buildings he no longer controls live on in the Trump pantheon, sometimes because of insolvency but more often because he claims anything with his name on it is “his.” Even companies he has nothing to do with can become Trump companies.

    Mr. Trump likes to boast that “I have a store worth more than Mitt Romney”—as if the Gucci flagship that leases commercial real estate in Trump Tower agreed as a tenant to become the landlord’s possession. If that’s how it worked, at least it would explain this Yelper’s outlook: “99 Cent Store quality and even worse service.”

    True to form, this week I noticed that the “Trump Restaurants” section of the Trump Organization website claimed Daniel, the Upper East Side dining room that is among the world’s finest. It has great reviews—though I figured Daniel is no more a Trump Restaurant than Gucci is a Trump Store.

    A spokeswoman wrote back that the condo building where Daniel is housed is now managed by a different real-estate company and emphasized that the Trump Organization “had no direct relationship with the restaurant other than as manager of the building . . . Daniel is not appropriately listed on the Trump website, which we are addressing with them now.”

    The Daniel trophy has disappeared from the Trump website, but I saved the screenshots.
    Mr. Trump seems to do better as a hotelier than steak merchant, albeit with his usual overcooking. “I mean, Chicago, I have one of the greatest buildings, rated the No. 1 hotel in North America, and I’m very proud of it. It’s great, great,” he said Tuesday.

    Yet Trump International Hotel & Tower isn’t even the greatest hotel in Chicago, according to TripAdvisor. Users rank the place No. 12, behind the Langham (the winner) and the Talbot (the runner-up), as well as the mass-market chain Radisson Blu Aqua (No. 11).

    Then again, Mr. Trump’s celebrity and mythology profoundly shape perceptions of his properties. “You really do feel as rich as Donald Trump is when you come here,” explains Valerian L. “Trump knows how to entertain his rich guests,” Petras B. says. “I’m not one of them, but it’s nice to pretend.”

    Amelia568 even says the Trump Hotel Collection delivered “the most amazing experience of my life!!!” She adds that “One special feature among too many to mention was Trump Tower Sparkling Water! I am quite an expert in this field and this was the best in the world!” The point goes to Mr. Trump.

    One takeaway is that reviewers are as willing to overlook Mr. Trump’s politics as GOP voters are. “Trump, himself, is horrible, but man, are his hotels nice,” Ghia G. writes. Alma L. adds, “As much as I despise Donald Trump, this has to be one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at.”

    A few did seem to dislike Trump hotels because they disliked the man. Brett M. says the Trump Ocean Club in Panama “is a bit like Donald Trump himself: showy and full of flashy style and big rhetoric, but almost wholly lacking in substance and attention to detail.”

    In general, a consensus jells about the merits of Trump properties, which fall into the upper half of the ratings distribution on both TripAdvisor and Yelp. It’s weird the bathrooms in the guest rooms of the Trump Soho don’t have doors. Trump Las Vegas is too far from the strip. Guests like the welcome letters from Mr. Trump that are left on the beds. Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki Beach Walk sounds lovely.

    There is less unanimity about value for money. Reviewers conduct debates about whether Trump accommodations, however opulent, are worth the high prices.

    “Pricey as hell—but what do you expect? It’s the Trump!” notes Stephanie L. “If you don’t have the money to spend, go to a cheaper option.” Evelyn A. adds, “I’m not going to pretend the price tag isn’t etched in gold, but screw it. You’re worth it!”

    Keri N. provides the opposing argument in a post on the Trump Las Vegas. “While the hotel is nice, it’s comparable to your average business hotel that you would find in any other city.” “I travel a lot,” remarks Mercedes M., “and frankly, what you get at a Courtyard Marriott far exceeds what I’ve experienced the last couple of days.”

    Bill Z. puts it more bluntly in a post about Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto: “At the risk of sounding condescending, I can’t help but wonder how many of these five-star reviews were written by people who frequent five-star hotels on a regular basis and know what their expectations of such hotels should be. I do . . . As a hotel, the Trump is above average. As a five-star, elite luxury hotel, the Trump falls short.”

    Amid this conversation, one emotive word appears again and again, and that is “splurge.” These reviewers are not regular patrons of establishments where the faucets are gold-plated, and they typically discuss one- or two-day getaways to celebrate a special occasion.

    “This is a place everyone should splurge on at least once in their lifetime,” says a TripAdvisor user about the Trump Chicago. Another notes, “For the average person like me, one would think it would be unaffordable and out of reach . . . I think once in a lifetime everyone should surround themselves with this kind of luxury. I was quite happy with the TV in the bathroom, so I could take a shower and continue watching my show I was watching in the bedroom.”

    The nature of luxury economics is that the more so-called Veblen goods cost, the more they are desired. Nearly all of the splurgers were satisfied, by their own testimony. But when you read person after person describing once-in-a-lifetime Trump purchases, it’s hard to shake the woebegone impression they’re being sold an overpriced caricature of what someone who is not rich imagines being rich would be like.
    Deep into Amazon reviews of Trump apparel—“This shirt makes no pretense of being top quality. But it’s not cheap garbage either”—I became fatigued and decided I needed to give something back after taking so much. I went with a friend to get lunch at the notorious tourist trap that is the Trump Grill, in the gilded atrium of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. My review: This place couldn’t make a Gentleman’s C at Trump University.

    A lobster ravioli appetizer ($14) appeared to be frozen food, which offered reassurance: “unlikely to be poisonous.” Meat was riskier. To the cows that gave their lives in vain for the Gold Label cheeseburger ($20) and the Trump Tower steak sandwich ($23), we apologize.

    Our glasses of “red wine blend” from Trump Winery—a Meritage, the 2013 vintage ($11), and a 2012 New World Reserve ($16)—also disappointed. The esophageal burns speak for themselves.

    Afterward we repaired to Trump Bar and did catch sight of Don Jr. The thrill was no compensation for my friend’s signature cocktail, the Doral ($16), which he said tasted like the golf course it is named after. The Billionaire Martini ($20) was unworthy of a mere millionaire, much less the average-looking Americans who were opening their wallets for products that had been expertly hyped but couldn’t deliver. Sad!

    Mr. Rago is a member of the Journal’s editorial board.

  21. Survivor Day


    Thanks.. All is good.. I just went and cast my vote for Hillary. My polling place wasn’t busy at all.. Lots of Trump signs everywhere.. So far I’ve seen all Trump signs, 1 Bernie, 1 Hillary.. Glad that’s unscientific..Oh and one truck from NY that had a pic of Trump, a pic of Hillary and read “Trump the bitch” ha ha, thankfully i’m not into road rage :0)

    Good for you voting today Tony.  I am a No Party Affiliation register voter and we have no local issues so I cannot vote in the closed primary.

  23. tony,

    Good for you voting today. I admire your passion & commitment. Here in NY ( the nice part, not like that bumper sticker you saw) I’ve seen a couple Bernie signs. Not much outwardly happening yet. Next month, maybe 🙂

  24. I didn’t know anything about Roland Martin but I always thought he was kind of creepy.

    Hi, Tony good to see you.

    I recently learned that prior to the Florida election in 2000 Jeb purged the voter rolls mostly Democrats.

  25. Survivor Day

    Yep, Purple, Florida has closed primaries and it’s entirely unfair.. I come from Michigan where we vote for who we want regardless of party..  I get it though, parties want total control..

  26. In California, we have open primaries period.  The top two finishers regardless of party are in the general, providing no one gets 50% in the first round.  I am not a fan.

  27. PatD, the dog in truck window atop the sidebar was one you uploaded a while ago. Our image library is full of fun pics from users I’ll be rotating into that space.

  28. craig, no wonder I liked it.

    another reason: reminds me of wasted days spent at the old posey’s oyster bar in st marks.  understand it was condemned after hurricane hit it. torn down in 2011. r.i.p. pitchers of beer, dozens of oysters cheap, pool, good juke box music and good company.  many a patron looked like that dog.


  29. siri’s inventor Dag Kittlaus in usatoday:

    When the moderator, tech author Steven Levy, asked Kittlaus if in fact supercomputers might not take over for entrepreneurs, using their digital brains to create things faster than humans, Kittlaus nodded.

    “Yes, it will happen,” he said. “It’s just a matter of when.”

    Kittlaus, it can be argued, is hastening the arrival of that day. Later this year, he will unveil Viv, an open source and cloud-based personal assistant that will allow humans “to talk to the Internet” and have the Internet talk back.

    “The more you ask of Viv, the more it will get to know you,” he said. “Siri was chapter one, and now it’s almost like a new Internet age is coming. Viv will be a giant brain in the sky.”


    assimilate now, resistance is futile.

  30. tony, a big welcome home hug and an atta boy for voting.   and another atta boy for voting for our 1st woman president.

  31. Yes and welcome as always Tony. I am taking those chill pills RR suggested, re: Hillary


    “You’ve got to be careful ….The narrative Trump tells his sympathizers is that they’re under attack, and that the nefarious, politically-correct, left, liberal force wants to silence them. So if you come in, and you actually try to silence them, it’s like trying to put a fire out by putting wood on to it. You’ve given Trump the villain that, up until now, he was making up.”


  33. Survivor island?  More like Lord of the Flies, especially with Ted Cruz in the mix.

    My grandpa was glad for the job building roads.  His mother-in-law said if there ever was a Santa Claus, it was FDR, because people were really hurting.  And I don’t care if someone posts about how FDR actually made things worse, it helped my family and others like mine; all politics is local.

    Tony glad you are back.  I missed you.

  34. Ha!  The Northern Marianas put Trump in the running.  That still doesn’t mean he’ll be their nominee, but it’s hard to get the smell off of a shoe once you step in it.

  35. It is hard to envision FDR making things worse.  They didn’t call it the Great Depression for no reason.

  36. noticed of late that drumpf has slowly gone from gilded hair pouf to statesman white.  perhaps in the general election debates (presumably between him and Hillary) we can be entertained by who does your hair, how often and for how much questions.  or better yet get the john edwards vanity hair trickster to catch drumpf before the mirror.

    also need to look into his wardrobe closet(s) for the xl girdle, padding for shoulders, elevator shoes and stuffed codpiece.  maybe check the medicine cabinet for wrinkle creams, botox bottles and jowl sag strap.  Hillary shouldn’t be the only one critiqued in this way what with the peacock strutting we’ve been seeing at his podium.

  37. Just on the feminine side of things that the men can ignore because they have black and grey suits + tanning spray, it is obvious Hillary has a dresser with clothes probably on consignment.

    I remember when the half governor was wandering around with McCain, she often had two or three changes in a day.  Hillary seems to be getting only one a day.  There have been a few misses, but for the most part whoever it is is making good choices for a mature woman.


  38. foul ball?

    On Sunday night, Republican front-runner Donald Trump shared a photo of a baseball with the world. But this wasn’t just any old ball: It was one apparently signed by baseball’s all-time hit-leader, Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose. “Mr. Trump,” the baseball read, “Please make America great again.”

    “Just received from @PeteRose_14,” Trump tweeted, citing Rose’s verified Twitter account. “Thank you Pete!” Trump added: “#VoteTrump on Tuesday Ohio!”


    But now, it turns out that what some thought was an endorsement wasn’t — according to Ray Genco, an attorney for Rose — and that Trump’s ball didn’t come from Pete Rose at all. Genco made this absolutely clear in a telephone conversation with The Washington Post late Monday.

    “We do not know how Mr. Trump got the ball,” Genco said. “I can’t authenticate the ball from some Twitter picture.” He added: “I can’t speak to how Trump got the ball. Pete didn’t send it. I made that clear.”

  39. jamie,

    at times she looks a bit hefty so some of the outfits must be made of or lined with Kevlar.  the craziness afoot nowadays requires extra protection other than the always attendant and nearby secret service.  bullet proof vests might also explain some of drumpf’s portliness.

  40. What’s the real Ohio -ravaged and scavaged- or 400k new jobs?

    I hope they are offering lots of training opportunities for people over 50 if there really are jobs

  41. Survivor Day

    Hi Pat, Blue, all,

    Missed all your commentary.. It’s so very wise compared to what you read and see in the mainstream..

    Survivor Day


    Lol, yes, we could all use Renee’s chill pill advice at times in our lives.. The real important thing to keep in mind is we’re all passionate people here with well thought out opinions and overall good intentions.. It really is a truly amazing place you have created here..

  42. Big day.  Started out tweeting, have master Finn down for a nap now and am making calls.  Kinda awkward- but they say it is important- so…

  43. trump got a Pete Rose baseball.

    marco rubio shows a baseball signed by Martin Dihigo, wishing him success on his way to the White House.

    And, before the next election rafael eduardo cruz will have a baseball signed by Jesus.

  44. Quite naturally, Pete Rose agent called.  He didn’t send the ball or endorse in any way and doesn’t know where Trump acquired the ball he used to imply an endorsement.

    The sad part is the percentage of the population who sees absolutely nothing wrong with the pathologically lying Trump who will then turn around and call the President every filthy name in the book without any evidence whatsoever.


  45. xr, us soccer star abby wambach campaigns for Hillary so the guys had to do something to show they’re sporty

  46. soccer ? 

    You mean that game played by disease-carrying Mexicans and Muslim terrorists ?

    That’s not going to impress any white, male, 55+, wife-beating, glenbeck addicts.

    The Foundering Fathers didn’t play soccer.

  47. ooh, it’s getting close to time to start watching speculation about results.  I’m so ~~~NERVOUS ~~~

  48. If Kasich doesn’t hang on to Ohio it could be due to allowing this sort of thing, Limbaugh today: “‘I’m gonna tell you what’s happening here, folks. Kasich has come out full-throated, 100 percent for amnesty. He is talking like Jeb Bush talks about amnesty and the illegal immigrants as gifts from God or some such thing.”

  49. XR, watch with the cracks about soccer. 🙁  Just kidding- LP has no diseases I’m aware of and although I do fall in the white, male 55+ part of your description, I don’t beat my wife and can’t stand glenbeck.

    And to top it off, Wambaugh is gay isn’t she? That should help in Ohio and the midwest… might pull a few of Bernie’s young liberal supporters.

    The founding fathers didn’t play football, baseball or basketball either.  Maybe duckpins or darts?

    Poobah, I assume Limpballs is supporting Cruz, Cruz and only Cruz?

  50. Pogo,

    The founding fathers didn’t play football, baseball or basketball either

    Well, guided by the doctrine of Originalism we know that the founding fathers MEANT to play football, baseball, and basketball.   




  51. PIT

    The difference being context for the true, half true, twisted logic are all plausible.  When faced with “not true” i.e. the recent Nancy reagan kerfluffle, she admits error and apologizes.  I would grant that every politician shades and slants.  She is one of the rare few that seems to learn, change, and actually admit error when it happens.

  52. Today’s RCP Elections page is priceless.

    And from the Plum Line at WaPo:

    * BERNIE’S BIG CHALLENGE TODAY: The New York Times notes that Sanders could very well win today in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri, but adds this key point:

    A few more wins in the Midwest would strengthen the case for Mr. Sanders to stay in the race and compete in the delegate-rich blue states that dominate the final two months of the primary season. But the challenge for Mr. Sanders is not simply to win in the region, it is to win big. Hillary Clinton could win Florida and North Carolina by more than 20 percentage points, making her likely to add to her big pledged delegate lead. Narrow victories by Mr. Sanders will not do much to cut into Mrs. Clinton’s growing edge.

    Again: watch the delegate totals, they are what matter the most, though it will be hard to remember that amid the roar of hype about how doomed Clinton is (again), should Sanders win a few tonight.

    In the end, that is true, but adulation feels good when you get it, right?

  53. Apparently a lot of Democrats have switched to Republican in order to vote for Kasich to try to stop Drumpf.  This could put a dent in Hillary’s numbers as the Bernie folks tend to be so passionate.

  54. Flatus, re yours March 15, 2016 at 10:27 am :

    It would appear that trump operates on the isis idea of ownership. Any place where any Muslim has ever set foot, be (s)he Sunni, Shia, Karajite, or Druze, belongs to the Caliphate. So, any logo, trademark, or patent to be found in or around any building owned by, managed by, or formerly owned or managed by, trump, belongs to him. Wherever trump’s voice has been heard from a phone, radio, tv, or computer belongs to trump, to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

    This is somewhat similar to the old Donation of Constantine doctrine that the Pope owns everything, because the Emperor Constantine left it (through a cleverly anachronistic forgery) to him. It also recalls the red Chinese doctrine that everything everywhere was discovered and claimed by the Chinese ages ago. Even though a mid-15th century Ming Emperor banned the rest of the planet, it remains entirely Chinese to pollute and militarize as the red Emperor sees fit.

  55. Just voted .

    A couple of years ago they replaced the large ledger book with a computerized system. It was really slow

    So there was a long line where usually you are no more than 3 people back.  Lot of new voters clutching their fresh voter ID cards. Where as us old timers left the card at home knowing we could use our drivers licences.

    Lee an old timer at working the polls said this election was more like a general election turnout wise.


  56. Jack,

    Thanks for the poll report. It’s the first first hand report of the evening here on the Trail.

  57. Just talked to Dad in Florida. He voted for Hillary today. We both knew that’s what Mom would want.

  58. Hillary  loses Illinois  thanks Rahmn

    wins everything else- although only Fla is winner take all

    And Bill don’t talk about Bernie — talk about Hillary

  59. Survivor Day

    Ah Pogo,

    You have been in this awhile, lol… So true, if Hillary loses one the Hillary is “imploding” will begin.. Thanks for the piece, nailed it..

  60. Apparently these crossover Democrats voting anti Drumpf and for Kasich tend to be moderates and could well cut into Hillary’s numbers in those states.

    Craig,  Toby always was a perceptive woman.  🙂

    I can’t vote for Hillary until the 26th.


  61. A great day on the Beltway.  Only one multi-car accident 1/4 mile from my exit.  I was smart and went around.  Too bad five idiots did too.  There should be a rush hour/Beltway license to weed out the incompetents.

    Speaking of incompetents – Wednesday March 15, 2016, the D.C. region collapses and fails to succeed.  The new head of the WMATA is shutting down the rail system tonight to find and repair bad wiring.  Good thinking to pick a Wednesday, in mid-month.  I learn of this after I left the office and was in [see above] my car.  No way was I going back ten miles to the office.

    Am I all thrilled about tonight’s nail biter?  No.  After my drive home [see above] I just want a good martini and possibly another.  Hey look NBC Pete Williams outside a Metro station.  That will teach him to stay in D.C. instead of catching a flight somewhere safe and warm, like Cuba or Venezuela.  Are there any more thrills in watching a bunch of talking heads telling me all sorts of things which will probably be proved wrong by 2300 edt tonight.


  62. Survivor Day

    Glad your Dad was able to cast his vote in honor of your mother.. My mom loved Hillary and she wouldn’t be surprised she is running for President..

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