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  1. Trump just tweeted: “Word is that, despite a record amount spent on negative and phony ads, I had a massive victory in Florida. Numbers out soon!”

  2. Tony, tks for reminder. On my punch list, haven’t installed that yet. Maybe we can start a Super Pac.

  3. Interesting that folks are crossing over to vote for Kasich (to stop Trump), because they did the same in TX, but the votes went to Trump to try to stop Cruz.

  4. the only Fla precinct reporting is Mara Largo (whatever the Trump tax payer supporter house in Fla.

  5. More and more Trump is reminding me of the wife beater showing up with candy & flowers, swearing he loves you and promising to change …. Anyone believing this spiel is truly truly stupid.


  6. Well, it looks like Rube needs to start packing his bags to head back home. No need to go to Washington, didn’t do anything there anyway. White comedy Asylum isn’t he? Okay just call in and cancel the lease in Washington.

  7. Poobah, LOL!!!   do they keep records about the length and pomposity of a concession speech?

  8. “Maybe we can start a Super Pac”

    boss, terrific idea.  need a rip-snortin’ hard ridin’ name worthy of the trail.

  9. As Ohio goes so does the nation or something like that.

    I think the Trump campaign accusations against Sanders (however false) may have hurt- for some people in buys into the bomb throwing communist image

  10. Oooh… Secretary Clinton deserves a well earned rest for a day. Not going to happen, but would be nice if she could.

  11. Big winner tonight?  Toby.  It makes me happy that Mr. Crawford voted for HRC.

    And a big hello to Tony…it feels good to see HRC win Florida.  I felt she really got screwed by the Florida delegate thing in 2008.  I feel a huge and winning night glow.


  12. Pogo

    In Missouri, Kansas City and St Louis are always the last to report.

    No doubt to be sure they can round up a few more votes if they need them. };-0


  13. Shaping up to be a BIG night for Hillary.   HRC is changing her message – shifting to staking out general election ground.

  14. Biggest loser tonight?  Mitt Romney.  His best contribution was getting the primary crew to take the mittens off during the greatest hand debate of this election cycle.  Hands were exposed, size determined, etc.   All thanks to Mitt.  If only Rubio could take Florida…his master plan would work!

  15. John Kasich, Sane Republican. Good publicity for him tonight. Interesting to see how far “his wagon” sails.

  16. Well with only 5% in for Missouri looks like Hillary got the nursing home(absentee) vote.


    I also wonder how much the brawling lefties hurt Bernie.

    Bernie brawlers, nice alliteration


  17. Just a reminder that Kasich didn’t mention any positions and is certainly no moderate


  18. whskyjack,

    Actually… yes 😉   I self-identify as a Scandihooligan. I resemble the hooligans.

  19. My congratulations to the Hillary fans on her Ohio win.  I thought that she would win Florida.  I did think Bernie would have done better in the rust belt but I was wrong.

  20. Eager to hear Cruz take his exercise in denial down the River Nile, no good news for him tonight.

  21. Tough to give Kasich much credit, despite winning his home state, considering his single-to-lowdouble digits elsewhere.

  22. God! Trump’s kid looks like an A-one dick, nodding and pursing his lips, actiNG like daddy is saying stuff that has meaning.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

  23. Drinking game for next Trump speech: a shot every time he says “incredible” — I’ve counted 11 so far

  24. Trump is so close to being able to hand out pink slips at RNC. Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus, “You’re Fired!”

  25. From the Washington Post

    — Years of carefully laid plans to repackage the Republican Party’s traditional ideas for a fast-changing country came crashing down here on Tuesday when Sen. Marco Rubio suspended his campaign for the presidency after a crippling defeat in his home-state primary.

    Ya know

    If you spend years feeding red meet to the racist and nativist wing of your party do you really expect a Cuban to win? I feel a bit sorry for Rubio, he needs to find a better party for his ideas.


  26. Just thinkin’

    Does Kasich swallow his pride and become Trumps VP  and prays that puts him in line for the presidency the next go around?  or does he run screaming into the night.



  27. How is cutting SNAP benefits “pro” life, Kasich???

    Congrats to Hillary.  I think “Bernie Bros” screwed the pooch with their participation in this week’s mess.

    I don’t feel sorry for Rubio.  He only ran for his current office as a stepping stone, yet failed to show up.  Like Obama, who showed up but liked to vote “present” rather than taking a stand, Rubio is all hat and no horse.

    What happens with such a big night for Trump.  Are we still looking at a brokered convention and a mainstream, conservative nominee instead of Trump?


  28. Jack, he screams into the night in his chain mail bikini in a fetal position, especially if he gets and takes the VP nod

  29. Looked at the Missouri map StLouis City, still has to report any numbers

    Checked on my old stompin grounds Dallas Co. 100% reporting and Bernie wins!!!.

    But there were only 900 Democrats in the whole county.

    Trump and Cruz split the vote with Trump edging out Cruz by 50 votes

    Trump 1670 , Cruz 1620

    BTW Dallas county is Republican because Lincoln won the war not that they are any less racist than their Democratic turned Republican brothers in the northern part of the state.


  30. “Rubio is all hat and no horse.”

    Yeah, true but they told him he was so pretty. and you know The Republicans have been running on good looks for years. It is why they hate the Big Dawg, he is better looking.



  31. Is there any sane Republican who would be Trumps VP? I think even Christie has seen the light.



  32. Cruz is promising, on his first fantasy day in office, to abolish Obamacare, the Iran deal, the IRS, the EPA, and fire all federal regulators. After that he will eat the Oval Office drapes with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  33. St Louis Still hasn’t reported any real numbers So far  .5% I suspect Urban KC is much the same. Most of Bernies votes are reported So can the Urban liberals deliver more votes for Bernie than the AA neighborhoods can deliver for HRC? The Urban liberals were out in numbers so it has been reported. not certain about the AA neighborhoods.

    Mrs Jack said there were a lot of young Hispanic voters when she voted after work. There were several when I voted too.

    A good sign for the neighborhood.


  34. Has anyone seen our old friend Bernie tonight? Have this image of him wandering around the hotel kitchen in his boxer shorts using a soup spoon as a microphone.

  35. Well it looks like Clinton is going to win Ill and tie in MO. under 10000 now and closing is a tie.


    A good night for Clinton.

    If Cruz takes MO he has the KC area to thank. I thought I saw a lot of Cruz signs out there.

    Bed time, see ya later


  36. Clinton should just smile and say thank you
    Bill should in no way think her doing well had anything to do with him

  37. Barring the unthinkable, the Dem nomination race is over.

    Congratulations to the Clinton team on bringing their candidate safely to this decisive evening.


  38. Something kasich said hinted (to me, at least) that he (or rafael eduardo) might yet decide to run as an Indie.

  39. Yup, Ms Cracker, she doesn’t owe that male unit a thing.

    This was her long perilous march, at the end of which she won the field. It was an extremely impressive performance.

    Now the excitement builds, as one by one the as-yet unconverted women of the US begin to understand that, at last, any girl can grow up to become the president.

    I think Sweetie is digesting that as I type.

    Goodnight, and sweet dreams.

  40. Yep, Hillary has decisively beaten an elderly disheveled Socialist who never had a chance. Impressive!

  41. Yep, Hillary has decisively beaten an elderly disheveled Socialist who never had a chance. Impressive!

    A less elderly, sharp dressing, center Dem wins the nomination.  That says it all for the Dems for this election.

    The best thing the Dems have is the candidate is not a raving loon, but is a well experienced politician.  And for some that is the worse characteristics of the candidate.

    With a possible Republican (backroom deal) candidate coming up we could have a tough election.  I do not like the possibility of a less howling at the moon Republican going up against a center Dem.  That adds too much to stew.

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