50 thoughts on “Hillary and Bernie Town Hall 8pm ET”

  1. Bernie needs 65percent of remaining delegates to win, so he needs a knockout real soon, or just be a protest candidate.

  2. both dems should forget bout Trump and just lump all the goops together — after all, they each support the wall etc

    Mr C is watching preseason baseball

  3. Pat
    Love the bar fight pic,
    Now for the real question.
    Which candidate do you want in a bar fight?
    The site is really slow but its  descriptions of Cruz, Trump , Bernie and Hillary are priceless
    And the one you really want on your side in a bar fight as we all really know  is Hillary. Are you going to be the one who tells her girls can’t fight?

  4. CNN presents Roland Martin as co-host in a discussion about political violence???

    On February 5, 2012, Roland Martin’s Twitteraccount responded to an underwear advertisement featuring the association football player David Beckham, stating “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!” GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) responded on its website: “Martin’s tweets today advocating violence against gay people weren’t an accident — they are a part of a larger pattern for Martin. Anti-gay violence in America is a serious problem”.

  5. Bernie is promising more stuff that the President can’t do.  I guess it goes with decades long history of talking and never accomplishing anything.

  6. At least Bernie isn’t promising things he has no intention of even trying to do.

  7. I never tire of hearing Bernie calling out Washington corruption. Gonna miss him

  8. Hillary wise not to take bait admonishing protesters, kept focus on Trumps role

  9. Oops, a war question, needed follow up. Her talk about sanctions and diplomacy wasnt what she advocated with ready, fire, aim policy in Libya intervention.

  10. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    You rock tonight with the commentary.

    Right on with “the wooing.” Didn’t we at one time choose the Vice President by whomever placed second in voting? This year creative thinking is a must. And Senator Sanders is no Aaron Burr. That’s a plus.



  11. Don’t write off Bernie yet. Many of the positions she says she holds are not hers; they’re Bernie’s.  So anybody supporting Hillary now, is supporting Bernie’s positions. Well, she’s saying it.

  12. I like how Hillary respectfully questioned this woman about her health insurance, surfaced that she’s not using obamacare, shouldnt have to pay such high premiums

  13. Question:  Iran’s missile test had to have violated something, if not the recently-negotiated nuke agreement, right?  Iran has since said the it’s U.S. they hate, because  Israel will (somehow) collapse on its own. Is the genie out of the bottle since sanctions against Iran were lifted?  What would it take to reinstate them, now that the money is out in the world?  Wouldn’t it just make them even bigger d\€%#?

  14. Hillary has mastered empathy that comes across more genuine than her husband’s.

  15. blueINdallas,

    I hope Senator Sanders & his supporters do very well. The old Occupier in me has a soft spot for him. Been thinking a lot about the warm, wonderful Autumn of 2011 lately. One of the best chapters of my life 🙂

  16. ACA made a mess of things here.  Is that another thing that, even if it’s shut down, won’t roll premiums and benefits back to the good old days (2 years ago)?

  17. On fracking she pulled a page from Bill’s playbook: when faced with a tough issue use your time explaining it, instead of taking sides.

  18. sjwny – That must have been so cool to participate in.

    Since Hillary has had to channel Bernie to get support from some groups, why not just vote for Bernie?  Is it just about packaging? He does always look like he spent the night in airport and had to make due with a sink bath and a hand dryer.

  19. There’s no such thing as safe fracking.   That’s why they won’t tell us what chemicals they use in the fracking injection, and, won’t accept responsibly for the earthquakes.

    Who is paying her to not say no?


  20. ACA In Texas http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/facts-and-features/state-by-state/how-aca-is-working-for-texas/index.html

  21. Lots of telegraphing she’ll go after Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience. She is the only candidate left on either side who has any.

  22. Ted Cruz is a really good debater, not that you can tell with the competition he’s had so far.  Trump or Ted, she would have her work cut out for her because, after taking multiple positions on issues, how does she remember her current position?

  23. Craig – Her foreign policy record is easy pickings.  She was the head of the pooch screwers union.  Just one disaster after another.

  24. Jamie. – I don’t have ACA, but it’s appearance ruined healthcare insurance here.  I realize each state is different right now.


  25. Of course Bernie is making promises he has no intention of keeping. By this time he is well aware he has no clue how to get any of that stuff passed.  Bernie and the presidency is like a dog chasing cars. neither one would know what to do with it if they caught it.



  26. Excellent HRC statement (on gun lobby): “I am going to take them on. I don’t know how much we can get done, but I am sick and tired of these murders and killings and horrible random incidents of gun violence.”

    Not over-promising but taking a stand.

  27. Blue

    ACA didn’t ruin it.  The State of TX fighting tooth and nail not to implement the provisions made a hash of it.  The season to change is now over until the end of this year, but you really might want to go shopping on the exchange or check out that provision for emergency changes.  I’m not there so I can’t say, but the ACA in WA has been a godsend, but then WA is a very healthcare friendly state.


  28. The whole difference between Hillary and Bernie is a simple one.  He has spent decades in government and accomplished next to nothing.  She has a long history of some hits and some misses, but always working to get things done within what is practical while working in concert with others.

    You can have high ideals that go absolutely nowhere or you can have dedicated principles working with possibilities to make progress.


  29. Nice to hear a Democrat who wants to shut down coal mines who gives a shit about the workers whose lives and communities are destroyed. Climate change activists hardly ever talk about that.

  30. Jaime

    You are wrong about Bernie’s record.  He was a good mayor and certainly he has provided good political counsel to the left.   He has certainly brought forward an agenda that is now considered mainstream.

    I am a Clinton voter but if she is not the candidate I’m ok with Bernie



  31. She has really found her natural, nurturing self in these forums, seemingly (I hope) genuine. I still have trouble trusting Hillary but I would like to see a woman president. On balance, would support her only because she is a woman.

  32. I know his reputation in Burlington was good.  Providing counsel to the left is different that working across party lines to get votes for programs.  He has little international experience or contacts.  I want Hillary, but if Bernie were nominated I would cross my fingers and vote for him.  Certainly none of the Republican candidates should be trusted with the office.


  33. One of the great disappointments of Obamarama was the failure to harness the energy of the campaign to  help move the Obama agenda.  Bernie wil do it and I think that could make a difference.

    Clinton should appoint Dr Dean head of the party and have him do the organizing

  34. “On balance, would support her only because she is a woman.” – CC, Esq.

    I’d vote for her because she thinks government can have a positive impact on American life, and will be the only nominee to think so.

  35. xrep

    let me add so far she is the only candidate that has a clue as to how to survive life in the 21st century.

    We have a candidate stuck in the 60’s, one stuck in the 19 century one stuck in the 13th century and one just stuck in some bizzaro world of his own making. then there is Rubio………………..


  36. jack, can’t resist reposting parts of that “who do you want in a bar fight with you”.  delicious, thanks.

    cruz: he’s the guy who will goad, insult, and posture until you’re suddenly in a brawl you never wanted or needed to have. Once the fists start flying, he scoops the tips off the tables and weasels out the back.

    trump:  feels the need for that much bluster is going to fold like a paper crane once an actual fight starts. Trump is going to be a screamer, a cryer, and a bleeder. He’s also going to be the guy who immediately starts shouting “No fair!” and tries to get everyone to stop the fight and start over because of some bullshit rule he just made up

    Rubio: okay…. is ranked this high because he seems to be in reasonably good health and everyone else in the fray is so screamingly awful.

    sanders: Yeah, I know. Bernie is old. I don’t care. Nor will anyone on the other side. He’s wiry, he’s mad, and he’s dealt with way too much bullshit to take anyone else’s.
    Picture a furious Bernie Sanders coming at you while brandishing a pool cue and screaming at his mid-speech Full Righteous volume. You’re damn right you’d be scrambling backwards while trying to cover your vital organs. If you see even a hint of an impending tavern brawl, get Bernie on your side immediately, and use him for cover if you’re injured. They shall not pass.

    graham (an honorable mention): what really earns him this spot is the fact that young men who live in certain areas of this country and do not display enough broad stereotypical indicators of macho heterosexual masculinity have to learn how to win a fistfight, and they have to learn it early. I guarantee you: Lindsey Graham can fucking fight. He’s not going to be easy to goad into a bar fight, but once it’s on, Lindsey Graham is going to go full-on balls-out hammer-down mad-monkey terrordome crazy, and he will take on three guys if he has to. Hell, he may take on three guys just for the sheer pleasure of it.
    Lindsey Graham isn’t on your side in a bar fight. Lindsey Graham is your side in a bar fight

    Hillary: she’s had freaking decades of politely French-pressing rage over bullshit sexist coverage of her serious Presidential campaigns and the entire world’s media speculating on intimate details of her marriage. Hell, Hillary Clinton probably needs a bar fight.
    Plus, Clinton takes care of her own. If you’re on her team and you’re in a fight, she’s going to be breaking chairs over people’s backs.
    And I don’t know where she got that bike chain that she’s whirling over her head, but there’s no time to think about that now …  
    When the fight is over, be sure to thank her with proper respect, buy her a beer, and relish the speed with which she composes herself and the shining pleasure in her eyes.

    You need Hillary Clinton on your side in a bar fight.

  37. “On balance, would support her only because she is a woman.”

    that’s good enough for me, poohbah.  don’t care if the only reason is a default button or because she has a crazy cackle laugh or because it would be neat to have a 1st laddie who has to pick china and have tea parties in the rose garden.
    at this point of insanity, we need a change. a huuuge change. and she is it imho.

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