Cruz, Sanders Still Here

(AP) — Ted Cruz cinched double-barreled victories in Kansas and Maine, and Donald Trump captured Louisiana in Saturday’s four-state round of Republican voting, fresh evidence that there’s no quick end in sight to the fractious GOP race for president.

Bernie Sanders notched a win in Nebraska and state party officials gave him a victory in Kansas, while Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton snagged Louisiana.

Early returns showed Cruz and Trump were in a tight race for Kentucky.

Despite the support of many elected officials in Kansas, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio came up short, raising serious questions about his viability in the race.

On the Democratic side, meanwhile, Sanders won by a solid margin in Nebraska and Kansas.

Heading into Saturday’s voting, Clinton had 1,066 delegates to Sanders’ 432, including super delegates — members of Congress, governors and party officials who can support the candidate of their choice. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination. There were 109 at stake on Saturday.

In the overall race for GOP delegates, including partial results for Kansas, Trump led with 347 and Cruz had 267. Rubio had 116 delegates and Kasich had 28.

Cruz will collect at least 36 delegates for winning the Republican caucuses in Kansas and Maine, Trump at least 18 and Rubio at least six and Kasich three.

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president.


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  1. Delegate wins for the day has HRC 55 , Sanders 47

    Source , real clear politics.

    Not a good day for Bernie.

    Bad news for rubio the establishments darling. Can Cruz win or does the donald

    Or better yet for the popcorn industry do we get a brokered convention?


  2. Craig

    About those poverty stricken Appalachian  folks. They have been helped numerous times from LBJ to Clinton to Obama yet they have repeatedly voted for Republicans. Then the Republicans dismantle all the Democratic reforms. Why do they keep voting for those that keep them down? because the Democrats are a bunch of N*gg*r lovers. Plain and simple. Except for the children I have a lot of trouble worrying about them.

    right now they could have healthcare except they demand that their legislators repeal Obama care.


  3. congratulations on Bernie, blueid. too bad tho’ about untesTED winning too.  I agree he is the scariest of the gopers.

    the Kansas city star:

    “People used to ask, ‘What’s the matter with Kansas?’” Sanders said in a statement from his campaign. “It turns out that there’s nothing the matter with Kansas when you give people a clear choice and involve them in the democratic process.”

  4. yep, but there’s a lot of criticism out there about those of us who play the race and gender cards. that’s all one can do when you only have those two and the white guys have the other 50 cards in a stacked deck plus some under the table.

  5. From the instant I became aware of his existence, I could not imagine a scenario where Ted Cruz might actually be an acceptable candidate for anything above level of dog catcher, and then along came Donald Trump.  What a choice the GOP faces:  A political religious obsessive with so deep a creep level that you suspect he has more kinks than a slinky or someone so ego ridden and morally bankrupt that you wonder why none of his victims have done away with the carcass.

    Twelve years ago Berkeley Breathed created a cartoon that he thought was as bad as it could get … Silly man, this is America



  6. Sturg, which of Jack’s posts? (Although you are right no matter your answer)


    Yesterday confirmed that Bernie appeals to the same segment of dem voters that drumpf appeals to on the pugn side (absent the racist slice).  He gets the young white vote.  Unless he can start winning across the dem voter spectrum he may not be cooked yet, but start looking for the fork, the oven temp may be a little low but he’s at rare now and moving toward done.

  7. I know it may be hard to tell which candidate is uglier, Trump or Cruz, when they are standing next to each other.  Trust ME, it’s Ted. (And I’m not talking about their photogenic qualities or lack of them.)

  8. Guess it did turn out to be a Super Saturday after all for Hillary. Here’s the popular vote numbers.

    Hillary: 221,615 votes
    Bernie: 72,240 votes

    Hillary: 12,293 votes
    Bernie: 15,874 votes
    Hillary: 12,593
    Bernie: 26,450
    Super Saturday Total Votes
    Hillary: 246,501 votes
    Bernie: 114,564 votes

  9. What happens if Cruz picks up steam? Does Donald sue his Canadian-born backside?

    Is this what the RNC wants: Mittens tries to shame folks out of voting for Trump – Those that he did get to, throw their support to Cruz – Cruz takes out a Trump – Cruz wins – The RNC tried to block Cruz from being their nominee because he is ineligible to serve as POTUS (there is no citizenship qualification for State Senator…not for dog catcher, I guess) – The RNC pushes for Rubio  ???


  10. sea, thanks for the numbers update.

    sad isn’t it when Nebraska only turns out 28,167 and Kansas 39,043 in all their dems combined.

  11. blueid,

    not to worry, when the smoke in the backroom clears it will be jeb!

    but if the convention really gets raucous, half-a-guv will ride in on her white moose and make their day.

  12. ky caucus results from courier journal:

    With 100 percent of the vote counted, Trump had 36 percent of the vote to Cruz’s 32 percent. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who had what appeared to be the strongest ground game in the state, was holding on to a disappointing third. with just under 17 percent of the vote. Ohio Gov. John Kasich was just two points behind.

    Trump was strongest in the heavily Republican old 5th Congressional District in south and Eastern Kentucky, while Cruz was able to string together small blocks in the Purchase region, the Bluegrass and in Northern Kentucky, where the tea party is strongest.

    Trump won 79 of Kentucky’s 120 counties while Cruz grabbed the other 41.

  13. Jack’s post about Appalachia…

    im inclined to feel that way but am in no way fully informed on the region or subject…..maybe there’s a rebuttal lurking about?

  14. MSNBC has summed up the race yesterday.   Good night for Bernie, winning two states of 3, better night for Clinton, winning more delegates than Bernie. Bernie still trying to play catch up.


    Sunday Serendipity.

    A stunning and energetic work by one of my favorite composers. Enjoy the music and enjoy the day!

  16. congratulations, flatus

    No. 3 South Carolina women handle No. 13 Kentucky, 93-63
    This one helped the top-seeded Gamecocks (30-1) advance to their second straight SEC title game. They will face No. 16 Mississippi State in the championship game Sunday.

  17. It used to be said of Richard Nixon; would you buy a used car from this guy?

    It should be said of Cruz now: would you buy anything from this guy?!

  18. Good morning Pat, I see you use “Hillaristas”  often, not sure if you are aware (as you otherwise appear to be a Hillary supporter) that Hillarista has a negative connotation elsewhere.  Just saying.

  19. sea, then let’s make it a badge of honor instead of something negative.  on second tho’t, that tactic didn’t work out so well tho’ with Obama giving in to and adopting the vilified Obamacare label.

    it’s better than  hillstericals which was my second bad choice.  is hillary-ites ok?

  20. hey, you can wear it, i don’t care too.  I refer to myself as  a hillary supporter, same for sanders supporters- till they go on the attack on twitter- then i have a few other names for them!


  21. pat- never appreciated clintonistas either.  recently saw a sanders supporter call them “clitonistas” it wasn’t a typo

  22. Jamie44 “acceptable candidate for anything above level of dog catcher”

    I would not allow him near my dog, that is if I owned a dog, or anyone’s dog.

    Jace – Nixon was a slime.  But, the Dems were caught off guard when Johnson gave his March 31, 1968, not running speech.  I was a month from 18 and three months from 1A, and I remember that night very well.  I was at a good friend’s house, we were listening to Simon and Garfunkle albums when her mother called down that we needed to come up and watch the television.  There was Johnson starting on his speech.  Afterwards we went back down to the basement to talk about what we just heard.  Little did we know that Nixon would win the election  causing horrible pain to our country.

    At least we have HRC not Humphrey this election.


  23. 2 more on the racism of the drumpf campaign. also from the louisville courier journal

    trump courting the white supremacist vote:
    But while his defense of his masculinity may have been the low point of any presidential debate in history, it is hardly the most troubling thing in a most troubling campaign.
    That honor goes to Trump’s side hug of the racists who have swirled around his campaign in recent weeks. That was on complete display in Louisville where a white supremacist group was recruiting new members in his crowd.
    I’m not accusing Trump of being a racist – others can do that if they want.
    But there is clearly something in his message that appeals to that hateful segment of the population – so appealing, in fact, that such groups believe his rallies are fertile ground for recruits to their cause – and he clearly refuses to disavow their hateful rhetoric.


    a pastor’s (note he is a Baptist)  take on trump:
    What sets Mr. Trump apart from the rest, however, is the vitriol he has knowingly, even gleefully, unleashed from within white America. What do white people mean when they say that Trump “says what he means,” or that he “says what everyone else is thinking”?
    One of the areas of progress we have made when it comes to race relations in this country is that, until recently, it was no longer considered okay to be overtly racist. That was a change from just 30 or 40 years ago. It was, until recently, no longer acceptable to use the N-word in politics or polite society. That’s not much progress but it is something.
    But on Tuesday this young woman was repeatedly shoved and pushed while people screamed “n*gger” and “c*nt” in her face. Trump is giving these people permission to vocally express the racism that clearly still lives in the hearts of a depressingly large percentage of white people in this country.
    One of the men seen assaulting Ms. Nwanguma in the video is Matthew Heimbach, a self-avowed “white nationalist.” When Donald Trump equivocates about renouncing the support of white supremacists like Heimbach (as Trump did on national television over the weekend), he tacitly endorses neo-nazis attacking protesters and openly recruiting like-minded people to their cause at his rallies.
    The movement that Donald Trump has created is a moral outrage. It is built on a love of greed, nationalism, militarism, racism, homophobia, violence, sexism, and xenophobia. As a citizen of Louisville and the United States and as a straight, white, male Christian, it is my duty to condemn this movement and the actions of these Trump supporters as strongly as possible.

  24. Well…  of course…  being a northerner, I don’t have a rebuttal.

    But I’m pretty sure that the people who Craig, Mudcat, and Webb have so much affection for would refer to me as something along the lines of ….  a  good for nothing dirty old ex-hippie and a frickin’ do-gooder Yankee to boot.

    I’ve heard they don’t want my help…  but too bad…  I’m voting Democratic anyways…

  25. sea, sorry, unintentional usage on my part of what now is considered bad form.

    in olden days “-ista” was merely a suffix used in classic latin (and in spanish)…. guess i’m just behind times.

    playing with words is like playing with fire: sometimes you get “bernt”

  26. whskyjack, dental is not a required benefit under obamacare, costs extra. Medicaid patients have access but the trouble is that many rural areas either have no dentist or the dentists they do have don’t accept Medicaid patients.

  27. pat- i figured as much, and that was why I mentioned it.  Didn’t think any harm was meant..

  28. whskyjack, to your political point, quite true that rural voters cast against their interests supporting Republicans and so long as Democrats ignore them that won’t change. Poor John Edwards is the only Dem presidential candidate I can think of who made a serious effort campaigning there, with a rural economic plan, and he made a lot of progress, showed it could be done. These days there is more of an opening than ever. Rural voters are fed up with Republican elites and fueling a lot of Trump’s vote because he is one of the few delivering that message.

  29. lots of toothless fishermen, carpenters around here.  getting harder and harder to find a new victim with teeth ;(

  30. Medicare doesn’t have dental either unless you have a supplemental plan.  It’s a shame since bad teeth are a gateway to much more serious illnesses such as heart disease.

    OSH – We can wear Hillary supporters.  Of course I’m looking forward to Bernie suspenders 🙂


  31. Gamecocks Wonderful Performance!
    Pat, thanks so much for linking that article in your comment. I watched the game on ESPN; the women from Columbia were truly driven! The championship game is this afternoon at 1430 EST on ESPN against Mississippi State.

  32. Hubert H. Humphrey was a great man.  He was a leader in making the Democratic party a leader in Civil Rights.

    His plea at the 1948 convention for the Democratic Party to step from the shadows  of states’ rights and into the bright sunshine of human rights led to a Southern walkout.  The fight for equality began.


  33. Oldsea, hadn’t thought of that impact, guess you’ll have to spike up your stock of soft chocolates

  34. Adults in the United Kingdom have few dental problems; by the time most children leave school all their natural teeth have rotted and have been removed and replaced with dentures. So much for free healthcare, etc.

  35. actually Flatus, dental care is not free in UK, like eye tests and prescriptions

  36. Dem debate tonight on CNN 8:00 p.m. ET — New thread coming then from Pogo, for our chat room

  37. OSH…  I was going to say that lots of people all over this country can’t afford a dentist.  My lobster fishing brother from Massachusetts barely has a tooth left.  We’ve offered to pay for dentures for him, but he’s too proud to accept our help.


  38. At the hospital where Kumcho worked, elderly patients would more than occasionally become separated from their dentures. Because of their age/infirmity, the dentures wouldn’t be replaced, malnutrition resulted culminating in the patients’ now inevitable demise. Really stupid and unnecessary.


  39. Pogo, my apologies, I just realized you’ve got a post in the bin. I’ll put it up for tonight’s debate. Thanks.

  40. It may be lost in scrolling through, but the poem I published today on my site directly addresses the people who vote against their own best interests and the reasons why.  Here is the video of it.

  41. Jamie, thanks for linking those articles. Things have improved since we were stationed there in the late 70s. I must point out that we were in a semi-rural area in East Anglia, RAF Lakenheath. For most families, money was a scarce commodity.

  42. craig- sad to say, desirable prospects are fewer and fewer. maybe need to get off the island more often.  never much worried about it, always figured the world comes here, constant new source.  my theory isn’t working too well.

  43. Geez…  when I woke up this morning I decided that I wasn’t going to pay attention to politics today being Sunday and all.  No sireee…   I was not going to post here on TM.

    Well… I haven’t gone over to Facebook and liked any posts slamming Trump…  at least not yet…  🙂

  44. And as if things weren’t dismal enough- there are few well shaven men about.  I don’t have a Santa fetish.

  45. Jamie…   at least Nancy can now be with her beloved Ronnie…  may she rest in peace.


  46. OSH,

    Similar problem here:  I’ve outlived the friends with benefits and comparable replacements are nonexistent.

  47. biden jokes at gridiron dinner:

    He compared his own modest means to that of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. “When a socialist has more money than you, you know you’ve been doing something wrong for a long, long time,” he joked.

    And, at least in this crowd, jokes about Sen. Ted Cruz being a terrible colleague slay. “I told Barack, if you really, really want to remake the Supreme Court, nominate Cruz. Before you know it, you’ll have eight vacancies.”

    [and from same link]
    Castro, joined by his twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, for a brother act they’ve refined on the Washington-dinner circuit, proved he was willing to take shots at GOP rivals, a skill he’d bound to be asked to deploy on the presidential trail.

    Their skewering of Republicans started with Cruz. “Why do people take such an immediate dislike to Ted Cruz?” the congressman wondered aloud, according to prepared remarks. “Probably because it saves time,” the secretary quipped. (This was something of a meta moment, as the punchline was an actual quote about the Texas Republican, offered up by a fellow Republican in a Frank Bruni column last year. It’s the kind of crowd that gets it.)

    And then the duo turned to another GOP candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, and the Florida Republican’s much-mocked boots. “The last time Washington was this riled up about a man in high heels, it was J. Edgar Hoover,” yukked Julian.

  48. fortune’s pick of 6 best lines from gridiron:


    “Knowing Donald Trump, it won’t be long before he dumps the United States for a much younger country.” – McManus

    “When I endorsed Marco, everyone assumed we had cut a deal… We did. He promised I could borrow his boots.” — Haley

    “Why do people take such an immediate dislike to Ted Cruz?” – Joaquin Castro
    “Probably because it saves them time.” – Julian Castro

    “Whoever takes over this job, you are going to understand the peaceful transition of powerlessness.” — Biden

    “Folks, if all else fails…I’m here.” — Biden

  49. Trump was on with John Dickerson who just couldn’t have been nicer to the Big Giant A–hole.

    Dickerson endorsed Trumps notion that we should be waterboarding because eveyone else does it.  He did that by failing to ask Trump the right questions and by not following up on the most outrageous of the Trump statements and letting them go as if they were true.

    And then I went through the dial and there fresh from the crypt Pat Buchanan and he’s looking good. Boy the rise of another white nationalist must give him strength

  50. I suffer from a long standing internal debate whenever I hear the names of Nixon or the Reagan.  A debate of such proportions that after an hour or so I have a great thirst built up.  Which of these men has hurt, damaged or mangled our United States and citizens more?

    The passing of Nancy Reagan brings a us a little closer to the end of the cohort which was affected by the Great Depression and WWII.  That their decisions failed the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.

    RIP Nancy.  MSNBC is spending the day finding those still alive to mourn her.


  51. forgot to post this one for the bernistas on the trail… you’ll like it.  well, most of it.

  52. Trump took credit for the Sanders Campaign and said even though he only attacked Hillary (Bill) one day it’s what allowed the Sanders campaign to surge ahead.    From the same fantasy factory that told him he stopped companies from going to Mexico no doubt

  53. Hillaristas, Berniebots, Trumptroopers, Tedheads (Cruzcrazies), Marcomorons, (Rubiorubes) perhaps???

  54. On NPR this morning. Some jerk has been plagiarizing Will Shortz’ crossword puzzles.

  55. The MacLaughlin Group includes Eleanor Clift as well as Pat B and she took the opportunity to point out that Trump is the natural progression of the Republican Party.

  56. politicususa re comments by hillary on face the nation

    DICKERSON: Speaking of winning in November, the Republicans seem to have all of the enthusiasm. More people are turning out for their primary process, much more than Democrats. Won’t that hurt in the battle in November?

    CLINTON: Well, I don’t know exactly what that means.

    I have gotten more votes than anybody running on either side. I have gotten more votes than Donald Trump, although I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear that. And we have gotten it from a wide, broad base. In fact, I have gotten — in the Democratic primary election, I have gotten more white voters, except for the state of Vermont. All told, I have had more support from white voters.

    So, I feel really good about where our campaign is and where it’s going.

  57. As I recall, L’il Abner went on Broadway back a ways and it involved a lot of dealing with the govt……..wonder if Al Capp’s politics fueled the plot…..

  58. loved the snl romney bit that starts at 5 minutes in on the above video when he says “we in the gop, the  party of the great ronald reagan, we do not say racist and sexist things. we imply them. subtlety  for decades and decades”

  59. I saw a hummingbird this morning,  a ladybug landed on me, the trees are in full bloom, and, I missed all of the Sunday shows.  A nice day.

    RIP Nancy Reagan.  She loved her man, true.


  60. Wow ……following into those L’il Abner videos looks like he had a movie in 1940…..

  61. To everyone who is planning to vote for Trump because after all he’s not that bad.

    Never speak to me again about anything political

  62. Jamie-just a smalltown girl in a toothless lonely world .. I did get by with a little help from my friends too.  It was a good run.

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