Sort Of Super Saturday (and Sunday)

This weekend Kansas and Louisiana will hold primaries for both parties. There will also be a Republican caucus in Kentucky, and for both parties in Maine, plus a Democratic caucus in Nebraska.

My predictions:


  • Kansas winner: Ted Cruz
  • Kentucky winner: Donald Trump
  • Louisiana winner: Trump
  • Maine winner: Trump


  • Kansas winner: Bernie Sanders
  • Louisiana winner: Hillary Clinton
  • Nebraska winner: Sanders
  • Maine winner: Sanders

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  1. “To foreclose voting for Hillary but consider voting for Trump in order to “clean out the stables” seems an odious cure to a major national problem.”

    madmustard, right on.

    crapwise, it’s not rational to kick a cow from the barn and install an elephant.

  2. what abc news says about ky caucus et al:

    Neither Rand Paul nor Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has endorsed in this election, and both have expressed vitriol towards Donald Trump. According to a New York Times report, McConnell has said he will drop Trump “like a hot rock” if he is the nominee in the general election, and Rand Paul took on Trump often while he was running for president. It is unclear if that will adversely impact him in this election. It didn’t make a difference in South Carolina, when Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham endorsed Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, respectively, but you never know. It is also worth watching to see if McConnell and Paul vote, and if they announce their preference. Paul has said he is not endorsing in the primary, and McConnell backed Paul. And of course Kentucky is also home to County Clerk Kim Davis. It’s worth watching if she goes to the polls, too.

  3. If ponies rode men & grass ate cows,

    And cats were chased into holes by the mouse…

    If summer were spring & the other way round,

    Then all the world would be upside down.

    “The World Turned Upside Down” – 1643


  4. hillary telling it like it is
    She said that “too many” corporations undervalue their workers. She blasted a “casino culture on Wall Street” that has come to lean on taxpayers stepping in during times of trouble. “We need to make sure Wall Street never wrecks Main Street again,” she said.
    The former Secretary of State spoke of her proposed “New Bargain” for U.S. workers that would contain clawback provisions of tax relief or development incentives offered to businesses that later decide to move jobs or production abroad.
    She denounced as unpatriotic so-called tax inversion deals when U.S. companies shift headquarters overseas either through a merger or by being acquired — oftentimes by a smaller company — to save money on taxes.
    “I call it perversion but the tax code calls it inversion,” she said.


    btw, telling it like it is, dear voters, includes complex boring details which make eyes glaze over. yeah, sensible constructive plans forward are as exciting as old ladies sensible shoes .  it’s not just a case of “they did you wrong! to the ramparts with pitchforks! liar, liar panties on fire!” and  gold in your pockets promises that can’t be kept.

  5. sjwny  – running for office was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed campaigning, fund raising sucked.  Of course running for office for the 56th largest city in the U.S. is different, by all sorts of standards and reasons, than running for prez.

  6. I’ve worked on several campaigns mostly as staff trying to keep the trains running on time & dealing with people who ask questions.  Anyone who gets out there and actually runs, are far braver than I am.  Agree or disagree, it takes a special type and they deserve applause.

    With that said, Drumpf is something else.  That is ignorant ego seducing people desperate for someone who will promise them anything.  Since he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, being dangerous and doing damage doesn’t bother him a bit.


  7. I might compare Donald Dumbski to Hitler, but even I don’t think he is this bad:


  8. Jamie44,

    Thank you for your part in helping Democracy too 🙂 Each one of us is a sound stone in the foundation.

  9. And special condolences to Sturg as well–I recall that he had a special connection with Conroy.

  10. I hate to see him go……..he painted our life here in the sc low country as no one else ever has………..

  11. BlondeWino posted this at the bottom of the last thread…

    Big man, Jim Webb, kicks an old lady’s ass on cable tv.  I think I will join Tony — as who needs this kind of juvenile and bitter discourse?  Absolutely, the clarity of this site has been compromised.

    I guess we could say that intolerance of intolerance is intolerance in itself…  IMO, that is doublespeak.  BlondeW…  I share your opinion that this site has been compromised.  I do not believe that one has to embrace (or ignore) hate groups in order to prove that one is tolerant.  I say good civilized people stand up to such groups.

  12. bw, no no don’t go!  we need your special ways with words.

    and speaking of mythcalculations btw, the few (not the majority if you look back) on the trail who post negative or derogatory comments about hillary could rightfully say the same about us, that we hillaristas are being intolerant not only by drumbeats denigrating drumpf and his fellow travelers but putting down Bernie too.     at least 99% of the trail agree on one thing: the media sucks.

  13. BW, you have a strong heart–one that we all need. Don’t leave us.

    Renee, reading your comment caused me to think of the Nazis and their burning of books prior to WW2. As if that would shut down what Gutenberg  gave to the people.

  14. I need to point out what I thought was obvious: the tone and direction of this site is user driven, not host driven — with uncensored comments and unedited posts by contributors, whatever they think. Anyone not already a contributor who would like to post new threads need only email me for the instructions. I have my opinions, but there are no restrictions against anyone with a different view contributing to the direction of our flow.

  15. BW,

    We are offering opinions here. By my estimation very reasonable and well informed opinions, but opinions none the less.

    None of us would be here posting unless we were rather passionate about life, politics, and the world around us.

    I  may and do disagree with things written here but I seldom dismiss them because they are well motivated and almost always well presented and thought out. Your input and experience has always been relevant and valued.

    Hang around a bit, it’s about to get really interesting.

  16. Agreed, Jace. I’ve always thought of this place as an organism wrapped around the news cycle, ever changing. Sometimes I like what it looks like, and sometimes I don’t, but it’s up to itself no matter what.

  17. Craig, while I have you here, its Kentucky v South Carolina at 1700 on the SEC channel. Its a chance for you and David to kick back and watch women prove to the world that they can kick butt through being committed and very, very smart. Others are invited as well.

  18. poohbah, it’s just so hard to get use to you saying anything bad about anyone.  you have always been our hero of the high road while we of course wallowed in the muddy ditches.  guess we should cut you some slack and admit you are human too.

  19. …..going to meet a few  child-hood friends…..some Marines, some Navy, Some Army.  Some Rs, some Ds, and a lot of indies…..we will probably go over some stories (memories) over and over….some will be embellished a little…Larry is a stickler for accuracy, “the truth”……we all get him riled up a little…..I told him last time (pretending to be a little angry) that he could tell his lies the way that he wanted to…and that I would tell my lies the way that i wanted to…….we all laughed……..we are all great friends that have different point of views…..but we all accept each other for whom we are…..i would not change anything about any one of them………that would be intolerant….

    Thing will get heated a little b/c of our differences of opinion and such…..but never, never would anyone of us would threaten to end our friendship over somethings that we can not control….if we did……then it was never a true friendship…….

    Jim Webb, I would still vote for him in a second……I could tolerate his shortcomings…..

    Hillary Clinton……I am going to vote for her… going to tolerate a lot of her shortcomings

    Bernie Sander……I would vote for him….while tolerating his shortcomings also, if he was the dem nom…

    All the other ones…..can go piss up a rope….i will not tolerate them one iota……

    Oh, and what is a ture dem…..just one that roots for a win…..or one that wants what is best for the country no matter which party provides that choice…maybe the reason that Webb and Sander are now dems… that they had no choice but to join the lesser of two evils……maybe we should judge Bill C. Hillary C. Obama by how they helped the country to be dems… the laws that they passed……no excuses…… a lot of the times…..if you did not know who passed those laws……just by looking at them without……..many,many things done under dem potus…..helped out those that are not dems like wall st, Pharms, etc, etc………i guess we should tolerate that no?…….later

  20. Pat, it was much easier for Craig, I think, when he was a professional independent as befitted a working journalist. But, now, that profession is so badly tainted, people in it are really obligated to honestly state, on penalty of being presented a yellow keyboard, their political beholdings. donations, and strongly held leanings.

  21. I do too, OD. It’s on a very rare occasion that someone here expresses ambivalence as to whom he or she  should vote. So, I think it’s safe saying that most everyone has some degree of emotional commitment to one candidate or  another. Absent an invitation, I consider it bad form to intentionally mess with someone’s emotions. If its within  the normal range of banter between the two individuals, that’s something else again.

  22. Jamie – BBC/NPR had a really interesting discussion this morning about how automation reduces the number of jobs but the population continues to increase.

    As for this place, it is called TrailMIX, not Trail-(your candidate’s name here)-Fan Club. Everyone has strong feelings pro/con about the various candidates. While we still have freedom of speech (before President Trump abolishes it), let’s enjoy it.

    By the way, I would feel genuinely happy for Jamie, etc., if their candidate won, even if I think there is someone better to hold the job.  I wouldn’t be happy about the outcome, but I could feel happy for them.

    We have eight months to go and the campaigns aren’t going to get an easier.

    I hope BlondeW & Tony return, but I understand if they are looking for smoother sailing.


  23. last one …….i think that B W said that she was thinking about joining Tony……..maybe a little too soon to feel empathy…..or did assuming that she was….  push her over the line……over and out.

  24. one of the first 2 hillary ads in illinois
    Clinton’s team is using two spots – one narrated by Morgan Freeman, with an African American focus, the other where she rips Johnson Controls, the Wisconsin company she has been scorching from the campaign trail for trying to evade U.S. taxes.
    The  ads are running in the Chicago, Champaign-Springfield-Decatur, Peoria-Bloomington and Rockford media markets.
    The Illinois primary is March 15.

  25. the tone and direction of this site is user driven, not host driven

    Thank you Craig…  I do think you needed to say that.

    I have friends that I know will be voting for Trump because they always vote for the Republican candidate…   I love them no less.  But I will fight the intolerance for which I think Trump stands for until the day I die.

  26. Deep Drumpf : the Twitter bot trying to out-Trump the Donald

    MIT project uses artificial-intelligence algorithm to learn Republican frontrunner’s speech patterns before publishing ‘remarkably Trump-like statements’

  27. I put ‘Make America Great Again’ in the same category as ‘We Want Our Country Back’.

    There was nothing to get back because the country had never been sold or given away or usurped.

    Hillary is correct. America never stopped being great. It just changed, a perfectly normal course of events.

    Both slogans are just another way of saying, get the black man out of the White House.


    also according to wiki’s donald j drumpf:
    A Twitter account, not ostensibly under Oliver’s operation, is going by the name “Donald J. Drumpf” and the handle @RealDonalDrumpf. However, the account with over 27,000 followers is not entirely new, as it has been active and tweeting since May 2013,  before Oliver’s segment of February 2016. The account’s page says that it is “[a] 100% classy Donald Trump parody account. Operated under the actual family name Drumpf.”


    pogo, tho’t you’d like to know.

  29. I see the rise of Trump and Sanders as flip sides of the same coin: biblical anger at Washington’s utter disdain for average Americans in favor of the robber barons who fund this city.

  30. This coming week is my birthday week.  I would like it very much if Trail Mix, for at least one week , would return to be a place of  a respectful exchange of ideas.

    Perhaps we would not lose valuable participants and we might even attract new people.

  31. Craig

    I see no connection between Trump and Sanders except anger. Sanders is a typical leftist democratic insurgency I’ve seen it repeated over and over which is why I expect to see Bernie run as an independent, It is what they do.

    Trump supporters are the left over walking wounded 2008 that voted in the current Reps and are damn mad because they have been ignored ever since. If they had jobs they wouldn’t worry about wallstreet.


  32. The thing that scares me about the focus on Trump, is that Cruz is still right up there.  I spoke with my Republican aunt out west and she wanted to know about Cruz because Trump was just so “out there.”   Cruz is worse because he’s smarter than Trump.


  33. boss, if almost half of us, we the average americans, do not care enough to participate in who gets sent to Washington (turnout for 2012 was 57.5 percent of the eligible voters) no wonder those who got there ignore us.


  34. Craig… I agree with Jack.  The only thing I see the same about Trump, Sanders, and their respective supporters is anger at Washington.  IMO,Sanders is a thoughtful person who truly cares about this country and it’s citizens.  IMO, Trump is a thoughtless person who only truly cares about himself.  Trump supporters are those that like authority figures who can do the thinking for them.  Sander supporters have respect for those that believe they can think for themselves.  IMO, they are not the flip side of the same coin… they are on polar opposites.

  35. “Cruz is worse because he’s smarter than Trump”

    Sorry Blue but Trump is plenty smart, He has survived a long time in a very tough business. Cruz on the other hand is an untested newbie.

    Fortunately for the Democrats  HRC is one tough smart fighter too. People have been training their big guns on her for 25 years. Just one careless mistake would have brought her down. It really is a proof of her basic honesty that she has survived.


  36. Even the majority of Republican women will vote against Cruz.  They just won’t talk about it.  He really does give most females the creeps.

  37. All I can say, I’ve seen things in Appalachia and throughout rural American I could not believe was happening in our nation. Such as hundreds of people without any insurance showing up at a local high school football stadium to have their teeth pulled by volunteer dentists because they can’t afford preventive care. Couldn’t get a single DC reporter interested. Democrats write them off as ignorant, racist white trash, while Republicans couldn’t be bothered. No wonder they respond to demagogues.

  38. Ted Cruz won the CPAC straw poll with 40%.  Rubio got 30%.  Trump 15% & Kasich 8%.  Misc leftovers for balance of votes.


  39. craig,  here’s where some of the money went that could have been spent on the folks in Appalachia: new yorker story   that Congress has appropriated almost eight hundred billion dollars for military operations in Afghanistan; a hundred and thirteen billion has gone to reconstruction, more than was spent on the Marshall Plan, in postwar Europe.  a good bit of that to corrupt contracts, the conservative’s favorite thing hiring outside contractors. sickening story while we sit here with crumbling infrastructure, hungry and sick and poorly educated because of underfunded schools.

  40. Craig

    I remember when Ed Schultz was helping to organize clinics nationwide with National Association of Free Clinics and promoting on MSNBC

    Of course he is gone now and MSNBC has become FAUX SPEWS light


  41. Jamie…

    I remember when Hillary was fighting for universal healthcare.  The Republicans knocked her down.  Now she is apparently the “enemy”.

  42. “…Americans who are losers from a process of economic globalization that enriches a transglobal elite…see jobs disappearing…feel threatened by cultural liberalism, at least the type that sees Middle Americans as loathesome, white bigots…are also threatened by conservatives who would take away their Medicare, hand their Social Security to fund-managers in Connecticut, and cut off their unemployment, too.”

    “What so frightens the conservative movement about Trump’s success is that they realize just how thin the support for their idea really is.”

    Quotes from an article by Michael Brendan Dougherty in the Sunday (early edition) Dallas Morning News.

    This is also the appeal of Bernie; some of us feel abandoned because corporations are the puppet-masters of Democrats in Congress, too.

  43. There are times when having lived a fair amount of time and having a good memory can make you sad.  I was looking for a Langston Hughes poem and came across the video below.  There was a time when network stations actually broadcast poets reciting their poetry while jazz musicians backed them up.

    The Weary Blues

  44. Found the one I was really looking for:  Richard Pryor doing “Harlem Sweeties”

  45. The reason I was looking for the above was because of all the anger out there with Black Lives Matter and Trump.  The picture is of the cast of Strollin’ 20s from February of 1966.  I still remember the talent and performances of that special and would dearly love to find a copy of it.


  46. At least Cruz would know what is lawful/constitutional and what isn’t.”


    Cruz may know what is constitutional, but I have no faith that he would do it. He’s just another constitution loving republican who chooses to love it when it suits him and dismiss it when it does not. ( Think Mitch McConnell and the rest of the constitution loving Senate).

    Cruz is both slimy and dangerous. A religious fanatic. He’s not running for president he’s running for Ayatollah, and he brings with him everything that the title entails. I don’t see how it is possible to be any more disgraceful than Trump, but Cruz manages it with out much apparent effort.

  47. Cruz and Kansas are made for each other. He is offering the entire nation the same policies and results that have worked out so well in Kansas. Cruz would probably pick Brownback to be one of his economic advisers.

  48. I wish they would tell us what percentage of voters participate in these caucuses.

  49. I do care who wins, but I am more interested in the turnout. Samantha Bee nailed it when she did the report on the 2010 mid-terms. Hoping that dems. don’t choose to sit this one out. To date the results are not all that encouraging.

  50. Bernie wins Nebraska, Hillary way ahead in Louisiana. Going back to binging on House of Cards.

  51. Josh Feldman

    Palin endorsed Trump. Cruz won Alaska. LePage endorsed Trump. Cruz won Maine. Branstad said Cruz must be defeated. He won Iowa.

  52. It turns out it only took official statements from three separate government agencies before the media was finally willing to admit that the entire email situation had been fully above board from the start. Not that the media is going to admit it made the entire “scandal” up out of thin air in the hopes of getting ratings during an otherwise non-competitive primary season in which Hillary Clinton leads the democratic party primary by twenty-plus points in every national poll. But at least the media is now admitting that Clinton has done nothing wrong. And that admission should make it more difficult for anyone to keep propping up the fake scandal as loudly going forward.”




    For me this is the money paragraph in the link to the Clinton email non-scandal. There was never any there, there.

    Had a white male republican done the same thing, it would never have been reported. Cattle futures, Vince Foster, TravelGate, Benghazi, and now the emails, all the same.Wonderful shiny objects held up by the not so liberal media in an effort to duck their failure to report real stories with real facts. If HRC has shortcomings, it is fine for the media to point them out. They should not however use perceived wrongs to cover their shoddy, biased reporting.

  53. Only missing numbers & projection so far is Democratic Maine.  Percentages will change as numbers are finalized.  Delegate allocation over the next few days.
    ·       Kansas winner: Ted Cruz – 48 – 23
    ·       Kentucky winner: Donald Trump – 38 – 32
    ·       Louisiana winner: Donald Trump – 46 – 29
    ·       Maine winner: Ted Cruz won – 48 – 35
    ·       Kansas winner: Bernie Sanders – 57 – 32
    ·       Louisiana winner: Hillary Clinton – 71 – 21
    ·       Nebraska winner: Bernie Sanders – 55 – 45

    Maine Winner:

  54. I have to say honestly the mood of this site is very respectful. Holy crap, other sites/comment sections are chock-full o’ profanity & barely comprehensible grammar. Seriously, Trail Mix is a safe haven in a stormy blog-o-sphere.

  55. There us a new SNL on tonight.  They will have a lot of material, what with Willard, Chris-Sad-Sack-Christie, and, the GOP debate…but how do you spoof such cartoonish stuff?

  56. I am also surprised that Cruz won Maine…Perhaps The KKK and hand size issue are turning off at least some voters.

    movie recommendation…I enjoyed London Is Falling…not Shakespeare, but fun…I hope I spelled Shakespeare correctly…I am too tired to check the spelling…

  57. And Puerto Rico gets a primary, even though they can’t vote in November.

    Ah, Ted Cruz. Noooo. Scary weasle.

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