The Three-Fifths President

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

A few threads back our fearless leader floated a theory that just might explain the unprecedented disrespect shown the President by the Republican Senate. They view him as 3/5 of a president keeping to their vaunted “constitutional originalism” … for indeed, back in those days a black man was considered only 3/5 a person. So that answers why his administration was only valid in their eyes for 57.6 months. After that they could care less.

r72813obamaAs usual Craig was spot on. Too bad he wasted this insight on us instead of on the air with the Iman so that it could have been heard by a larger audience. But perhaps there’s a book in it or at least a full fledged thread devoted to the outrageous disregard the Senators have for the 65,455,010 voters of 2012.

GOP Debate Tonight
CNN 8:30pm ET


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  1. You, Me and The Apocolypse.

    Enjoy the debate; I look forward to your review.   Yes, would be nice to have Craig’s unique view at large.

  2. Ugh,

    weak post on the reason the obamanation has little respect.  Just look at the result of his, Hillary and what’s his name sec of state’s results !

  3. Craig,

    Agree,  Seeing President Bush in such a state is sad.  Love that they are there to support the process.  Maybe also to try and temper Trump?  With Jeb out and Trump’s attacks on Jeb will this have any impact?

    He looked better in this view.

  4. We dont need singers promoting their careers at debates, especially when just an excuse for the network to go to commercials selling drugs, cars and fraudulent travel sites

  5. Holy Concealed Weapon…Cruz looked like he was going for his weapon during the Star Spangled Banner!

  6. I like Kasich but he comes across like the sheriff’s deputy who tells him he needs to get more sleep.

  7. Instead of a wall, why not Wallmart across the border? Turn the wall into a profit center.

  8. Kasich is reasonable.

    They are taking our business to other places due to the failure of our current government.



  9. And here goes the Pompous Cruz… Please mute the TV

    And Trump liked when Marco zinged him…

  10. If Kasich did not have the neurological twitch he would look more presidential.  And as previously stated we are subject to uninformed voters.

    Should we have a qualification that you are informed to vote?

  11. Rubio looks like an idiot trying to explain that up is down.  His immigration gymnastics make my head swim.

  12. Craig that Walmart across the border idea has actually happened in spots.  People from either side walk in.  There is a counter that separates the two halves.  In other places there wasn’t even a counter/wall.  People came to shop on either side and went home.  Current law has actually destroyed border economy and opened it up to the drug dealers.

  13. Learned a new Spanish phrase for Mr. Trump:  Tonto Pendejo

    Pronunciation:  Toe – En – Toe; Pen-day-Ho

    Nice version:  Silly Fool

    Actual translation:  Decidedly not nice


  14. Hugh Hewitt is trying to rehab his image from years of right wing radio.  He didn’t make sense then.  Nothing has changed.

  15. … so because of the 3%, I would defund Planned Parenthood and  the 97%. So much for not sucking up to the base.

  16. There is the essence of narcissism…having it both ways.  Trump…Planned Parenthood helps millions of women…but that abortion thing!

  17. Sadly, last week the Pope and Scalia missed each other by hours here in the borderland.  Scalia was a devout Catholic as is the Pope.

  18. Republicans should hope for low ratings tonight. This crowd looks like graffiti spray painted by drunk aliens.

  19. This is all funding and very little about true Healthcare reform.

    Who is going to call out the self abuse of the American population which is the major cause for healthcare cost to increase.

  20. Healthcare is not a right,  he is correct.  But did you hear his full statement.  It is a responsibility that we need to achieve!

  21. What a load of crap. Environmental protection left to the States? Really how does that work? Do we have to repeal wind?

  22. Does Trump answer or does he attack?

    Wow he started with an answer and next the attack….



  23. Don’t blame the candidates.

    Horrible job CNN

    This is almost as weak and lame as the Democratic fake debates

  24. Back to Bernie and Chris.  Bernie is still solving everything with his one issue of income redistribution.



  25. Bernie and Chris?  Oh, that ran here 3 hours ago.

    I love seeing Cruz trying to out man trunp. Good luck with that. And there’s rube trying it out think trunp. Yeah that can happen, but no one’s going to notice or care.

  26. Is trump going to throw jamie dimon out of the country. Man, that guy brought in financial diseases.

  27. This reminds me of arguments I’ve had in front of judges with the biggest asshole that I practice against, whose whole strategy is the talk over you and you’re starting to make points.

  28. kasich is going oust baby kim. No, now he’s backing off. No, now he’s getting aggressive again. No, now he’s backing off.

  29. ben admits that Israel is his lovechild, but wants to be fair to northKorea and all the other children, too.

  30. trump : America should be the biggest mercenary force.

    cruz just attacked bush ? Don’t write Czechs.

    trump : I’m the only guy here who was around when Israel stated. It’s my baby.

  31. kasich: wants the Prez to unlock the phone.

    cruz : a judge’s signature and probable cause (an anonymous tip sent on an apple phone) are sufficient under the 4th Amendment.

    trump : build a wall between us and Puerto Rico. (snicker)



  32. The way TV schedule was here I was remote clicking between CNN & MSNBC … Dali was less Surreal


  33. After watching the CNN Republican debate tonight, I am ashamed for the loss of our country’s common civility.


  34. Oh blah blah blah blah blah Israel blah blah blah blah blah Israel blah blah blah blah blah North Korea blah blah blah blah blah blah

  35. It’s been a while since I’ve viewed Trailmix & I must say it was very entertaining. I can’t remember another political time like this.

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