There’s No Denying Trump

By Rebellious Renee, Trail Mix Contributor

2015-12-08-1449591417-170352-DonaldTrump-thumbSeems like we want to talk about Trump. Well, I refused to comment about him only a few months ago.  I believed we all were giving the man too much attention.  But now…  there’s no denying him.  He is the front runner for the Republican nominee for presidential candidate 2016.  IMO, what that fact says about the state of the Republican Party and our country speaks volumes…  and it ain’t good.  We are a nation obsessed with celebrity.  And it seems like for this election, we are also obsessed with political “outsiders”.  All any of us can do is give our one little vote…. then sit back and watch what happens.  Bring on the popcorn!

Nevada Republicans Vote Today

Trump Leads NV Polls


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  1. Hugging the Pander Bear

    Hi OD

    You made some very good points regarding the phony “across state lines” Republican nonsense.. Its really no answer.. Better to do as Hillary recommends, build on ACA, fix the problems with it, mainly controlling costs..

    Most important thing now is to get turn out way up. A trump nomination will do just that.. Get Dems elected.. Give Hillary a Democratic House and Senate.. Then move to single payer..

  2. big dawg does laredo ….the couple’s footprint in South Texas is more than four decades old, dating to Hillary Clinton’s time spent registering Latino voters for presidential candidate George McGovern in the early 1970s. That history alone makes rival Bernie Sanders’ task of chipping away at Clinton’s “firewall” of support among this crucial voting bloc much more difficult, experts and pundits said. [….]

    “There are people who want to build walls. Hillary wants to build ladders to opportunity and empowerment,” Clinton said with a quick swipe at Donald Trump. “I want you to look to the future with confidence and embrace change, not run from it.”

  3. Hugging the Pander Bear


    You made some very good points on the other thread as well.. I agree regarding Dems and Republicans.. Still we must work within the system to change things.. I can’t see standing outside throwing rocks at the window all you end up with is a broken window.. We can criticise President Obama all day long but to what end? Obama has tried to do some good things and he has.. Like with Clinton before, some bad things too.. Still, would a President McCain or Romney have been better? I say no, get Democrats in control and lets get things moving…

  4. Trump is the Product of a Failed System
    by Eugene Robinson

    “WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s shocking transformation from reality-show host to Republican presidential front-runner is not some random and bizarre twist of fate. It grows from the failure of our political system to adapt to demographic change, economic disruption and a reorganizing world.”

  5. As much as I detest the boorish, loudmouthed and obscene Mr. Trump, I am more afraid of the people who would vote for him.  It has already been noted that a large percentage of his followers can be tracked back to the White Power sites and that an even larger group are poorly educated, low information whites.  You then add on those well educated but economically disenfranchised and beaten down by the system crowd who see the life they have always known falling apart. They are squeezed dry by those richer and poorer than themselves even while they support their seniors and educate their college kids.

    Under the right conditions, you might be able to peel away two of the above groups but those recoiling at the ugliness that is Trump would most naturally gravitate to Sanders and his magic wand that will fix everything.  They have been told for decades that the Clintons are several different kinds of evil and you hear echoes of all those hearsay charges direct from Faux Spews uttered daily.

    Barring some major still unknown event, Hillary Clinton will be the nominee.  Whether or not she can craft something to appeal to both the wavering Trump and left over Sanders followers will be the difference between a Democratic or Republican administration.

    It is in the best interests of the US to have a massive Democratic turnout in order to reclaim the Senate and provide greater balance in the House.



  6. Jamie- always so comforting to read your daily shows of faith that as far as the Dems go- all will be well, eventually.

  7. A fine and honest post, RR.  Trump is not going away.   Since the famous repug pizza primaries of 2011 when pizza mogul Cain, teavangelical, was leading and Trump met with Sarah over pizza, the Trumpster has been planning his run as POTUS.   In December 2011, the repugs rejected his debate and it was humiliatingly cancelled. Trump then went on to  make his famous birther bet on Obama during the usual repug October surprise phase in 2012.  The guy is patient and has a memory for a dis…waits years to retaliate.   He is Putin-like and the two share a love of young, eastern European women.    He stands a chance to be Celebrity President.  For real(z).

    BTW,  when Trump was cutting-up that pizza with rogue-specialist, Palin?  He was dividing out the US of AA.   Pizza strategists cutting-up the electorate and how easy it was to achieve winning.

  8. A while ago I posted something about my first alma mater, Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. At the time I went it was a small all male liberal arts school with some 500 students. In the decades since I left it, to survive, it increased enrollment and became co-ed while maintaining the high standards it always has had. Here’s their latest bulletin which is really well done. It shows why grandparents should put away money for their grandkids education:


  9. for some trump trashing listen to today’s npr interview Steve Inskeep talks to Bush fundraiser James Wareham who refers to the big d as “bozo the braggart from ny”

  10. OD, I read with interest your comments on the proposal to offer health insurance across state lines. I agree that it’s not a practical solution to rising insurance rates (mine have increased 150% in the past 5 years with the same carrier).  In the current system, rates are set by each state, so that system would have to be dismantled and another system that monitors and controls rates put into place.  Also, there is a patchwork of laws regarding insurers’ obligations to policyholders and responsibilities under the law, again, state by state.  The one advantage that I can see to allowing health insurers to sell insurance in multiple states is that in small states like WV there are no real options other than BCBS, at least through the exchange.  I would hope, but am not convinced, that additional actors in the market would drive rates down.  I’ll probably never know, and in December I’ll be setting sail in the good ship Medicare, with supplemental insurance.  Hopefully the combined premiums will be less than what we have now.

  11. Interesting point about this interconnected world


    Republican presidential candidates led by Donald Trump are drawing cheers in Nevada by bashing China’s policies, even as that nation’s tourism, trade and investment help lift the state from the worst economic decline in the U.S.

    When Trump took the stage at rallies in Las Vegas and Reno recently, crowds roared as the real-estate mogul and reality-show star accused China of currency manipulation and one-sided trade policies. His message resonates in a state that just five years ago had the highest U.S. unemployment rate

    While rhetoric blaming China for the decline of the American middle class plays well on the campaign trail, it belies the reality of the interconnected economies of the U.S. and China, where even states like Nevada that lack seaports have grown increasingly dependent on global trade and investment. Chinese commerce has boosted Nevada’s tourism and mining industries, and money from China is backing a $1 billion auto plant under construction in the state.

  12. Thanks, Flat for promoting education.  It also shows us why we need to elect a dem as POTUS…the repugs want to squash education and science.   Two things I have enjoyed throughout my life especially under a dem prez.  I am happy that Obama has pushed an agenda for both. Obamacare is a start and Obama has attempted to rein-in the insurance companies.  Single payer would have never made it with our mega corporations for it rids us of  these greedy parasites and their top heavy execs.  Repugs and their charity healthcare?  Where do atheists go for healthcare?  They have no plan and if I have to hear again that if we allow the insurance companies to compete across state lines?  The insurance companies don’t want the business of poor humans.  Most have run from covering all humans.  The healthcare system was such a mess that the feds had to step-in.  Single payer is easier, efficient and cheaper plus we should do away with the duplicate VA medical system.    Silly to have a parallel system for periods of peace when we really have to provide our vets with healthcare.  But, I know it will never happen in this country.  Maybe a state or two can run a system, but repugs will never let it happen.

  13. Pat

    and the Wapo editorial department lean very conservative, Suppose they would support HRC over Trump?



  14. Jamie…Kanye has already announced he is running for future Prez…even the mention of the Kardashians into politics reminds me of Trump.  You may be channeling a future election of 2024.

  15. Personal post here…twinsapoolza week is coming soon.  I have been going through the family scrapbook started by my Mom.   This photo is of my parents with the first of the baby boom generation.   It was 1946 and fresh from combat, my parents began the path to the middle class.  Their parents were laborers and they would start fresh with better jobs and a standard of living.  They also had a love of country and service and both worked.  The baby boomers lived in a resource rich time and there were so many of us…competing.  Started with a simple birth or two.

  16. I am just now catching up to the fact Trump won all 50 delegates in SC. They award delegates by a combination of the state victory and by congressional district. He won state-wide, and also in each district, so he got all.

    Delegate count so far: Trump 68 delegates, Cruz 11, Rubio 9.
    1,237 needed to win

  17. Where is the campaign against  Trump.

    When he ran before there were lots of stories about his corrupt and ethicless life style

    He is the quintessential creepy American businessman – say and do anything to get tht buck

    He is full of bluster and not much else — kind of like the uggabugga open the bag and little tiny things fly out.

    Other candidates wives have been fodder  certainly Nudie’s relationship to his wives was part of the campaign so why not Trump.   How can the religious right support him?

    Cruz looks like he is taking his campaign cues from Lee Atwaters book of Win At Any Price    I am surprised he hasn’t done more damage to Trump on morality issues.



  18. If Hillary’s husband is fodder, Trump’s wife will be.  As Trevor Noah (I think – coulda been John Oliver or Larry Wilmore) said, “Wait, she speaks immigrant?”

  19. Blondy,

    What a WOW post you’re 10.26 am post is.!  So much to think about….thanks…

    Jamie, @ 7.47……, no, im not calling you an airplane……I agree with Sea, great post.  There is no way in heaven that i would vote for that scum bag trumpet.


    Pat, Tony……hang in there…have a cpl of things to say to you…..but after i get back from the gym…..later

  20. When Trump announced he was running, I was reminded how much he was like my ex father-in-law.  Same sense of superiority, staccato speech and moronic ideals.    I spent many months in therapy with my ex over his childhood.   I could discuss anger, addiction, abuse, passive incest, etc., but I heard it over and over again that my ex FIL had narcissistic personality disorder.  Trump is very similar and I know the professionals are not able to diagnose the candidates in a public venue, but I can draw similarities.  What scares me most about Trump?  His wealth.  Many wealthy do not have boundaries to human behavior and coupled with a narcissistic personality disorder?  He is beyond any law or moral code.   Remember, he can shoot someone in the street.  He can get away with pretend murder.  He can have an inappropriate relationship with his daughter.  He promotes beauty pageants and idealizes the pre-pubescent traits in his woman.  Really,  a sick guy….the perfect repug candidate and now that they have seen their monster?   If it is Trump vs. HRC….look for some dems to vote Trump and some repugs to vote HRC.

    Trump is in charismatic phase…that appeals to so many fools.


  21. I thought spouses were off-limits since Andrew Jackson’s presidency–or at least they should have been.

  22. Pogo

    My question is why isn’t Trump’s wife fodder now?  He has gotten an all access pass from the media

    The other problem is the other guys in the race totally sucked –omg  Scary!  she made me think of Medusa-

    can’t you see her in bed (Cal Super King) watching the news — seeing Hillary Clinton and writing down smart rejoinders in case anyone ever asks her opinion again.



  23. “I thought spouses were off-limits since Andrew Jackson’s presidency–”

    flatus, not if their name is clinton

  24. from huffpo

    Underscoring that Democrats plan to use GOP obstruction on the Supreme Court in the elections, Reid tied McConnell to GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

    “If they follow the course set by the Republican leader, every one of them will be as responsible as Trump and Cruz for the debasement of the Republican Party,” Reid said. “He [McConnell] will join them in what they’ve done to the party. It will be a new and a much worse Republican Party. Clearly Sen. McConnell’s absolutely following that lead of extremists Trump and Cruz. There is no clearer response than the Republican leader’s response to the Supreme Court vacancy.”


  25. flatus, the press for many reasons (excluding chivalry – media not known for same) were disinclined to malign ladybird, jackie, mamie and eleanor yet piled like hyennas on to a kill when it came to hillary.   it’s a puzzlement.

  26. Flatus… thanks for that article.  The only dying I’ve ever done was many moons ago as a hobbyist with kool aid.  Now as a professional weaver using professionally dyed yarns I marvel at the process.

    BTW… today I’m using a yarn dyed with purple, orange, turquoise, and yellow colors entitled Tabitha.

  27. jamie,  wonder if projections of winning vs losing cause her supporters to not bother to vote and  do such predictions motivate his to work harder or do they see it as a lost cause and also stay home.

  28. the guardian :

    The Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has waded into the row between Apple and the FBI, arguing that the government agency is right to demand co-operation from Silicon Valley when it comes to terrorism investigations.

    Gates also questioned Apple chief executive Tim Cook’s characterisation of the case as a demand for a “back door”, the Financial Times reported.

    “This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,” Gates said.

    “It is no different than [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records. Let’s say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said, ‘Don’t make me cut this ribbon because you’ll make me cut it many times’.”

  29. KC, good question – she should be.  Then listen to Donald squeal like a pig.

    Here’s an interesting piece by Glen Kessler indicting both parties for hypocrisy regarding judicial nominations.  Here’s the difference – the dems have never done what the ‘pugns are threatening.

  30. spidy gal,

    I agree with all you said about Trump……a while back, i also refused to talk about him…..used to think that he would be like black smoke from a fire……bad as poison to breath, but would dissipate into nothingness……..

    I have an idea on the scarfs for you…..and I would want the first 2……..wanna hear it…….gonna cost U…..he, he, he……..


  31. Solar….   nope… I don’t wanna hear it.  I weave what I want to weave.  I may be more on the practical side when it comes to politics…  but in my personal life…   that Rebellious in front of my name ain’t there for nothing.  🙂

    BTW…  you’re still a rascal!

  32. Had no idea for a scarf…..just wanted to tease you out a little…….”rascal” hey, im innocent over here….was just going to ask you for a dance…, half a one……maybe just two steps….but that all…..rascal indeed….he,he,he

  33. Flatus, would we need to invade and conquer French Guiana to use it?  Not sure its rep is better than Gitmo, but a thought.

  34. Patd

    When it comes to Hillary, I don’t take anything for granted.  If there is a way to try to destroy her, the media will attack her with relish while throwing hot dogs and buns.   For some reason it just seems to irritate the hell out of them that she is smarter almost any five pulled out of the pack put together.  Naturally, she is defensive and protective, so it becomes a vicious circular firing squad.


  35. A federal judge warned Tuesday that he may have to subpoena former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s entire secret email account, saying he has real questions about whether the Obama administration gave her special treatment.

  36. Special treatment?

    So? Special treatment as opposed to what?

    Was this a secret email account not known to the administration and not approved. For some reason I doubt it. In that case Chenny was right. What is classified and how it is handled is up to the president.


  37. LOL

    never mind politics as usual. From NPR

    A federal judge said he will allow a conservative watchdog group to take steps to find out whether the State Department and former Secretary Hillary Clinton “deliberately thwarted” an open records law by using a private email server.

  38. Huma and the rest gonna hafta testify? It sounds like Hillary will be dealing with this for months.

  39. Google must be backing Hillary.

    The graph for delegate count on the Republican side shows regular delegates only.

    The Dem side figures in super-delegates because the actual delegate count is so close; optics.


  40. A federal judge said he will allow a conservative watchdog group to take steps to find out whether the State Department and former Secretary Hillary Clinton “deliberately thwarted” an open records law by using a private email server.


    Probably pissed off because he isn’t on the short list.

  41. Mitch the turtle is really digging in his heels. No nomination, no hearings, no vote.

    I don’t think that Mitch believes  the GOP can hold the Senate. He is trying to make sure that nothing can happen between January 3 when the Senate convenes and Inauguration day.

    A Mitchcalculation?

  42. The republicans will go to any lengths to deny Trump the nomination. If Trump feels like he has been screwed by the party, which is all too likely, the only 3rd party candidate on the ballot will be Trump.

    All he wants is for the party to treat him ‘fairly’. The GOP doesn’t do ‘ fairly’.

  43. Is it safe to assume Obama  wants to put Gitmo prisoners into correctional facilities here (of those not being transferred to other countries)?  How would they not infect their new prison with their rhetoric?  It sounds like he’s going to do this by executive order,  because everybody else thinks it’s a bad idea.

    Any chance Hillary or her crew could be in enough trouble that it would be best for them if they were found out more quickly do Obsma could issue pardons?

  44. I’m sorry blue, but no.  If the feds were to indict today there would be no trial, conviction etc. before next February.  Nice try though.

  45. I don’t think that Obama can do it by executive order, or he would have done it by now. He recognizes what a disaster Gitmo has been for the country. He is not about to exercise executive authority even if it were within his power to do so; especially in an election year. The subject is too hot. Either congress buys in or Gitmo remains open for business. To our everlasting discredit.

  46. Republican super delegates are different than the Democrats —  More on the difference and it is very different, read Bustle.


    The more important distinction, though, is that Republican superdelegates do not have the freedom to vote for whichever candidate they please. The national Republican Party ruled in 2015 that their superdelegates must vote for the candidate that their state voted for, and that’s the biggest difference between Republican and Democratic superdelegates.

  47. More from the article —


    The GOP, however, has decided to establish fewer superdelegates than the Democrats. In the Republican Party, the only people who get superdelegate status are the three members of each state’s national party. This means that in the GOP, superdelegates are only about 7 percent of the total number of delegates.

  48. Personally, I won’t rest easy until that federal judge looks into all of HRC’s correspondence and emails regarding White Water, the death of Vince Foster, Travelgate, and missing White House silverware.

    After all, those have been such factual treasure troves.

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