In the fall the war was still there

but we did not go to it anymore

— Hemingway, Men Without Women (1927)

By Blue Bronc, Trail Mix Contributor

Some days have a touch of fun, a splash of strange and a dash of nuts. Today is one of those days. Although the work day, I worked at home today, was long and typical, typical in that I achieved no goals which were well planned yesterday, it was the final teleconference call which set the finale. You would think that one hundred people who are on a call every day from two pm to three pm might take to heart the message “mute your phone”, you would think wrong. Today was worse.

On the daily calls is a person who is adamant about muting phones. Today was different. She held several other telephone calls while on the daily call, conversing in a language that all though common, was not English. For some reason she was not listening to the daily call. Others were doing their voice mail, and with a phone on hold music is played, we were treated to Kenny G. The daily call ended early.

After finishing my day I smashed the lid of the laptop computer closed and looked about at my room. I had placed my A/V on mute so I could be on the phone, doing so I had forgotten about it. You cannot multitask no matter how many times you were told you could. After shutting down the computer, I run a media computer for the main television, several other inputs, my mind told my legs “move quickly and hit the head”. When I was twenty, that was easy. Now it takes time, and I tend to be a little easy to distract when walking ten feet. At least I remembered my goal before any splash took place.800px-Tulips_(5527679674)

A few minutes later I was outside planting a few tulip bulbs which had hidden from me last year in a box holding diesel timing tools. It was fun, and a wonderful way to spend thirty minutes outside in the crisp February air. Little did I know, see multitasking above, the mail carrier had come by while I was on the phone. Hmm, now that I think about it, I had the noise reduction ear buds in my ears so I could not hear anything except the phone call.

On sitting down with my new book, fresh out of the mailbox, I could not be more ready for the touch of fun. Philip Greene’s To Have and Have Another. Hemingway’s drink recipes! Reading a few pages I happened to glance up and see a most disgusting image – a fat, little person, covered in body paint and wearing a loin cloth wiggling on the television to some dance music. That has been the weirdest thing I have seen since clips of the clowns on the morning show at seven this morning.

The constant beat of the Republican war drums is stupid. They need to take a trip to the war that never ends in Afghanistan. They want blood, they should go see it, feel it and smell it. They want bombs, they should go sit around in a bomb run. They want the U.S. to fight, they should clean and oil their M-16’s and lead us in. I will not say Obama is right in his policy, however, we may never have the right policy anymore. I do know the Republicans will never have a chance of the best policy because they are not capable of designing it.

One of the best movies for teens is To Kill A Mockingbird. The movie puts some thoughts into fertile brains. Less fertile brains do not understand. It was a shame that Harper Lee burned out on that one book. I will assume that all you have written something for class, perhaps for your work or volunteer activity. You may have struggled with the “write a one hundred word summary of your work” on the job. I will not assume more than a handful of you have written a ninety thousand word book. Most of us find it rather difficult. I know writers who can knock out that many words for a political book, but not a novel unless they spent a year planning it. For Harper Lee and her writings, I hold my glass high.


Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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    transcript from reuters:

    U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilllary Clinton on Friday (February 19) received support at a campaign rally from her daughter Chelsea Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. “You should pick someone to keep score the way she does. Will people be better off when I quit than when I started? Will children have a brighter future? And are we coming together instead of being torn apart? If you want to be able to answer a screaming, loud, joyest yes to that, show up and bring her home tomorrow,” Bill Clinton said to cheering crowd. Bill Clinton, who was widely credited for helping Barack Obama win a second term in 2012, has become much more active on the campaign trail this month, especially in New Hampshire, where Hillary Clinton trails Bernie Sanders in several recent statewide polls. The two Democratic presidential hopefuls will face each other at the Nevada caucus on Saturday (February 20). “If they will stand with me tomorrow, I will stand and fight for them through this campaign no matter who the Republicans nominate. The thing I want you to remember is the Republicans have been after me for years and I’m still standing,” Hillary Clinton said.

  2. patd – The issue of Apple and how to disarm the password is something Scalia would have worked on had he made it another six months.  I am sure the case will be elevated rapidly to the Supremes.  Something nice about legal education/training is you look at your case from the other side.  How would Scalia look at this case?

    My first thoughts from his viewpoint is he would see this as harboring the troops, you have to unlatch your door and they come inside.  Remember, he used what life was in 1770’s to match to modern life cases.  For many issues there is no relevant examples other than abstract and often times made up to make decisions.  Another look at the case is that once a person is dead there is no right to be protected from libelous statements.   You can say bad things about dead people and they cannot sue you.  The holders of the dead person’s stuff will try though.

    How would he write his opinion?  I cannot decide.  How will the Supremes decide?  I tend to think it will be 4-4 and left to the Appeals decision.

    And, thank you.  After digging holes for the bulbs, and knowing that today would be a spring day, my whole self was a bit giddy.  That, a nice talk to a lifelong friend and a decent Manhattan made Friday more than the end of the work week.  It was the night looking forward a day which would tease us with the annual promise of warm spring and summer. All of which makes quickly writing a post easy.

  3. Just listened to a very interesting discussion on NPR/BBC about a Russian-Turkish or Russian-NATO war.

    The on-going situation in Syria was blamed, in part, on Obama. With Hillary, do we get four more years?

  4. W’jack – Good luck on Monday.  I had an open MRI on my back.  It was at the Cowboys’ training facility, so it was a nice experience as medical tests go.

    I think you will do just fine.  Good luck with the results, too.

  5. rachel Maddox
    Obama legacy newly significant in Democratic race
    Rachel Maddow looks at how the Democratic candidates for president are positioning themselves in relation to President Obama and notes a recent change in Bernie Sanders draws a clearer distinction from Hillary Clinton. …         

  6. jack and pogo, the last paragraph in this excerpt  from the Hiaasen piece is the crux of info feds are after and that apple could provide without causing general chaos (they don’t need to tell feds how to get there, just give them info that’s there):

    Much of the important information on Farook’s phone was also stored by Internet servers and wireless carriers, and has been accessible to the FBI. This includes records of phone calls, emails, SMS texts and interactions on social networks.

    Data stored by Farook on the popular iCloud service was turned over by Apple to authorities. However, Farook did an iCloud backup for the last time on Oct. 19.

    That means some data from the 44 days preceding the San Bernardino shooting remains only on the iPhone. These files would be found under Photos, Contacts, Videos, Notes and Messages.

  7. BlueB…  I’m with ya…   hear, hear…  to Lee Harper!  It may have been only one book, but it was worth it’s weight in gold a thousand times.

    Jack…  Rick has claustrophobia…  he had an open MRI last year.  He did fine… hopefully, you will too.

    Politics is politics…  if ya can’t stand it…  time to move on.


  8. alan dershowitz was just on cnn with rick smerconish- he believes that scalia would have supported privacy citing a case regarding something about putting  something under cars..  alan himself supports privacy however believes there are reasonable exceptions.  will look for a clip later.


  9. tony, you’ll like this from cnn

    Morgan Freeman is backing Hillary Clinton for president, the actor told CNN’s Don Lemon.
    The Oscar winner also told Lemon that he doesn’t have any trust issues with Clinton.
    “Not with me, she doesn’t,” Freeman said in an interview that aired Friday on “CNN Tonight.” “I can’t say that she doesn’t, because all you need in some cases for people is to say it. Just put it out there and it gets legs. The Clintons have been being beat down ever since way back, so she just was going along with that legacy that she’s inherited over the amount of time she’s been in politics, which is a long time.”

    Freeman added, “I think this is just made-up stuff, just, you know, it’s political hogwash.”
    Freeman on Friday also narrated a new Clinton spot, called “All the good,” which details Clinton’s early career after finishing law school.

  10. Oh…  and BTW…

    I don’t suppose that Bernie making his latest ads mainly about free public college….   or his vote against the Brady bill (which he’s now reluctant to talk about) being the Senator from an “I love my hunting rifle” state such as Vermont…  constitutes as pandering to one’s electorate.  I mean….  Saint Bernie…  playing politics…    naaaaah.

  11. I really don’t understand the attention paid to the caucus system.  A tiny portion of voters participate.  We really need to move to a shortened regional primary season.

  12. I think this free public college thing is a fiction, at least for those not eligible for scholarships, or for the millions who didn’t earn educational bennies under the G.I. Bill. I know that military kids were always offered scholarships based on their parents income and/or patriotism. Work/study was available for others. But, free? No.

  13. Patd,

    Haven’t seen many of the current crop of political ads, but to both the ear and the eye this one seems to be pretty effective. Obviously the Clinton campaign has some real pros working on these.


    Pat very good..

  15. Clinton can withstand the GOP’s attack machine
    “It’s understandable that so many young people find Bernie Sanders’ message of economic and political fairness appealing. But many of them may not be familiar enough with recent political history to sense the huge risk that Democrats would be taking by nominating Sanders.

    We could not only lose the presidency, but also hand over the entire government to an increasingly extreme Republican party. And having Congress, the president, and ultimately the Supreme Court under Republican control would make this a vastly different country.”
    by John Sasso

  16. Varieties of Voodoo
    by Paul Krugman

    “America’s two big political parties are very different from each other, and one difference involves the willingness to indulge economic fantasies.
    Republicans routinely engage in deep voodoo, making outlandish claims about the positive effects of tax cuts for the rich. Democrats tend to be cautious and careful about promising too much, as illustrated most recently by the way Obamacare, which conservatives insisted would be a budget-buster, actually ended up being significantly cheaper than projected.
    But is all that about to change?” The point is that if you dismiss the likes of Mr. Krueger or Ms. Romer as Hillary shills or compromised members of the “establishment,” you’re excommunicating most of the policy experts who should be your allies.

    So Mr. Sanders really needs to crack down on his campaign’s instinct to lash out. More than that, he needs to disassociate himself from voodoo of the left — not just because of the political risks, but because getting real is or ought to be a core progressive value.

  17. good for the fcc…i hope they do more to correct the things past commissions have done to turn community resources into just another business with no real paybck to communities –despite endless promises

  18. Most states let bosses fire people for being gay. Majorities in every state don’t approve.

    The survey also found that 59 percent of Americans don’t think businesses should be allowed to refuse service to LGBTQ people based on their religious beliefs, with opposition to businesses’ religious refusals ranging from 43 percent to 71 percent at the state level.”German Lopez

  19. In the fall the war was still there


    I agree.. I dumped Cable when they demanded i get boxes on even guest room tv’s which i rarely use..Ridiculous greed.. Additionally add on sports fees, local taxes, etc.. Also, lol, i watched maybe 10 stations out of 100’s, bill with internet, $186. Streaming is amazing…

  20. We live in satellite country so we don’t have the ability of unlimited streaming — it is slowly coming and the other problem is Mr. Cs love of the two announcers for SF Giants Baseball on the NBC/bayarea sports channel.  Sad or I would get rid of them in a minute  we watch veylittle television  Democacy Now, the evening news and Rachel Maddow (although even Mr C a big Bernie fan is finding her annoying) and all Bay area sports

  21. speaking of rachel
    Loophole exposes Nevada caucuses to double voting shenanigans
    The TRMS Players, The Rachel Maddow Show’s in-house theater troupe, demonstrate how a loophole in Nevada’s caucus rules makes it possible for Republicans to vote in both the Democratic and Republican caucuses. …              

  22. Most caucuses are a joke. The Nevada caucus even more  than the rest. Regardless of the outcome a whole lot of time and ink are going to be expended attempting to read something meaningful into results that bear no resemblance and have little bearing on how Nevadans will vote. Caucus goers are simply not a fair representation of the population as a whole.

    Were it up to me, no delegates would be awarded based on caucus results, only primary results. I think that would end this caucus nonsense fairly rapidly.

  23. jace, could be caucuses are a way to avoid state election laws.  example this year is ky’s gopers switched from primary to caucus so that rant could run for prez same time he’s on ballot for senate.  that ability to change party designation on night of one caucus and change back at another (see maddow clip) is also an example.

    party rules easier to make and amend than legislation is to enact.

  24. from usatoday viewers guide:

    Warning: It is a real possibility that results from the two events will roll in for more than eight hours. The Nevada caucuses begin at 11 a.m. local time (2 p.m. on the East Coast) and first results should begin arriving two to three hours later. Smart folks on the ground in Nevada say totals should be complete by dinnertime in Carson City, which is also dinnertime for New York hipsters.

    South Carolina is a regular primary, with polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If Trump’s margin is as large as his lead in most polls from the past month, he could be declared the winner there by 8 p.m. Eastern. But if the race is as tight as the NBC poll indicates, it might take a little while. And since second-third-fourth place results are going to be critical for the race going forward, it is likely going to be closer to 10 p.m. before we really know the story of South Carolina.

  25. jace, here’s another reason not to like caucuses.

    from wapo:

    Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a Clinton surrogate who had been drumming up votes in union dining halls, was sure that voters were kept from the precinct by unforgiving schedules. “There was a bunch of people who wanted to vote, and they said they’d lose an hour’s wages if they did,” he said, leaving the precinct. “There’s a poll tax in Nevada.”

  26. Patd,

    I think that you are right on all counts. I  feel like the caucus system is to informal and open to too many shenanigans. I just prefer a voting booth and a secret ballot.


  27. i don’t know how it will turn out by tomorrow, but MSNBC is practically having meltdown hysterics from the prospect that Hillary Clinton might actually dare to win the Nevada caucus.  Every person on air is whine  whine whine before it’s time … sad sad because I’m mad.

  28. Having been born and raised in California and voting there all my life until after I was a senior citizen before bumping into the WA Caucus system, I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt:


  29. MSNBC explained another reason why some states choose caucuses over primaries.  Primaries are much more expensive to put on than caucuses.  If the state decides to pay for whatever both parties want…  they mostly will choose to go the primary route.  But if a state tells the parties that they must pay for the contest themselves, they will usually opt for the cheaper caucus.

    I prefer primaries.  I like the secret ballot and they are attended by many more voters.  But on the other hand, the masses being able to pick the party nominees is a relatively new thing.  The party operatives used to pick their own candidates at their conventions.  But then…  most people don’t understand the difference between primaries/caucuses and general elections.

  30. Jamie, I turn to CNN for most of the election coverage.  While far from perfect, they are much more objective than MSNBC.

  31. I just checked MSNBC and Chris Matthews is having a hard time accepting that there are lots of people  who like Hillary.

    I hope Nevada and other states move to primaries.  If you are homebound or ill, you cannot participate in the caucus.  If you are out of town for work or other reasons, you cannot participate.  Also, while it wouldn’t bother me to stand up declare who I support, it does bother others to do so.

  32. Huffington Post, wow, instead of saying Hillary won, ITS HILLARY HANGS ON… Oh they hate this woman..

  33. I’ve been watching all day on Twitter, Facebook and general sites. In 2008 I was for Hillary against all comers.  SO quite frankly FUCK OFF all contenders.  This woman deserves to be President.

  34. This morning Halperin and the MOJO crew were talking about desperation in the Hillary camp.  Right. (Heheh)

  35. Today has been very good – I just, 1740 EST, turned off Otto’s Classical Music (Vtuner is great for music lovers) and powered up the $150/month FIOS television “it is not a modem” box to watch MSNBC.  No matter the bias, eventually Maddow comes on.  She would be a great girl friend, and she is an accomplished drinker er, um, she collects booze recipes and does a great cocktail moment on her show.

    As I look at the people being interviewed by Matthews, all I can think of is the Dems need to find people in their forties, and this is starting today, to prep for a 2020 run, just in case you know.  The interviewees were people I might recognize if this was 1988.  It is 2016 and I feel like we are reliving the life in Republican land when the party decided on Bob Dole.  An excellent choice and the second to last WWII presidential candidate.

    Essentially, O’Malley came off as a very light, light weight.  Even from Maryland I could not get more than a”I need to get another ice cube for the cat’s water bowl” when I saw him.

    And, my timing is good.  Maddow is now on the  telly.

  36. Oh boy oh boy [jump, jump]…

    Sometimes I wonder if all this media hyper-whatever is just for the media to keep the ratings up.

    here is a screen shot of the results when you type in “democratic party president race delegate count”:  Okay…screen shot is not where is is supposed to be.
    it shows HRC with 501 and Bernie with 50  

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