If you record tonight’s competing GOP/Dem town halls on CNN and MSNBC, plus all the commentary afterwards on both channels, there’s something like SEVEN HOURS of candidates and pundits live on TV tonight. Here’s your thread for our own commentary.

Can you handle it?TVweary

Town Halls Tonight (2/18)
8 PM ET CNN: Bush, Kasich, Trump
9 PM ET MSNBC: Clinton, Sanders

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  1. Prop 4 on the Republican, primary ballot here: TX and her citizens should “strongly assert” our 10th Amendment rights.   What an odd and vague proposition.  “Strongly assert”?

  2. I will be watching “You, Me and The Apocolypse.”  Its  humor is a little too unsettling, but not moreso than the political circus.

    It’s like the candidates and media are fiddling while the country burns.  Most are oblivious to the citizens, except in their role as voters.

  3. Just started watching the Biden interview and then I might try to catch some of Hillary but reading a good book seems more in order.

  4. Have to say how nice it is to come home & find an email from Trail Mix announcing the new thread. Very reassuring: a sanity break in this crazy world.

  5. A billion words  will be written and a million gallons of ink will be spilled over this election. Most of them will be wrong. No use jumping into the fray too soon.

  6. Bought gas today at the local super market. Price $1.47 per gallon.

    It’s all Obama’s fault!

    A good republican president will get that price back up to $4 in no time.

  7. Gas is going back up here.  It was $1.59 on Saturday.  Today, it’s $1.65.

    I heard a snippet of news on NPR; someone (Saudis?) agreed to reduce production to help drive up global oil prices.  They thought it would increase the price by $3 per barrel, but wouldn’t effect gasoline prices.  Two days later…

    Personally, I think they want it to go up a bit (it will go up when the summer mix comes out anyway) so they can make sure it’s lower around the general election.

  8. flipping back and forth from vikings to town hall- i’m ashamed,  can’t help myself, i do want to see the next volley in the pope vs. trump.

  9. If I were Obama I would go to Cuba on Super Tuesday.

    In a show of bipartisan out reach I would ask Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to jump on Air Force One and come along.

    Havana would make a nice setting for concession speeches.

  10. CNN billed this town hall as starting at 8pm. It’s 8:34, no town hall but 3 commercial breaks

  11. blueIndallas,

    I feel badly for making light of the price of gas. A lot of people who work for wages are being effected by the down turn in the price of oil. I have nothing but loathing for the oil companies and what they have done to this country since 1974, but I worry about those folks at the bottom of the oil patch totem pole when prices go down. They are as much victims when the price of oil goes down as the rest of us are when the price of oil goes up.

    As for the Saudies, they don’t pack near the punch as they used to. Too many other players,including the US.

  12. Tks for the heads up Tony, already saw first 3 seasons. My dvr blew off Vikings 4 premier for these town halls. Catching the next airing.

  13. Wondering if any future President will be brave enough to have the best people in his/her Cabinet, no matter their Party affiliation.

  14. Sj, no.

    Craig, lol. ANYONE is better than Dr. Phil.  LOL

    Bernie’s an honorary woman?  I’m pretty sure Gloria is supporting Clinton.

  15. In fairness I like a lot of what Bernie says,  but I ain’t swayed.  He strikes me as a very good man – which I see as preferable to ANY pugn out there.  No puma here if bernie ends up the dem nominee.

  16. was flipping back and forth from vikings to town hall- i’m ashamed,  can’t help myself, i do want to see the next volley in the pope vs. trump.  oops- fell asleep

  17. Why not ?  My female co-workers voted me an honorary woman. Knowing them, Mom, Sis, Sweetie, and my brigade of female cousins, I was damned proud !  & still am !

    I’ll caucus for Sanders, knowing full well that Clinton will win the nomination. Then I shall happily contribute to the Clinton Campaign, stuff envelopes, get a bumper sticker, and joyously vote for her in November.

    However, I shall not attend the Inaugural Ball.

  18. Bernie is very compelling. Paul Ryan and the House are still going to be writing the tax codes. Why should we believe that Wall Street is going to pay for anything? That’s not how republicans think. They don’t care about things like student debt.

  19. MSNBC definitely picking questioners hostile to Bernie so far. Lets see if they do that with Hillary.

  20. dweeb ? They let dweebs into a presidential ‘debate’ ?

    I confess : Solar can pass for a dweeb. He can ask about cookie recipes, like, “Would you serve pepperoni & cheese on oatmeal cookies at a State Dinner ?”

  21. Poor Jeb, his head bobs and awkward hand gestures seem like they are attached to two different bodies

  22. Pogo,

    You are right about political weenies lacking the courage to pick the best people for Administrations. Facts like this continue to keep my Voter Card marked as “No Party.”

  23. Pogo, you can have my tickets to the Prez Dance, but you’ll have to act as Sweetie’s walker. Mrs Pogo and I will watch, champagne in hand, on the closed circuit tv in the WH Green Room.


  24. “…head bobs and awkward hand gestures….” – Trail Boss

    The indications of an inept puppeteer.

  25. yeah i just started to catch up again……….u must be high or  something…..just waiting till a little of this passes….dweebing is not as easy as u might think…….what u forgot so soon……

    A lot of good stuff……..a lot of rah rah rahing for the home team…some passive aggressive and some denial going around…..only about one or two post that you can consider from an independent…..both from Purple….and no one is answering him…….hope that at least some are reading what he links…..

    Oh yeah…..thanks Pogo





  26. So Jeb wants to keep coverage for pre-existing benefits, keep kids on parents covg, let the poor buy on exchanges — but he wants to abolish Obamacare. Huh?

  27. Trump walked in griping about the Pope before Anderson asked his first question, obviously welcomes the immigration focus. “He’s got an awfully big wall at the Vatican.”

  28. Just heard there’s a tape of Trump saying he supported the Iraq war from a 2002 Howard Stern interview. Does Anderson know of this?

  29. POGO

    in re: to last night Sweet Home Chicago clip, don’t know anything about it but when it says, “Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Robert Cray, Hubert Sumlin”  gotta play it. Listening to it now



  30. Jace,

    I thought about you the last time that i bought gas at cost-co, dollar forty one……..i could just hear you say that it was his fault……laughed a little at that….

  31. “i don’t know what’s going to happen because of the supreme court”- hillary    nice way to slip that in.

  32. Flipping back and forth between Trump on CNN and Hillary on MSNBC almost like a preview of the general election

  33. How many touristsgo into Vatican City every day? I never had to show a passport or papers to see the cistine chapel.

  34. Conflict of interest? –> At the time of his death, “Antonin Scalia was on a hunting trip at the 30,000-acre luxury resort of John B. Poindexter, owner of J.B. Poindexter & Co., a Houston manufacturing firm. The Supreme Court last year declined to hear a case involving an age-discrimination lawsuit against Poindexter’s company,” Claire Landsbaum writes for New York magazine. Of course, the hunting trip was FREE, ‘cuz age discriminator antonin scalia loved him some FREEdum.

  35. Jack,

    Linda L………love her….like  all the vids youve been posting….as always…….was looking at some hillabily music from Afghanistan…..some really good stuff….will see if i can find it again….from the coke caffe or something like that……night chesty puller where ever you are……

  36. I’m beginning to think that Sanders has sanded Clinton to a razor-sharp edge. She’s beginning to look like she could . . . uh, . . . er, . . . neuter these repup licanine puppies.

  37. She made it abundantly clear, Hillary will release more Rose Law Firm records before giving up transcripts of her $675,000 speeches to wall streeters

  38. I’m guessingshe has control over neither. The rap she did on labor may be a stake to the heart of Bernie’s  run…along with Super Tuesday.  If the last 10 minutes is an indication,  Bernie and Trump have hard rows to hoe.

  39. Trump talking about Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery, said it cost MJ his confidence and his talent. Weird.

    Trump says he only sleeps 3-4 hours a night. Explains a lot.

  40. Solar,


    If the price of gas goes down much further, folks will feel so well off that they will be forced to vote republican.


    Very glad to see your posts on a regular basis.



  41. Note to Republicans: Bernie or Hillary, it makes no difference. In November, Nevada belongs to Democrats.

  42. Linda loves me. I know whenever she sings that she’s dying for me. And, I feel so gol’damn guilty. sob

  43. Well, there goes another several hours of viewing I missed.  Over at Fawcett’s Marine Supply, Nigel Calder gave a presentation about boats and cruising the world.  It was very enjoyable.  A good dinner at Grump’s, the meat loaf is excellent, with friends followed by a wonderful talk surrounded by fifty people my age.  We need more of the millennials in boating.

    Each day brings us closer to the Maryland primary.  What is missing around here is anything political, discounting the Annapolis governor and legislators a five miles up the road.  At least the battle between the Republican governor and the Democratic legislature is providing occasional sound bites.  I should take a day off and sit in the gallery for fun.


  44. Endorsements, or why things never really change, Part 1-Infinity.

    Politicians are pigs at the trough: What’s in it for them, which way is the wind blowing today… same old, same old. Which is why we’re stuck in a rut with professional politicians & not Representatives of the People. It’s probably going to be 2020 before really new faces come to the fore, as the old guard dies off or retires. Will it be any better then? Can’t get any worse. We deserve better but as long as we keep electing these players we deserve the government we get. 

  45. I did catch the last few minutes of Sanders and all of Clinton on MSNBC.  Didn’t see enough of him to comment.  Hillary was awesome.  Having Sanders at her heels is honing her political skills which she will need against the Republican nominee.  She is Pretty in Pink!

  46. good morning blue, didn’t realize you are in annapolis.  hoping to get there some time soon- want to see my daughter’s name on the plaque of all american sailors 🙂

  47. Politics: All in My Family
    by Charles Blow

    This piece is good and cements in my mind how the political attacks by the right have hurt Hillary in the minds of some voters.. I can’t think of anyone running Bernie included who could stand up to this onslaught but Hillary.. Repeat something often enough it becomes true???

  48. So does anyone know if anything has changed regarding Sanders Party affiliation? Is Sanders is yet a Dem or still an Independent with an agreement with the Party?

  49. Good Morning, Oldseahag. Senator Sanders is an American exercising his right to run. Is he competent? Is his heart in the right place? What matters is the person, not the Party. We desperately need Representatives, not just another Party/Corporate toady.

  50. sea, good question.  here’s a how-to story from last year in which he’s quoted saying “No, I am an independent who is going to be working with the —”: How Will Bernie Sanders (Officially) Become A Democrat?

    and then in November bernie took the plunge (that is pledge) and became a dembat:
    State party rules require Sanders to be a Democrat to run in the primary, and Sanders — who has long reveled in the fact that he’s not officially a member of any political party — is willing to do what it takes to keep his presidential bid moving forward.
    But as he becomes a regular Democrat, Sanders is also becoming something else: a regular politician.

    what I wonder is have all signs, name plates and publications now been changed in his d.c. and vt senate offices acknowledging he is no longer an independent but a democrat.

  51. Sanders hits Bill Clinton on welfare reform, trade

    by Gabriel Debendetti

    Wow, in some respects i’m glad to see Bernie being a real politician who engages in negative attacks because if he’s the nominee it’s a must.. Still, don’t get him going after Bill Clinton and Obama???? Bill Clinton isn’t running, hello!! They are popular in the Democratic Party.. At a time when Bernie is seeking the black/Latino/Dem vote seems stupid.. For fuck sake Bernie is a Democrat now, act like it.. I see he’s supposed to be a Democrat, thanks Pat

    Read more:


  52. sea, he must be ’cause wiki says so:

    Party affiliation since 2015

    In November 2015, Sanders announced that he would be a Democrat from then on, and will run in any future elections as a Democrat.  In 2016, many additional sources, such as PBS, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS News described Sanders as a Democrat.

    The United States Senate website includes pages that refer to Sanders as an Independent as well as pages that refer to him as a Democrat. Some of the pages calling him a Democrat are dated before 2015, possibly in error or in reference to his caucusing with the Democrats, not his later-declared affiliation. In January 2016, his official Senate website still referred to him as an Independent, and the following month his press releases omitted party affiliation or described him as an Independent.

  53. thanks pat, so according to that he just joined in nov.   just a few weeks back i was still seeing that he is an independent and another place that read that he didn’t actually join the party, just signed an agreement  to run on their ticket.

  54. “In January 2016, his official Senate website still referred to him as an Independent, and the following month his press releases omitted party affiliation or described him as an Independent.”  yes, this is what i have seen-  i thought it was the official one- however just checked there – it has been changed-  anyways- think its rather egomaniacal to expect super delegates and money from the party you joined a few months ago.

  55. sea, right now it probably depends on party primary rules in each state whether he has to sign official papers declaring his allegiance … sorta like how pols usually tailor their speeches and issues, whichever way that state’s wind blows.

  56. Hillary was great last night.  I loved it that she didn’t take any horse manure (I cleaned that up) from Sanders’ supporters!

  57. “….its rather egomaniacal to expect super delegates and money from the party you joined a few months ago”

    not to a dyed in the wool socialist, sea.  he sincerely believes in spreading the wealth.

  58. patd, nice guitar work. Thanks. According to Wiki that was Wally Ali.  He’s done session work for Marvin Gaye and the Temptations on a couple of their later songs.  Really nice jazz runs on the Teena Marie piece.  I’ve tried to get LP interested in jazz guitar – lot of overlap with shredding – but it takes more time and effort to learn the scales and such than he’s willing to invest.

  59. Craig said “Clyburn sure has changed tunes since what he said about the Clintons in 2008. In those days he made them sound like racists.”

    Yep, back in 2008 Clyburn offended Bill with his statements.  Bill’s statement was equating Obama’s winning SC with Jesse Jackson’s wins there in 1984 & 88, and his belief that Obama stood no more chance than Jackson of winning the general election.  Turns out Bill was wrong about that, but he was certainly not being racist about Obama.  Jackson supported Clinton in 1996 and became a family friend.  He was offered (Wiki says approached about) an ambassadorship to South Africa, which he declined to stay and help Jesse Jr. run for office).  And Jackson, who supported Obama (his wife supported Hillary)  was not upset by Bill’s remarks and did not read racism into them.

    But, Mr. Jackson said, “Bill has done so much for race relations and inclusion, I would tend not to read a negative scenario into his comments.” He said his chief concern was that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton not “bloody themselves” so much that they can’t unite against the Republicans in November.
    Several other prominent Democrats had also talked with Mr. Clinton earlier in the week, urging him not to escalate racial tensions within the party. One, Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, said on CNN that Mr. Clinton should “chill.”
    Mr. Jackson said that on Saturday, Mr. Clinton had simply been recognizing Mr. Jackson’s success and said Mr. Obama recognized it too.
    “He said that he felt his success was built on my 84 and 88 campaigns,” Mr. Jackson said of Mr. Obama. He said there had been a “growth and maturing of the electorate” since he ran, and he saw Mr. Obama’s win as “part of the historic evolution of the New South.”

  60. On the Bernie Sanders Wiki page, there was quite a dust up.  The campaign threatened to sue Wiki unless they published the “official” campaign bio and removed references to party affiliations and images of election materials.  While this would have fallen under fair use, some agreement was reached on content and Bernie backed off once some changes were made.


  61. Purging old files, I found the results  of the 1992 election for my old company.  Only 30 of the 75 employees voted.

    Perot/Stockdale 14

    Bush/Quayle 9

    Clinton/Gore 6

    Undecided 1

  62. Ted Cruz still had Canadian citizenship, until he decided to run for Senate, which he only did to launch a  presidential campaign.

  63. Thinking of citizenship, wasn’t Winston Churchill’s mother a native born American? Then, why did our Congress award him ‘honorary’ citizenship after the War?

  64. Coming home from the game last night, the feeder roads to the freeway were terribly crowded. I found myself in the wrong set of lanes and forced myself into the left turn lanes. This didn’t go unseen by a traffic officer who quite properly stopped me, directed me with his bullhorn to a side street and came up to the passenger door.

    By the time he got there, I had pulled my driver’s license and concealed weapons permit, both of which I presented to the officer informing him that I did have a weapon in the car. He was cool with all that and thanked me for the information. I apologized for what I had done explaining that I had not expected so much traffic prior to the intersection, etc., etc..

    He listened to my explanation, looked carefully at me, asked if I was okay, I said yes, then he asked if “we” had won the game. I told that of course we did, that our women were/are wonderful! He expressed his joy, made sure I knew I where I was going, asked me one more time if I was okay, warned me to be more careful, and returned my credentials to me.

    I am still citation free since 1960.

  65. Changing politics and new progressive tech folks

    If you’re used to thinking about politics along conventional left-right lines, the Silicon Valley ideology Ferenstein sketches might initially seem like a mass of contradictions — it’s simultaneously anti-regulation and pro-government, libertarian and pro-Obamacare. But Ferenstein argues that these views start to seem more coherent once you understand the unique perspective of technology elites.

  66. flatus, since the officer asked more than once about your well being, did it give you pause and did you take a peek at yourself in the mirror just to make sure?

    ’twas probably that tinfoil hat you were wearing 🙂

  67. sea, you said earlier “….its rather egomaniacal to expect super delegates and money from the party you joined a few months ago” and earlier I noted that spreading the wealth is what bern’s all about. trail friend flatus probably would also suggest a more likely phrase: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

  68. from politico:

    Clyburn, an influential black leader in South Carolina and nationally, remarked that some had speculated that his remark last week that his “head and heart are in different places right now” to mean that he was torn between Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

    “That was not the case at all. My heart has always been with Hillary Clinton. But my head had me in a neutral corner. But after intensive discussions with my wife, Emily, who is here today, our children and grandchildren and other constituents and friends here in South Carolina and across the country, I have decided to terminate my neutrality and get engaged,” he said, noting that he had the opportunity to work with both candidates “up close and personal” in Congress.

    “My experiences with both have been pleasant and enjoyable,” he said.

  69. Pat,
    I was dressed in blue-jeans and a USC jacket along with a DAV hat. I had a light supper before I left for the game, nothing to drink, I’ve never done a single proscribed substance in my entire life. I had two canes in the passenger seat and I am simply old. When I got home, I did check the mirror–all signs of the cold I’ve carried since last week had vanished-I looked fine. I did have a snack along with a beer after I got back home; one needs to be fortified before turning-on the teevee.


  70. I have to laugh about the people who complain that the Vatican is surrounded by walls.  The walls were built in stages from 852 until 1640 to protect the Pope against attacks, initially by Muslims and ultimately rebellious troops of Roman Emporer Charles V.  The history of the walls is pretty interesting, and even today their function is to protect the Vatican from unauthorized intrusion.  Of course millions of people visit the Vatican yearly.  According to the National Catholic Reporter in 2012 “About 5 million tourists visit the Sistine Chapel every year, with peaks of around 20,000 visitors per day, making preservation of the centuries-old frescoes an “arduous challenge.”  I wonder if Trump is thinking he should put gates in his wall and open them daily so that the Mexicans who want to can come on in and wander around.

  71. Oh please, Clyburn threw the Clintons under the bus when it suited his purposes in 2008. Now his self interest leads to a different result. Typical cynical politician crap.

  72. BTW, regarding the Apple kerfuffle, former HSA director Michael Chertoff (aka Skeletor),  former NSA director Mike McConnell, and former deputy defense secretary William Lynn supported Apple’s position last July in an Op-Ed in WaPo.  They said

    We recognize the importance our officials attach to being able to decrypt a coded communication under a warrant or similar legal authority. But the issue that has not been addressed is the competing priorities that support the companies’ resistance to building in a back door or duplicated key for decryption. We believe that the greater public good is a secure communications infrastructure protected by ubiquitous encryption at the device, server and enterprise level without building in means for government monitoring.

    First, such an encryption system would protect individual privacy and business information from exploitation at a much higher level than exists today. As a recent MIT paper explains, requiring duplicate keys introduces vulnerabilities in encryption that raise the risk of compromise and theft by bad actors. If third-party key holders have less than perfect security, they may be hacked and the duplicate key exposed. This is no theoretical possibility, as evidenced by major cyberintrusions into supposedly secure government databases and the successful compromise of security tokens held by a major information security firm. Furthermore, requiring a duplicate key rules out security techniques, such as one-time-only private keys.

    Second, a requirement that U.S. technology providers create a duplicate key will not prevent malicious actors from finding other technology providers who will furnish ubiquitous encryption. The smart bad guys will find ways and technologies to avoid access, and we can be sure that the “dark Web” marketplace will offer myriad such capabilities. This could lead to a perverse outcome in which law-abiding organizations and individuals lack protected communications but malicious actors have them.

    Finally, and most significantly, if the United States can demand that companies make available a duplicate key, other nations such as China will insist on the same. There will be no principled basis to resist that legal demand. The result will be to expose business, political and personal communications to a wide spectrum of governmental access regimes with varying degrees of due process.

    They argue that this is not a new issue, and that in the 90s when the issue first arose, law enforcement and US security were able to develop the tools needed to protect us and if denied back door keys to ubiquitous encryption – which sounds like what Apple has installed on its phones – they will develop the tools necessary to protect our security.  (And yes, I do realize that 9/11 occurred between the 90s and now – but then again, I’m pretty sure these guys know that as well.)
    Who am I to argue with them?

  73. Craig, I agree about last time–I was super, ummm, disappointed with Clyburn. I live not far from the boundary of his district in this gerrymandered state. Some months ago, I received one of those emailed questionnaires from him that was probably generated from contributions to the State Party. One of the questions was who I supported for prez. Hillary was my answer, of course.

    Several more times over the months I received similar questionnaires, all with the same president question. Each time they asked for money to which I gave an amount at the high end of token. Can you imagine a Bernie supporter giving Clyburn repeated contributions? If my contributions helped influence Clyburn’s decision I’m pleased; that was my intent when I made them.


  74. oh the silly things we say in our idealistic youth, huh mitch? from courier journal:

    A young Mitch McConnell wrote in a 1970-71 law journal article that politics should play no role in Senate confirmations of Supreme Court appointments and that the Senate should defer to the president.

    “The president is presumably elected by the people to carry out a program and altering the ideological directions of the court would seem to be a perfectly legitimate part of a presidential platform,” wrote McConnell, the chief legislative aide to Sen. Marlow Cook.

    “To that end, the Constitution gives to him the power to nominate.”


    “Even though the Senate has at various times made purely political decisions in its consideration of Supreme Court nominees, certainly it would not be successfully argued that this is an acceptable practice.

    “After all, if political matters were relevant to senatorial consideration it might be suggested that a constitutional amendment be introduced giving to the Senate rather than the president the right to nominate Supreme Court justices,” he said.

  75. “Now his self interest leads to a different result.”

    craig, otherwise he would be kicked out of the house (and I don’t mean critterville) followed immediately by his clothes and manly pride.   you noticed he kept referring to wife and kiddies making him speak up.

  76. from public policy polling:

    New Public Policy Polling surveys of the 12 states that will hold Democratic primaries for President between March 1st and 8th, conducted on behalf of American Family Voices, find Hillary Clinton leading the way in 10 of 12, with double digit leads in 9 of them. Bernie Sanders has an overwhelming lead in his home state of Vermont and also leads in Massachusetts. The race is close in Oklahoma where Clinton is ahead by just 2 points, but she has double digit leads in the other 9 states that will have primaries that week

  77. Flatus – I am still citation free since 1960.

    I wish I could say I was, however, I have a DWT, five violations.  Yup.  Driving While Trans(gender).  Similar to DWB.  Stopped when I was just transitioning and giving five violations, all of which were bogus.  Stopped several times afterwards, about once every three or four months, but let loose without violations once they saw my drivers license, I was well known and there was no way they could give me a bogus violation and not have it fought and exposed.

    Bernie the Indie.  Last time I looked at his wiki page he was a proud Independent, two weeks ago.  Today he is a Dem, as of 2015.  LOL  The dude is a socialist and Independent.  He is a real DINO.

    I suppose I could change it back, but then it would be changed back again as soon as I log out.  Anyone can be a contributor and editor of Wikipedia.  You can be one by logging in.

  78. Hillary loves to wrap herself with Obama’s policies and accomplishments. 
    How the Democrats Became The Party of Neoliberalism
    By: Arun Gupta. October 31, 2014

    Instead, Obama has bombed seven countries (more than Bush), deported record numbers of immigrants, killed immigration reform through neglect, undermined climate change accords in Copenhagen in 2009, attacked teachers unions, abandoned “card-check” legislation that would aid union drives, and offered little more than rhetoric on raising wages. 
    Obama, however, spared no effort to rescue the sinking yachts. In October 2009 the New York Times noted that the bailouts begun a year earlier were fueling a “new era of Wall Street wealth.” 
    That will shape his legacy: the real unemployment rate is still at 12 percent, and since 2008, 5.5 million more Americans live in poverty and the median household income has declined 4.6 percent. Corporate profits are at their highest level since record-keeping began in 1929, the effective corporate tax rate is lower than any point since Hoover was president, and workers are taking home the smallest share of national income in 65 years.


  79. Bernie’s new multilingual ads are awesome: “Not Me, Us.”  So the next time a politician talks about rising water lifting all boats, but not walking the walk…

  80. Flate…..the minute that gendarme pulled you over you should have immediately copped an attitude, like, ” Whaddya pullin’ me over for ya giant flaming asshole……I pay TAXES to support your ass…..I’m not just Jimmie, Jack, or Joe out here…..I’m packin’ heat and I double-dog-cat dare you to make a funny move!”
    Then you’d have seen some respect, by golly…..

  81. Bernie acting like this is his first rodeo isn’t very  believable and she should release the transcripts

  82. Mr C and I got pulled over and the police officer looked at us like he was ticketing his grandparents and let us go but   he did let us know we needed to act our ages

  83. PresidentiaPalooza

    Oh and Bernie isn’t pandering for the black vote, please.. HRC is just bad, her supporters too… Such nonsense.. Bernie bros are so aggressive.. Not at all respectful.. Reminds me of every homophobic bully i’ve ever come across..

  84. Tony,

    Drive By Democrats: Wave to the blacks on their way to the suburbs.

    The Clintons have perfected that routine.

  85. Craig

    That is a lot like PIT’s comment the other day and it makes the assumption that Blacks are too stupid to know what is in their best interest. They know the Clintons and they know the liberal left. They have a lot of experience with both. So instead of calling them stupid maybe try to see why they trust the Clintons more than the average left winger.



  86. BTW

    paying your dues is very strong on the Black community around here. If  You are a young man wanting to get ahead you had better be setting at the feet of the old masters listening and paying attention. You try to buck that system  you will get slapped down in a heart beat./ I suspect SC is much the same way.



  87. Watching from a distance of about 90 miles, it appears that the Nevada caucuses will go to Sanders. Apparently even after the lessons of 07 no one in the Clinton campaign apparatus has figured out a way to campaign and win convincingly in caucus states. HRC may get the nomination, but if her campaign can’t figure out a way to be more competitive in close states, her road to the White house will be bumpy indeed.

    I’m not being critical of her, because I support her wholeheartedly, but I have to wonder when or if the Clinton campaign is going to wake up? Sooner would be better than later.

  88. BTW sorry for all the typos , having a lot of double vision problems.

    I was supposed to get an MRI yesterday but had a major claustrophobia panic attack. Panic attacks are a new thing for me.But my sinuses started draining into my throat and I started felling trapped.

    As I told Mrs Jack last night if I was to be water boarded I;m giving ya’ll up, like right now.

    Gonna try it monday with a different machine called Open MRI  and some good drugs.



  89. Craig,  The limited contact I’ve had with Jaime Harrison has left me impressed with his overriding desire to have a Democrat elected as our next president. To that end, in his many on-air interviews he has been very effusive in his support for both Bernie and Hillary. He is so much better than that guy Fowler that really messed over Hillary eight years ago.

    That such a young man has chosen to come back here where he was raised, etc., to manage a multi-candidate effort in an overwhelmingly Republican state shows that Podesta has chosen well to include him within his organization.

  90. Whiskey,

    Try asking them if you could go in feet first into the mri….helps me get er done. big baby.  grining and ducking…..night xr..




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