Cruz Rubio Rumble

The battle for second place in SC, if the polls are correct, coming up shortly on CNN Town Hall (once Carson is done rambling). Here is your latest crazy train thread.

Town Halls Thursday (2/18):
8 PM ET CNN: Bush, Kasich, Trump
9 PM ET MSNBC: Clinton, Sanders

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52 thoughts on “Cruz Rubio Rumble”

  1. Rubio proposing that investment groups invest in students and profit from their later earnings??? Sounds like indentured slavery.

  2. After watching 5 minutes of Joe & Mika giving sexual genuflection to the Donald, anything on CNN should be better.   HOWEVER,  Rubio is very high on Rubio,  with damn little to base his self love on.

  3. Problem with Rube is his lack of a grasp of math.  He believes LE=ME (least experience = most experience).  Ummm, Marco, no.

  4. Lol.  I just can’t.   Rubio is so full of shit I just can’t stand listening to it.  Time to go to Wheeler Dealers

  5. JHC I do a quick check now. Cruz is talking about Reagan Democrats. Give me a freakin break. Back to wheeler dealers

  6. I love all my friends on the ‘trail’. They watch republican debates so I don’t have to. That’s what I call friendship!

  7. My thumbnail from tonight’s CNN GOP Town hall: Well done CNN, seriously, I do mean that!  Your program was so much more valuable to me than the previous skunk-fest GOP-licensed debates. 

    Ben Carson: continue your awesome campaign and encourage your donors to spend much more PAC money for your very viable cause… Please, President Carson… it’s very important to me. Or failed that, go out and sell some medical supplements when things don’t quite work out as you want.

    Marco Rubio: wholly crap!  Watch out Democrats, he is better than the debates have shown to this point. This is the GOP guy you will likely not want to face in the general election.  This venue showed me some of his strengths that I hadn’t  recognized before. He is very quick… he is intelligent, he has humor and humility. He could be much tougher than I would have ever thought before. He could be the GOP sleeper candidate for 2016.

    Ted Cruz:  oh my goodness… He has so wrapped himself up into the bible that he should be ordained for something… Pope of South Carolina, perhaps. I always get very antsy when politicians get too dewy-eyed with religious fanaticism. He will not get my vote nor any other independents that I know.

    I will decide my own morals Mr Cruz, thank you so very much.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s CNN ‘s Town hall.

  8. Always luv me some MadMustard.

    Trouble with Cruz as an evangelical is he thinks he was born so perfect he did not need to be born again.


  9. “Trouble with Cruz as an evangelical is he thinks he was born so perfect he did not need to be born again.”

    bravo, boss.  that deserved an encore


  10. tony, that nbc poll showing cruz at 28 beating trump at 26 can also be analyzed as 68-28 against cruz…  worrisome tho’ that combining the crump groups against the others means a majority of the gop are nuts.   gone are the glorious days of the grand old party.

  11. Not even Ike is going to do what Obama is going to do – visit Cuba.  Cruz, Rubio and an assortment of “embargo Cuba to save America” types are doing the “rending of garments and gnashing of teeth” routine.  Just like trained, one trick, ponies.   I have higher hopes for Cuba becoming a safe vacation spot than Venezuela.  This gives them something to do, while the rest of the country thinks – warm, good place to take off the parka, Hemingway’s drink recipes. . .

  12. I’m with Obama on the phone issue.  It’s one phone they would like unlocked, don’t care about protecting the rights of those that were in contact with the terrorists.  Am more concerned about the good, safety of all.  I suspect people’s attitudes would be different if Apple were a muslim owned company and refusing to assist. Just saying.

  13. sea, also interesting that that phone was issued to him by the county, presumably for gov’t use only.   too bad county didn’t also record the password at the time they listed device on inventory. it still boggles the mind that getting to that specific password on that specific (already out-dated) phone would risk unlocking all other and newer edition phones.
    jack’s conspiracy theory makes more and more sense that the feds are giving apple an opportunity to cover their ass — loudly proclaiming their purity on privacy.

  14. pat- indeed- it just doesn’t seem very patriotic.  i know it isn’t ww2 but still i think about the home front efforts and wonder how well it would have gone over if a company back then were more concerned about the privacy of people in touch with murderers (not even the customer!!)  vs. national security.  i know that technology has created new issues consider but somehow this one doesn’t to me boil down to some slippery slope.

  15. Will Hillary Clinton Make History?
    In another up-and-down, anything-can-happen primary season, Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be a formidable candidate—and a much happier one. Will she finally, at long last, make history?
    It was another Sunday morning in New Hampshire, a few days into the new year, at another town-hall meeting in a middle school in front of another boisterous crowd. After the Red Star Twirlers nailed their baton routine to the Donna Summer song “She Works Hard for the Money”—with no apparent sense of irony—Hillary Clinton, in brown slacks, a gray sweater, and kitten heels, appeared to a standing ovation. She spent the next hour moving through the applause lines of her stump speech, and then listening intently to voters’ questions and answering them with candor. She wasconnecting. You could feel it.”
    Long piece but excellent read! Johnathon Van Meter


  16. verrry interesting on pbs newshour last night between  “Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney who focuses on digital civil liberties for the Electronic Frontier Foundation… And Stewart Baker, former assistant secretary of homeland security under George W. Bush administration and former general counsel at the National Security Agency.”

    NATE CARDOZO: This isn’t just — this isn’t just a slippery slope. If the FBI is permitted to get the order in this case, that is it. They will be permitted to get a back door order in every case going forward.

    And more than that, Apple will be unable to resist identical demands from China, from India, from Russia. And that is the end of secure devices.

    STEWART BAKER: I have to say that the concern here that Apple has is, they have said this phone cannot be cracked. And now it turns out that may not be true. And they would like to suppress that possibility, because they’re afraid China or Russia might order them to use that capability.

    China and Russia are perfectly capable of ordering Apple to do that tomorrow, whether they have help from a court in this case or not.

    GWEN IFILL: You talk about China and Russia. And I want to ask you both this. How — since you brought it up — which is, how do international actors see this kind of discussion that we’re having here? Does it make us look weak?


    NATE CARDOZO: I think authoritarian regimes around the world are salivating at the prospect of the FBI winning this order.

    If Apple creates the master key that the FBI has demanded that they create, governments around the world are going to be demanding exactly the same access.

    STEWART BAKER: Whether or not they do that in response to this order, if it’s possible to build that capability, then the Russians and the Chinese are going to order Apple to do it sooner or later, and probably sooner, whether or not the United States tells Apple to do this.

  17. from most recent  new yorker story re san bernadino:

    The investigation into the San Bernardino massacre appears to be largely focussed on the question of whether the shooters belonged to a network. If they did, it’s important to try to roll it up

  18. Pat

    They don’t need the information on the phone to determine that. The call records held by their service provider can do that.

    This is a run around to get a back door to all Iphones. It is much bigger than a couple of wing nuts who went postal. And that is all the San Bernadino killers are.

    When bubba with his Confederate flag gets mad and shoots up the work place we don’t wonder about it being  some right wing terrorist attack. we treat it as it is.

    You can’t get more American than what the San Bernadino killers did. It happens at least once a month now a days.


  19. “Trouble with Cruz as an evangelical is he thinks he was born so perfect he did not need to be born again.”  Absolutely perfect Craig!

    I was very smart last night and just rented “Bridge of Spies”.  Despite having lived through the whole Powers U-2 events, I knew little about the trade for release.  It is a great movie for anyone who loves that era of Cold War history.

    Smithsonian 2015 article on true story behind Bridge of Spies

  20. Jack, exactly.

    I’ve been reading the repug contortions over at WaPo about how they are justified in refusing to consider a SCOTUS nominee of Obama.  Milbank’s column about the Twister like contortions is priceless.

  21. Town Halls Tonight (2/18):
    8 PM ET CNN: Bush, Kasich, Trump
    9 PM ET MSNBC: Clinton, Sanders

    I’ll start a fresh thread for it all.

  22. Thanks for the clip Jack.  Nice to listen to Buddy & Company sing & play.  I’ve seen that on Palladia but can’t remember the event.  Was that from one of Clapton’s Crossroads festivals?  Doesn’t look like it.  Maybe a R&R HoF induction concert? Or was it the Strat 50th?

    I caught Buddy in Cleveland 2 or so years ago with LP – who generally has no interest in blues.  He was blown away by Buddy.

  23. Didn’t watch the town halls last night and not gonna do it tonight either.  I love all this who’s going to win this or that primary/caucus stuff….  but this time around it seems like there’s some political thingy on tv every other night.  I need a break.

    I side with those that side with Apple.  FBI..  “we’re just gonna do it this one time”…  yeah sure…  let me know when I can purchase a unicorn.

  24. On another note….   catchers and pitchers report for spring training today!

    Rick is off skiing …  he’s trying to get in as much skiing as he can right now.  The local ski area usually stays open until the end of March.  But Rick says it look like they are struggling to remain open until the end of this month.  Really short season… they opened late and will close early.

    But I hear the maple sap is running great…   looks like a winner syrup season….  YUM!

  25. Also, the bad guys normally use burner phones & toss them when finished.

    The use of this type of phone is a rarity (especially since it was a local gov’t phone).

    I smell a stinky, old fish.

  26. An interesting read on breaking up  to big to fail banks


    Putting this all together, from my point of view the reason to break up banks isn’t to make the system safer. That’s better accomplished through regulations that limit interconnectedness, ensure diversification of risks and prevent other behavior that might undermine the financial system’s stability.
    Instead, breaking them up is the best way to prevent “political capture” by the financial industry. Politicians whose election prospects depend on contributions from financial institutions won’t make the choices we need them to make to ensure that the financial system is as safe and sound as it can be.


  27. pope francis: “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the gospel”

    imo il papa wasn’t talking only about trump (trompe l’oeil?) walling off our neighbors to the south but also includes the rejection of refugees in other countries.

    too bad it gives trump more free publicity and opportunity to play the bully boy to the delight of the media

  28. Pat ,


    I mention to Mrs Jack that the pope was holding mass at the border She wondered if he would channel Reagan and say “tear down this wall” Looks like he came close.


  29. Also tonight on MSNBC at 8:00 ET, Rachel is interviewing Biden and then she is back for commentary following the Clinton/Sanders event.


  30. speaking of joe biden, this from ap news:
    “In order to get this done, the president is not going to be able to go out – nor would it be his instinct, anyway – to pick the most liberal jurist in the nation and put them on the court,” the vice president told Minnesota Public Radio. “There are plenty of judges (who) are on high courts already who have had unanimous support of the Republicans.”
    Obama is expected to look closely at a number of appeals court judges, including some who meet the benchmark that Biden laid out.
    Sri Srinivasan of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit was confirmed by a vote of 97-0 less than three years ago. Senators also unanimously confirmed Jane Kelly in 2013 to the St. Louis-based 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    fyi according to wiki: Jane Louise Kelly was born 1964 and raised in Greencastle, Indiana. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree, summa cum laude, in 1987, from Duke University. She received her Juris Doctor cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1991. Her graduating class included Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

  31. No wall also allows coyotes to abuse desparate people trying to cross, employers exploiting those working here illegally, citizens of this country exposed to the drugs and violence that the porous border allows, and, the damage done to landowners on the border upon whose property is trespassed by migrants.

    People should come here legally, period.   If they don’t, they are breaking the law.

  32. from a 2013 blt article about  judge kelly’s confirmation:

    Harkin said on the Senate floor Wednesday that she is a lawyer who stood out as a person of intellect who has wide bipartisan support from the Iowa legal community. And the American Bar Association gave Kelly a unanimous qualified rating (although other nominees who have waited longer got unanimous well-qualified ratings).

    Kelly was confirmed by the full Senate in a 96-0 vote just 83 days after her nomination. The average for uncontroversial Obama circuit nominees to go through that same process is 272 days, according to a Congressional Research Service report from September.

  33. If you put partisan politics aside there is no excuse for the obstruction of judicial appointees Obama has had to endure.  It is more Myrtle and ‘assley shenanigans to try and make Obama’s influence a small footprint, having failed miserably to make his a failed, one term presidency.

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