A Good Wine Needs No Bush

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
(As You Like It, Epilogue / wrathofgrapes.com)

By Blue Bronc, Trail Mix Contributor

The news that George tvi Bush, or Bush II, has been officially pulled from an undisclosed location says it all for the Bush III wannabe. Loudly we now can see how bad the campaign is going. With great ears (many cartoonists have been eagerly awaiting this adventure) sticking out from the supporting structure of the great void, he is ripe to get back on the trail he is.

Although G. tvi Bush has campaigned for his sibling before, it was without the fanfare we see going on to South Carolina. It was Colorado, and it was not to fundraise for the Colorado Dems, that I last heard the goofball went (youngsters, go look up goofball in the google book). And, outside of a few media reports that was it. I heard he has appeared elsewhere but I am not bothering to search for where. It agitates me with a profound hate just to hear, see or think of the guy.

One sentence I read concerning the “debate”, or from other reports it sounded like a free for all cage match, was that JobBush used the free advice I offered and got a stick under the Trump armor. Good. Too bad he did not use his big stick, perchance he does not have a big stick. He could have used a Rubio and sandwiched him instead. The clowns provide little entertainment for me.

This election is full of tricks, stunts and idiocy, so much so our beloved Three Stooges would have been out of business during this long, long year. The media must be changing their collective drawers every hour, or at least you would think so from how they are writing, interviewing, contemplating, guessing and outright making stuff up, just to entertain us. They are putting in overtime on the fully useless information.

I can easily envision Mark Twain sitting at his table writing. Oil lamp providing a soft light on his paper, his pen scratching words and wit, a wisp of cigar smoke providing inspiration. Too bad we do not have him with us. We do have a few gems, Alexandra Petri being one familiar to Trail Mix commentariat. Beside Trail Mix there are many blogs with concerned bloggers bloggitying the night away, well worth finding them. I have not seen the Capitol Steps lately. They are a must for those seeking insider information into politics. They do their act every Friday and Saturday at the Ronnie Reagan Building amphitheater, Federal Triangle Metro stop. Maybe when the weather is better a Trail Mix night with the Capitol Steps would be interesting.


Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. A big cat decided I needed to be up at 0430 because her food had a hole in it.  An early morning rise means I can read a bit of the online news, some old (yesterday) some new (this morning) and drink coffee.  Do not spill coffee on your computer keyboard, old advice, but still useful today.  I tend to just dribble it off the side of my face until I get a good cup in, a 22oz cup.

    Two news bits revived memories of the last year or two.  Speculation of who would replace Ginsberg if she retired or succumbed to the cancer, had a few names.  Two in particular I like.  The first is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, an excellent choice for the Supreme’s vacant seat.  GOP heads would do multiple explosions and they would be quite livid.  The second is the Attorney General Lynch.  An okay choice but for me not Liberal or Progressive enough.

    A pair of names which provide discussion points for Dems and rending of garments and gnashing of teeth by Republicans.

  2. from the new Yorker
    “The President should be aware that, for all intents and purposes, his term in office is already over,” Mitch McConnell said on Fox News. “It’s not the time to start doing things when you have a mere eight thousand one hundred and sixty hours left.”
    While acknowledging that the President has eleven months remaining in the White House, McConnell said that he and the President “have an honest disagreement about how long eleven months is.”
    “The President believes it is almost one year,” he said. “I believe it is almost zero years. I’m not a mathematician, but I believe I am right.”
    As for how Obama should spend his remaining time in office, McConnell said, “If the President has trouble doing nothing, we will be more than happy to show him how it is done.”

    yep, congress critters are experts at “doing nothing”

  3. bb, I like warren for a scotus justice, but not now…. we need all the good senators we can get in the senate.

  4. good morning, came over from last thread. strange times when a Bush appears to be the least of all evils.  never thought i’d say or write that sentence.

    patd- can’t say for sure that we’ll be re electing her anyways- she is in clinton country and is the only female senator that hasn’t endorsed,.  not a popular move here.don’t forget we elected brown in 2010- always considered it backlash at our super delegates who went against the vote of the people.

  5. tony- can you post the highlights- i have evidently reached my quota of free articles there this month.

  6. Sen. Warren is probably too liberal for Obama.

    One thing I noticed yesterday and even more today.  A total lack of mourning the guy.  None.  A few of the media types pulled out their previously written obits for him, reading those makes me think they passed around a page of bullet points written by the old guy himself.  For confirmation I went over to one of the more far right of the red sites (I did it so you do not have to).  One post about how the poster went to pieces the same as he did when Ronnie died.  Conspiracy posts were few, I suppose the media writers are doing their best to raise that idiocy, but even the red sites do not have much going on that.

    Most of what is being discussed over there, is how to block any nominations by Obama.  That the Mitch blockade is weak is obvious, but they like it.   That Trump is not liked is the basis of many posts.  Cruz is less so.  But, overall, dismal views of the world.

  7. Why a Vote for Bernie Sanders Is a Vote for Donald Trump
    Primaries don’t elect presidents; they elect candidates who have to beat the other guys. A socialist who wants to raise taxes on everyone cannot beat any Republican, period.
    by Jay Michaelson
    ” First, I know, there are head-to-head polls right now that show Sanders doing even better than Clinton against Rubio, Cruz, and Trump. But the reason these polls are meaningless is that most people still have no clear idea of who Bernie Sanders is or what he stands for. This may sound ridiculous to those of us who follow politics closely, but it’s the sad reality of American democracy.

    Meanwhile, everyone has an idea of what Hillary Clinton stands for. We’ve been barraged with anti-Hillary messaging for most of the past 25 years. Her negatives are “baked in.”http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/16/why-a-vote-for-bernie-sanders-is-a-vote-for-donald-trump.html

  8. A Good Wine Needs No Bush

    Sure thing.. If you go past your free, copy and paste the address in another browser and it will work..

    “Of course, the justices will also continue to hear future arguments, but upcoming closely decided cases — such as the abortion case out of Texas also widely predicted to lead to a 5 to 4 vote — will now be tied, 4 to 4. In this term’s contentious, controversial docket, split decisions are inevitable. The court can reargue the pending cases and hear the upcoming ones, but they will be too divided to decide anything truly sweeping. Unresolved cases will stack up.”

  9. Tony – one very important part of the tie decisions is there are no opinions issued.  I am not sure if there is a 5-3 decision whether or not  opinions are issued.  Note to self: visit Scotus blog.

  10. A bit of bad news this morning


    Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. says it’s unable to keep up with demand from the rich.

    Pay $65 million for the G650 or G650ER personal jets, and your wait to board them could be as long as two years

    Sigh looks like no new jet this year,



  11. I think it would be a mistake for Obama to nominate some one who is too far left(Elizabeth Warren in ex.) or look for someone that meets the approval of Republicans (if there is such a critter)

    Instead he should nominate someone much like himself. A left of center moderate. Make sure they are highly qualified

    Then use the hyper partisanship that is currently disgusting mainstream Americans a  bludgeon to beat Senate members over the head with. I  think it can work and it will still shift the court in the way liberals want.

    Put Kennedy back where he belongs.


  12. Sen Warren has not made a favorable impression on me. She would need to do something truly heroic in support of our Republic for her to regain my attention much less my confidence.

  13. I think she did good work advocating for reforms in the credit card industry.

    The information is much clearer and fees are listed up front not on the 3rd page in 7pt type.

    There has been a vast improvement in the ability of a consumer to make an informed decision. imo

    Beyond her narrow expertise her opinion is just like everybody elses.


  14. My basic opinion on Scalia is that his foot note in history will be as part of a hyper partisan faction on the Supreme court that interfered with a presidential election.

    If the founding fathers had even envisioned such a thing they would have made the court subservient to the House of Representatives.


  15. Then again they had much more faith in Congress than it deserves.

    If they realized the true nature of congress they would have surrendered to the British and begged to be hanged.


  16. from another political comedian mark russell

    “God called Justice Scalia home while Obama was still in office. If this doesn’t prove that God is a liberal, I don’t know what does.” 

  17. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, been on a cpap machine all week and feel much better.

    Last Saturday I started having problems with double vision, so bad that if I’m driving with both eyes open I see one car on top of another coming down the road,

    Gonna see my eye doctor this morning.

    As I told Mrs Jack, I’m like an old junk car, fix one thing and another falls off. };-0



  18. jack, I disagree re founding fathers ” had much more faith in Congress than it deserves” because back then they envisioned voters doing their duty and voting…. thus representing the majority rather than the few, the paltry 30% that vote now.  too, that was before teevee and the teehee “gotcha” politics it inspires.

  19. Pat

    I don’t know if I agree with that one.  Congress went down hill pretty fast.  Seems more the nature of the beast and one of those “unintended consequences” thingys.


  20. BB, a 5-3 decision would be published. The underlying assumption to all the speculation about leaving Scalia’s seat vacant is that Kennedy will vote with the 3 remaining conservative members on every case. He authored the Obergefell gay marriage decision, voted with the liberal majority on the Boumediene habeus case for Gitmo prisoners, but he did author the Citizens United opinion and is more conservative than liberal.  There are likely cases that he would side with the liberal members of the court, but it will be a while before we know what areas of the law that will occur in.

  21. Warren would stand no chance of confirmation – she was already withdrawn for consideration of the CFPB under pressure from Congress and Wall Street.

    Jack, let me know if you discover anything good about this aging thing.  Aside from senior meal discounts, I haven’t.

  22. patd…   wow…  who knew that W had such a nice voice…  😉

    Yeah…  I saw some of W’s campaigning on the tv last night…  he still has that effing smirk.

    Jack…  sorry about the jet…  but it sounds like now that you’re able to get some sleep, at least you can dream about it.

  23. Whisky Jack

    Small items that can make you despair for the future:  Apparently last night during the Grammys, the most Googled question was “Who was Alexander Hamilton?”.

  24. Yes…  the cartoons are good.  So much is being made of how Scalia wouldn’t like that the GOP has politicized his death and Obama’s impending SCOTUS nomination.  But after some thought, I disagree with this point of view.  Scalia loved being political…   he loved being hated by the left.  Methinks if Scalia is able to look down or up and see what is going on, he’s laughing his ass off.

    So…  Obama…   give the man his due…  politicize the hell out of the Republican obstructionism.

  25. Whskyjack,

    Hoping you feel better soon.

    Spent the morning shoveling; going out shortly for another round. A young mother & her son were sledding on the schoolyard across the street. The little boy was having the time of his life. Sweet memories are made of this.

    I do have to admit that Bill Clinton is an absolutely brilliant and charismatic con man.  From the comeback kid to the loyalty shown by the African American community today is amazing.
    These two articles were written 15 years apart and pretty much say the same thing; Bill Clinton is a con-man.  The Clintons have fooled most of the African American community all of the time!

    In Light Of His Record How Can Black America LovePresident Clinton?
    By Cedric Muhammad, Black Electorate, February 20, 2001

    For almost a year we have been editorializing that we do not believe that Black America is better off today than it was eight years ago. We have challenged the incessant argument that the Black unemployment rate is the lowest ever by countering that if the increased number of incarcerated Blacks were factored into unemployment calculations the Black unemployment rate would approach 10% and not the 7% so boldly paraded by members of the Democratic party. Now, a report has been released that should give every Black who has embraced Bill Clinton as their champion, reason to pause.
    The Justice Policy Institute’s Report “TooLittle Too Late: President Clinton’s Prison Legacy“, we feel, supports our argument that this past election, for Black America, should have been a referendum on the last 8 years of Clinton-Gore and the future and not an exercise in portraying George W. Bush as the political anti-Christ and Al Gore as the political Messiah, as many did in the Black community. And that is why, in part, we endorsed Green Party presidential nominee Ralph Nader.

    Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote
    From the crime bill to welfare reform, policies Bill Clinton enacted—and Hillary Clinton supported—decimated black America.

    By Michelle Alexander, The Nation, February 10, 2016

    Black voters have been remarkably loyal to the Clintons for more than 25 years. It’s true that we eventually lined up behind Barack Obama in 2008, but it’s a measure of the Clinton allure that Hillary led Obama among black voters until he started winning caucuses and primaries. Now Hillary is running again. This time she’s facing a democratic socialist who promises a political revolution that will bring universal healthcare, a living wage, an end to rampant Wall Street greed, and the dismantling of the vast prison state—many of the same goals that Martin Luther King Jr. championed at the end of his life. Even so, black folks are sticking with the Clinton brand.

    What have the Clintons done to earn such devotion? Did they take extreme political risks to defend the rights of African Americans? Did they courageously stand up to right-wing demagoguery about black communities? Did they help usher in a new era of hope and prosperity for neighborhoods devastated by deindustrialization, globalization, and the disappearance of work?

    No. Quite the opposite.

  27. How much is that doggie in the window?
    arf arf
    That one with the waffley tale

    How much is that doggie in the window?
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    I’m sure that doggie’s for sale

  28. purple-in-tampa,

    Your Post brings up a point that I always found interesting: when people are thought of as a group & not as individuals. This applies to all Parties, not picking on any one specific. The “Group” designation is actually pretty insulting when you think of it. Easy to use, easy to dismiss.

  29. Had 3 favorite lady singers when I was a wee lad……Joanie James, Theresa Brewer, and Patti Page……so nice to hear one of them again…..Kay Starr, and Doris Day were runners-up…..

    wee lad…….i.e. before tv

  30. Haha….the sc primary is going to be a dilly…….bush trump and Cruz?     There will be some goober heads esploding over this one…….



  31. Hillary Clinton’s emotional call on Democrats to take systemic racism seriously
    By German Lopez

    Hillary losing her voice some but still a powerful speech by her..

  32. Sturgone – Doris Day were runners-up…..

    I like Doris Day when she was a singer, prior to her movie career.  I get a thrill every time I pull out a 78 and she is the singer.  A couple times I did not look at the label before washing the record, drying it and playing it and there she is.  When I buy a box of 78’s I am always hoping at least one record has her on it.  I also enjoy all the women singers of the era (30’s, 40’s and early 50’s).  Many of the men are good too.  Early Sinatra is fascinating.  Very different in his own way from the other male singers of the 40’s.

  33. Watching the Bernie interview on With All Due Respect.  There is too much about him that is all pie in the sky and he got all grouchy over a question.  Hillary may be too moderate, plug away at jobs for some, but I like her.  I do not like Bernie.


  34. cnn is all over the place quoting the sc polls but sanders says clinton in for a big surprise. caught hillary’s speech- think it went well today.

  35. My sense is Bernie has peaked in SC. And Sea, I agree with you, I thought Hillary was really good in the City this afternoon.

    Having the Prez step forward doesn’t hurt a single bit.

  36. Oregon- how did you find his response when he was asked which candidate he preferred?
    Flatus-So you considered that a step forward? Is that about as far as a POTUS goes during the primaries?
    Obama was good about naming a Justice and what he expects of the GOP

  37. Oldseahag…I liked his comment saying he wanted someone who can get things done…could be a Hillary commercial…

  38. Oldseahag…I saw a review of statements today, but I just went over statement from today and could not find what I cited…oops…

  39. od and sea, he said it.  he also said he knows hillary better than he knows bernie because she worked in his admin … one would think he also got to know and buddied with bernie a fellow senator (unless he was sending a subtle message) both being against iraq war.
    “You know, I know Hillary better than I know Bernie, because she’s served in my administration, and she was an outstanding secretary of state. And I suspect that, on certain issues, she agrees with me more than Bernie does,” Obama said.
    But then added: “On the other hand, there may be a couple issues where Bernie agrees with me more. I don’t know, I haven’t studied their positions that closely.”

    I took it as a tacit endorsement…. as far as he could go this early in the race.

  40. Hillary Had My Back
    By Joe Wilson

    “The administration promised that it would seek explicit UN support prior to any military action. Meanwhile, every top official, including Secretary of State Colin Powell, assured senators that Saddam did indeed have WMD. It was in that context that the congressional vote for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force took place. Hillary has acknowledged in retrospect that her vote was an error. I agree. The error, however, was to believe an administration that has since been exposed as having serially lied to Congress, the American people and the world at the United Nations. We should never forget the extent to which the Bush administration betrayed our trust. The rest of the world doesn’t.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-wilson/hillary-had-my-back_b_9243038.html

  41. thanks pat and od- i knew he said what you quoted pat- just didn’t hear that she can get things down.  seriously would like to find quote if said- i was listening but didn’t hear that.

  42. sea, c-span vid and transcript at about 34:24 in he alludes to the dem candidates saying they differ in tactics to figure out how to get things done in today’s political atmosphere.

    you might find other positive things he said about her other places in the transcript.

  43. CNN is all over their poll stating Clinton/Sanders neck and neck in Nevada.  They interviewed a shade about 300 people with a margin of error of + – 4 percent in a caucus state.  You might say the numbers are more than a little suspect.

  44. considering the rather colorful epithets she hurled at mitch in the above vid, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s looking into her citizenship status (canadian born, but usa citizen as of 2014) and a way to deport her…  similarly seeking same for cruz.

  45. speaking of myrtle, miami herald editorial titled “Sen. Mitch McConnell’s act of contempt”

    “This position insults the president, the court, Justice Scalia, the political process — and, most of all, the Senate itself.”

  46. patd,

    I have no confidence in the NV polls (or any others for that matter), but even 538 gives a 50% chance for Bernie or Hillary winning the state.  I do think it’s safe to say the NV race is close – beyond that I don’t think you can take much from the polls, particularly since NV is a caucus state and caucuses are notoriously unpredictable. Of course in the same breath they give Hillary a 99% chance of winning SC.  It is interesting to go look at the RealClearPolitics poll aggregations – with the exception of the two polls from last and this week in NV, there are no polls showing Sanders ahead in any state that there has been polling in, and the margins are generally large.  The closest poll result favoring Sanders is a 12 point Clinton edge in VA, a 16 Clinton edge in OK and and 18 point edge for Clinton in MN.  Those are single polls in states that the RCP average for Clinton is 24, 20 and 26*. The margins otherwise are 20 points and up.  I know polls are just polls and votes are votes, but it would take YUGE MO for Bernie to overcome those kinds of advantages.  Like I’ve said, talk to me after the SEC primary.

    According to 538 Sanders’ best chance o f winning a primary other than NV (50/50) is Ohio on 3/5 with the chances being Clinton 53% and Sanders 39%.  Wisconsin is close at 46/43 Clinton and California is in the ballpark at a 46/33 Clinton margin.  538 looks at the polls, weights them and their numbers are their prediction of the chance each candidate has to win the primary.

    Finally, this just in  –  Morning Joe and Mika is (are) in the tank for Trump and Bernie.  The MoJo crew is hosting a Trump town hall tonight and neither Joe nor Mika can say a good word for Hillary or bad word against Sanders.


    *RCP has not published the average of the MN polls, but the mean and median of the 2 that are published is 26.

  47. Bernie’s foreign policy – diplomacy first, war as a last result, he supports the Iran deal, 2 state Israel/Palestine solution, rein in the NSA, close Gitmo, support climate change.  Nothing you wouldn’t expect.  He’s constitutionally less hawkish than Hillary. Not sure how he would accomplish those last 3 considering the Congress he’d have to work with if elected – Obama had no luck with those issues.

  48. pogo,  hope voters remember at general election time what the prez  said (hillary and bernie ‘agree on a lot’ and ‘disagree with Republicans on almost everything’) and not hold it against whomever is the dem nominee. 

  49. thanks for the link pat- checked it out- he his referring to himself  ” ultimately i’ll have an opinion on it,  being being a candidate of hope and change and a president who has some nicks and cuts and bruises  from getting stuff done over the past seven years”

    pogo- matthews seems to be joining that tank too now.

    “Trump will not be president”-Obama  Some of the finest words he has ever spoken.

  50. bad scary news from wapo

    For the first time in five years, the number of hate groups in the United States rose in 2015, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a legal and advocacy organization known among other things for monitoring extremist activity.

    The number of such groups spiked 14 percent in 2015, a year characterized by levels of polarization and anger perhaps unmatched since the political turmoil of 1968,….


    it’s scarier how it may affect the election. ibt notes from that same report: Texas, California, Florida, Tennessee and Pennsylvania were the top five states for hate groups in 2015

  51. Pogo, there’s that big WaPo piece today about the de jure staking-out of positions between the NSA and Apple with the Judge siding with the NSA. SigInt, ElInt, ComInt are exceedingly important elements of our intelligence collection effort. When fused with HumInt and Recce, they keep our country safe from surprise. They give our diplomats the tools they need to keep our military in their barracks; and the intelligence our military needs should the diplomats be unsuccessful.

    The Gitmo prisoners in military custody must remain in military custody as POWs if we are to remain in compliance with the Geneva Conventions. They can be sent to the Navy Brig in SC; that would be fine provided they are segregated from the criminals and treated as detainees as the Conventions mandate. They can’t be jailed anywhere as if they are convicts.

    Why didn’t I spell out the acronyms up above? Doing so might confer the appearance of greater knowledge of the methodologies and trade-offs and risks involved when that knowledge probably doesn’t exist.

  52. Flatus, LOL.  I was just listing what I saw as Bernie’s positions since I had not bothered to look into them beyond the debates (to the extent that I stayed awake or bothered to watch them) and what i hear in sound bites before today.  I don’t think Gitmo is a necessary piece of the detention issue – we do have military prisons here.  I see it as an expensive PR disaster for the US. We may differ on that but we both agree that the detention can occur elsewhere.

    As to reining in the NSA, I do not believe the judge got that ruling right – while the argument is that NSA’s electronic intel gathering keeps us safe, if it violates our right to privacy it’s unconstitutional.  Making a company develop and hand over only to the government software disabling a feature on the phones (or other devices for that matter) that protects the privacy of the data on the device strikes me as a huge (YUGE?) overreach of the government’s power to surveil (?) its citizens.  Let’s say the request was to disable a similar feature on Mac, or better yet the ruling was against Intel and applied to its PC chips.  It would give the NSA/FBI a key to get to the data on your, mine and basically everyone’s computers.  Sorry, I don’t buy that as a necessary or constitutionally permissible security measure for the government.  I’m sure they are trying to hack that as we speak, but requiring Apple to do it for them crosses the line IMHO.

  53. “The government requested the order under the All Writs Act, a law dating to the colonial era that has been used as a source of authority to issue orders that are not otherwise covered by a statute. “Though Apple has previously complied with court orders under that statute to retrieve data from iPhones running earlier versions of its operating system, it is now resisting such an order in a separate iPhone case in Brooklyn. That case, unlike the one in California, involves a phone with software that allows the firm to extract data.
    “The government contends that courts over the years have issued orders based on that law for the unencrypted contents of computers, for credit card records and for security camera videotapes. It noted that the Supreme Court in 1977 held that the law gave courts the authority to direct a phone company to execute a search warrant for numbers dialed by a particular customer.
    “Some legal scholars, however, said the use of the All Writs Act in the California Apple case presents a slippery slope issue. “If the writ can compel Apple to write customized software to unlock a phone, where does it end?” said Ahmed Ghappour, a professor at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law. “Can the government use it to compel Facebook to customize an algorithm that predicts crime? It’s not clear where the line will be drawn, if at all.””

    IMHO there’s a lot of legal daylight between the 1977 ruling and what’s being compelled today.

  54. Pogo

    while we are stretching things to their limits.

    Requiring a company to break their unbreakable encryption An item of great value but worthless once broken. is almost a government taking and should require , in this case, massive compensation.
    Adjusting his tricornered hat on his head.

  55. But, the Courts scarcely blink when common-sense limitations are applied to my right to keep and bear arms. And think about the poor arms manufacturers who have lost gazillions of dollars as their latest enhancements have lost any potential value because of capricious decisions by contraconstitutionalcongresscritters.

  56. pogo, since the guy (being a proven murderer/terrorist and user of the device probably in violation of contract with company provider) whose privacy the company assured is dead, isn’t the company free to unlock that particular device and look for info specified by a warrant without violating otherwise living consumers’ rights ?

  57. So one Snowden inside Apple can hold the entire world hostage? For shame!! Shakespearean in the nth degree.

  58. eeewwwwwwwwww ick

    Scalia was on a free trip a gift from someone who benefited from the actions of the court

  59. Jack, Interesting idea about a taking.

    Flatus, not being a gun purchaser (although I am a gun owner) I’m not aware of any restrictions on gun geegaws.   Have there been any?

    My understanding is that the requested program allows the anti-hack feature of the encryption for iOS7 (that came on the 5C, but it could have been upgraded to 8 or 9) phones to be disabled.  I do not believe it applies only to this phone, but would work on any iPhone that runs on that operating system.  No it would not unlock every device in the world, but the subset is pretty large, likely covering almost all active iPhones – the iPhone 5 was introduced in late 2012. (675 million sold since 2011)

    From Tim Cook’s statement:

    “Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation. In the wrong hands, this software — which does not exist today — would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.

    “The FBI may use different words to describe this tool, but make no mistake: Building a version of iOS that bypasses security in this way would undeniably create a backdoor. And while the government may argue that its use would be limited to this case, there is no way to guarantee such control.”

    Snowden?  Lemme see, he stole and published government secrets.  You’ll have to explain to me how that bears on this – I don’t see it.

  60. Wow, Bill Clinton calling Bernie Sander’s supporters the equivalent of T’baggerz.   That sounds desparate.   If Hillary does get the nomination, does he think that remark will be rewarded with support?

    Desparation brings out the ass-hat in people, I guess.

  61. BID


    I saw that and thought…who is he talking to..sometimes the Clintons are tone deaf..at least he wasn’t barking

  62. The desperation meme arises again.

    Bill goes off the reservation sometimes – Mrs. P. says he’s not the asset this time around that he was in 2008. And lord knows he isn’t going to managed by campaign staff.

  63. new law of science:

    if you tell it like it is and say even politically incorrect things then you are authentic, trustworthy, to be hailed by the media and millions bless your name

    that is unless your name is clinton

  64. Bill spoke the truth.

    And it looks like The Big Dawg has written off the Bernie supporters. Cause Bernie is going to do a Ralph Nader, he is that kind of guy.

    Then given that in all likelyhood the Republicans are going to appease their nut cases with a Cruz or Trump nomination. That leaves the broad center from country club Republicans and middle class Suburbanites (you know folks that will tax themselves for good schools)  to working class blacks and Hispanics. Work in that fertile territory and she wins states that haven’t went Democrat in years.


  65. Paul Krugman on the Worried Wonks

    Economic Advisers have put out a letter warning that Bernie Sanders’s economic program contains a very worrisome amount of voodoo

  66. Jamie, I have to disagree with Krugman, It’s not that good, Voodoo would be a step up.


  67. Been doing a little plumbing so I’ve had time to let the mind wander as I inhale plastic cement fumes

    Plausible (?) conspiracy theory time.

    Last year sometime Snowden said that the NSA had a back door to the old iphone. and it cause quite the uproar in tech circles.  Now Suppose NSA has already hacked the new Iphone and Apple knows or is cooperating with them. What better way for the NSA and Apple get what they want then to keep this law suit going. Apple gets a sqeeky clean reputation and The NSA gets to keep the secret that they are recording all of Auntie Liz’s chatter.

    Humm, Jack

  68. Jamie

    And enough of a huckster to sell it to them.

    I’ll bet he  sets in his hotel room at night  telling himself,”I can’t believe this shit is still working.”

    And it does even as he repeatedly pushes the envelope way past too far.


  69. A Good Wine Needs No Bush


    I watched the video and i didn’t get that.. I thought he said Bernie supporters were like the tea party in that they were being promised pie in the sky things.. It was specific to that.. I doubt very seriously Bill means Bernie supporters are stupid uneducated racists.. Bill must see the statistics of Bernie’s voters so he would know that’s not true..

  70. Nike Drops Manny Pacquiao Following Anti-Gay Comments [UPDATE]
    Pacquiao has faced intense backlash over his homophobic statements earlier this week.
    By Erick Fernandez
    Nike ended their longtime partnership with boxer Manny Pacquiao on Wednesday, just two days after the boxer caused international outrage by saying gay people were “worse than animals”
    In a statement, Nike called Pacquiao’s comments “abhorrent” and said the company “strongly oppose[s] discrimination of any kind.”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/nike-manny-pacquiao-anti-gay-comments_us_56c49e12e4b0b40245c8918c

  71. “Now Suppose NSA has already hacked the new Iphone and Apple knows or is cooperating with them.”

    jack, I must be inhaling the same stuff  ’cause your chem-induced conspiracy theory sounds very plausible.  no-such-agency didn’t get that name for nuttin’

    what a kerfuffle if they admitted they knew what was on the device.

    what I don’t find credible is that the folks who concocted the lock don’t have a key…. including the feds who originally started the whole teckie talkie network to begin with.

  72. Here is most of the last paragraph of an op-ed piece from this morning’s Journal. Kudos to Epstein.

    Bernie and the ‘Lunatic of One Idea’
    The Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2016 pg A13
    Joseph C. Epstein

    “Perhaps the appeal of Bernie Sanders for the young goes no further than the simplicity of his one idea. The nice thing about being a one-idea man or woman is that through it one can dismiss the complications of politics as a business of deals, compromises, limited expectations and partial gains. Why bog down in the grubby details of political life, when you can ride a single idea all the way home to utopia. As Bernie himself says, the middle class has for too long supported Wall Street; now it’s time for Wall Street to support the middle class. If you believe that, or believe that it is going to happen, you qualify, prima facie, as a one-idea lunatic of your own…”

    Mr. Epstein’s books include “Masters of the Games: Essays and Stories on Sport” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015).


  73. OK, Apple doesn’t have the key because it’s like any other password – it was generated by Farook.  If I understand (questionable) encryption software the encryption algorithms are generated based on the password.  Given enough time and trials it could be hacked into – you just have to guess the password to get the right algorithms to read the data.  The problem is with what I’ll call “gatekeeper” software [my non-techie term] activated – and we have  something like it on our office system where after 5 unsuccessful tries the computer gets locked.  You have to restart it to log in after the 5 tries.  Apple’s gatekeeper software, built into the iOS has a program associated with it that after 10 unsuccessful tries instead of locking the device it erases the data in it.  At one level that makes sense – people lose phones or discard old ones, etc. a lot more often than they lose computers.  I think that is a feature the user has to turn on – and if it’s turned on the gatekeeper is triggered.  What Apple is saying is that the iOS has that built into it and there ain’t a back door to get in if it’s active.  I think Apple is saying it could write an iOS that did not have the 10 tries and you’re screwed gatekeeper software but they don’t have that now and don’t want it write it and put it into the FBI & NSA’s hands.  You’d think they don’t trust them.   Someone with better technical understanding than me could clarify this.

  74. Just got an email from my seldom used twitter account hyping the apple/NSA stuff.

    coincidence? lol

    So why set up the cumbersome spying operation when you can buy the information on the open market.



  75. Pogo/Jack, there’re passwords/encryption and passwords/encryption. I know forty-years ago our secure telephones used encryption at the level of 10 to the 26th power characters with every device changed world-wide every day and the previous day’s encryption data physically destroyed by the custodian and a witness who verified everything. Apple is merely being difficult.

  76. Surprise: Trump Falls Behind Cruz in National NBC/WSJ Poll
    by Mark Murry

    “Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has fallen behind Ted Cruz in the national GOP horserace, according to a brand-new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.
    In the poll, Cruz is the first choice of 28 percent of Republican primary voters, while Trump gets 26 percent. They’re followed by Marco Rubio at 17 percent, John Kasich at 11 percent, Ben Carson at 10 percent and Jeb Bush at 4 percent.”


  77. Flatus, I think Cook implied that Apple could do what the gov’t. wants, but it won’t because it doesn’t trust the gov’t. and they have to think it violates privacy – and it probably does – not of the dead guy, but of those who communicated with him.  If that’s being difficult, so be it.  What the gov’t could do under the All Writs Act is get a list of all the numbers called and received and ID for all texts sent or received from his carrier – wouldn’t that give them the information they need to investigate that “network”?

    Tony, OMG.  Talk about being between the devil and the deep blue sea!

  78. Isn’t a large part of illegal activity done on burner phones, that are quickly trashed after use?

    After the Paris attacks, there was a lot of talk about “going dark” by communicating through online games.  It almost seems like this single phone is being used to erode privacy; it’s overkill, if not needless.

    Stay strong, Apple.

  79. Pogo you nailed the issue.  It is not the encrypted data.  It is the phone password with the limited tries before erasing the data that the FBI requests Apple to break.  My guess is NSA has not broken the data, however, my guess is they have a copy of it.  Attempting to brute force the phone password would almost instantly brick the phone.

    Encryption today is a mass of big prime numbers, hash tables and final encryption.  I do not know the Iphone software and hardware, but if the encryption is as good as I think, putting the task to Apple is a good idea.

    In this case it is not the data that Apple is giving up, it is just getting the password to work.  This is tricky, but I would go on the side of the feds for that.  The weight goes to the FBI not asking for the software, just the password.

    Bernie is doing good.  HRC is on the ropes.  Establishment is failing.  antidisestablishmentarian is taking hold . . . ah never mind that one, wrong country.  Not establishment is the way to go.

    So very confusing.  I firmly sit on the side of hiring electing people to office who know how to govern.  We have had several years of anti-government and refusing to compromise.  And we are nearing a cliff where the American experiment could fail.




  80. BB….I will stipulate that I was quite smitten with Doris…….I mean, que sera, sera……. It’s obvious to me about Theresa, little ball of fire……nickel in the nickelodeon……..Patti grabbed me with Tennessee Waltz and Old Cape Cod……with Joni no  telling what it was…….Quien sabe………just that somehow she struck me as some kind of pure………just as later Edie Gorme did…….


    music be funny thing.



    song of the 6 decades………So Rare……….Dorsey.

  81. Give me a Dorsey record!  Any of the family.  The move from the raw jazz of the 1900’s to 1920’s to the broadening of the 1930’s led the way for the swing.  I enjoy swing from the mid 1930’s to the mid-1940’s.  The Dorsey’s – they have a rhythm so good.

    I do like to find rare jazz records.  Something so American about the music.  When I look through the records I have, I see my grandfather’s love of jazz.  He was a farmer in Iowa, his first Victrola for the farm is the one in my living room.  For fun I will play a record on it, steel needle grinding through the records.  No electronics just a large horn where the music comes out.



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