Put the blame on Memes, Boys

It should read: put the blame on the meme boys. The mainstream media have let us down or have led us down a very scary path on the way to electing our next president.

Playing the blame game, who do you think is responsible for the mess we’re in?


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  1. actually, we the insatiate consumer of the sensational scandalous insanity of today’s news are really the ones to blame.  we are more than the enablers of bad journalism.


    p.s. craig,  the word “wary” in intro should read “way” … but think of it as a freudian slip

  2. Term limits for talking heads.   I liked them better when they were just reporters sprinkled-in with journalists.  Even the sign language humans opine sign!  No one is neutral.

  3. Happy Presidents Day, or as a few us grew up with, Happy Georgie’s Birthday.

    There are so many reasons to vote, none so long lived as voting for president and senator because the two branches must work to place a person on the third branch.  And, that person has a guaranteed life long job.  It is my greatest disappointment that we have so few voters who understand this and go to the polls.

    We now live with the idiocy of voters who put The Mitch in the hallowed chamber of the Senate.


  4. from geebeebee at dailykos speaking of memes:

    In the recent CBS South Carolina poll, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of people 18-29 thought that Bernie Sanders was honest and trustworthy.  (page 66 in poll above)

    Hillary for 18-29 year olds?  43%.  Yikes.

  5. Put the blame on Memes, Boys

    Yes, Fox and Republicans have pushed this “not honest and trustworthy” shit forever.. It’s more than disheartening to see some of the Bernie supporters push that meme when their candidate doesn’t.. Bernie is a typical politician. I used to say that about then Saint Obama, well…..

  6. Pat

    Got a mirror

    This politics by protest and personal destruction  seems to be the boomers favorite way to go. Best modern example  is all the grey hairs in the tea party.



    a critique of all those dancing on Scalias grave from the left.

    It’s unusual for a vacancy to occur in the midst of a presidential campaign, but it’s common as cake for activists to dream the hours away speculating on who’ll be next togo, and for journalists to count up the number of appointments they think the next president will get to make. Sometimes in their earnestness the activists of left and right do indeed sound as if they’re rooting for a death or two. They seem to think the justices whose votes enrage them deserve to go.


  8. Another personal experience from a Democrat


    When Stephen Breyer, President Bill Clinton’s second appointment to the Supreme Court, was sworn in as an associate justice at a White House ceremony in 1994, Justice Antonin Scalia came up to me, put his arm around my shoulder, and said with a bright, mischievous smile, “First Ruth, and now Steve? Cass, it’s ALMOST enough to make me vote Democrat.”

  9. patd…   your comment is right along the lines of Pogo…  no not our Pogo…  the cartoon character…  who says.. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    Not only do many of us not listen to the other side…  the bickering between those on the same side because of a difference in a chosen candidate to be the nominee of the party is sad to see.  The right is hyperbolic…  and the left isn’t much better in some instances.  But then again that politics.  It’s gonna be a rough ride…  so as CBob would say…  buckle your chin straps boys and girls.

  10. Buckle yer chin straps, indeed……

    if the weather don’t get us, then the goobers will…….

    The goobers and their goober leaders have totally taken leave of their senses.   Perhaps, irreversibly.

  11. renee and sturge, we’ll need more than cbob’s chin straps

    just wait ’til the real fighting begins.  I still get nightmares of puma trolls lurking on the trail.

  12. BTW… I reject the meme that those who choose for Sanders and not for Clinton are sexists.  Yes some sexism (both conscious and unconscious) is obviously being hurled around.  But one can be for any candidate for a number of valid reasons.  That meme was thrown around here in 08.  It was ugly then and it’s still ugly now, IMO.

  13. I can handle remarks from the Bernie supporters by simply assuming the ones commenting on the state and uses for my anatomy are actually GOP trolls trying to pick a fight.  What bothers me are when actual supporters link to articles from Breitbart or directly quote Faux Spews memes complete with “some people say” hints to nefarious actions.


  14. Many thoughts about so much and no primary vote until April; a state total vote, calculated by those who calculate such things, as to make something like a 0.41 difference in the Sanders-Clinton nomination or delegates necessary for nomination.  That is something exciting right there.

    Twenty some years ago the crazy leader of the PTL 700 Club would actually pray for the Supremes to be killed and die in office.  He did this every week for several months.   He was even praying for the right wing Supremes to die along with their left wing compatriots.  It often sounded like he was asking for someone to assassinate them, which is how loony he was.  (don’t ask why I would watch something that stupid, at the time I was dying and the poison caused by a failing liver caused me to do strange things)

    It was then that I realized how horrible a person must be to do such vile actions (even if there was no way for his supreme being to fulfill such a request).  I also stopped wishing for most people to drop dead.  Incapacitated a bit, only enough for them to retire, sure, but not die.

    A holiday spent watching snow fall.  What a waste of a holiday.  Now it makes the trek to the liquor store more difficult.  Bah.  It’s almost summer, nearly almost summer.  My day was improved this morning, the Today Show had two of the three swimsuit edition models on.  Lots of shots of the cover pages, but for some odd reason the shots of the woman in the painted on swimsuit had blurry spots right where her breasts are.  At first I thought I had smudged my glasses again.  My spirits are improved.

    Obama should nominate as liberal a judge for the seat as Scalia was conservative.  All should read his opinions so you can see how dumb the media is.  He would reach back to the Magna Carta and even earlier for his opinions.  The media would have you think he was another Blackburn, he was not.  His Originalism was way beyond The Federalist Papers.  Concepts of the East Coast colonialists are wonderful, but certain things, such as gay men and women living freely, are not documented enough for him.

    I live free, or more precise, I live free in Maryland, but not totally free.  There are still laws and regulations which could put me in jail.  It is difficult to explain that after the same sex marriage fight being successful, in spite of Scalia.  We, LGBT, still have battles to fight for equality.  Obama needs to nominate a liberal to the vacant seat.


    Tampa Bay Times http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-hillary-clinton-for-the-democratic-nomination/2265196
    Editorial: Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination
    “Sanders, the U.S. senator from Vermont and self-described socialist, virtually tied Clinton in Iowa and easily won in New Hampshire by exploiting voter frustration with income inequality and stalemate in Washington. His calls for revolutionary change are as tantalizing to liberal voters as they are unrealistic, particularly in today’s polarized politics. His proposals for a single-payer health care system and free college tuition are expensive fantasies. His lack of a coherent foreign policy and tendency toward isolationist positions are particularly concerning. There is no indication Sanders is prepared to effectively protect the United States from terrorists or manage the complicated relationships this nation must nurture around the world.
    Clinton has been battle-tested, and she is better prepared to be president than when she lost to Obama in the 2008 primaries. The fight for the Democratic nomination may last far longer than anticipated, but only Clinton can win in November and is prepared for the nation’s highest office. For the Democratic nomination for president, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Hillary Clinton.”

  16. Appropriate sentence making the rounds:

    “Apparently, the GOP thinks that Black Presidents only get 3/5ths of a term.”

  17. cnn: big brother to the rescue George W. Bush will stump for his younger brother for the first time Monday night, attending a rally in North Charleston along with his wife, former first lady Laura Bush.


    jeb won’t do as well as expected:  south carolinians too bushed to vote for him

  18. pogo, truly a satirical masterpiece.

    just goes to show (to quote candidate carson)  I, like you, am a member of we, the people, and we know that our country is heading off the cliff. 

  19. flatus, a liberal hispanic black woman

    and it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few dna strands of asian and native american

  20. wall street journal Mitch McConnell’s Constitutional Contortion on a Successor for Antonin Scalia

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s announcement that the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia‘s death should be filled by the next president–effectively, that he intends to impede President Barack Obama from carrying out his constitutional duty to nominate a successor–is in conflict with the Senate’s own constitutional role to advise and consent.

  21. Pogo…  I’d never heard of Ms. Petri until reading that piece… OMG… ROTFLMAO!!

    I would like to be associated with the first comment after the article…  Ms. Petri. I like your version better. It seems more realistic than the actual debate which took place in the flower garden of Through the Looking Glass. 

    We had the white knight, the caterpillar, the white rabbit, the mad hatter and the nine of hearts all chattering at the same time. Missing were the red queen and tweedledum though.

    I’m going to put Petri’s blog on my favorites list right now.
    BTW… I love that picture… Jeb playing doofus… the other 4 huddled together and Trump not in the scene… perfect!

  22. Renee, if you liked that you should go to her archives and read her take on both parties’ debates – might take 20 minutes to read all of them.  She is a master.

  23. Flatus,

    Glad you enjoyed yesterday’s selection. I started out just looking for the music, but when I saw that clip I just had to use it.

  24. Jace, at the time, the ‘world’ was thrilled that these two magnificent artists were able to perform together; the good olde days!

  25. I heard someone mention Kamela Harris (Cal’s attoney general and a candidate for the senate) If that happens I hope Boxer doesn’t take it as a sign she should stay

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    Happy Presidents Day! Get those cheap mattresses.

  27. The sudden death of Justice Scalia creates an immediate vacancy on the most important court in the United States.

    Senator McConnell is right that the American people should have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice. In fact, they did — when President Obama won the 2012 election by five million votes.

    Article II Section 2 of the Constitution says the President of the United States nominates justices to the Supreme Court, with the advice and consent of the Senate. I can’t find a clause that says “…except when there’s a year left in the term of a Democratic President.”

    Senate Republicans took an oath just like Senate Democrats did. Abandoning the duties they swore to uphold would threaten both the Constitution and our democracy itself. It would also prove that all the Republican talk about loving the Constitution is just that — empty talk.

    wonkette re sen. warren’s statement: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID, because literally, that is what she said. The GOP is sooooo convinced right now that everybody in this country is feeling such buyers’ remorse after slam dunking Barack Obama into the Oval Office TWICE that we are all 100 percent, no questions asked, going to vote to Make America Great Again with Donald Trump, or Make America Scummy And Canadian with Ted Cruz.

  28. Scalia the  Catholic justice and over populator  — how was he such a great legal thinker that he could not separate church and state

    And the media is giving Obama advice — go for a young moderate man …minority if you can find one. Apparently there is an Indian-American fellow people seem to like.. I think he should appoint a transgender person with bad fashion sense

    Can Obama appoint himself?

  29. Pogo…   ok…  you convinced me…  I just subscribed to the Washington Post for a year.  ;0

  30. KC, LOL.

    I know of no reason he could not appoint himself.  A shrewd move would be to give himself an interim SCOTUS appointment while the Senate is in recess and sit on the Court until the end of the next term, have Biden take office and nominate the transgender person with bad fashion sense and force the Senate to choose.

  31. re ms. marzian the lady legislator who wants to protect men from the dangers of viagra/Cialis:

    The lawmaker told the paper that she intends to introduce a bill that would require gun buyers to get counseling from victims of gun violence 24 hours ahead of a firearms purchase.

    “I’m just making sure the government is taking care of your safety,” she said.

  32. Renee, HMMM, maybe I’m misremembering….I think I got a $9.99 for a year introductory deal.  But I could be wrong.

  33. Scalia a legal scholar (sic) who believed that corporations have more rights then women.

    Of course I feel sympathy for his wife and his NINE children but I see nothing beyond ordinary humanity to remember in his death.  Legal scholarship  ..makes me laugh…conservative legal dismembering is not legal scholarship.

    He was a big old limelight hog in his life , let’s not make more of him in death.

  34. “Renee, HMMM, maybe I’m misremembering….I think I got a $9.99 for a year introductory deal.  But I could be wrong.” Pogo

    They bounce around in their pricing. After going through my next to nothing rate They ran a tie-in with Amazon Prime. Free. That’s what I’m on now. It may still be in effect.

    They cringe at the thought of losing circulation to the Times or Journal.

  35. WashPo had a deal, pay for online and get daily delivery.  It is good.  I take the paper to work and have it available in my cube for me and visitors.  Annapolis Gazette had something similar so I have that too.  Then the Baltimore Sun came along and offered a deal on delivery to go with my online.  So now I get the Sun on Wednesday and weekends along with online.

    Due to where I live, having all three is a good way to figure out what is the news for D.C. NoVa, Baltimore, Maryland and where I live.

    This is also part of the Don Quixote attempt to keep newspapers, paper or online, somewhat able to pay for reporters.  I noticed several other neighbors are getting delivery of the papers now.  We need reporters, all of us can do something to keep them employed.

  36. Well it looks like I did something to keep a reporter employed….  looks like I spent a lot more than I had to for the WPost.  That’s ok…  I’ve got it now and I’m going to enjoy it.

  37. In fairness, $8 a month is very reasonable for WaPo. I’ll pay that when the intro runs out.  I like it better than most. Better coverage of national politics and the Court than other papers.

  38. I just heard an update on the Obama choice for the vacant SCoUS.  The word is he is trying to find a judge who is acceptable to the Republicans.  Hitler is not available, Crazy Pat Robinson might be around.  Who is in charge of the Liberty College of far right?  It is hard to find anyone as far right, and out of touch with anything beyond 1850 as the previous occupant of the seat.

    This brings back horrible and painful memories of the 2009-2015 Obama attempts to meet Republican demands.

    Once again, find someone as liberal as Scalia was far right.

  39. Newspaper deals.  Just now the Baltimore Sun sent an email with an offer of pay $0.88 and get online access to the LATimes until summer.

    While these news organizations search for a business model, I will accept their largess.

  40. Trump Threatens Third Party Run
    The Daily Beast

    “During a press conference in South Carolina, Donald Trump threatened once again to run as a third party candidate in the general election. “I signed a pledge, but it’s a double-edged pledge. As far as I’m concerned they’re in default of their pledge,” Trump said of the RNC. He has previously hinted at the fact that he would run as an independent, which would violate the pledge he signed with the Republican National Committee.” http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2016/02/15/trump-threatens-third-party-run.html

  41. Trump Roasts Rivals, Questions Their Sanity In SC
    By Olivia Nuzzi

    “Ted Cruz is desperate. I think Ted’s a very unstable guy…He’s a lying guy, a really lying guy,” Trump said. “I have never, ever met a person that lies more than Ted Cruz! I have never ever seen anything like it! He did it with Ben Carson, he did it with the voter violation fraud deal that he did.”

    He went on this way for 43 minutes.

    “I’ve never seen anybody that lied as much as Ted Cruz!” He said. “And he goes around saying that he’s a Christian? I dunno. You’re gonna have to really study that.”

    As he spoke, Trump’s campaign sent out a press release reiterating the point.”http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/15/trump-roasts-rivals-questions-their-sanity-in-sc.html

  42. Donald Trump and Gavin McInnes: The faces behind the rise of secular but even more odious right-wing misogyny
    “Men’s rights” misogyny has been gaining traction in mainstream conservative media, boosting Trump’s popularity
    By Amanda Marcotte

    “On a network that is full of extremely weird talking points, it takes a lot to stand out as truly bizarre, but Gavin McInnes managed to pull it off recently on Fox News. In a discussion about women getting drafted, McInnes took the usual anti-feminist blather of the network to a whole new level, arguing that it’s actually men who are the second sex in our society.

    “By every metric, men have it worse off,” he argued, as the other guests looked on with disbelief. “We’re more likely to get raped if you include prison, we’re more likely to be assaulted, we’re more likely to die, we’re more likely to commit suicide.”
    The talking point is self-evidently false —1 in 10 rape victims are male, in case you were wondering, and even among the prison population, a woman is more likely to be sexually assaulted — but what made it stand out was that it was so strange. Fox News hates feminism, for sure, but this kind of rhetoric is out of step with its usual gender framework, where men are presented as strong, paternal figures  who deserve to run the world, not as victims of some kind of horrific matriarchy that violently oppresses men.”http://www.salon.com/2016/02/15/donald_trump_and_gavin_mcinnes_the_faces_behind_the_rise_of_secular_but_even_more_odious_right_wing_misogyny/

  43. Thank goodness for John Oliver (and in the old days, Stewart and Colbert) for doing some of what journalists are meant to do.  Even though they are entertainers, they shine more light than actual news outlets.  (Let the real news out, already!)

    This became a huge problem after the first Gulf War.   Before that CNN reported the same three stories on a loop.  After the Kuwait/Iraq kerfuffle, they started running multiple tickers across the screen because they just wanted to shove so much information at us.  Then came the proliferation of other news channels.

    Their collective mission statement: If we air it, they will watch.

  44. Put the blame on Memes, Boys


    I hear you on John Oliver.. I miss John Stewart, he had his finger on the pulse.. My first turn off with CNN came during the run up to GWB criminal war.. CNN captions constantly, “War Games”. Yep war had become a money maker for them…Another reason not to have cable.. Although i can watch it on Sling TV but who wants too..

  45. Sanders supporters revolt against superdelegatesOutraged by the delegate deficit Sanders faces even after his New Hampshire win, the senator’s backers are taking action.Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/bernie-sanders-superdelegates-democrats-219286#ixzz40HYIkQhf
    LOl, yep, the game is rigged, how well I remember 2008… Trouble for Bernie is he’s only been a Democrat for like 5 mins.. Not many party officials will have a lot of sympathy…

  46. Tony – Yep, I can watch enough clips here and there (and sometimes right here) to keep me happy…and no 24-hour coverage of hurricanes, etc.

    Let’s blame HW Bush’s administration for the overgrowth of media.

    Do you think Obama can find a SCOTUS nominee who will make GOoPers heads ‘splode?  And what the heck does Cruz mean by “unlimited abortion on demand”? He makes it sound like a Thursday-night special at a Mexican restaurant; unlimited nachos, free refills in iced tea. Weird.

  47. Frustrated female senators say Clinton is victim of sexism
    by Alexander Bolton

    ““I think women go through a magnifying glass that men do not. Look at [GOP presidential frontrunner Donald] Trump. Talk about braggadocio, talk about arrogance, talk about shouting, talk about demeaning, talk about insulting. It’s all there,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who was first elected to the Senate in 1992 and before then served as major of San Francisco from 1978 to 1988. 
    Feinstein said she “felt it dramatically” when she was first elected mayor.
    “I would not go into anything without being doubly prepared because the press pressed the question always,” she said. “You stand on your own two feet and you have to.”
    Feinstein said that Clinton sometimes comes across as defensive on the campaign trail because she’s fighting an uphill battle in trying to become the first woman elected president.”

            Its nice to hear some of the other women Senators, politicians speak of this double standard they experience..


  48.  “He makes it sound like a Thursday-night special at a Mexican restaurant; unlimited nachos, free refills in iced tea. Weird.”


    Yes he’s weird and creepy.. Woman in mass need to tell him to STFU.. Cruz makes Trump seem nicer, HAH!

  49. Put the blame on Memes, Boys

    I get Sling Tv for my niece, a value at $20 a month.. Recently i watched a debate on CNN and before and after the same old culprits came on, Gloria Bolger, Donna Brazile, ugh i moved on fast.. We’re not missing anything..

  50. Jimmy Carter won another Grammy!   Looking forward (but with sadness) to Gaga’s Bowie tribute tonight.  Beats the heck out of another GOP debate.

    If Jeb! can’t be at least 2nd in SC (with the help of W and Laura), is he gonna give up?  He probably has unlimited backing from Bush cronies. I mean, he’s had a lackluster showing so far, and they keep throwing money at it.

  51. I’m not interested in a judge that is acceptable to republicans. I want a judge that would most likely rule to overturn Citizens United. We just lost a justice who helped give us Bush-V-Gore and Citizens United. That’s the kind of judge republicans would find acceptable.

    No more!!

  52. I can understand Sanders frustration with super delegates. It’s a dumb idea, but it has been in place for quite awhile. Carping about it now seems like nothing more than whining.

    I think that caucuses are a dumb idea, and I imagine HRC would agree, but those are the rules that make the game at this time. Hillary is going to have to fight her way through the ridiculous caucuses and Bernie is going have to learn to live with super delegates.

  53. Agreed.  Bernie needs to suck it up and deal with the way things are now.  No more whining.  He should just expend his energy on his message.


  54. Oh Chris Hayes did a retraction & apology for cutting off the Clinton remarks that seemed to disparage President Obama.  Played the clip all the way through complete with the very loud applause from the audience praising his support of the President for not getting the credit he deserves because of the GOP congress.


  55. Tony,

    The Clinton/Flint clip is interesting. Republicans can’t touch Flint with a ten foot pole because it is a prime example of republican governance. (Snyder, Walker, Brownback etc,etc) They don’t want to be within spitting distance of Michigan. Hillary chose to go there and there will be a Town Hall held there. Have no doubt  Hillary will be extremely well versed on the details of the Flint Fiasco. There may be all of two people with any standing who seem to care about Flint. Rachel Maddow is one HRC is the other. I don’t look for Michigan to be prime republican territory in 2016.

  56. good morning.  strange times when a Bush appears to be the least of all evils.  never thought i’d say or write that sentence.

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