Trump: Why Not Sue?

Trump tweet to Cruz: “If @tedcruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen.”

Some in the legal world say the citizenship issue needs clarification from the courts. Trump has the money. Go ahead.

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  1. Ted being a turd isn’t what gives Trump legal standing to sue.

    That was a smart move, because he didn’t spend a dime and implanted the idea in voters’ minds  that Cruz is a foreigner.

    The spin that should be put on this issue is why didn’t Cruz renounce his Canadian citizenship until a few years ago…when he decided to run for office in Texas and it became a problem for him?

    I don’t think Trump’s tweet did much to intimidate Ted, though.

    However, Ted’s U.S.  citizenship is something that should be addressed.

    I can see Trump holding off filing suit unless Cruz is getting too much traction.  Why spend the money if turns out he isn’t a threat?

  2. Hey, I’m ok with Cruz being held to the same standard as President Obama. Let the suing commence. May the question dog him for years.

  3. Blue

    I brought you from the other thread :0)

    February 13, 2016 at 10:30 am

    If Bernie continues to gain support of millennials (a group who is also racially diverse) because he speaks to their concerns rather than maintaining the status quo, it won’t matter what Repugs throw at him.   I live in a majority-minority state, so it’s not just weird-and-wonderful Austin that might vote for a true progressive.
    Also, I’m sure Bernie has experienced muck-flinging before. It’s the big show, but not his first. Plus, one builds up a bit of a calus just living life.
    By the way, I don’t think he’s nearly as cranky as some of you do, although it doesn’t seem to be an issue with him getting his message of a more equitable country across.
    Hillary’s jacket was fine; not sure what the hubbub was about there, or that it matters.  Bernie, although wearing a clean suit, always gives off the impression that he just rolled out of bed.  WYSIWYG!

  4. In a way I have been waiting for Trump to do this.  I think it was lightly discussed months ago when the issue of Trump and the Obama birth (I still have issues with Republicans who believe Hawaii was not a state or even a territory when he was born) floated up again.   Trump sues all the time.  He knows what a SLAPP is, he has a long history with SLAPP and anti-SLAPP.  So hitting the Cruz with a time using lawsuit is just a tactic, no need to win or lose it for Trump.

  5. Tony – Thanks.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing the words “new thread” a split-second after you post! ??

  6. Trump: Why Not Sue?

    The attacks on Hillary re Bill’s actions will continue, but items are coming out about Jane Sanders, hidden corporate money, extensive real estate holdings in her name to keep Sanders wealth undercover and involvement in anti-environmental projects etc.   The GOP will be loaded for bear ready to slant the stuff in the most negative way possible if he becomes the nominee.

    Politics can get far uglier than the idealists want to know.




    It is strange, then, to find myself, eight years later, not only rooting for Clinton, but feeling exasperated by her left-wing critics. I know their case against Clinton. I agree with a lot of it. I worry about what Clinton’s many flaws would mean for a potential presidency. Now, however, watching her be rejected by young people swept up in an idealistic political movement, I feel sadness instead of glee.”

    Good read here, regardless of who you support.

  8. Bernie Sanders Has an Obama Problem
    He needs to find a way to critique the administration without alienating black voters who are protective of the president.
    by Joan Walsh


    “I honestly don’t think Senator Bernie Sanders meant to say that he, a white guy from Vermont, would do a better job of handling American race relations than President Obama. But that’s essentially what he said in Thursday night’s PBS debate with Hillary Clinton. After noting that “relations between the races” hadn’t gotten better under Obama, Judy Woodruff asked him: “So race relations would be better under a Sanders presidency than they’ve been?” And he answered, “Absolutely.”

  9. Flint water switch approved despite DEQ health warnings a year earlier
    Gary Ridley

    FLINT, MI – State officials warned of potential health problems if Flint were to switch to the Flint River as its drinking water source, but the move went ahead with the state’s blessing despite the concerns, according to emails released by the Michigan’s governor’s office Friday morning.”

    I lived there most of my life and i’m no expert but if i was asked should we switch from the clean Lake Huron to the Flint River, hell no! Greedy Republican’s poisoning a poor city.. Would never happen in Lansing or Grand Blanc…

  10. Tony,

    Snyder’s ’emergency managers’ were put in place to create emergencies not solve them.

    I don’t think that they can point to a single instance where a community was better off as a result of the emergency managers. If communities had little before the managers took over they had even less when they were through. The program has hurt many towns Flint included.

  11. jace, thanks for linking that. hard not to be intrigued into reading it  with a title like “Hard Choices. I used to hate Hillary. Now I’m voting for her.” and a 1st line like “It was easier to write about Hillary Clinton when I hated her.”

    good writer and good insight from a once (and maybe still in some sense) foe about a new found friend. example:

    “…I was reminded that before she was excoriated as a sellout corporatist, she was excoriated as a feminist radical. She was widely seen as being to her husband’s left, in a way that threatened his political viability. Time after time, under intense pressure, she would overcorrect, trying to convince a skeptical mainstream press that she was a sensible centrist. Eventually, her tendency toward triangulation became almost instinctive.

    Since the ’90s, of course, American politics have become far more polarized, and the Democrats have moved left. The result, for Clinton, is an almost tragic irony. She’s now struggling to convince voters that she is the person she was once widely assumed to be.”

  12. Trump: Why Not Sue?

    So true, Flint is the tip of the iceberg.. The gangster type tactics of Michigan Republican’s are horrible.. City managers have no investment in Flint or any of the other communities.. Greed rules.. This is how Republican austerity works..

  13. NPR has Bernie listed as the 86th richest Senator.

    There is no way that any candidate on either side can try to say he’s playing the poverty card without looking like they are part of the reason so many Americans have so little, and so little hope.

    Look, it’s about stopping the re-distribution of wealth ever-upward.  Bernie and Jane are not part of the problem.

  14. Patd,

    She has been vilified and caricatured like no person in my lifetime. Even I fault her for some things but her tenacity is remarkable to say the least.

    If you have spent most of your life walking a tight rope, it is small wonder that each step is very careful and calculated. It’s a long way to the ground, and in politics there is no net.

  15. Tony,


    The definition of republican austerity is as follows: “We got ours and to Hell with everybody else.”

  16. from good subject to ask about  in the next goper debate:

    Every day, Cubans cross a border bridge from Mexico into Laredo, Texas.

    Since 1966, the Cuban Adjustment Act has guaranteed asylum to refugees fleeing the communist regime. They qualify for a green card after a year and a day, and for citizenship five years later. But now they’re afraidthe thawing of diplomatic relations will end that special protection. [….]

    Most of them head to Miami where, at a refugee resettlement office, Andres Hernandez said his trip from Cuba took eight months.

    “It was a lot of stress, a lot of days without eating,” he said.

    But it’s worth it to him and others Cubans, immigrants desperate to start fresh in America and worried they may soon join the back of the line with everyone else.

    it would be fun to watch the anti-immigrant crew squirm. we’re talking tens of thousands, not just a trickle… and not much vetting.

  17. When I was considering doing a PhD, it would have been in public health. I apologize for not pursuing that endeavor and the opportunities for doing good that would have followed.


    ‘I’d love to run against her,’ he said of Clinton. ‘I’d also love to run against the communist.’
    ‘I never thought we’d see the day in our country,’ he said, ‘when a communist – because that’s really, if you think about it – when a communist is the leading Democrat!’
    ‘We’re going to have a communist against the entrepreneur. I like the entrepreneur. Don’t you think?’

    above is a little preview of what the goper’s play book has in store for the general election.

  19. Another GOP debate.  I’m getting pretty tired of popcorn, but OK.


    BTW, there are many Dems (like me) who are not now, nor have ever been, enamoured with Obama.  There will be even fewer Obama fans in the general election.  I’m not sure that trying to ride an Obama wave is very smart.  Hillary might be wise to stay away from his wake; smoother sailing.

  20. Trump: Why Not Sue?

    “Bernie and Jane are not part of the problem.”

    I agree they’re not and neither are Hillary and Bill.. It’s the system, needs to be changed and that’s what both candidates are talking about.. Bernie’s all or nothing approach and Hillary’s realistic approach.. Both will meet hugh opposition, Bernie i believe more because i think establishment Dems with buck him as well as Republicans..

    This all or nothing approach reminds me Obama’s “Hope and Change”, illusions.. Pretty sounding words.. I was critical of Obama in 2008 and basically wanted to know how “Hope and Change” was going to take place??? Never got an answer .. Now i want to know from Bernie, how is this “political revolution” going to happen, what’s the plan?

  21. Trump: Why Not Sue?


    I think its Hillary being a shrewd politician.. I was never enamored by President Obama but he’s done a lot of good and i give him his due.. I think Bernie’s recent criticisms of Obama are nuts while he’s campaigning for the nomination , especially with SC coming up.. Bernie can criticize the President, it’s his right but man not politically smart in my opinion.. Cornell West at his side is bad enough..

  22. Tony – The system is definitely the problem.

    I do think embracing Obama now would make it more difficult for her down the line.

  23. Oh crap…  I’m not sure I’m up for another debate.  I did bring home a bottle of Bailey’s Salted Caramel Creme.  Maybe a couple of shots will put me in the mood…

    Yup… Trump has plenty of money to sue.  But with reading from all kinds of sources how much Ted is hated within his own party, I’d bet there would be plenty who’d gladly contribute to the cause.

  24. Until the Trump inspired questioning of the nationality for Senator Cruz came along, I never really thought about it because mind made up and all that.  Simply to be natural born you had to arrive in some piece of generally acknowledged US geography.  This included States, Territories, Military installations, and Embassies.  This was basically the founders intentions to avoid have the presidency infected by anything as deplorable as British, French, Spanish, or German bodies that happened to arrive from elsewhere.  Those could all become citizens but not “natural born”.

    There was always an unresolved question about infants who happened to put in an appearance while the parents were not in one of the acceptable locations.  (Vacationing or working overseas but not officially representing the US).  The question never came up because one of those had never run for POTUS.

    Now because of Senator Cruz the desire is to include those with at least one “natural born” parent who just happened to arrive elsewhere.  I genuinely believe he is outside the line along with those early settlers and the matter does need to adjudicated and finally put to rest.  If we are to include him then why not anyone who manages to become a citizen in some acceptable fashion?

    So yes Mr. Trump, stop making your usual incoherent ignorance filled mishmosh of 4th grad level verbally repetitive sentences and sue the Senator.



    “Snyder’s ’emergency managers’ were put in place to create emergencies not solve them.” – Jace

    “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’, a United States major said today.” – Peter Arnett reporting on the burning of Ben Tre, Viet Nam.

  26. Jack…  I finally got a chance to read that Vox article about understanding the differences between Clinton and Sanders supporters you linked to several threads down.  Excellent piece!  I saw some here in it…  and I also saw myself too.  I liked that the writer called himself a long time dirty hippy.  I also agree with him that the presidency is not the place to start a revolution.

  27. Jamie,

    Stop worrying. Sanders is going to run 2d in SC and then in the SEC. After that, he may get the Left  Coast : too little, too late.

  28. Donald Trump is the most insecure person I have  ever seen to run for the White House…

  29. BUT ! What if Soros is a republican plant ? 

    You know, such a fanatical believer in reaganist-bushist ideology that he is willing to destroy himself to gain access to the WHITE PROTE$TANT B!LL!ONAIRE$ PARADI$E, where he’ll be greeted by 72 innocent oil executives. 

    Could be. If trump can be for the little guy, if cruz can be an American, and if rubio can be a Mormon Catholic, then Soros could very well be a republican mole in the Democratic Party.


  30. Xrep…

    I disagree that Clinton would likely pick Sanders as a VP.  As a long standing loyal Democrat who has fought hard for years to get other Democrats elected, I don’t see her as wanting an independent on her ticket.  I see the more likely candidate as someone young and fresh…  such as the afore mentioned young Texan, Julian Castro.

    I like Bernie…  he is a good man, IMO.  I hope he stays in the Senate and continues to fight against income inequality.

  31. I’m sitting here watching the part of Bernie v Hillary that I missed Thursday evening. I’ve ruled out Bernie’s feverish gesticulations as being American Sign Language; they’re just past their first break so he’s not asking for potty time. I’m at a loss as to why the facilitators don’t ask if he needs assistance. Especially with that rasp in his voice.

  32. A very interesting article on gender bias


    With all the recent talk about women lagging behind in STEM fields, it may be tempting to assume that, whether due to biology or socialization, women are just not performing as well. But that would be wrong: The Github community actually approves more code by women… until they know it’s by women. A new study published inPeerJfound that software developers on GitHub respond to contributions differently when they know there are women behind them.

  33. Renee,

    Can Julian Castro carry Texas and Arizona ?

    Can he extend the coattails in TX, AZ, CO, NV, CA, and NM2d?

    Well, all right then.

  34. It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’, a United States major said today.” – Peter Arnett reporting on the burning of Ben Tre, Viet Nam.


    How appropriate. It seems that among contemporary conservative/republicans, it is necessary to destroy government in order to save it. Peculiar logic to be sure, but they believe it in their bones.

  35. WOW!  I just found out going to huffpo.

    May Scalia rest in peace…   condolences to his family.

  36. Guessing the court will be short a justice for quite some time. Senate will refuse to take up an Obama nomination.

    Democrats take heed. You can’t blow it in 2016!

  37. Oddly, I concur with Flatus. Not that I don’t usually concur with Flatus.  Maybe I am mellowing out.

  38. Trump? Standing? Not in my opinion. What harm can he show ? Btw, Obama has a SCOTUS appointment to make.

  39. Disagreed with just about everything the man ever said or wrote but I liked his feisty iconoclasm.

  40. Craig, I agree about quitting,  but smoking is one of the few things you had in common with Antonin.

  41. This is basically the same Senate that determined to give Obama nothing, even before he took the oath of office. They are not about to give him anything with 10 months left in his term. It won’t be the first time they have put politics before country. They’re good at it and they have no shame.

  42. Craig, smoking is one of the few things in your life that you have complete control over. Please quit. Now. Take the packs that you’ve bought, including the ones in the car and the open ones. Put ’em in a plastic bag, and place them out of reach someplace in the kitchen. That’s where KumCho’s and mine have been sitting for about 17-years–just after she had her stroke. My cravings, now, are about six months apart and only last a couple of minutes. You can do it–I know you can.
    p.s. Every few months take a look inside that bag and laugh at those lonely, lonely noxious weeds called cigarettes.

  43. McConnell just said the nomination shouldn’t be made until a new prez is elected. Talk about supreme overstepping. What chutzpah.

  44. Clinton/Castro or Sanders/Warren.  Those are your possible line-ups.

    I think Obama should try to push a new SCOTUS nom ASAP, just to remind the American people what they have elected to office: critters that do not actually represent them, cuz they were bought & paid for by big oil, big pharma, big fill-in-the-blank.


  45. Craig – Please stop smoking.  To help, please check out EFT (emotional tapping to stop smoking) on YouTube.  EFT is easy to learn, free, and something you can do as needed.   Good luck.

  46. Well given that the supremecourt would have a year long vacancy if Obama would heed McConnell’s advice.

    I believe there is plenty of time for the senate to advise and consent on a new appointment.

    And for them to stall would be obvious about their placing partisan politics above the good of the country.

    so Obama needs to find a nice moderate selection , anybody would move the court in a more moderate sane direction.


  47. Despite looking like a turtle, Mitch is a contentious, little weasel.   Power-grab is gonna get fugly. C’mon, Obama.  At least try.

  48. He could also nominate Michele

    I think he should pick someone right away and go for it and use the delay to beat up the goopers

  49. And then the next Dem prez can nominate Obama for SCOTUS when there is another opening,  I’ve gotten the feeling Ruth B-G would like to step down if the time was right.   Can you imagine a hearing for Obama?

  50. Google credits it to both Moms and Bette…….

    i like Moms best cause I remember seeing her say it on tv…..cracked me up then and now too.

    and sooooooooo apropos….I have no intention of being nice about the passing of that fat weasel son of a [expletive deleted].

  51. Methinks Obama should pick someone moderate for SCOTUS… but then say to Congress if you don’t want that person I have this raging liberal waiting in the wings.

  52. BTW…  Craig…

    you’ve been saying you wanna quit cigarettes since you started this blog 10 1/2 yrs ago…

    I say….    shit or get off the pot…

  53. Lindsay Graham actually making sense stating he can support someone well qualified even if they aren’t too his taste.  The adults may have entered the room to knock some heads together.


  54. Jamie,


    You know the party has gone off the rails when Lindsay Graham is considered one of the adults in the room.

  55. Jace

    A day of wonders.  He who must not be named from 2008 is voting for Hillary … It only took over seven years for us to be on the same side.  ?

  56. Curses! I wanted mac and cheese for dinner. No macaroni in the pantry! Anybody up for bow tie pasta and cheese?


  57. It’s been common for presidents to nominate SCOTUS members late in their admins, especially pugn presidents.  Like the current members of the court. Thomas in the last year & 1/2 of GHWB, Kennedy in the last year of Saint Ronnie.  Myrtle needs to STFU and do his job.

  58. I’m watching “Anything Goes, ” right now.  It’s gonna be a shock to my system to switch over when the debate comes on.

  59. 4:27 pm Turd tweeted that next SCOTUS judge should be appointed by the next prez.   The Repugs are vowing to block anyone Obama puts up.  I hope Hillary and Bernie both use this ugly behavior to help their respective campaigns gain the votes of anyone out in the middle.  Clearly, Turd and his cohorts care nothing about the people of this country.

    Why would Cruz care?  Until a couple of years ago, he was also a Canadian.

  60. Craig – Not that you asked for advice on quitting, but we are family so…

    Seriously, EFT (emotional felrequency tapping) can help with all sorts of things, no pharmaceuticals needed.  Lots of YouTube videos on EFT and Nick Ortner’s website has info explaining how it works.

    Another possibility is a program like the one my great-uncle went through when he was in his 60s. (He started sneaking smokes at age 9.)  It seems like a short program and the last thing they did was force them to smoke other brands of cigs until they were sick. He never wanted one, again.

    Good luck.

  61. Loretta E. Lynch

    just last year vetted and accepted 56-43 by the current senate for u.s. atty general.

    plus a black woman would be a first

  62. craig- quit easily with an enjoy vaper cig.  it was a nifty little thing that light up and even sent out some vapor- sometimes i even forgot that it wasn’t a cig and would go to light it, tasted like a cigarette too.  anyways, smoked that for about a month- maybe 2.  i just told myself i’d never have another cig but could smoke one of those.  instant pat on your back and still getting to have a smoke.  it was very easy to cut back, in fact, just kinda happened without much thought.  i bought the light version.  still have one around here in case i gotta have a puff with a drink- but haven’t done so in a long time. i even got through dad’s death without having one- but just the same had it with me- didn’t want to freak out my id that i was denying her something!  good luck.

  63. Flatus- ” they’re just past their first break so he’s not asking for potty time.I’m at a loss as to why the facilitators don’t ask if he needs assistance.”  lol, honestly my just 3 year old grandson has more self control.  

  64. Elizabeth Warren would be a great nominee, but at 66?  Obama may want to nominate a younger woman.  The repugs are going to block anyone Obama nominates, but it will drive the dems to the polls in November.  High turnout means dem winners.

    Craig I am sorry to hear the tobacco and nicotine are back.  My father died of lung cancer and the doctor told him his cancer started about the age you are now.  He died at 77.

  65. I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure…..

    —mark twain

  66. The Prez could nominate himself, putting Biden at the head of the line in November :

    Fini Bernie and Hillary.

    Actually, the Prez should nominate a 28 year old black woman from mcconnell’s home town in Kentucky, who served with distinction in Iraq and went to school at UK on the “socialist marxist” “LIBRULL” government tab. All we have to do is find her.

  67. All I needed to quit was a heart attack and bypass surgery. Two weeks and $125 k later I was smoke free.

    However, my cancer was related to way too much coffee for way too long.

    Good luck, and get well soon, Craig !

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