Des Moines Register Questions Dem Results

Iowa’s biggest newspaper, despite endorsing Hillary Clinton, has a serious problem with how the state party went about declaring her the winner, and today called for an immediate audit of the vote totals that party officials refuse to release (suspicions are rising that Sanders might have actually won the most votes).

Des Moines Register headline: “Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party.”

And on it goes: “What happened Monday night at the Democratic caucuses was a debacle, period. Democracy, particularly at the local party level, can be slow, messy and obscure. But the refusal to undergo scrutiny or allow for an appeal reeks of autocracy. … Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems. Too many of us, including members of the Register editorial board who were observing caucuses, saw opportunities for error amid Monday night’s chaos.” Read More

This would seem to be something worth talking about at tonight’s Democratic debate.


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  1. Despite the questions raised by the paper, there is no indication or charges of fraud.  Certainly the sheer numbers of people voting seemed to make things difficult.  I learned a long time ago to never suspect a conspiracy when human stupidity & incompetence were sufficient to cause the problems.


  2. Jamie, at the very least the party should back down and release the raw vote totals snd settle suspicion that Sanders actually won the most votes. Only releasing delegate allocation, which is based on a bizarre formula that gives some counties more weight than others, is not exactly transparent.

  3. mudcat said last thread: “I believe my once great party of working people should care as much about the kids living at the bottom of the mountain as they do the trees at the top or Wall Street donations.”

    mud, I also hope they care, not only about those at the bottom of the mountain, but those kids who had to work inside that mountain and those kids who lost their fathers and grandfathers who worked those same mines.

    btw, why not spread some of your vitriol to mr. T. Boone Pickens who really warred on coal…. and won…. and made even more money.

    back in 2009, old t. boone and ted turner wrote an op ed in the wsj :

    Adopting a “cash-for-clunkers” program in the utility sector can save money and reduce emissions right away by retiring the oldest, least efficient and most polluting power plants in exchange for modern gas-powered plants. New coal plants should be required to combine natural gas with the coal they burn, resulting in cleaner emissions, and every power plant should meet strict carbon-emissions standards.

  4. Jamie….   THANK YOU for that Vox article.  Every time I hear Sanders trying to explain what a democratic socialist is or how he’s going to pay for his healthcare plan I cringe.  I can just see the GOP operatives putting their hands together and closing their eyes ala the cowardly lion and praying…  “oh I do want Bernie to win the nomination…  I do, I do, I do”.

    Pogo…  that was interesting reading your posts on coal vs natural gas…   I learned something.

  5. on the imperfection of the iowa caucus and how they wanted to fix it. both dembats and gopers partnered with Microsoft and came up with a new app.

    “To be honest, I’m less concerned about conducting the caucus and more concerned about crowd control and keeping the peace,” Goetz said. “But the app will speed up the process and ensure a lot of integrity. In the caucus trainings, there’s a lot of moving parts, so I think any incremental thing that makes things go smoother, faster, better, all helps the overall cause.”


    “We want [the caucuses] to function like a finely tuned machine — they were never meant to do that,” said Steffen Schmidt, a professor of political science at Iowa State University. “The people who are running it — they’re not professionals. They’re volunteers, and sometimes you have to pull teeth and beg people to do it. To expect it to be this finely tuned, sophisticated machine is unrealistic, but I guess that’s where we are now.”

  6. I just read the entire previous thread and Mudcat’s comments are affirmed here.  When Clinton and Gore praised NAFTA our UAW local union officers were stunned and confused.  How could this man do this?  Didn’t we support his candidacy thoroughly?  A new word emerged in the daily papers, maquiladoras.  I’m no econ-expert, but here in very-rural Ohio farm country , factory life has changed. The high union wages I earned for over thirty years are now a couple bucks above minimum wage.  Many kids back in the 1960s when I graduated high school hired into union factories and took on apprenticeships and attained skilled trades cards and enjoyed high incomes for decades.  All this is long-gone.  Now, very few kids stick around here after graduating high school…they scramble to Columbus where they can do better, get a job at least.  Some head for Toledo, Cincinnati,  Cleveland, wherever it looks the brightest for them.  There is nothing much here in the corner of Ohio where I can throw a stone north and hit Michigan or west and hit Indiana.  It’s the sticks.  It’s so over.

    I voted for Hillary in the primary in ’08; I was all for her.  Now we have a choice and I am for Bernie Sanders.  All my life I have spoken up for social change and now we actually have one of our own kind running for President.  How could I not be for Bernie?  Imagine HRC yelling how she is not a moderate, no…she’s a progressive.  Americans have been conditioned in the past and present that liberal is a dirty-commie word…but progressive?  That label went out with Fightin’ Bob LaFollette!  I have ignored the repuggs except to follow the circus on the evening news, and I am so jaded (starting since the 2006 mid-terms when the dems kept voting to fund the Iraq war) that until a week ago I wasn’t enthused about November, 2016 much at all.  But I do remember that one Sunday , in Baghdad, the Green Zone. where Hillary Clinton and a few others sat in high-backed chairs sipping tall glasses of something, on Meet the Press or some show like that, and Hillary Clinton was praising the war, calling for support, pushing for more troops, more soldiers on the ground, more armored vehicles, MORE MORE MONEY, because she supported Bush’s fiasco 100%.  Some of us just can’t forget stuff like that…I did in 2008, but this year we have a choice:  a true progressive socialist who advocates free college tuition and a single-payer insurance system.  Finally, I can “feel the Bern”.

  7. dexter, afraid you’ll feel more of a burn if, indeed, the bern is nominated and loses a la McGovern/McCarthy/et al when the neo- nader (whoever that is lurking in the wings) jumps into the fray as an independent.

  8. We had a short outage just now, easily fixed. Server hiccup, nothing nefarious, thankfully.

  9. Craig
    I find your post to be sour grapes! Would you be saying this if the tables were turned and your and Mud Cats man Bernie had won??? The caucuses are undemocratic. Coin tosses, lol.. The Dem party officials of Iowa have spoken.. Maybe if Bernie had actually been a Democrat they might actually grant your wish of releasing the raw vote..

    Question, is most of your posts throughout this primary season going to be mostly anti Hillary in nature? Do you intend to cover other candidates?  Republican’s?

    Another takeaway of mine from reading some of the opinions here, more Democrats who eat their own..  Seems some of the anger expressed about disappearing jobs should be put a little on Republican’s but that doesn’t fit this sexist bullshit of bringing up President Clinton and making Hillary responsible for every perceived ill of his presidency…

  10. Amen, Dexter.  We need true change for the masses.

    Bernie now has the backing of former head of  NAACP, so maybe that will help siphon votes away from Hillary.

    Actually, I think Bernie’s folks are much more motivated to get out the vote.

    As for the GoOPerz, I think Bernie will do better against them than Hillary and all of her baggage.  No worry of how they will label him.  FDR did just fine.  People are hurting and Bernie feels it.  And we feel him.  Feel the Bern.

  11. Tony – It’s a done deal and she won.  However, the process needs to be looked at.  (BTW, I did see a coin toss on the news.). No harm in bringing it up at the debate, while it’s fresh.

    Then, again, I would really rather have them debate the issues, sell their positions to the viewers, and point out how much better it will be if a Repug is not elected.  It’s on cable, so I will have to catch the highlight reel tomorrow.

  12. Blue

    I’m not so sure they are more motivated to get out the vote.. Bernie does have the support of young people promising all those free college goodies to them but in the end in Iowa only 18% of 18-29 voted..

    “Voters ages 17-29 comprised 18 percent of the Iowa Democratic caucus electorate. (In 2008, they were 22 percent.)  That made them the smallest age group in Iowa, with 30-to-44-year-olds (19 percent), 45-to-64-year-olds (36 percent) and those 65 or older (28 percent) all representing a bigger chunk of voters.
    Pay particular attention to those two older age brackets. Among 45-to-64-year-olds, Clinton beat Sanders by 23 points. Among voters 65 or older, Clinton won by 43 points. Her margins among middle-aged and older people effectively canceled out Sanders’s massive win among young people.”

  13. Why should we be surprised? The party machine put Obama up over Hillary in 2008.  If they are now doing the same for Hillary, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Not saying that’s what happened in Iowa, but I put nothing past organizations of any type.  After all, they’re all made up of humans.

  14. Blue

    I’m not against the process being looked at, caucasus are not democratic.. Still seems funny when it’s a Clinton win now is the time to discuss this…  Sanders has no loyalty coming from the Democratic Party of which he never wanted to be a part of.. Let him plead his case with Iowa Democratic party officials..

    I am sorry.  I think that my attempts at posting may have caused the outage.  Both times I got an error 500 server failure.  Then you were gone.
    The post had 2 links, 2 bolds and 2 blockquotes.
    By the way, how do we report problems?

    Turnout Turnout Turnout
    Dems like to protest, not vote, per Barney Frank.

    As far as your sour grapes comment, it seems that anything that is not praise for Hillary is sour grapes.

  17. To Tony,

    I’m with you. I like talking about Republicans.

    In fact, the “Person I Hate” this week is Marco Rubio. He is finally out in the daylight. I don’t think he’s going to look too pretty.

    Since I was mentioned, am I going to vote for Bernie! Damned right.  I will feel a spiritual uplift voting against Hillary.

  18. Dex…   the story of your region could be repeated all over America.  Manufacturing has largely left here in the northeast also.  When I became of working age one could get 6 jobs a day…  then get up the next day and find 6 more in all kinds of manufacturing plants where I lived in central Massachusetts.  Those jobs are all gone.  Some of them left for the south and some of them left overseas as the factory owners were in search of cheaper things such as labor and energy costs.

    So…  should we have elected Ross Perot back in 92?…   would he have stopped it all from happening?  I doubt it.  But to put all the blame on the Clintons seems way too simplistic to me.  To think that Bernie or Hillary will fix it all seems way too simplistic to me also.

    All I do know is that I don’t want a Republican to win the White House.


  19. Mudman,  thanks for your response on the prior thread.  Regarding Harrison, as Clyburn’s aide, assuming he was his aide in 2008, (he was) he was likely working very hard behind the scenes against Clinton in SC.  Hard to ferret that out since he doesn’t seem to have a Wiki page, but it sounds about right given his age and the fact that he joined Podesta by 2013.  If you’ll remember, Clyburn led the racist meme against Clinton in the primary.  I wouldn’t think he was around or old enough to have done anything on behalf of the Clinton machine when Bill was still in office, and when Hillary was in the Senate, to the extent there was any overlap, Cliburn (and Harrison) were in the House.  I’ve been accused of being thick, but I don’t see the nefarious connection you’re suggesting.

    HAH! found a bio of him. Graduated from college in ’98, taught school, then graduated from law school in 2004 – then went to work for Clyburn. Don’t see how the Clintonistas are so slick (except Podesta losing him to the SC Dem chair.) I dunno, maybe that will help (or hurt) Clinton depending upon his leanings.

    Renee, I’m a teacher at heart (not really).

    As to the thread topic – the caucuses are a joke and do not indicate anything of substance about the voting preferences of even Iowegians, much less ‘murcans.

  20. Wall Street Declares War on Bernie Sanders
    By William K. Black, New Economic Perspectives, January 25, 2016

    Wall Street billionaires are freaking out about the chance that Bernie Sanders could be elected President.  Stephen Schwarzman, one of the wealthiest and most odious people in the world, told the Wall Street Journal that one of the three principal causes of the recent global financial trauma was “the market’s” fear that Sanders may be elected President.  Schwarzman is infamous for ranting that President Obama’s proposals to end the “carried interest” tax scam that allows private equity billionaires like Schwarzman to pay lower income tax rates than their secretaries was “like when Hitler invaded Poland.”

    Schwarzman’s claim that the global financial markets are tanking because of Bernie’s increasing support is delusional, but it is revealing that he used the most recent market nightmare as an excuse to attack Bernie.  The Wall Street plutocrats, with good reason, fear Bernie – not Hillary.  Indeed, it is remarkable how vigorous and open Wall Street has been in signaling through the financial media that it has no problem with Hillary’s Wall Street plan.  CNN, CNBC, and the Fiscal Times, under titles such as:  “Here’s Why Wall Street Has Little to Fear from Hillary Clinton,” pushed this meme.

  21. RR sez “All I do know is that I don’t want a Republican to win the White House.”  Ditto.

  22. Thrilled to see we are debating here without ad hominem personal attacks against each other. That is the only thing I will drop the hammer on. Otherwise, let it roll.

    Tony and I live in Florida.  We have had to put up with all of the ads in state elections for Rubio.  He is just a puppet of the party.

  24. Des Moines Register Questions Dem Results

    Purple, Agreed Dems don’t vote..

    The other part of your comment is bull..

    We were lead to believe this sight wasn’t going to become a daily anti Hillary slugfest and it seems to me daily that’s what it is becoming.. My opinion, don’t like it ok by me, we can agree to disagree..

  25. What I don’t think either party is willing to admit is that the law of supply and demand is in full force and both parties in their own ways are trying to cover up this fact by making like cats clawing sand over shit …. Nothing to see here.

    A large percentage of people are simply not necessary to produce the work of the world.  To a large extent that is being done by technology producing more with less.  If they work at all it is simply to service the other human beings from behind a counter and even there computers are replacing them.

    For centuries, corporations have depended on a growing population to consume more and more of their products while people expanded into empty land, except that now that consumption & expansion is steadily killing us courtesy of the garbage & pollution created to do it.

    So far the wealthier nations are able to cover up this problem to some extent with shorter working hours, early retirement, Social Security, and welfare etc.  This was all well and good while only the poorest & least advantaged were being hit while being hidden.  Now it is reaching well into the Middle Class not to mention the war zones and refugees invading trying to reach some place safe.

    Scared people are angry people and there are a lot of scared and angry people being manipulated by others for the sake of money and power.  The end result could be very ugly.


  26. I’m so thankful Trail Mix is back! It would be a sadder presidential campaign season without it.

  27. CoolAuntClaire, welcome back. We’ve come and gone and come back again, but will never go away.

  28. I have not followed politics for a while now.  I just turned on my Kodi stream to watch a little of the debate……I almost threw it in the trash bin when i saw Chris M……….its going to take a lot of effort to watch it.

    The only person that i could vote for with a clear conscience would be Jim Web.  Oh well it looks like i will be voting for John Haglen again……some times we are just so involved in our two party system…all we look for is who they tell us to vote for….we really think that we have a choice, but we DONT……if we were so concerned about what happens to our country…..we would not miss the opportunities to look for a person……like John haglen of the Natural Law Party……

    I have no idea how Hillary, or anyone else today is going to help us get out of the mess we are in……..I have not thought about how the two party system fkd me over and made me lose my 30 yr construction co. for a long time…….now its just as if it happened yesterday……

    Im not bitter, just still pissed about it i guess………voting Democrat or republican, would be giving them my blessing to keep screwing the middle class over and over again……..but like i said…….if it was Jim Webb……i would…..even after i just said all of that…….I feel that he is the only hope that there is….I trust him all of the way…..fight about Hillary and Bern… out of my desire…..maybe a little poke now and then…..but lets face it…… you really think things will change…….NO…..just home team advantage for one or the other………..the American people……….are on the side lines….

    Another great Dem that  i used to like…….and left off my list of shits…….Rahm E…..our great Mayor of Chicago……silver lining with him….is that he won’t be getting re elected……….too many problems with the Chicago Police….killing of his voters……black and hispanics are tired of him………..he will feel the burn…..100%……….white voters are tired of him also….many, many protested against him in the streets…..its all about the two party system…………mmmmmm maybe Jesse the Body ventura is available……..ha just kidding Xr…..but then again……….he is funny



  29. Tone deaf. Hillary is doing it again. Clean it up tonight or else. 675k from Goldman Sachs for speaking fees and all she can say is “that’s what they offered.”

  30. Anderson Cooper gets $100 K a speech for being a TV anchor.  The former first lady of AR & US, Senator, Secretary of State, and First woman Presidential candidate of major party gets offered $675K.  Cooper keeps his to live a wealthy NY lifestyle.  Hers goes to charity and down the line to get other Democrats elected to office because she gets a lot of money from book sales & hubby. The horror and scandal of it all.  Anyone for GOP talking points to defeat one of the most qualified persons to ever run for office.

    George W. Bush speaking fees:


  31. this whole speaking fees whining is bunk. anderson cooper charges 100 thousand plus.  does he just resent the fact that she gets 200 thousand+ , double his fees?  glass houses cooper.

    why “settle suspicion”now?  they didn’t bother in 2008 and there was serious voter fraud going on then.




  32. It looks like some want to change the rules of the Iowa system after it is over…very poor form…The caucus system is a mess and needs to be changed for the future.

    I loved Hillary’s answer about speaking fees last night…very honest…

    Taking the the high road did not last very long.  I have decided to be bemused by it all.

    Hillary ’16

  33. Jamie, Oldsea, big difference, Anderson is not running for a job with power to further destroy main street economy by letting the likes of Goldman Sachs run amuk.

  34. i don’t think so craig- they all charge for speaking.  this is ridiculous.  and sexist too by the way.


  35. Poobah, I think your preferences are showing. (BTW, try the edit button our gracious host installed )  :-))

  36. I don’t care who leverages the jobs the American people elected to for personal gain, it’s just wrong. Carter and Truman never accepted personal speaking fees, corporate board memberships or anything of that sort.

  37. Pogo,

    Been thinking a little about all of this China stuff…….sure we can get involved and have them tow the line….but im afraid it that happens….how that going to further delay, or domestic projects to be canceled…..good by to anything but weapons…….going to be kinda expensive to be chasing China and Russia all over the world…..we better start training killer whales, sharks……no not card sharks…..sharks and other sea critters as torpedo’s….we going to run out of money sooner or later…..meanwhile….Netenyahooo will get more cash to build homes on stolen lands………what a mess we are in……… wonder the Brits are out of the Empire Bizness…..they tagged us, and now were it……..sorry for the rambling…..later

  38. Craig,

    Im with you on the money that is given for speaking engagements……..I think that they are scams…….I mean how in the world, why in the world would any organization give so much money for Bush to speak on anything(just one example)…….its in the books now……he lied, he lied and he lied……..other speakers not far behind….

  39. jimmy carter – 100 thou+american speaker jimmy car


    its been a really, really shitty couple of years .  honestly was  happy to see tm back and was looking forward to spending my extra free winter time with you all.  but think i’m gonna find another sand box where they don’t kick sand in your face. i just don’t have it in me anymore, i got enough stress without going looking for it. peace out friends.

  40. I’m pretty sure Rachael thought Bernie would be kicking butt and I think even though so far she is winning –that MSNBC will either call it a draw or call it for Bernie ..and probably call her shrill in the analysis

  41. HRC is hitting pretty hard to night. She is taking every opportunity to control the agenda. This is one of her strongest performances to date.

    Yes the economy and the campaign finance system are rigged. That is not Hillary’s fault. Bernie doesn’t need to tell me that,all he needs to do is tell me what he proposes.

  42. Hillary just waffled Glass-Steagal, said she would “go further” — but still not clear she would restore it. She is rope-a-doping Bernie big time

  43. On releasing transcripts of her mega-buck speeches, HRC says, “I will look into it.”

  44. Pogo, “21st Century Glass-Steagall” is empty rhetoric. There was nothing wrong with the old one

  45. Bernie’s attempted denial of the artful smear was completely unconvincing. My take so far is that Hillary sounds like she’s thought more deeply about the topics that have come up so far.  She’s gonna be called shrill by someone. Can’t wait to see who will be first to do that.

  46. But she would’ve done it for $600,000.  Ba-dump-bump!  Really, the point is an obscene amount of money for future access.

    It’s just a smarmy thing to do and blowing it off with a joke (it’s what they offered) tells me exactly what she thinks of the people of this country; the non-1%ers, that is. Why did they make that kind of offer? People aren’t stupid Hillary.

    Between her fiasco of a job as SOS, her hawkishness, and, her coziness with Wall Street, I don’t understand how anyone could think she would work for anybody except the established military and financial powers-that-be.

    “You, Me and the Apocolypse,” was good, alternate programming for me tonight.

  47. I don’t know enough about Glass – Stegall to argue that point.  I don’t think the current state of big banks is what it was when Glass -Stegall was passed though, so I’d think mods would be necessary,  but like I said, I don’t know enough to argue that.

  48. I wish the two candidates were seated next to each other being questioned by one moderator.

  49. Btw, blue, Bernie is spending a lot of breath agreeing with Hillary about what we should do re: isis, etc.  You do realize she supported Obama’s withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq and Afghanistan?

  50. It was a great night for Goldman Sachs. (Click pic to enlarge): Clinton turned earth at the groundbreaking of the $2.4 billion Goldman Sachs headquarters in 2005 .

  51. Didn’t ronnie raygunn get a 2-5 million payout for speaking to a Sony dinner

  52. Okay, finally something I completely disagree with Bernie on. I do not love and do not respect a caucus system in Iowa.

  53. And finally something I completely agree with Bernie on. The Democrats win when voters turn out and Republicans win when Voters don’t.  I don’t agree that he’ll generate voter turnout.  Too much of his  support is among the youth voters. History  doesn’t agree either.

  54. just like befor the debate, I still like both of the candidates, but as far as voting for one, I haven’t changed my mind.

  55. Craig, c’mon.  Hillary was the NY senator when that groundbreaking occurred.  Of course she was invited. So was the governor, the other senator, the mayor….

  56. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a GOP plant and succeeded in undoing all of the gains that Howard Dean built for the party.  She makes Sarah Palin seem competent and the woman needs to be fired immediately.  When the GOP wins back the White House, she will be the reason why

  57. Yep Pogo, all of them in Wall Street’s pocket. I’m fine with another go–along-get-along corporate Democrat in office, better than a right wing Republican revolutionary, but it means no change, boring status quo all over again. And the working class has no voice, just lip service on Election Day.

  58. KGC:  Reagan took a $2 million dollar payday from Japanese interests to give a short speech soon after his presidency ended…that one stuck with me…by then, Reagan was deep into dementia, believing he actually lived his movie roles.  I bet that speech was a humdinger.

    I watched the entire debate.  Spirited indeed, and I guess each side probably declared victory.  I was hoping that Bernie would pick climate change as his #1 action after inauguration, but he said campaign reform.

    We all know Bernie would be the first Jewish President…how does he align with Netanyahu, how does he feel about that long dividing wall over there, does he feel Palestinians are oppressed?



  59. My concern about Sanders is that Bloomberg will run against him as an indie, throwing the White House to the rippers and leaving the House and Senate in the hands of illogical and violent, classist, racist, homophobic, nationalist, religious bigots, and who are scientifically and arithmetically challenged.

    Dems need to debate ideas, not personalities, so that we are united, excited, and exciting, when the convention is over. 

  60. President Xrepublican’s Baker’s Dozen To Do List

    1. Global warming/Independence FROM oil

    2. Re-instate Glass Steagal

    3. Replace Citizens United with a public campaign finance law*

    4. End the secrecy afforded shell corporations; deprive corporations of personhood, while retaining standing to petition, answer, and plead in court.

    5. Place weapons embargo on Near and Middle East 

    6. Start Grand Jury Investigation of the origins of Gulf Fiasco II, especially who in the Administration shorted the dollar and went long on oil futures w/leverage = x40. See anonymous shell corps. Publish the entire record

    7. Start Grand Jury investigation of political/industry origins of the 2007-2009 Wall Street Meltdown. Publish the entire record

    8. Un-pardon everyone pardoned by george w. bush

    9. Firearm registration plus stringent law governing who may handle firearms***

    10. Single Payor Health Care allowing for supplementary private insurance

    11. Investigate dennis hastert/mark foley and child sexual abuse/prostitution scandal. Publish the entire record with names of all the adults

    12. Declare the nixon ‘War on Drugs’ fiasco a defeat, and end it

    13. Push hard and fairly, but ineluctably, for a 3 State Solution : Israel, Gaza, and Palestine. Lean extremely heavily on saudis, Lebanese, and Gulf States to ratify and guarantee the settlement

    1, 3, 5, 9, 10, and 13 would cost a great deal of time, effort, and political chits; the rest would be either easy tasks or eye candy for the main sprung media to goggle and gossip about

    * The legal theories are a. spending is not speech, b. elections are Constitutionally mandated public instrumentalities rather than private privileges

    ** If rippers can investigate (persecute) H.R. Clinton for a decade (6 years in the ’90s and 4 years in the teens) then I can investigate the bush crime family and its many conspiracies during my single term

    *** If necessary, drafting all private firearms into State Militias, and inducting them into local armory vaults. (? Camping on weekends and week long January bivouacs, eating k-rats ?)

    We’re Going To Have Glasnost and Perestroika In America

  61. #8 rocks…watch your back you little shrimp Scooter Libby….they’re coming to take you away!

  62. Clinton would do much better if she would say,

    “They offered me $675k (pregnant pause) How could I NOT do it ? $675k is an enormous sum of money ! YOU may not think so, but the American people do. So I made my presentations, collected $675k, and gave it to X, Y, and Z ngon-profits to help them do their amazing work on behalf of yadda yadda and blah blah blah.”

    It takes a village MONEY to raise a child. Let’s get back to her strengths and her vision !

    Jeez, who is her coach for heavens sake ?

  63. Oho, Dexter !  You can read my mind !?!

    I’d love to hold scooter under water until he spills everything about criminal activities of the bigger fish, including the Big Crab himself.

  64. Gallant of jeb! to ask his 90 year old mother to lead the actual Pickett’s Charge of his Pickett’s Charge Campaign. Bye, bye Bushes. Please. Forever.

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