Containing China

Jim Webb writes:

We can leave no doubt that the United States will support our allies. China’s claim of “indisputable sovereignty” in the Senkaku, Paracel, and Spratly Islands must be disputed at every opportunity. China is wrongly laying claim to almost all of the South China Sea — an area larger than the land mass of the Philippines, Japan and Vietnam combined. Failing to stand up to these claims threatens the entire stability of the Asia-Pacific region. — Read More



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  1. China’s claim is nonsense.  The Spratly Islands clearly are much more likely to fall within the territorial waters of Malaysia or the Philippines.  Question becomes how do we stand up to the threat without becoming involved in a shooting war.  If it’s a naval war, however, China loses, and loses like it’s never lost before (unless Russia becomes involved, then all bets are off).

    Flatus and Solar, time for you to weigh in on this.

  2. craig, jamie suggested in last thread that this topic would make a great issue question in the next debates.  anyway you can hint to the debate gods to include it?  either party, any candidate…. good problem for any potential potus to solve.

  3. Agree PatD (and Jamie), but the debate “gods” are well aware of the issue, they just don’t seem to think it’s interesting enough for the viewers unless there’s a live news incident to talk about. In other words, wait until the roof caves in.

  4. What’s next on Bernie’s Promise List:

    No-setting or clearing of dining tables because family meals will be discontinued.

    You are free to text whomever you wish whenever you wish because your social development is of paramount importance.

    Sleepovers during the week are fine.

    If you don’t feel like flushing after you go, don’t worry about it—mom or I will do it.

    You don’t need to go with us when we visit grandma and grandpa. We’ll tell them that you are busy doing your homework. They will be proud of you.

  5. I have not been following this very closely, just closely enough to know that we are ignoring China’s nonsensical claims of sovereignty by sailing and flying through these waters. I won’t even call them disputed waters–their custody has long been settled.

    They have tried doing the same thing in Korea’s West Sea as has Japan in Korea’s East Sea. Korea (both North and South) has said no way in hell and meant it.

    China must be made to realize that we will not bend in defense of our treaty partners, and related states, with whom we depend on these open waters for trade and fishing rights. China must understand that if they attack one of our warships, it will result in retaliation times ten. And if they are foolish enough to torpedo one of our aircraft carriers, it will be out-and-out war.

    They are playing chicken in the wrong coop.

  6. Playing chicken with the wrong coop.  I love it (plan to steal it).

    I’m thinking war games in the South China Sea to demonstrate the protection of the sovereignty of the Philippines and Malaysia might be appropriate.

  7. upi story: Chinese military aircraft trespass into Japan, Korea airspace
    Japan’s Self-Defense Force fighter jets scrambled to intercept the planes.

    guess we’ll have to rewrite the poem:

    two, if by air…  one, if by sea

    and we on the opposite sides will be

  8. last year:
    “China is a country ruled by law. Relevant departments will handle the relevant case according to law. We hope that public figures in other countries can respect China’s judicial sovereignty and independence ,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in a daily news briefing, according to Reuters.

    hah! how ’bout respecting other countries’ sovereign lands and independence of sea lanes, mr minister?

    this year, same story:

  9. contrary to what faux news and wapo have been reporting “It’s on: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will debate  in New Hampshire”

    Thursday night’s debate will take place at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. It will be moderated by Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow.

  10. Of interest to me is Vietnam essentially coming to the U.S. and asking for assistance and presence in the area.  Will Myanmar do the same?  With economic collapse in China there are pressures to take people’s minds off how bad things are going.  War is surefire way of doing that.  China knows taking the U.S. on is not a good idea.  But, almost any of the countries nearby, including Taiwan, would be a good start.  The question is how far is Obama willing to let China move.

  11. excerpt from the guardian:

    Paul was also burdened throughout the race by simultaneously running for re-election to his Senate seat in Kentucky. Both Kentucky and national Republicans were long anxious that, in a presidential year, Paul might put the seat in jeopardy by focusing on his White House bid. He had expended a lot of political capital in his home state already to accommodate his presidential bid. Paul even paid for the state party to hold a caucus instead of a primary election in order to avoid violating a state law that prevented candidates from appearing on the ballot for two offices at the same time.

    His absence from the race will significantly alter the debate within the Republican party. Paul had consistently been among the most dovish and least interventionist candidates running for the GOP nomination. In his absence, the most skeptical Republican candidates remaining about United States’ role in the world are likely to be Trump and Cruz, both of whom are opposed to deploying ground troops in Syria. However, they have both embraced increasing airstrikes, with Trump calling for “bombing the hell out of Isis” and Cruz urging the US to “carpet bomb them into oblivion”.

    The Kentucky senator will now focus on his Senate duties and bid for re-election. The campaign said that while Paul will not endorse any former rival in the GOP primary that he will endorse his party’s eventual nominee.

  12. And here is a good example of what Hillary was talking about in the last debate about presidents not being able to pick and choose their issues…   sometimes the issues find them.

    It would be nice to see Webb debating these types of issues with Hillary….   now he’ll most likely never get the chance.

  13. The best case, very unlikely, would be that China knocked it out of the sky during the launch phase.

  14. A quarter century ago, then President george bush called red China,  our ally.

    Therefore, the question is whether the US will stand behind Japan and the Philippines, or stand behind the bush crime family, adelson, and walmart.

  15. Solar :

    I’m sorry I missed you yesterday. Hope you are still strong & healthy enough to be ornery.

  16. Since Korea was the first hot spot during the cold war and is under the rule of a flat ass crazy we shouldn’t be too surprised.

  17. Btw, I have no complaint about the Trail Boss disliking the Iowegian Caucus. He’s fully capable of forming his own opinions, based on his own criteria.

    To me the main failing of the Iowa Caucus is the Whiteness of the event. The Hispanic folks who provide most of the labor for the meat and poultry packers would be a serious toner for the Caucus, if only they could get citizenship. Yet, would they be gutting and bleeding hogs and chickens if they were citizens ?

    I never liked primaries because the nearby MI & WI Primaries so frequently pick racist shitheads (a technical term used in political science) to head the party tickets.

    Mr. Crawford, Esq. and I merely make our decisions by using different criteria.

  18. OD…you are so sincere and I admire that.  Do not let the insults about HRC make you feel insulted.  I love your voice on the trail.

    And I am sorry, Craig, no one says China like Donald Trump.  He will eventually build an island in the South China Sea.  What I am waiting for from Trump?  The Middle Class deal…where is my huge and free healthcare?  Cut me a good deal with the insurance CEO’s.

    I predict the DNC will tire of their over staying house guest, the Sander’s campaign.  After questioning the insane counting of ‘caucus votes’ (full moon caucus is even wilder, Bernie) and demanding some numbers?  Hey, how about some numerology?  Welcome to the Dem Party!   And as I rest uncomfortably on my past laurels, I am grabbing for that sack of sayings.  Bernie is great, but his campaign?  The DNC has given them a table of gold and they are bitching that they did not get a chest to put it in!  Bern never put in the time for the dems.  AND he really did kowtow to the NRA because he did sort of owe them.  However, I do not buy-in to the belief the Bern became a socialist to avoid child support.

  19. “The best case, very unlikely, would be that China knocked it out of the sky during the launch phase.” –Flatus @ 1:26 pm

    The second best case would be russia knocking it out of the sky during launch phase.

    The third best case would be the US knocking it out of the sky during launch phase.

    The fourth : India

  20. save a lot of time and money if we just cut off his lavish goodies supply.  send dennis rodman over with a doggy bag of bad news



  21. Flatus, LOL!!  The Daily Mail is always good for a laugh, and some of what they right is probably well researched.  (I would avoid clicking on the pieces at the bottom of the page).  I really don’t care that Bernie is twice married and has one natural child by a lover in the 60s.  And I know you don’t either.  But the article is a hoot.

  22. tony, woodward’s not alone, I wish she would keep to a conversational tone.  those crowd shouts sound too much like used car and crazy gizmo salesmen.  Bernie does it  too…. in fact I wish all of them would trust the mic capabilities and speak in their normal voices.


    Failing to stand up to these claims threatens the entire stability of the Asia-Pacific region.

    I can just see Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett trying to keep peace without any show of strength to protect the corporate interests and Hillary with the war hawks pushing the fire button.

  24. Tony,

    So very nice to see you also.  Don’t worry pal, I wont be bashing the clintons all that much….i kinda like them…..or who they used to be.  Tony people change when you have all of that power and money…..they are not above this human flaw.  If it helps….i would rather have Hillary C….as potus than any republican, period.

    There are a lot of people that i used to  like…..when they were for the common man…but after having the chance for power and money, and after knowing how they changed……i don’t think of them in the  same way again……..First on the list of many is Dianne Fienstien, big military contractor now with untold powers….Tom Daschel…..if really used to like him…..Charlie Rangel…… I really liked Barney Frank…..he made me laugh so much……but they all changed after being around so long…..that they all changed so much that i was forced to adjust my ideas of them…..same as the Clintons….

    ……wish we had term limits for all elected officials…..also for the supremes……..its all partison……..any way….how bad can the rookies fk things up…..surely not more than they are now…

    I admire your enthusiasm and all….same goes for OD……..I was referring to this comment in particular (paraphrasing)…..”craig if you keep this up…the hillary bashing…your going to lose the trail hands”….im not going to go back and find the exact words…..

    Tony youre the best….i always think about you and Chloe, same goes for everyone here and at the swamp……been real busy doing nothing….will explain a little as i get back into the swing of things….will be in and out, but will keep tabs of things….







  25. Patd,

    If there to be one word to describe you….it would be consistent…..and that is the best that anyone can be imo…you work to make people at ease, happy, etc….is so admirable……like this Anthony Quinn….in Zorba….great……You know i watched it twice…..i think that i can incorporate some of his steps into my ti chi routine…”he is baaack, and he is still baaaaad”……ha haaaas…….close your eyes…….Smooooch… that good or bad…..ha ha…



  26. Solar

    You need to stick around during the election season please.. I want to hear your opinions on Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Republicans, Democrats, whatever.. Bash away because like with Craig there will be no infighting.. I have more fear of 2008 bickering than a Hillary bash..

    You make a validate and true point, people change as they gather power, wealth.. Some for the worse and some for the better.. I believe The Clinton’s have gotten better.. The Clinton Foundation is a great help to millions.. Hillary i believe in my soul is good to a fault and wants to lift all peoples up similar to what her husband did.. I like Bernie, been a big fan for years but i don’t believe he can deliver on a “political revolution”.. Term Limits, yes, it works for the Presidency..

    Your the best as well and certainly missed.. I think of Chloe as well and wish she would come around.. Glad your busy but i hope you will promise to come around and spill your feelings on this political fishbowl..

  27. Purple,

    Just the opposite…your great.

    I wish that I could explain myself as well as you do… make people think very, very deeply.  Some of your thoughts and links to back them up are so profound…….that they dont get too many answers…….proving to me that we need more answers than the two party system can give us.

    Tell 168 that i said hello…..and congrats on all the nice work that you have done with him…..and he with his continued pursuit of it all…..

  28. Sea,

    You so make me laugh……glad to see you also……….that thing men have with thinking with…….blushing here……with…and women with….deeper shade of……women with….well i guess its true some times no………me i think with my first and second chakra………….oh my mmmmmore blushing……xox back at you

  29. Ted Cruz embraces the Bern
    by Katie Gluek

    “HENNIKER, N.H.– Ted Cruz, scrambling to boost his position in more independent-minded New Hampshire, tapped into the populist fervor fueling the leading 2016 campaigns here by embracing a comparison to Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.
    “In diagnosing the problem, I agree in many ways with Bernie Sanders,” Cruz said of the Democratic presidential candidate. “I enjoy watching the media folks. They’re very puzzled when they say, ‘Gosh, Ted, you sound exactly like Bernie, saying it’s all big money and lobbyists and corruption.’ Well, you know what? That’s right. It is. Washington is corrupt.”

  30. Spidey gal,

    Loves ya… glad that you and Rick, Rick are doing well…….I sometimes think of you when i go into the sauna at the gym…..cept i don’t have a glass of wine with me…love the saunas massage of the muscles after a good work out……say hello for me….no not to the bears…to rick…

  31. Pogo…..??

    Hey how are you partner…….like Flatus…im not up on what China is up to…….but feel as Blue Bronc does….a wait as see will be my attitude until i catch up with what they are up to….but it is never what it seems…..hope Mrs P and Pogo jr….are fine…….was going to say little P…..but bet that doesnt fit him any more…..

  32. XR,

    Not to worry….im fit as a fiddle…..I say when you called me a cretin…..don’t even know what that means……but if you want ornery….go head….keep calling me that………hoping that all is great with you and sweety…………


    Hello, Sturg, Sarge, Whiskey and all others……seeing all of the you all is great…….Jamie….like i said….you did a real fine job of keeping things together…………later

  33. Media Really Don’t Want To Declare Clinton The Winner In Iowa
    By Tyler Cherry

    New York Times: Clinton Braces For “Another Loss” In New Hampshire After Iowa. New York Times‘ Amy Chozick wrote on February 2 that the Clinton campaign is “brac[ing] themselves for another loss” in New Hampshire following the Iowa results, after writing that “the outcome in Iowa [was] effectively a tie.” (The article was later updated, replacing “another loss” with “another battle.”) Though the article did note that “The Iowa Democratic Party declared early Tuesday morning that Mrs. Clinton had won,” Chozick also wrote that “The Associated Press had not called the race yet.” From the original text of the Times article:”

  34. Blue,

    Thanks…..i like to see how youre logic unfolds…….u make a lot of sense to me….keep em coming.

  35. Solar, doing well, thanks – only working harder than I like. And no, LP is about an inch and a half taller than me now and hard as a rock.  I’m still meaner than he is, but being ticklish and with his bony fingers, that doesn’t help all that much.  But hey, I gotta put the puke through college now, so I continue to work (he did well 1st term – moved to varsity the 3rd game of the season -scored a couple goals despite low playing time as a Freshmen and made president’s list – 4.0)  Mrs. P & I are proud as you might think.  Hope you’re doing well compadre.

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