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  1. now that you mention it….

    everytime i hear “feel the bern” i would like to ask them if they need some preparation H to feel better. ūüôā


  2. Oregon, if she doesn’t trash Bernie now, good for her. I will be impressed. How is is that bashing Hillary?

  3. I am simply saying the Clinton campaign lost control of the Sanders movement and now must risk losing their support in order to stop it. Perhaps they can figure out a way around that. They sure ought to try.

  4. Her campaign is making a terrible mistake antagonizing his supporters by repeatedly ridiculing him as a “74-year-old Socialist” – her surrogates have repeated that line on cable shows for days, it’s clearly in their prescribed talking points. So dumb. All are voters she will need in November.

  5. david Georgan? on cnn is saying that hillary isn’t in touch with what the youth is concerned about such as “black lives matter” ¬† another pundit repudiated that specifically. ¬†what kids around here have been led to believe by the sanders group is that she supports the 1% as opposed to the middle class and that she is in bed with monsanto. ¬†by the way- i ask them if he is a democrat and they all say yes.

  6. jeekers, he is a socialist and won’t be able to win the election if he becomes the dem candidate because of that- well at least with older citizens. ¬†I saw many of his supporters interviewed yesterday and they were asked what socialism is and they couldnt say.

  7. Folks. I like Hillary too and would very much like to have a woman president, but don’t be disappointed if she turns out to be another president bought and bossed by Wall Street who starts unnecessary wars. We survived several, and will likely survive her too.

  8. Sorry, OldSea, I really do hope I am wrong, but so tired of the Clintons proving me right, not the least of it repealing Glass-Steagall.

  9. Farewell Tony , Jamie and others.  When the host becomes a negative force, I choose to leave.

  10. Oregon demo, when did “Folks. I like Hillary too and would very much like to have a woman president” become bashing and negative?¬† the “but” that followed only sounds to me like a cautious and clear-eyed suitor who has been burned (or is that “bern-ed”) too many times before.

    please reconsider¬†and return to the trail….¬† the path is wide and there’s room enough for all.

  11. a very profound comment 2 threads ago by mr sturge: If the Mosquitos were to disappear the bats and purple martins might develop a taste for human flesh……..If you think Mosquitos are bad, try swatting off a bat with his teeth embedded in your neck……

    also in same vein was blueid: Mosquitos are also pollinators, so it’s going to impact more than bats and birds.  Leave Mother Nature alone; maybe we can fly below the radar awhile longer.

    in other words, the bernies,¬† the teds and the naders all have their place in the nature of politics… like pollinators or pesky pests in some sense.¬† on second tho’t in¬†another sense they¬†have screwed up the works sometimes.

  12. Good Morning


    Sorry to see you go but i understand.. Lots of anti Clinton stuff around the internet and you didn’t expect it here. I know it’s kinda shocking to hear Bernie supporters reduce the most successful 2 term President down to just the few policy mistakes of his Presidency.. I’m a lifelong GM worker and hated NAFTA but i have to keep in mind all peoples in this country were lifted under President Clinton.

    Oh and it’s hard to hear from Bernie supporters that the most qualified person to ever run for President is nothing but a power hungry shill for the corporations..

    Still this is Craig’s place and we have to keep that in mind.. I know his opinion and tone set the agenda here…

    I should have asked for your email and i would have mailed you personally.. Def hope to see you maybe after the primaries..In the meantime do what i do, give what you can to Hillary for America, make some calls, mostly inspiring and avoid the negativity.. Take good care


  13. Well, I woke up this morning to the usual Iowa Republican super religious far right winner and the Dems looking at a tie.  But, this is Iowa and has as much to do with electing president as Maryland does predicting the price of California wine.

    Iowa is better at pruning the bottom branches, bye bye O’Malley and Huckabee.

    Although the small states are nice to win, not nice to lose, I want to see big states weighing in on things.

    Thinking about Sanders, he tends to remind me a little bit of Nader.

    Now another week of excess excitement from the media in their portrayal of what an outsider would assume to be a fight to the death gladiator battle.

  14. Ain’t it like old times?

    Craig РWhat is the impact of the crossover voters?  When will they release this information?  How  many crossed over to vote against something in the Republican event?  Did this take away from Hillary and give Ted a false victory?

    Off to my capitalistic world helping to create jobs and provide answers to solve the biggest problems.

    Ping Pong on Ground Hog Day !!

  15. The worst thing I say about Bernie is that he isn’t a Democrat and because of that he can’t get elected. ¬†Well I do add in that he is basically one issue in a world where global experience & understanding of issues.

    I still love our fearless leader, but Morning Joe & Mika have set my teeth on edge this AM.  After months of trumpeting Trump and bashing Hillary, they are being so sarcastic and whiney that my TV is in danger from flying objects.



  16. why, oh great pundit poohbah, is it necessary that Hillary “must trash” Bernie?¬† surely one more easily achieves the pinnacle by taking the higher road.¬†¬† I hope the wiser advisors in her campaign reign in those who¬†think otherwise.

    kill your enemies with kindness, smother them with love and laughter. a win win for all concerned.

  17. jamie- don’t check in at cnn- not much better. ¬†the young women pundits repeatedly accused hillary’s speech as shouting and angry, and i’m wondering what speech did you hear? ¬† its deja vu .


  18. funny, cnn asking who is honest and trustworthy- not cnn! ¬†they will not declare victory till last precinct is in- but there is a 4 point spread and that precinct is worth 2 delegates. ¬† even sanders is saying maybe we lost by 2, but cnn can’t?! this is bs.

    od- please stick around,

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