This Is Democracy?

Seizure of the personal bank accounts of those who dare seek access to ballots? Limiting ballot petition drives to as little as five weeks despite requiring nearly 200,000 signatures? Imposing massive fines on those seeking ballot access even if their signatures are valid. Invalidating valid signatures simply because politically motivated officials are given subjective powers to discard any signature they choose?

These are not the acts of a tin horn dictatorship. This is what happens in the United States of America, thanks to the dictatorial duopoly of the Republican and Democratic party machines bent on making sure that no American voter gets a third choice.

— Craig Crawford

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  1. Still working out registration issues, so I’ll drop that requirement for now, unless spam gets crazy.

  2. thanks Jaime for the wonderful temporary home
    By Howdy glad to get that email from Craig

  3. Craig! Welcome back. I can’t believe what a cold fish our new House Speaker is. He can take his majority with him as he departs his chair following the elections. The most important Democratic imperative? Getting out each and every eligible voter. Many of the same registration issues are faced by ‘natural’ democrats who have never been able to meet the registration threshold.

    No person or candidate should be impeded in exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed privilege/obligation as voters or office seekers. Misfeasance, nonfeasance, malfeasance, are the kindest words that come that come to mind when characterizing the public officials who are stone-walling your candidate, and have conspired against natural democrats for more than a century.

  4. Make TM great again. Ok, that line has already been taken by some orange orangutan. While not much of a contributing writer on any medium these days, I look forward to reading what you have to say, Craig, and old and new friends, too.


  5. I’ll keep my blog open for the gang to allow for links, replies and such until Craig finishes the design work. …. And then I get my blog back… YAY. In the meantime, y’all keep coming.

  6. Lovely seeing everyone. Maybe you heard, we lost Mom (Toby) over the holidays. Still feel like I’ve been run over by a dump truck. Bringing Trail Mix back part of my therapy.

  7. Wednesday Woo-Hoo, Y’all!

    Craig, You could write a book and expose all of this stuff for civilians like me.

    Jamie – Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess.

  8. Here’s Why It’s Important That Kim Davis Was at the State of the Union
    Michelangelo Signorile
    “So, we should actually be thankful to Kim Davis for attending the State of the Union. She was yet another indicator that those who, as the president said last night, “scapegoat fellow citizens,” are gathering their forces, telling Americans to “respond to the changes of our time with fear” and to “fear the future.” Much of the president’s speech was about the forces of abject bigotry on the current political stage and how we can’t underestimate them. Kim Davis’s presence in the chamber served to underscore his warning.”

  9. But are we to expect to have a third choice? Would make for an interesting election.

    The lead up to Iowa and NH has been taxing. The Dem debates haven’t done much to sway me one way or the other. The ‘pugn debates have been as close to a political burlesque as we could have hoped. I watched maybe 20 minutes of O’s farewell SOTU address. I think it was 18 minutes too much. I think I may wake up in a cold sweat some night dreaming that the election will be Ted Cruz versus Bernie and Ted will win. Now there’s a nightmare.

    On the other hand I watched all of the national championship game the night before. ROLL TIDE ROLL.

  10. Actually, both party machines don’t seem to be in control this time. The GOP doesn’t want Trump or Cruz. The Dems assumed Hillary would be a shoe-in.

    The people may not get the full range of choices, but their voice is being heard. Those poll numbers (yeah, yeah, I know), for whatever they are worth, tell the story that the media just can’t grasp. Bernie, Trump, and, Cruz have high poll numbers because they are giving voice to people’s concerns. Now, if they just had viable ways to resolve problems.

  11. Tony,
    Kim Davis, the new soul of the Republican party. (I wonder which offensive term she refers to gay folks as…hmmm) And today the ‘pugns are apoplectic about Obama being divisive – of course because he called them out on that front last night no doubt. Lord help us.

  12. Finally, back. The incredible force, building on the cork, was starting to blast free. We, Craig’s posse, are ready and willing to post.
    SotU, so blasse
    Bidden running “cure the cancer” so runner up.
    Iran making “we hold the great satan United States sailors hostage” a “you really want one of those unhinged guys in charge of how to respond?” a talking point.
    No. No. And,another NO.
    Missed y’all.

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