Kelly On Deck

kelly-ayotte-reelection-fight-rGuess who’s worried about reelection? Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire was one of only two Senate Republicans to vote for a Democratic bill that would prevent people on the no-fly list from buying guns.
maggie hassanDemocratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, who trails Ayotte by a single percentage point according to a recent Boston Herald poll, accused Ayotte of “trying to have it both ways” after she voted against a proposal that sought to increase background checks for prospective gun buyers.


Tammy’s Leg Cam

Give Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) credit for creative use of her unique opportunity to elude rules against cell phones and cameras on the House floor during the recent Democratic sit-in protesting for gun votes.

The Iraq war veteran hid her smartphone in her prosthetic leg. The the first female double amputee from the war is also the first disabled woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Duckworth spokesperson Kaitlin Fahey: “For the next 16 hours, Rep. Duckworth shared the names of Illinoisans killed by gun violence, captured photos and videos of her colleagues after Republicans turned off C-SPAN’s cameras, and eventually even got out of her wheelchair and sat on the floor — all to protest Congress’ inaction.”

Tammy DuckworthLast week Politico named Duckworth’s challenge against GOP Sen. Mark Kirk the #1 Senate campaign most likely to produce a switch in parties this fall. The Washington Post called it the “most competitive Senate race in 2016.” Roll Call labeled Kirk “the most vulnerable Senator in the country.” 


Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor
Some guitar for an early Sunday morning. Enjoy the music and enjoy the day! — More Posts by Jace

hrcPressMedia’s Hillary Bias Reaches New Lows

By OldSeaHag, a Trail Mix Contributor

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I was listening to the news last night (note to self: gotta stop doing that), and with all of the problems going on — Brexit, Orlando, the Supreme Court vote — they still found ways to fit in how Hillary is unlikable. How it appears, not that she has recently earned and deserves the support of even some Repubs- that people will just have to vote her just because she isn’t Trump. I was sickened by it all. I can’t imagine being Hillary and getting up and still keep on going despite all the shit people talk about her. Not one mention that she has 15,805,136 votes. No mention of how very much qualified for President she is. They just keep on finding reasons to put her down and negate her. Now somehow Brexit is loosely twisted into an indication of the people’s dissatisfaction and dislike for Hillary. I am beyond insulted by the media, their bias and their flawed logic presented to us every day in their Hillary bashing bullshit storm. 15 plus million of us voted for her – and there will be more. Deal with it media, you wombat spoons- your sexism is showing. Hillary isn’t going away and neither are we. — More Posts by OldSeaHag


Always tell the truth about your barbecue. Then you don’t have to remember anything.

— Mark Twain

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

cow mapBrisket?  What do you mean a smoked brisket is going to bring down the world? Jesus Alou!!!  (haysus ahlu)

I am very sorry.  At first I could not conceive of a single idea as to why a brisket would cause the Dow to drop faster than the diaper on a three year old at a wedding.   Or why a nice brisket could cause panic in the usual panic prone.

No.  I was very confused when the Loon Carny Trump took credit for a crashed brisket.  I cannot imagine he knows how to drive.

It was only after I enjoyed a martini, perfect drink when pondering a carny taking credit for anything.  Usually they run for the next county.  It was actually the second round that I started to put it all together.  Trump had lost his diaper and his small hands were playing with a brisket.

brexit-shutterstock2Okay, so now I watch a little television, actually a forty inch (101.6 cm for our EU folk)  television – not really very little, and find out that not only has a brisket been abused, a brexit has been too.  Not that I know anything about a brexit.  Rather scary word there.  Possibly one that has very significant meaning to those with access to good apple or pear wood for smoking the brexit.

Although, my ancestors fought, and eventually fought very well, against the Brits, I do not remember anything in the family tree which was associated with a British Brisket.  Then I started to consider that a Brexit and a Brisket might not be in the same meat group.  Maybe a Brexit was closer to a Gaegogi (dog meat).

That is when I realized I was closer to the truth.  Carny Trump did not know what a Brisket was a week ago, and all of a sudden he was taking credit for killing the European Union, the United Kingdom and England.  That takes a lot of Gaegogi.  And, probably a lot of other things us poor people cannot afford.

What is going on?  I finally asked myself, after making sure I had no left over brisket which could be involved in some sort of weird relationship with the orange one.

It took some time to understand that the Brits had done their own Revolution, like ours, but without the winning side sitting in the worst winter in a very long time.

Now that the British Union Jack is flying high, except that Scotland is about to vote to dump the English and the Union Jack becomes jacked off.  So, if you bought a Union Jack and you still have the receipt you might consider returning it for the simple Saint George’s version.

Looking in the refrigerator left me with the knowledge I have chops tonight, lamb chops (not mutton).  Therefore, I am not involved in the great brisket caper.

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Clinton’s Florida Air War

Here are the two Clinton ads that appear to be exclusively airing in heavy rotation in the Central Florida market where I’ve been for a week. Have seen them run as much as twice each in a single half-hour local newscast. No Trump ads spotted so far. Social media videos, fun and games have their place but this is the heavy artillery:

from her Super PAC, PrioritiesUSA …

from the Clinton campaign …