Cubbie Win Portends the Mother of all Miracles: a Woman in the White House!

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

As USA Today Sports proclaimed:
CLEVELAND –  It was the moment that time stood still, the earth quit spinning, and a beleaguered but loyal fan base stopped breathing.

Finally, after 108 years, the miracle everyone has been awaiting actually happened Wednesday.

The Chicago Cubs, after one of the most dramatic World Series games played, are your 2016 World Series champions.

Go ahead and pinch yourself, America, the baseball miracle of all miracles finally happened and quoted political blogger Ken Rudin:

“When the World Series goes to a Game 7, if the American League team wins, Republicans win the White House. If the National League team wins, Democrats win the White House,” he wrote.

To prove his point, he added this list:
1972 (AL team wins) — Nixon (R)
1968 (AL team wins) — Nixon (R)
1964 (NL team wins) — Johnson (D)
1960 (NL team wins) — Kennedy (D)
1956 (AL team wins) — Eisenhower (R)
1952 (AL team wins) — Eisenhower (R)
1940 (NL team wins) — Roosevelt (D)
1924 (AL team wins) — Coolidge (R)

That means Wednesday night’s seven game win by the Cubs of the National League over the American League Cleveland Indians favors a Clinton win.

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Investigate the Investigators? Who, How, When and Why?

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

Or as they use to say quis custodiet ipsos custodies?

Should the questionable actions of the FBI possibly violating the law by tampering with the election be investigated? Should a Special Prosecutor be appointed by the Attorney General and, if so, when? My druthers would be today, immediately if not before in order to stem a dangerous turn toward damaging our democracy.

But who is above reproach, beyond bias and not tainted with today’s scandals? Perhaps someone like retired SCOTUS Justices Sandra Day O’Connor or David Souter, both appointees by Republican presidents and one a former prosecutor.

How should this mess be approached, how soon in your opinion and who would you appoint if you were AG Lynch?

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Welcome To The Show

The Financial Times might be stating the obvious, or the “bleeding” obvious, as the Brits say, but it will always be worth repeating.

In an editorial endorsing Hillary Clinton, the writers partly blamed “a media which have become more polarised than ever” for the rise of Trump:

In the search for higher ratings, too many have been happy to strike a Faustian bargain with Mr Trump.

It’s happened before, and will happen again, so long as access to voters is controlled by the ratings machine. In 2008 the pop star mentality boosted Barack Obama to stardom.

The big difference here is that Faust traded his soul to the devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge, not for Nielsen numbers.