Stars and Stripes:

In a war replete with suffering, sacrifice and courage, June 6, 1944, or “D-Day,” stands out as a unique example of courage and heroism.
Stars and Stripes is marking the 75th anniversary with a look at the events of D-Day in tribute to the men who fought and died for the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny.




On D-Day eve 75 years later

The Guardian:

Ahead of the event, the 16 nations involved in the commemoration agreed a proclamation to mark the 75th anniversary. The statement, coordinated by the UK, recognises the sacrifice of those who took part in the second world war and salutes the surviving D-day veterans.
In the proclamation, countries undertake to work together to find common ground and recommit to the shared values of democracy, tolerance and the rule of law.
It says: “Seventy-five years ago, our countries were about to embark on a decisive battle. On 6 June 1944, 160,000 allied troops landed at Normandy, signalling the beginning of the end of the war in Europe. Casualty figures on all sides were immense, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors, aviators and civilians killed or wounded in the days and weeks that followed.
“We stand together today to honour the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on D-day, and those many millions of men and women who lost their lives during the second world war, the largest conflict in human history.
“Over the last 75 years, our nations have stood up for peace in Europe and globally, for democracy, tolerance and the rule of law. We re-commit today to those shared values because they support the stability and prosperity of our nations and our people.”

The text has been agreed by the 16 countries attending the Portsmouth commemorations: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, the UK and the US.


Innocents Abroad

Our Trail friend Pogo is taking us on an adventure. Early this morning he wrote:

Well, sitting in Leonardo da Vinci airport on a 7 hour layover on the way to London. The delay may make (OK, allow) my trip to not coincide with SFB’s – although I’d kinda like to see the blimp – the one flown in protest as opposed to the fat one having tea with the queen.  Beautiful new concourse (E), and not very busy. Another couple cups of coffee and I’ll be wired to the gills. Luckily there is free WiFi. Life could be worse. 

Bon voyage, old friend. The most bonniest voyage.