Bernie Doesn’t Get His Moment

In Sunday night’s debate Bernie Sanders pushed hard on trade and Wall Street issues where Hillary Clinton is certainly vulnerable, but landed no hits that she couldn’t diffuse by changing the subject, counter punching and occasionally with outright prevarication. Flustered and flummoxed, Sanders basically threw in the towel. One wonders if Trump is her debate foe in the Fall whether he will rise to the occasion.


Is Bernie’s Run About Done?

By Pogo, a Trail Mix Contributor

DEM 2016 DebateI believe that structurally Bernie is done.  Tuesday may tell the tale, Ohio in particular. Hillary has won 200 more delegates of the 1000 at stake thus far, counting only won delegates.  Add the super delegates and the numbers just can’t work for him unless he quickly and dramatically turns around his performance in states that aren’t overwhelmingly white and don’t choose delegates in coffee klatches.   He can’t string enough Kansases and Nebraskas together to do much more – those states are almost done and his sweet spot is shrinking quickly.

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