Situational Politics

By XRepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

In 1980 I ran into a fellow, I’ll call him Bob. I’d worked with him a dozen years earlier. In the old days he couldn’t support Rockefeller because Rocky was divorced. I asked Bob who he was supporting this time around, and he answered, “Reagan’s my choice.” I reminded him why he wouldn’t support Rocky in ’68, and he nodded gravely. It was a matter of morality, the 1980 version, Bob assured me.

“Then how can you support Reagan,” I asked, “he’s been divorced.” Bob’s jaw dropped. After a bit he said, “Well, you haven’t changed. Still causing trouble.”

The moral of the story is that morality is only a barrier for the political popularity of ‘liberals.’

‘Conservatives’ are immune from the stain of immoral conduct.

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I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

They’re mean spirited, cannot be trusted, in bed with the Russians and manipulating the media, probably partly involved with this BS stunt that Comey pulled, they know what was going on in the Rust Belt, they were filled with hate, they reached out to my parents who wanted nothing more than to see the brown people go, followed by the ni$$ers followed by the Jews – they ran a brilliant campaign.  They’re living like Kings and Queens, funneling money into their private businesses, shutting down transparency, not releasing tax returns, and on and on and on.  They tried to give mega billions to the super rich while cutting health insurance to over 20 million people.

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

They make up news, they make up history, they lie about how they’ll handle foreign policy (China as a currency manipulator), change of stance on Syria, change of stance on North Korea, they shuffle incompetent people around into roles of leadership.

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

I would love to personally spank Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!  No, not in any kind of kinky sexual way, but like the spankings my dad used to give me – where he emphasized each word with a swing of the belt:  “You (whack) fucked (whack) up (whack) this (whack) election (whack) because(whack) you (whack) weren’t (whack) interested (whack) in (whack) your (whack) party (whack) but (whack) rather (whack) yourself (whackiddy)(whack)(whack)!

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

It is time for the Democrats to bear down and get busy.  This is going to take some serious strategy and bright minds.

Who do they get and what’s their first 5 steps?

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Leave the Democrats Alone

By KatherineGrahamCracker, a Trail Mix Contributor

Ok, the loss of the election is the fault of the losing side, but in fairness, clearly, the refs were worked and there was outside interference and then the stupid vote has to be accounted for.

The election is over. Clinton is not coming back. In the special elections since Pussy Grabber was elected the Democrats have fielded excellent candidates. Money and support is coming in, but from certain quarters the Democrats can do nothing right.

Get over it. Move on. The blame for pussy grabber lies with the Republicans for suppressing the vote and for selling their souls for power.

Like Dorian Gray, they have some nasty pictures in their closets.

I think the most important issue we face is that around 40% of the country is blatantly racist. Trying to pretend that’s not true isn’t helpful. There should be bad consequences for being a racist. Instead, we elected one president. Everything he does sets back the advancement of equality by decades if not more.

If people don’t get over their need to punish people for allowing Pussy Grabber to be elected, we will just end up with more like him.

The End of the Bannon-er Republicans ?

By XRepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

With the sudden eclipse of Steven Bannon what shall become of the racists and religious bigots, the altschul recht (old school right) movement, which seems to have lost it’s entre to the White House? Will they blame this reversal on International Jewry, Jared, and George Soros – the “new Rothschild” bogeyman? Will they rather bemoan the insidious power of a woman (powerful women – shudder!) to influence Trump’s weak brain? Or will they simply blame Bannon as the obnoxious and arrogant idiot that the rest of us see and abhor?

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