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Hillary Clinton had to fight Bernie Sanders to the finish line, and now struggles to keep Donald Trump at bay. For someone who was supposed to have this thing in the bag, she has fumbled her way throughout this process, belying the mantra from supporters that she is supremely qualified, presenting the ultimate resume for office. Her incompetence as a candidate raises a question about her potential skill in office. What’s her agenda? Can anyone name three things she’d do without googling it? All I’ve seen are clueless mistakes that provoke doubt, calling half of her opponent’s voters “deplorable”, questioning whether they are smart enough to do their own research, at the very least prevaricating in her various and conflicting comments about the email mess, dodging the media, obviously to avoid questions about the Clinton Foundation and so much more. No wonder she and her supporters simply hope to run out the clock focusing on Trump. That’s the whole campaign: I’m not Trump. Anybody’s guess who I am. No mandate there. Another president half the country hates.


Terrorists Are Losers

nycbomberKudos to NYC law enforcement for capturing the bombing suspect so quickly. And let’s take a moment to assert that this coward, or any others out there, will not undermine us, ever. This episode thankfully left no one dead. Others to come might. Still, someday maybe these would-be killers will get it, that they will always fail in their ultimate objective to destroy us. No matter how many innocents they take, they are the losers every time.


We don’t propose to sit here in our rocking chair with our hands folded

and let the Communists set up any government in the Western Hemisphere. — Lyndon Baines Johnson

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

putintrumpAll the deep brotherly air kisses and love between the old guy wearing a shedding rat as a hairpiece and the old KGB agent keeps bringing one thing up.  The old Soviet wants to destroy America.  Whatever the bloater has in mind, and his mind is one thing that could use a bit of chemical treatment, thinking Putin is going to make a favorable deal is nuts.

He is old enough to know how the Cold War went, and how it destroyed many countries around the world.  His business dealings also show he is stupid too.  The blowhard is being played by Putin and the Russian mob.  As he will not release his tax papers we can assume that he his more Russian than American.

Give me people who distrust the Communists. People who were not fooled when Putin said he was all for democracy, as long as he was elected.  People who have seen the real world and not one created in the vacuum of an orange covered cranium.

Hillary has seen much of the world, starting with her Republican youth.  I still cannot understand why the Republicans hate her so much.  Is it because she stood by her husband, unlike the fifty percent plus divorce rate of the Republican states?  Is it because she is smart? Maybe because she is everything they are not?

A side effect of being a Boomer is to have lived through the Cold War.  The constant propaganda of both sides.  How horrible the Russians/Soviets are compared to your average criminal.  Those godless people, how could we not hate them.  McCarthy assuring us that the Commies are everywhere and only he can protect us from them.

Today we have a McCarthy wanna be.  But more dangerous.  McCarthy drank too much and died before running for president.  The bloater does not drink, whether or not we can trust that as he lies about anything and everything, so lying about drinking does not rise above anything else he states.

The problem is nothing like Obama bringing an end to the most foolish of embargoes in history.  That Cuba is going to the world, actually Cuba went to the world decades ago, and America finally recognizes the problem of holding an embargo for Miami votes is nothing like taking the Soviets into America through the White House.

communist-star-hiNo sleeper cell is the bloater.  He admits to being under the influence of the Kremlin in his campaign word salad.  Having been in the U.S. military I was trained to be ready to fight in Europe against unnamed forces which probably had a big red star on their uniforms. Although I could not and would not mix up the Soviet star and the Macy’s star (yes there are people who do not shop at Macy’s because they think it is a Soviet store).

I do not trust Putin.  I do not like Putin and his minions.

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