What Will You Will Be Reading This Week?

For my GOP convention news I’ll be reading Dave Barry. Even when he makes it up, he gets more truth out than most:

“Oops! I allowed my mask of professional-journalism objectivity to slip there. We professional journalists are freaking out over the fact that no matter how hard we try to explain to the public that Trump is unqualified, a lot of the public keeps right on liking him and his bold vision for America consisting of whatever happens to cross his mind at a given moment. We journalists are like, ‘What is WRONG with you people? Why aren’t you LISTENING to us?!? We’re PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS WITH VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNTS!!!’ … So it’s going to be an exciting convention, and you can look to me this week for objective, fact-filled reports. You will be seriously disappointed, but you can look.” — Dave Barry (Miami Herald)


Time To Crush ISIS

woolseyRobert James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence, on CNN about the insane truck killer in France:

“We are not going to win just by getting more and more vigilant, or even improving our intelligence, and so forth. We’ve got to destroy ISIS. Bin Laden said it very well once, oddly enough, he said people see a strong horse and a weak horse, and I like the strong horse better. We’ve got to be the strong horse. We’ve got to win not only in Syria and Iraq, we’ve got to crush ISIS in the West.”