My goodness.  What an election season it is.

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

The Republican coalition is coming apart. The Koch bros and the Chamber of Commerce are battling in Republican congressional primaries, both have refused to support the White ethnocentric nationalist faction and their candidate, Donald Trump. Republican “Conservative” elites are writing sneering condescending articles about working class whites using words they usually reserve for inner-city blacks. Republicans are not only refusing to support Trump but increasingly are moving across the line and supporting HRC, thus cutting themselves off from the Republican Party. College educated whites once a stalwart of the Republican Party are moving toward the Democratic Party in large numbers.

In years to come will we be talking about Hillary Republicans like we talk about Reagan Democrats?

So is this the end of the Republican Party? For some perspective and if you have the time here is a long read discussing American parties and their longevity. Well worth the time IMO.

You might read the other links too.

We live in interesting times.

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Florida Air War Engaged, Ground Game Still Lopsided

Trail Mix Southern Command (Orlando) — Team Trump has some catching up to do in Florida TV ads, and elsewhere. Supposedly it begins Friday with spots here and in four other battlegrounds: Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia.

The Clinton campaign and its Super Pac have knocked out $23.7 million in Florida ads so far. Nothing from the Trump campaign itself, and only $3.3 million from support groups.

Same story for the Florida ground game. As of today, Clinton has opened 19 offices statewide: Clinton has a headquarters in Tampa and field offices in Wynwood, Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Lake Worth, Port St. Lucie, East Orlando, Sanford, Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa’s Ybor City, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Pensacola. Today they open four more: Clearwater, Gainesville, Melbourne and Tamarac.

As of now Trump only has its headquarters in Sarasota.



1 : related by blood :  descended from a common ancestor or prototype  2 : essentially similar, related, or compatible – Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

Recently I have been overtaken by a tsunami of genealogical information. This is a good thing, as I have been in a drought for years concerning certain lines on both sides of my family. Might I add the info is excellent: Census Records, Marriage & Christening Records, Death Certificates. Stuff that holds up in the Genealogical Court of Acceptable Documents.


While researching my Mother’s Welsh ancestors, I came across a story about the ancestry of Hillary Rodham Clinton, specifically her paternal Grandmother, Hannah Jones Rodham. A map showing where Hannah’s parents were from was included. Her Father came from Neath; her Mother from Merthyr Tydfil. I recognized the region: it’s about 20 miles from Cardiff, where my ancestor grew up.

I don’t claim any blood relationship with Secretary Clinton, but our ancestors shared a common kinship in the experiences of growing up in Wales during times of grinding poverty & very few prospects. Leaving home for a new life in America was an opportunity that I am glad they took. This is not unique to my family, to Secretary Clinton’s family, to your family.

This is what made & will always make America great: a constant renewal of good souls looking for a better life & understanding the work & sacrifice involved.

 painting by Marie Wise
painting by Marie Wise

Secretly I am hoping next March the new President will have a vase of daffodils placed on a table in the White House. Not only as a symbol of the renewal & hope of Spring, but as a reminder that we all came from somewhere else & how that unites us. The ties that bind, not divide.

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Let’s talk about something other than the Presidential race!

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

There is a big misconception about the Senatorial race this year.  That misconception is that Trump is the one making it possible for the Democrats to take back the Senate.  Although he may have an impact – I heard the other day that only 6% of voters will vote for one party’s candidate for President and another party’s for Senate.

The real impact is geography and timing.  This year there are 24 Republican Senate seats up for re-election, and only 10 Democratic seats in contest.   This, combined with the fact that quite a few of the Republican seats in contest are those that swung Republican after the backlash election of 2010, which was Obama’s first mid-term election. Right out of the gate it was predestined that the Democrats would/could take the Senate back.  Trump is only icing on the electoral cake.

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball
Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball

It is the press that wants everyone to think that this is a ‘to the wire’ thing re: the Senate going Democratic with Trump as the key player.  They get viewers, ratings and increased advertising revenue for fostering this misconception.

The real story here lies in two areas.  First we have the House of Representatives, which has a 247 Republican to 188 Democratic margin; that’s a difference of 59 seats.  While the Republicans at the state level have been gerrymandering the hell out of districts, should the Democrats take back 30 of those slots it will send shutters through the halls of D.C. politics.

workTogetherThe second story here is the gubernatorial races in which currently, Republicans hold 31 seats, the most since 1999.  This year there are 12 governor races in contest, eight of which are currently held by Democrats.  Seven of these races have an incumbent that cannot run due to term limits.  Then there is Mike Pence from Indiana, who withdrew from the race.  As a side note is North Carolina: Republican Pat McCrory is running for re-election — in a state that is now showing in the Clinton column.

Should the Democrats manage to knock off a few of the Republican Governors this will affect the make-up of congressional districts (for the 2020 census) and possibly change/level the playing field.

If you live in one of these states, what do you see happening regarding your gubernatorial race?

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