Ambition For Grace

This election is Hillary’s to win. It has been instructive to watch her evolve these past months. Faced with such ugliness on the other side of the aisle she has presented a nurturing side for political gain. Perhaps not her nature but she is giving it a try.

141231-hillary-clinton-mn-2130_14257f8a4ebbc2bf8806b492060dd415-750x571Grace trumps ambition if she can sell it. Do not get into a sound bite contest with Trump. Let your Wall Street funded Super Pacs get that job done. Ignore him from here on and then take his head off in the Fall debates. Still, selling security, stability, let’s stick with what works? That was Nixon’s downfall in 1960.

Reader Response
By Jamie44 — Nurturing side not part of her nature? Really? The husband she stuck with, the daughter she raised, and the granddaughter she seems to cherish might tend to disagree. Why in the hell does a Presidential candidate need to be “nurturing” anyway or is that a quality we only need in the female of the species?

I’m starting to think all male pundits need to have their material read by a woman before releasing it anywhere in the vicinity of a Hillary supporter. It’s obvious you guys just can’t help yourselves.


Hillary Radiates Presidential

By OldSeaHag, a Trail Mix Contributor

Hillary spoke eloquently at Stanford University on Wednesday regarding counterterrorism, the day after the terror attacks in Brussels. Back at the GOP campaign circus the candidates swiped at each other’s wives. Bernie stumped in Los Angeles, giving over an hour long speech filled with his standard populist rhetoric and including numerous Hillary slams. He only touched minimally on foreign policy, never mentioning Belgium or counterterrorism.  Bernie can share his foreign policy plans, but that is all they are, plans for the future. Hillary’s articulate speech reminded us that she is now already a world leader, and presidential at that.

My Two Cents: I found this speech particularly striking for Hillary’s tough talk about European nations stepping up to the plate. Clearly they have dropped the ball on terror, and she made it crystal clear that will not be tolerated. Apologies for language, but I so prefer her bitch-on-wheels mode over the love and kindness rhetoric that doesn’t suit her. — Craig


If I Were President…at Least for a Day.

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

Twitter has positive attributes, one being hashtag games. I noticed an recent offering was “If I Were President.” The answers ranged from the silly to the not so silly. But I must admit, it’s a fun topic.

So, what type of President would you be …. REALLY? We’ve all daydreamed about this. Name your Veep, choose your Cabinet. Ram through legislation near & dear to your heart. Design new WH china, dress the guards up like Nixon did. What the hell. Here’s your chance.

Madam/Mr President, your public awaits.