Orlando Sentinel Rejects Rubio

“Until now, we have never missed an opportunity to recommend Marco Rubio to voters. … This race is different. … If Rubio is re-elected to the Senate, and decides to pivot for another run for the White House in a couple of years, Floridians won’t be getting the full attention that they expect and deserve. They also are more likely to see him do things, like retreating on immigration reform, that make more sense for a GOP presidential candidate than a sitting Florida senator. All of Rubio’s experience and talents, if they are at risk of being diverted elsewhere, aren’t enough to persuade us to recommend him to voters for another U.S. Senate term. We endorse Democrat Patrick Murphy.” Read More

Rubio: I still support Trump


The Down Ballot Matrix

Now that the presidency looks like a done deal for the Democrats, what’s the effect on Senate and House races in the face of Trump’s demise?

Top 3 Reasons Democrats Benefit

  1. Moderate Republicans so disgusted by their party they just stay home.
  2. Trump groupies just vote for him, skip ballot entries for GOP candidates who reject him.
  3. Democrats so fired up by Hillary’s inevitability they flock to the polls.

Top 3 Reasons Republicans Benefit

  1. Predictions of Hillary’s inevitability drive Republicans to the polls.
  2. Moderate Republicans skip presidential ballot, vote for their congressional candidates.
  3. Marginal Democrats think they’re not needed, due to predictions of Hillary’s inevitability.

Anybody got 7 more for a complete Top Ten?


Hillary Gets At Least A Draw, And The Win

Was it strategy not to go for a knockout of Donald Trump, or was it just not within HRC’s reach? Winning last night’s debate without destroying Trump would be the score. Last thing Clinton camp needed was for the GOP nominee to fail so badly that the scenario of the RNC replacing him take hold. Anyway, the result is that Trump shored up right-wing Hillary haters to stay in place, landing quite a few punches on her, which is best case for Clinton. Trump stands and all she needs to do now is run out the clock.