Jim Webb: ‘We can celebrate Harriet Tubman without disparaging Andrew Jackson’

webbMSNBCWriting in The Washington Post today, Jim Webb examines the recent debate about Andrew Jackson …

The dismissive characterization of one of our great presidents is not occurring in a vacuum. It offers an indication of how far political correctness has invaded our educational system and skewed our national consciousness.

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Hubble Bubble

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

Space.com reminds us that the Hubble Space Telescope may be turning 26 years old this weekend, but its vision is still out of this world. Case in point: this jaw-dropping view of the Bubble Nebula to celebrate the iconic space observatory’s birthday.

bubble-nebula-hubble-26th-anniversaryThis spectacular view of the Bubble Nebula was created from four separate images from the Hubble Space Telescope to mark the observatory’s 26th birthday in April 2016. The Bubble Nebula is 10 light-years wide and sculpted by the bright star seen to the left of center.

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One Of The Ways To Avoid Being Beaten By The System Is To Laugh At It

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

The title is a quote from the late, great Peter Cook, who skewered the establishment brilliantly all through the power of words. No shots fired, just barbs.

“Deep down, I happen to be very shallow.” – Pat Paulsen

Growing up during the late ’60s, ’70s meant two things: good music & Pat Paulsen running for President. Whether his candidacy was viewed as a protest against the powers that be or as a great long running skit, the man said things that were uncomfortable but true. Stuff the “King” & society needed to hear, though maybe didn’t want to.  Where have all the Court Jesters gone today? It’s easy to spout a monologue or act out a cute sketch on the TV/Internet, to host a gala or contribute Big Bucks. But who is actually putting themselves out ….. there? We need humor personified. We need truthtellers with really long needles to pop very big balloons. Desperately.

To quote Mr. Paulsen: “I’ve upped my standards. Now, up yours.”

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