I Cannot Vote but I Can Be Voted For

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

We’ve come so far in our history. We have far to go, but really, where would you rather live? We can change what is wrong & bad. It is who we are.

I thought of this as I watched the State of the Union Address. President X highlights the good, taking credit wherever it can be taken. Why not. He has the bully pulpit. Then moments after, herald the opposition attack dogs, howling away whether they have good reason to or not. I’m speaking generally, apply whichever Party whatever year you wish. Formula applied = same outcome.

What else was I thinking? Election of 1884. Grover Cleveland vs James G. Blaine. “Rum, Romanism, Rebellion”: now there was a gift to political operatives who saw an opening to exploit to the fullest. Too bad for the Republicans New York was chock full o’Roman Catholic Irish men. “Ma, ma, where’s my Pa?”: Good news for the Democrats that Cleveland handled this like a responsible gentleman. Nasty year, nasty stuff. We survived.

But one nugget from that campaign was Belva Ann Lockwood. She ran for President under the Equal Rights Party & received 4100 votes. “I cannot vote but I can be voted for” she said. This was symbolic but someone had to step up & make a stand, no matter how seemingly lost the cause. Good lesson, good to remember. How else do things change?

We live in a time of doom, gloom, disrespect, division. We’ve always had these unsavory aspects in our national dna. But we overcome our shortcomings & rise above them. Everything is cyclical, the cream will rise to the top again. We had Belva then, we have Belvas today. We just need to seek them out & give them voice & support.

Perhaps You are our Belva? Hmmm?

Why not.

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Hope, Change, Decency

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

I saw the footage of Joe Biden comforting Meghan McCain on The View: it was comforting, lovely & how every human being should treat another. Of course this is not always the case. But it was reassuring to see two people responding to each other simply as people, not as rivals.

On a purely political note, as a fellow human being I humbly request the Democratic Party to declare Joe Biden the Official Ambassador/Grampa of your Party. He is so needed in this dark world, giving us hope & as an example of the need to change back to common decency. All is calm, all is bright. Peace.

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Democracy Dies In The Darkness

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

One of my favorite scenes in All The President’s Men (1976) is when Robert Redford (as Bob Woodward) & Dustin Hoffman (as Carl Bernstein) sit in the Library of Congress, laboriously pouring over notes while researching a lead. Stories just don’t fall from the sky: much hard work is involved.

This Post is in tribute to the Reporters, Journalists, Commentators who do not cave under pressure; who did not make a pilgrimage to Trump Tower to ensure access; who do not wait for #45 to pivot. These individuals face daily tweets/onslaughts questioning their work from a regime full of bullies & over inflated incompetents. These members of the media provide an invaluable service to our country, our freedom, the world. Democracy dies in the darkness; here’s a Thank You to the people who daily shine a light for the good.

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I set the Twitter birdy free. And told him to crap on Facebook.

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

The NPR show On Point featured an interesting interview Tuesday with guest Erick Erickson. He talked about how we can have hundreds of followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook but not know the name of our next door neighbor.


As a society we’ve lost the human part of humanity. This isn’t some evil plan by outside forces, this is by our own doing. Technology is grand but at what price?

I tweet very little nowadays, only when the spirit moves me, which isn’t often. Last year’s political hoodoo & ensuing ugliness soured me right quick on social media.

Facebook has no appeal to me. I dabbled just long enough to realize it equaled the worst aspects of the world’s biggest high school. Also the knowledge that many people I know are addicted to this stuff scares me  …. I got out before I really got in.

Do you know your neighbor? Take a walk & see the trees, hear the birds, notice the sunset? Is it too late as a society to realize what really matters: the people around us? The wall we have to worry about isn’t the one built on the border; it is the wall we build around ourselves.

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Living Outside The Gated Communities of Thought

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

Let me be upfront: I have voted since I was eligible & take my vote seriously. I thought carefully about what Party designation would be on my Registration Card & every thought always came back to one. I am a Non-Affiliated Voter who has never regretted my decision.

Valid arguments can be made about Primaries (though some states have opened up on such matters.) I understand this. It’s part of the deal.

Being Non-Affiliated gives me a unique perspective. I vote the Candidate, not the Party & can have a clearer vision on who these Candidates are. I have voted for the Democrat, I have voted for the Republican.

I vote for the best person to represent me & my beliefs. I like both Parties’ good points equally; I despise both Parties’ bad points equally. Having one Party dominant over another is anathema. We have to learn to work together because this is life, folks, & these are family members, neighbors. No one Party has all the answers.

One thing that amazes me is how the members of either Party can actively campaign for/defend their Parties and yet be insulting, condescending or dismissive towards potential voters (& their valuable votes.) Isn’t the whole point to win?

Since I’ll never be a Party Leader or Candidate this fact eludes me, yet I see it daily in many forums & circumstances. Ahhh …. why would I want to vote for Candidate X if her/his supporters are arrogant a-holes who know oh-so-much-better than me & revel in telling me this? Last I knew A + B = See, if you want my Vote, Respect Me. We don’t have to be buddies, just allies in the fight.

2018 is almost here. A bigly important election. The Republicans are cannibalizing themselves & the Democratic Leadership is stuck in the ’90s.

One thing to remember is that low voter turnouts favor incumbents. Which makes me & my fellow Non-Affiliateds really important. Treat us nice. Treat us with respect. Our numbers are growing. Dear Democrats & Republicans … you need us to win.

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