A Democrat Who Woos Trump Voters

By Rebellious Renee, a Trail Mix Contributor

Showing up. Listening to constituents. Following through. It sounds simple enough. But it is an aspect of politics that is undervalued in an age of social media and in a region of the country that largely abandoned Democrats for Donald Trump.

An article written in last week’s CSM is the best article I’ve read so far about what Democrats can do to take back the House in 2018. Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos is the type of Democrat that, IMO, we need more of in this country. Here’s the article.. A Democrat who woos Trump supporters


By Rebellious Renee, a Trail Mix Contributor

donald-trump-double-kissOMG!…  they actually did it.  The people who voted in the Republican primaries voted for Donald Trump to be their nominee.  As we’ve been saying on this blog, this has been in the making for quite some time.  You can’t keep telling your peeps that government is the problem and then do nothing.  The peeps have fought back and are now shoving the change the grand old party has been promising right up you know where.  So let’s discuss this dilemma and while we’re at it…  have ourselves a big bowl of popcorn!

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There’s No Denying Trump

By Rebellious Renee, Trail Mix Contributor

2015-12-08-1449591417-170352-DonaldTrump-thumbSeems like we want to talk about Trump. Well, I refused to comment about him only a few months ago.  I believed we all were giving the man too much attention.  But now…  there’s no denying him.  He is the front runner for the Republican nominee for presidential candidate 2016.  IMO, what that fact says about the state of the Republican Party and our country speaks volumes…  and it ain’t good.  We are a nation obsessed with celebrity.  And it seems like for this election, we are also obsessed with political “outsiders”.  All any of us can do is give our one little vote…. then sit back and watch what happens.  Bring on the popcorn!

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The Elephant in the Room… or should I say election.

By Rebellious Renee, Trail Mix Contributor

Watching the debates or reading about this presidential campaign, one might think that George W. Bush’s presidency never happened.  There is almost no mention of him anywhere.  His policies failed and are still being felt by this country.  He inherited a budget surplus and left office with a deficit.  He de-emphasized government organizations such as FEMA and allowed New Orleans to drown.  He went into Iraq before finishing with Afghanistan and left a quagmire…  and with many more terrorists in the Middle East.  He pushed for greater financial de-regulation which resulted in a collapsed economy.

And what is the Republican response to the above.  Either no mention of his name or whispers that he wasn’t “conservative” enough.  Or worse, such as trying to blame the financial collapse on Obama.  Instead of a little introspection, the GOP wants to double down on Bush mistakes.  I shudder to think of what will happen to this country if a Republican wins the presidency.