Holiday Serendipitous

For your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day enjoyment …

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

Dear Friends,

I have put together something a bit different for today. For lack of a better description  I call it “12 Musical Moments of Christmas.”

Throughout history there is no holiday that has provided more impetus for musical celebration than has Christmas. It has elicited the best in the way of imagination and artistry from composers, arrangers, and performers, and continues to do so to this day.

These selections cover a wide range of musical genres and ideas. Some are very meaningful to me. More importantly, I hope that there may be one that is meaningful and joyous to you.

For at least a few precious moments, hours, or days, may each of you find peace and tranquility in your lives. Let us not languish in the doldrums of what might have been, nor give way to despair over that which may still come. Instead let us revel in the sparkling, iridescent moments of shared memories and and hope renewed.

As always, enjoy the music and enjoy your day!

Merry Christmas!


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