Depraved Indifference?

To constitute depraved indifference, the defendant’s conduct must be ‘so wanton, so deficient in a moral sense of concern, so lacking in regard for the life or lives of others, and so blameworthy as to warrant the same criminal liability as that which the law imposes upon a person who intentionally causes a crime. Depraved indifference focuses on the risk created by the defendant’s conduct, not the injuries actually resulting.

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

It is well understood by now that Donald Trump lacks any sort of a moral compass. He lacks the requisite empathy and understanding required of a leader. In his world, bluster, deceit and vindictiveness substitute for insight, compassion and vision.

In his world those less fortunate are less fortunate because they deserve to be.

In his world there is always an opportunity to blame the victim. We have seen it countless times. Be it hurricane relief, wild fire devastation or children dying while in custody at the boarder. There is always a callous disregard for human suffering that would shame the most corrupt third world dictator but which Trump wears like a badge of honor.

So it is really no surprise that our current government shutdown is going on with no end in sight.

Once again Trump has found a vehicle that allows him to display his warped world view and create a new set of victims not worthy of his attention. In so doing he is intentionally putting Americans at risk. Airline safety, food safety, sanitation and the Coast Guard just to name a few. As for the suffering of government workers and the people affected by their lay offs. Trump sees it as nothing more than a fund raising opportunity, and the reddest of red meat for his ever restive and demanding base.

Depraved indifference is now the official policy of this White House. Perhaps the question should be is depraved indifference an impeachable offence?

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Shiny Objects

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

Trump’s wall is little more than the shiny object that he holds up to distract and comfort his base. As long as they continue to fall for it he will continue to use it.

It is time I think for a new shiny object courtesy of Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives. I can think of nothing better to distract Trump from his obsession with the wall than a subpoena for his tax returns.

Trying to reason with Trump has proven pointless. Time to take the gloves off and change the subject. Let’s have a shiny object that actually sheds some light.

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