Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

As we move into  the seasons of Advent and Christmas it is nice to remember this particular psalm, and its praise for those things musically beautiful.

In recent weeks Sunday Serendipity has been preloaded and posted with help from Craig.  On November 6th I underwent a complete esophagectomy for removal of cancer in that area. Between the rigors of the surgery and the somewhat iffy nature  of anathesia, I hope that all will be normal for the most part.

Would love to keep the Sunday Serendipity going without interruption, but if that becomes undoable I know that there are many here who will gladly fill in.

With that, let a new season of music begin.

Enjoy the sounds of the season, but most especially enjoy the day! 🙂

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[Note from Craig: A Trail Mix Hero nod to Jace for his dedication to our Sunday Serendipities, making sure to keep us inspired during his absence. Take care, friend.]