No Shutdown For Melania?

I am listening to air traffic control

EXEC1F appears to be headed to Palm Beach. ATC just said they will have to do some serious vectoring to get the plane in line with the rest of the Palm Beach traffic.

EXEC1F is typically the callsign for a plane with the first lady on it.— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman, POLITICO)

Ka-ching: Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about Moscow Trump tower project (BuzzFeed)

Where Is The Denial?

You don’t have to be an expert in interrogation techniques or pscyho linguistics to notice that no one at the White House, his lawyers or Donald Trump himself have yet to utter anything close to saying ‘Of course, the President is not working for Russia.’

Let’s recap:

In Helsinki with Putin at his side Trump sided against his own intel community on the question of Russia’s attack on our election.

Recently Trump defended Russia’s right to invade Afghanistan.

Next, Mueller’s report is bound to find Trump was duped, or worse, by Putin.

Even The FBI Thinks Trump Is A Russian Spy

New York Times reports that the FBI began what ultimately became the Mueller probe with an investigation into whether Trump is Putin’s puppet. Was he just a useful idiot or a full-blown traitor? That’s about the only question remaining.

I’m just an amateur historian, but investigating such a thing strikes me as a first-ever in the history of American presidents.

A Battle Of Thugs

Who knew it would take another New York thug to take down the one in the White House. Michael Cohen might not be Sammy the Bull, and Donald Trump might not be John Gotti. But they have one man in common: Robert Mueller. He nailed them all, and so far has sent them all to jail except Trump (for now).

Cohen is set to publicly testify on Capitol Hill next month and Mueller has greenlighted him to talk about whatever he likes, which suggests the Special Counsel has all he needs without keeping Cohen under wraps, meaning he doesn’t need to risk putting Cohen in front of a jury facing cross-examination. Enjoy!