Racial Segregation Must Be Seen For What It Is,

That it is an evil system, a new form of slavery covered up with certain niceties of complexity.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Imagine this discussion if you were children in the mid-seventeen hundred’s in Colonial Maryland near what is now Hyattsville on a farm.  You hear your father talking or debating, with others from surrounding farms, that he is thinking of freeing his slaves. Lit by candle or oil lamp, the room would have been a place of flickering light, warm most of the year, an interesting place to be. The discussion going from farm house to farm house. Farmers of the land, tobacco the crop. Farms powered by slavery.

Questions about what would happen to the slaves once they became freemen, with questions about what would happen to the farm if the freemen decided to leave.  How would others see the freeing of the slaves.  Would others do the same or complain to the King’s agents?

You are one of many families farming the area. You are looking forward to moving somewhere with game and fresh dirt.  The wild game in the area has been hunted to extinction.  Your fields are producing fewer crops, especially tobacco.  It is time to move. With your father, Basil Foster marrying Mary Acton, you have some favors from William Penn, governor of Pennsylvania colony and grandfather of Mary.  Might as well go north to Pennsylvania.

But what about your slaves.  Keep them as slaves?  Release them as freemen?  Pennsylvania was tending to stop the owning of slaves in the colony.

Basil Foster made freemen of his slaves.  They, the clan and freemen, moved north to Pennsylvania colony and started clearing land around Bedford, Round Top.  The clan just north of them was massacred, the bodies stabbed onto the stubs of where tree branches had been prior on the large trees.  The Foster clan, including the new freeman, returned to the old farms around Hyattsville.  After the Revolutionary War, they all moved back to Round Top.

Consider that we, as a nation, are still debating this issue.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Marcus Annaeus Seneca (54 BC – 39 AD), aka Seneca the Elder

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

One of the current hot topics of the talking heads is the speed at which advertisers are leaving the Laura, the lip, Ingraham show on Fox.  They talk about all sorts of reasons, afraid of being seen as supporting hate.  Add in they are concerned about losing the generation of Millennials.

Looking at the cable channels viewership you see a lot of people watching Fox, MSNBC and CNN.  Lots of people in the older age brackets.  The Baby Boomers and on the edge of the Boomers, who are retiring or ending their working careers and looking forward to time in the garden.  Unless there are special circumstances they are not buying new homes or furnishing new apartments or condos.  They are not buying a lot of new cars and trucks.

The advertisers know where their ads are showing.  They buy the data from the online companies and from the cable providers.  They know when and who is watching the programs.  Although a lot of ads are sold in bundles and the advertisers do not know exactly when an ad is run, they can find out and when they receive a tweet or an email, they know when someone does not like it.

The generation who is in the sights of the advertisers are not on cable television.  They are on phones and tablets.  They are using streaming tools.  They are using social media.  That is why the advertisers pull the ads back from showing.  The loss of advertisers for O’Reilly and now Ingraham should not be seen as odd. These should be seen as the new normal for shows.

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How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?

— Satchel Paige|

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Who is “old”?  What is “old”? What is “age”? Is chronological age important?

We know children who are “old for their age”.  How about a person afflicted with “second childhood”?  Some people just “never age”.

I am often told “you look so much younger” when told my chronological age.  Some are off by up to thirty years. I am a few weeks from the age of sixty-eight.  There are days I feel like I am forty.  There are days I feel like I am eighty.  Mentally I tell people I took too many hits to my head when I was in the military.  Starting out I had a rather high I.Q., lost a lot of it when I was dying of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and being poisoned by liver failure.  Then I recovered a lot of it back once the HepC was knocked down and my liver rebuilt.

My shrink often says she wishes her younger clients thought as “young” as I do.  My young is often described as similar to Gen Z.  To me I think more like a young Finn. My mother is ninety and travels all over the country, on her own.

Is Biden old?  Is Pelosi old?  Is SFB old?  Did Reagan act old? Are the Dem leaders old? Are the greedy old perverts leadership old?

The problem is not “age”.  The problem in politics is fighting the last election.  Are the Dems not able to think “young”?  Do the repubs think “young”?

I do think the Dems are not allowing enough input from the young in?  Young to me means forty and younger.  Yes.  Leadership should be moved beyond one person, essentially for life.  Movement, in politics as in shoulder joints, is necessary to prevent freezing in place.

Has Pelosi stayed too long.  I tend to think so.  Not due to age issues.  I think because the Dems are not allowing younger leaders to bring in new ideas and people.

A lot of questions – on purpose.

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Brown Cloud

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

In Denver it is the pollution cloud. For all of us it is the massive and total B.S. spewed out by the illegal president. Much of it is just deflection, tossing everything out that might get a rise out of any cohort, but primarily women, people of any color, Dems, progressives and the media.

The stuff is just to get the fog thick and heavy so we do not see or even think about the massive destruction of America that is occurring.  And, we do not realize what a criminal we have as the Russian agent in the WH.

A current example, as of this hour, is “arm the teachers”.  What a load of B.S.   It will never happen, for many reasons, but it will not happen.  That aside many hours are being spent on the analysis of the issue and not much at all about what last weeks Mueller actions mean for SFB.  Many interviews of former Marines who are now teaching and why they do not want to see teachers carrying weapons.

There is so much stuff thrown up to the wind every minute that we fail to grasp the significance of the crimes.  The vote loser in the WH may not understand what his handlers are doing, but he does go with it because it fits his style, bluster and lie to get the deal.

But, almost nothing will be done.  This sh*t storm is not for policy.  It is to cover up the crimes happening in the WH and administration.  Try to remember what the brown cloud  was on December 31, 2017.  Or even February 13,2018.

The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history,

… whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.  — Thomas Jefferson

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

The significance of the students doing what we used call a “die in” is most likely lost on Trump (SFB) and the greedy old perverts. I see it as the most recent awakening of America and our history of protests. The republicans (small r), led by the like real smart person, have brought us out of a lethargic stage and into a mood to change America back to the better path. SFB has energized the Woman’s March, the scientist march, various Black Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans and who knows how many other non-white men, women and LGBTQ people.

The talking heads focus on tut-tutting Dems for being overly confident and ready to lose the 2018 mid-terms.  This is not a D vs R fight.  This is about those willing to stay with a man who refuses to confront or stand up to the Russians and the old KGB man, Putin.  This is about people who thought they were not being represented by their elected officials. This  is about people willing to elect a person who enthusiastically told us he liked to feel up or even sexually assault women, even young women in their teens.

This is about people who are blatant racists, misogynists, homophobes and bullies, willing to attack those of us who are not.

Thinking back a little over a year ago, or back to 2004 or 1998, many of us wondered about why there were few protests about our government actions and policies.  A topic that was thought to possibly jump start protests and marches was to restore the draft, but for everyone.  That never got anywhere, as the privileged in the Congress would never endanger their own fruit of the loins. Other thoughts were that our young-uns are beyond protests due to electronics overwhelming any thinking.

None of those were acceptable or understandable.  We are Americans.  Our greatest protest made our country.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, and many other lands where we are currently fighting for people who are not Americans have all been but hidden.  But, many of us volunteer our lives to protect these United States, and also to help others who are not here.  None of those wars brought the protests like we had in the late sixties and early seventies.

What is happening today?

I suspect that today’s students (I find that label wonderful – it covers many people) are finally tired of being killed when there is a very simple solution at hand.  During the period when assault style weapons were banned mass murders were nil.  As soon as the AR-15 style weapons became available mass slaughter began.  The short, ten year, ban on assault style weapons showed it worked.  Reinstate the ban.

Hunting does not require a weapon that discharges a bullet guaranteed to destroy the game.  The bullets do big damage to the victim.  A 30-30 does a better job hunting large game, such as a deer.  I know and worked with people who lived on game they hunted.  I am not concerned about that.  I am concerned about murderers who hunt and kill people. They do not need a combat weapon.  The AR-15 style and AK-47 style rifles are combat weapons. Reinstating the ban against a combat or assault style rifle is important.

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