The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history,

… whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.  — Thomas Jefferson

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

The significance of the students doing what we used call a “die in” is most likely lost on Trump (SFB) and the greedy old perverts. I see it as the most recent awakening of America and our history of protests. The republicans (small r), led by the like real smart person, have brought us out of a lethargic stage and into a mood to change America back to the better path. SFB has energized the Woman’s March, the scientist march, various Black Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans and who knows how many other non-white men, women and LGBTQ people.

The talking heads focus on tut-tutting Dems for being overly confident and ready to lose the 2018 mid-terms.  This is not a D vs R fight.  This is about those willing to stay with a man who refuses to confront or stand up to the Russians and the old KGB man, Putin.  This is about people who thought they were not being represented by their elected officials. This  is about people willing to elect a person who enthusiastically told us he liked to feel up or even sexually assault women, even young women in their teens.

This is about people who are blatant racists, misogynists, homophobes and bullies, willing to attack those of us who are not.

Thinking back a little over a year ago, or back to 2004 or 1998, many of us wondered about why there were few protests about our government actions and policies.  A topic that was thought to possibly jump start protests and marches was to restore the draft, but for everyone.  That never got anywhere, as the privileged in the Congress would never endanger their own fruit of the loins. Other thoughts were that our young-uns are beyond protests due to electronics overwhelming any thinking.

None of those were acceptable or understandable.  We are Americans.  Our greatest protest made our country.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, and many other lands where we are currently fighting for people who are not Americans have all been but hidden.  But, many of us volunteer our lives to protect these United States, and also to help others who are not here.  None of those wars brought the protests like we had in the late sixties and early seventies.

What is happening today?

I suspect that today’s students (I find that label wonderful – it covers many people) are finally tired of being killed when there is a very simple solution at hand.  During the period when assault style weapons were banned mass murders were nil.  As soon as the AR-15 style weapons became available mass slaughter began.  The short, ten year, ban on assault style weapons showed it worked.  Reinstate the ban.

Hunting does not require a weapon that discharges a bullet guaranteed to destroy the game.  The bullets do big damage to the victim.  A 30-30 does a better job hunting large game, such as a deer.  I know and worked with people who lived on game they hunted.  I am not concerned about that.  I am concerned about murderers who hunt and kill people. They do not need a combat weapon.  The AR-15 style and AK-47 style rifles are combat weapons. Reinstating the ban against a combat or assault style rifle is important.

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When the President Does It, It Is Not Illegal

— Richard, Tricky Dick, Nixon

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Winter is here, at least along the Mid-Atlantic.  Nothing as bad as it used to be, but face it, the Little Ice Age of the 1500-1950 is over.  Now we are living in warmer climes.  The direction of the movement is not going to change for a while.

That is something the current administration refuses to allow to be placed on federal websites and literature.  Climate warming does not exist if you cannot see it on an official website.  BS. Of course I, myself as a transgender person, do not exist in the low intelligence head and federal verbiage.

KOKO (keeping on, keeping on) is the federal bureau manner.  Think you have a crappy boss? How about ours?  A guy who should have been corralled and put in the padded room decades ago.  But, he is the most whatever of anyone who has been born, including Jesus and anyone including the Buddha.

The hardest thing I have to do is be a caregiver to my service dog. This little worker is with me 24/7.  There are very few times she is not with me.  And, now she is felled with a doggy cold.  Her high speed used to be fast and faster.  Today it is a walk and you can see in her eyes that is all she has left in her.  This has been the longest three days, no sleep for me or her.  Hope she gets over this soon, I need my helper back to work.

Will the guy in a Davos meeting of the rich old guys humiliate America?  Without a doubt.  More interesting is Ms. MT is on her own and not in Davos.  Last noted was she was arrived in Florida.  Good move. Life is better in eighty-degree weather and not in almost 2 meters of snow.  But, she married him.  I bet the prenup is one hell of a deal for him if she dumps him.  Best let his junk food diet do the job. This is needing a Jerry Springer marriage intervention.

There is a reason to not focus on what is happening in the Mueller investigation.  We get that all the time.  A few diversions are good.

I am currently learning two computer languages.  It is not as hard as you would think.  Once you know one or two languages the others are simple as they are almost the same.  You just need to know what the little things are with each language.  Python, C, COGNOS, R and a little bit of HADOOP are on this weeks learning list.  They are languages.  Once you know French then the rest of the Romance languages are simple, Spanish, Italian . . .

2018 mid-terms are critical to taking back America from the Russians. More on this later.

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If Being Gay Is A Choice

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

When did you decide to be straight? Did you know?

Sirius Radio and XM Radio were competitors in the early days of satellite radio. Due to cost and only so many people willing to pay to have radio in the middle of nowhere, or a lot of channels of talk and music, they were losing money and merged.  One of the channels was OutQ, the first LGBTQ radio channel that had more reach than local.

OutQ provided listeners with gay broadcasters, gay news and a place for LGBTQ people to have a station which confirmed they existed no matter where in the Northern Hemisphere they lived.  I bought Sirius just to listen, back in 2007.

I remember so many of the extremely few reports in the media of the channel as “Sirius XM is really going out on the ledge to allow them gays to have a radio channel”  That is 2007+.  At least now we have a lot more going for us.

Yeah, sure.  SiriusXM killed OutQ in early 2016.  So much for the gay channel.  Should have heard the excuses when I stopped.

But, to make the world feel better SiriusXM has hired Steve Bannon to bring a bit of the great white supremacist life to radio.  That is quite the trade off.  Open life versus hate and whites only.


It is time to get rid of SiriusXM completely.  I had already dumped off one radio due to the tossing of the gays overboard.  Now it is time to dump the  other radio for bringing in something that would be scrapped off the feedlot.  I no longer need satellite radio to drive across the country.  Cell phone coverage is getting much better now.

HUFFPOST: Seth Rogen won’t do SiriusXM press tour because of Steve Bannon

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I Didn’t Realize Who I Was

… until I stopped being who I wasn’t. — Unknown

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Each year on November 20 the transgender community around the world comes together to hear the names of transgender people murdered during the last fifty-two weeks.  It is a recognition that we are often targeted to be attacked and killed for just living our lives as we are.  The list is never decreasing, this year the murders reached a new high in the United States, at least twenty-five transgender people killed.

All transgender people know someone who has died.  Some have died by their own hand and others by a murderer.  It is common knowledge that transgender people have an extraordinary rate of suicide. What is not known is how assault and murder rates are higher than the general public. Many police departments do not report the deaths as a transgender person killed, and the crimes are often not reported or charged as a hate crime.

The TDOR events are important for the community, often the only time many transgender people get together with other transgender people during the year.  Each event is unique with only one common act, the reading of the names of the dead. Some Transgender Day of Remembrance events read the names of those who died by suicide, others do not.  We all will die, many of us too early.

Please visit the Transgender Day of Remembrance website for the names of those killed during the last year.  It is always nice if you join us for this important event on November 20.  You will need to do a search for Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017 for your local area, as the list was not created for some reason this year.

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“In the end, only three things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

— the Buddha

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

What can we do outside of politics? Is everything political?

Sometimes I wonder about those questions. When I was young I thought the answers were always “a lot” and “no”. Now I see and live those are no longer the answers. The real answers are more grey than any other color. In the light world white is the reflection of everything and black is the absorption of it all. Are our political times this binary?

Right now I am building a Linux laptop computer. It started last year when it appears the Russian IC people broke my computer. That is a nice phrase for they hacked it and destroyed it. For many decades the Russians and I have had a less than kissy face life. So I spent a lot of time trying to isolate what happened and finally decided to trash the hard drive and build a new computer system. Out with the crap and in with the replacement.

So I tried rebuilding a Windows 10 machine. Forget that. MS has made it very difficult to recover, even with a backup copy.

Years ago, many decades now, I had IBM OS/2 V 4 WARP running for most of my computers. I also set up a Windows 95 computer for one son, the others were on Red Hat Linux. You might guess I am a computer person. We had the entire house wired for networks and multiple operating systems. No matter where you were in the house, you had Internet access and a computer.

Then Red Hat went enterprise only. IBM OS/2 went only commercial (and broke up with Microsoft) and the only game in town were some Linux systems and Microsoft Windows. Apple was not a player back then.

So by now you are asking “what the hell are you talking about?” Well, you have to understand a lot behind the technology which is in the media. Keep reading.

We are now around 2000ish. The importance of hardware finally catching up with software is finally here. Prior to this date software was always (actually it is always) ahead of the hardware (computers). Right around this time memory technology started to improve, and reach a point where it could support a lot of software. Prices of memory and processors started dropping. Technology was finally approaching what software could do.

This is when the first major “social media” appeared, MySpace. I still have my account. I am not including the AOL, Prodigy, Compuserve as background. Those were created in a limited Internet access a long time ago. Although very important for many of us, those were not on the “internet”.

The use of the Internet to affect actions was known from the beginnings. There is a tremendous body of work out there to explore that. What we want to consider it what the Soviet/Russian FSB/SVR/GRU (KGB) did to American voters. I will look at that over time.

What is important is that the influence of the Internet has changed as the ease of information access changed.  The easier, and faster, the information arrives has changed what we live now.

From the 1980’s on, it was how CNN moved the news cycle to 24/7.  Of course that is BS as it was more of one little piece of info was pulled, pounded and screwed to form “news” for more than an hour.

Next Up: what does this mean to me?

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