Be(to) Nice

“Any single Democrat running today — and I may not be able to enumerate every single one of them — would be far better than the current occupant of the White House. So let’s keep this in mind, and we can conduct ourselves in this way every single day for the next 11 months until voting begins here in Iowa.”

“Ultimately, we all have to get on board with the same person, because it is fundamental to our chances of success…”


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  1. Seems like SFB is expanding his power as dictator for life.  Threats of using biker gangs, police and military against those opposed to him are becoming blatant.  This side of the fascist orange blob probably goes back to whenever he was dropped on the delivery room floor.  I would like to hear if he used his schoolmates as enforcers.  Did he have mob enforcers help him on his stumble through life?  Are people suffering in Russia because of him?  What has he given KGB agent putin?

    I am guessing that when he ordered/asked republican governors to send national guard to the US-Mexico border, followed by sending federal troops to the border he became emboldened to use the military as his enforcers.

    At some point he has to be impeached or 25th.

  2. on another mass shooting, from cbsnews: Man claiming responsibility for New Zealand massacre posts racist manifesto


    A 74-page racist manifesto was posted online the same day by a man who said he was behind the attacks. CBS News has not been able to confirm if it was posted by Tarrant. But it lays out the alleged motive, citing anti-immigrant sentiment and revenge for past terror attacks in Europe, reports CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste.

    In the rambling manifesto, a 28-year-old white Australian man who claimed responsibility for the attack called himself a “fascist” who hopes to “ensure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.”


    The manifesto also made several references to the United States. In one portion, the author responded to a self-directed question about whether he supports President Trump. He wrote, “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.”

    It also cited the Second Amendment and said he chose guns as his method of killing to divide the country. He said his goal of the attack was “to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms.”


  3. more “be nice” advice from transcript by cnn of beto in iowa:

    O’ROURKE: Great question. So many amazing candidates running for president right now. It’s a great sign that in some important ways, this democracy still works. And it is incumbent upon every single one of us because in a democracy, all of us are the government, the government is all of us. That we hold each other accountable not just for what we promise and

    what we enact or fail to enact, but how we conduct ourselves on the campaign trail. Critically important that we not denigrate or demean any other candidate. We won’t talk about their personal lives —



    Let’s remember that each one of us at the end of this, once we have a nominee will be on the same team. It doesn’t matter whose team you are on today, it doesn’t matter which prospective nominee that you back right now.

    Ultimately, we all have to get on board with the same person because it is fundamental to our chances of success that we defeat Donald Trump in 2020.


    And then that we have a movement of people defined not by their differences, but how they’ve been able to come together to allow the next president of the United States to the be successful on his extraordinarily large challenges that would be before him or her going forward into the next four years.

    [09:20:00] So that’s the way we’ll conduct ourselves in this campaign. Thank you.

  4. repeating important message from above to dem candidates and their supporters:

    Critically important that we not denigrate or demean any other candidate…

    Let’s remember that each one of us at the end of this, once we have a nominee will be on the same team. It doesn’t matter whose team you are on today, it doesn’t matter which prospective nominee that you back right now. 

  5. Funny how SFB sent out a condolences tweet to NZ victims families that was more than anything that’s been sent out by him to gun violence victims in the US. BTW the NZ and AUS authorities tagged him as a RW nut. Imagine.

    Patd, I didn’t see your post before I posted mine. Great catch.

    And with respect to the theme of the thread and your subsequent comments about not denigrating Democratic candidates, I wholeheartedly agree. It will be a very difficult thing for me to accomplish with respect to Bernie!, but I’ll try.

  6. I’m with xrep in the last thread… I see some good in all the Dem candidates.

    patd…  thanks for that excellent quote by Beto.

    I don’t have a favorite yet… I’ll make up my mind when I see the debates.  Although I do tend to favor the younger ones.  Of those over 70 I like Warren the most.  All I know is that whichever Democrat emerges in the end gets my vote in the general election.

  7. renee, I don’t have a favorite yet either altho’ there are a few I hope will quietly back away (but NOT because they’re unqualified or bad).  my many posts on beto are not an endorsement but only to underscore the civility and comity and positivity he is calling for…. cody booker seems also to be on that same wave length.

    pogo, me too re the bern…. but it will take a lot of self discipline

  8. BiD, glad to see you back on the trail.  wish more of our absent mixers (particularly our fearless leader) would return ’cause we could use some fresh ideas around these parts. and speaking of him…

    craig, how’s your dad adjusting to his new quarters?  and how’s it going with the grand launch selling crawford manor?

  9. flatus, not so sure on the bern D/I labels,  NPR reported 10 days ago

    Bernie Sanders filed Monday to be a candidate for the Senate in 2024 — as an independent.


    But last month, Sanders filed as a Democrat for president.


    It’s not unusual for candidates to file with the Federal Election Commission for re-election to their current office, which allows them to begin raising money. Most candidates file shortly after Election Day, in fact.


    But with Sanders, it creates the odd situation of having a high-profile presidential candidate file to run for two different offices with different parties, just as the Democratic Party is adopting rules mandating presidential candidates take something of a loyalty pledge. [continues]


    and NBC reported 9 days ago:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has formally declared himself a member of the Democratic Party as he seeks its presidential nomination in 2020, abiding by new Democratic National Committee rules.

    “I am a member of the Democratic Party,” reads the statement to the DNC that Sanders signed and notarized Tuesday. It also asserts that Sanders will serve as a Democrat if elected president and that the DNC can determine who is “a bonafide Democrat.”


    As the DNC prepared the rules for the 2020 nominating contest, it sought to clarify its membership requirements — over Sanders allies’ vocal objections — by requiring every presidential candidate to sign the loyalty pledge.

    The party sent all declared candidates the form last Wednesday and Thursday and they have one week to return it signed, according to a DNC spokesperson.

    But even now, the depth and permanence of Sanders’ commitment to the party remains murky.

    On Monday, Sanders filed paperwork to run for reelection to the Senate in 2024 — but as an independent. That’s the same affiliation he ran on last year when he won another six-year term representing Vermont. [continues]



    Bernie-ing bridges on another front

    cbs news:

    CONCORD, N.H. — The Sanders Institute, a think tank founded by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ wife and son, is shutting down, at least for now, amid criticism that the nonprofit has blurred the lines between family, fundraising and campaigning.



    The Vermont-based institute has stopped accepting donations and plans to suspend all operations by the end of May “so there could not even be an appearance of impropriety,” Jane Sanders told The Associated Press.

    The unexpected move by the institute’s board of directors comes as Bernie Sanders, a leading candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination, prepares for a wave of intense scrutiny into his political network and his family’s role in its operation.


  10. I have no problem with limiting criticism to issues and record but not to be able to discuss the various candidates makes no sense.   I have noticed the people who have the worst records are the ones to cry first –kind of like the Goopers when they say we all have to work together when they are the ones that made it impossible

  11. How about this for now why don’t we use the legal paradigm and stay in direct examination mode and save cross-examination mode for later? Of course I’m talking about espousing the positives of the candidates that we prefer and leave the negatives of the candidates we don’t prefer for later – except SFB of course, and for him fire away.

  12. …kind of a dumb thought to discourage discussion and examination of potential candidates/nominees.  That’s the very raison d’etre for this blog.

  13. All we need now is Biden and the field should be set. Not turning hand springs over Beto. An almost win in Texas hardly translates into electability nation wide.

  14. Yeah, excpet Beto had people all over the country following a Texas election for senate.  You people are still trying to inform others about who the hell Amy Klobuchar is, lol.

  15. KGC… lol…  you do have a point about politics not being bean bag.  OK… despite wanting all Democrats to support the chosen nominee…  I’ll agree with you that discussing the positives and negatives of each candidate while the primaries and caucuses are going on is the fair way to go.

    So let me start…   Bernie Sanders…  go fuck yourself!

  16. RR

    Don’t you feel better now

    Mr Cracker was (is) a big Bernie Guy but he has announced he is interested in Beto

  17. I’m still for Nancy P.

    If Bernie is the Dem. nominee against trump, i just won’t vote for that office- maybe i’ll write-in someone.

  18. ralph nader ?

    Seriously, we aught to be finding out who all these candidates are and what ideas they have before we gut them and alienate their supporters.

    So far, the only thing O’Rourke has come up with is play nice. And that is a great idea.

    Re Bernie : he’s an Socialist Democratic Independent, whatever the hell that is. However, he still may have some utility for the rest of us, so let us not disembowel him prematurely.

  19. Bernie would be a tough pill to swallow. If he is going to run as a Democrat then he needs to play by the rules set up by the DNC for all candidates. No more bullshit talk about a rigged process just because he isn’t winning. He is as much responsible for Trump as anybody. I wish that he would just go quietly away.

  20. That’s the very raison d’etre for this blog.”

    bink,  and all along I was under the impression it was to see how many thoughtful people who don’t think like us we could put down and run off the trail.  🙂

    i’m with pogo on stay in direct examination mode and save cross-examination mode for later…. espousing the positives of the candidates that we prefer and leave the negatives of the candidates we don’t prefer for later for the opponents, gopers and media to discover or makeup on their own.

  21. Lol, get a grip, patd.  Conservatives aren’t lurking here to get dirt on Democrats.  They have their own vast propaganda networks for that.


    How many grown adults will i have to apologize to for hurting their feelings?  I’m done with that.

  22. in the meantime, keep an eye on this fellow… ominous, chilling, threatening to say the least and makes one shudderingly wonder what’s next.

    In an interview with Breitbart, Trump said, “It’s so terrible what’s happening. You know, the left plays a tougher game, it’s very funny. I actually think that the people on the right are tougher, but they don’t play it tougher. Okay? I can tell you, I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.

  23. The only candidate that has really suffered from a whispering campaign is Amy — every accusation has been anonymous       Instead of actual research to determine whether the accusations are true — so called journalists but mostly opinion writers have used it as an opportunity to spread the story and investigate her psyche and why she might act that way  — not did she act that way.  NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ON THE RECOrD

  24. Oooh, Bikers for Trump- i’m so scared of a bunch of diabetic old people in too much leather.

    (My apologies to all the thoughtful diabetics, leather afficiandos, harley-owners, and old people i’ve just offended)

  25. Bink…. how right… Harley owners ain’t what they used to be.  Rick’s youngest brother bought a new Harley 2 yrs ago.  With a little bit of custom work, when it was ready for him it cost $42,000.  Today’s bikers are all professionals….  ie..  doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers…   as they are the ones who can afford a bike that costs as much as a car.

    ps… Dan hates trump…

  26. Not too worried about the bikers — but the police and the military???

    I have always thought the big fat assholeinchief is just looking for a reason to declare martial law

  27. Saw something about Sanders holding a rally in a Black member church in South Carolina and it was almost lily white.  I don’t think Bernie is translating well from white Russian agent to leader of minorities.

  28. Mr Bink, there you go apologizing again after you said you were through.

    Btw, I don’t have a bike. Otherwise, you’ve got me pegged.

  29. When i said “you’re out”, xrep, i meant as my chosen 2020 Dem. POTUS nominee, in favor of Nancy P.


    I’m sorry if you were offended.

  30. The Democrats need an organized campaign strategy where everyone is one message for attacking SFB and the GOOPERS

  31. I’ve got one. Inherited it from my white haired 78 year old decidedly white middle class dad. But it isn’t a Harley, which American iron I don’t give a shit about. Dad was an engineer, so he didn’t go for the Harleys, he went for the Hondas. At 50 feet it looks Harley like, but it’s smooth, has great electronics and cost less than half of what a similar Harley would cost.

  32. KC, silver lining- Biden gained 3 over Bernie!  I’m the last week. 40 years ago I met Biden and wasn’t impressed. I was impressed by Jesse. We all know where that went. I’ve come to like Biden notwithstanding his numerous gaffes. What kind of shit do I give about his plagiarism?  ZERO. At least he can read and write. Picking up your strategy, fuck SFB. If the choice is SFB or Biden, who ya gonna call?

  33. It’s not the gaffe’s — He conducted the Clarence Thomas hearing.

    He was on the side of the banks  not consumers.  The senator from MBNA

    He thinks of himself as someone who can make a deal –sound familiar– and frequently abandons the priorities of the parties to bring the issue to a close.  Get ‘er done at any cost.


  34. …am i the only one who remembers his rambling flop at the 2016 DNCC?  Does he even have a platform?  Did he do anything in 8 years as VP?  Michelle got more done.

  35. Rain combined with a hard winter of snow accumulation and Nebraska is asking “How high is the water mama?” and we are down stream, the ole Missouri is up and runnin’.

    Homes are underwater and roads impassable. People displaced by the waters have taken shelter in hospitals, schools and other community buildings.
    Residents across the region are being evacuated as levees break or rivers overflow their banks. Rita Argintean was one of many residents at a Valley assisted living center who was preparing to evacuate.

  36. Mr Bink,

    Ms Pelosi is much better than I am, but I don’t think she wants to step down or to give up her nice home and neighborhood to live above the store.

    I am not offended. A lot worse has happened to me than being turned down for the presidency. Besides, I’d probably die in my first term leaving Gabbard or Gillibrand as president. You don’t want that, believe me. 


    I think the rippers and the network execs are terrified that Amy will gain traction. She won’t draw eyeballs to the advertising AND she won’t be put on the defensive by the russian puppet or his sucksessor as the puguglican nominee.


  37. Ha!!

    Now I know why Bink is a Beto fan

    So Bink were you one of the bunch or a fellow traveler?

    Just curious?


  38. BTW on the subject Pelosi.

    If the US had a rational democracy/republic (a parliamentary system) she would go down in history as one of the great leaders in history. But as is……

    Can you really see Pelosi getting in the situation May is in with Brexit?


  39. History says if you want to win Beto is it.

    look at the  Democratic Presidents elected on their own since Roosevelt. Charismatic, light weights, with the exception of Obama and Kennedy,  Southerners. And remember in 2008 a dead possum could have beat the Republican candidate.


  40. Speaking of Bernie, how do you get seven stitches in the top of you head and it wasn’t a fall?

    only thing I can think of, is one of his female aids grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed  his head into it. Just spec a latin’


  41. i honestly dont have any strong opinions on Beto, Jack, i just think he will be the nominee based on logic similar to yours, stated above.  i’ll say it, again:  i’m for Nancy P.


    i’ll go a step further: i’m calling on Nancy P. to serve, as President, and restore our Republic.

  42. I wish to apologize to both the supporters of Senator Gillibrand and Representative Gabbard for my insulting remark. I said we should all look for the good in each candidate and then I betrayed my advice. I am deeply sorry and dismayed by my conduct. Please forgive me. I am working on improving myself, but occasionally I revert to my mean old natural animal self.

    They are all good Democrats and therefore, better than the usurper, the vice usurper, and any other grifter, nazi, pussypincher, mass chemical abortionist (whether by mercury poisoning or lead), glbtiq oppressor, campaign coffer embezzler, vote suppressor, Social Security destroyer, charity looter, russian saboteur, or bible-thumping supporter of serial adultery.

  43. Sorry, I left out grinder of the faces of the poor, a reference to the words of the Prophet Amos

  44. Bink

    she is a great strategist, and I think you have to go back to LBJ to find someone who can do a blend of the  kissing and kicking butt necessary to keep a fractious party together.

    she has raised herself above her liberal roots toward statesmanship. Not many can.

    In other words , she is perfect where she is at.


  45. Hey, Beto is saying all the right things concerning party unity, and i agree that Dem. candidate ought not disparage each other, but most people, here, are rank-and-file Liberals.  If such people can’t discuss candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, here, then where in the heck can they?? Internal dialogue with themselves?  Ok, here i go…


    Mmhmm.  Yep.  Ok.  Nah.   Well, maybe…  wait, no.  Ok, i see what you’re saying, i’ll have to think about it. Ok, talk to you, tomorrow.  Sure thing.

    Wait, should i call you? No, you’ll call me? Ok, i’ll leave my ringer on. Yeah, i get that this is a rhetorical phone. Ok, just making sure.

  46. Okay, since y’all want a little scrappin’, ear biting, eye gougin’, an’ haid kickin’, I’ll dump a new poll in the hopper on Mundy. That’ll make y’alls happy.


  47. Early polls are worth, well, not much. Folks say they’re name recognition. Maybe so. Maybe not. Regardless, uncle Joe is leading whatever the early polls are. Nancy might, (would?) be a great candidate. If only she was running. But… so far, she’s not. So is Beto rising?  Seems so. I’m not Picts horse until I hear all of them neigh.

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