A Battle Of Thugs

Who knew it would take another New York thug to take down the one in the White House. Michael Cohen might not be Sammy the Bull, and Donald Trump might not be John Gotti. But they have one man in common: Robert Mueller. He nailed them all, and so far has sent them all to jail except Trump (for now).

Cohen is set to publicly testify on Capitol Hill next month and Mueller has greenlighted him to talk about whatever he likes, which suggests the Special Counsel has all he needs without keeping Cohen under wraps, meaning he doesn’t need to risk putting Cohen in front of a jury facing cross-examination. Enjoy!

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  1. but but but … shades of tainted juries and  the upcoming cases for  SDNY and ny AG!   how will they ever find someone disinterested and unbiased enough to sit after the endless 24-7  prurient coverage of playboy bunny booty?

  2. a big sigh of relief courtesy of newsweek:
    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be “back in full form” within a month, according to a top doctor. The news comes reports that the Trump administration is preparing for Ginsburg’s departure following surgery to remove part of her left lung.
    Ginsburg, 85, has had multiple health scares in recent years, including colon cancer. But it is only now that she has missed oral arguments in cases at the Supreme Court because of ill health.
    She had cancerous nodes removed from her lung and is now at home recovering, where she has received transcripts of the oral arguments and is looking them over as she heals.
    “This is completely routine,” Dr. Raja Flores, chairman for the Department of Thoracic Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday night.
    “But it is a big operation. It is a very difficult operation to recover from, but she did very well. She was home in four days. You can’t expect her to be back this soon. She’s only a couple of weeks out of surgery.
    “I had an appendectomy when I was 42 and I was out of commission for a month. She’s 85 and had half of her lung removed. We have to be patient. She will be back and she will be fine.”
    Flores, who has worked with Bader Ginsburg’s doctor, also noted that younger patients who had the same surgery went on to run marathons after their recovery. “I’m not suggesting that she’s going to run a marathon. But the Notorious RBG will be back on that bench,” Flores said.       
    He added: “The administration trying to find her replacement to me makes no sense. She’ll be back in full form I’d say within a month.”

  3. Cohen’s testimony will not get shit for coverage.  SFB will dominate the news with his national emergency/theft of disaster funds from Army Corps of Engineers bullshit.  Oh, at at average government salaries of $51000, the economy took a $1.7B hit today as bimonthly paychecks were not distributed to 800,000 furloughed workers (well, 800,000 workers who are furloughed or working without pay).  It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to all this.  

  4. I wonder if IMPOTUS’s crack legal team has factored this into the twit’s fantasy?

    Nayda Alvarez wants nothing to do with any border wall, but her acre of land in Rio Grande City, Tex., where she lives in a brown house along the dividing line between the United States and Mexico, has become of great interest to the U.S. government.
    She, along with dozens of other landowners in the Rio Grande Valley, received surprise letters from the federal government in recent months, requests from officials who are seeking access to their properties for surveys, soil tests, equipment storage and other actions. It is, lawyers and experts say, the first step in the government trying to seize private property using the power of eminent domain — a contentious step that could put a lengthy legal wrinkle into President Trump’s plans to build hundreds of miles of wall, some of which passes through land like Alvarez’s.
    Previous eminent domain attempts along the Texas border have led to more than a decade of court battles, some of which date to George W. Bush’s administration and have yet to be resolved. Many landowners, like Alvarez, are vowing to fight anew.

    The highlighting is mine – but here we are 10 years after the end of the Bush administration, (12 years after passage of the 2006 Act authorizing the fence building involved in the eminent domain challenges to his attempted land grab) and those issues are not all resolved.  

    Now, I may be over-reacting, but what stood in Bush’s way, in part, and  what will stand in SFB’s way, in part, is the takings clause of the Constitution.  If SFB declares a national emergency over an issue that has gotten better, not worse, over the past 19 years, what is to keep him from suspending the operation of portions of the Constitution to enable him to build his vanity wall with the stolen Corps of Engineer appropriations?

  5. The real face of the Trump Shutdown:

    Now on Craigslist, Facebook: Household items from furloughed workers trying to make ends meet
    A federal worker in Morgantown, W.Va., took to Facebook this week to sell welding tools, left behind by his deceased father-in-law. Another, a die-hard Star Wars fan in Woodbridge, Va., did the same with a life-size replica of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. A single father in Indiana hosted a sale on eBay with five pages of things found around the house, including Bibles, Nintendo bedsheets and Dr. Seuss neckties.
    “Sells for $93.88 at Walmart. Asking $10,” a government worker wrote on a Craigslist ad for a Lulu Ladybug rocking chair. “We need money to pay bills.”
    As hundreds of thousands of federal workers brace for their first missed paychecks of the government shutdown this week, some have become immersed in the frantic financial calculus of choosing what they can live without.
    In the United States, living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common, regardless of profession or location. A recent report from the Federal Reserve revealed how little cushion most Americans have in their budgets: Four in 10 adults say they couldn’t produce $400 in an emergency without sliding into debt or selling something, according to the figures that surveyed households in 2017, a relatively prosperous year for the American economy.

    Which family members are hurt by the sale of Nintendo bedsheets, Dr. Seuss neckties and Lulu Ladybug rocking chairs?

  6. I know on Feb. 7th that I will be ready with a big ass tub of popcorn…
    Watching cable news lately has been interesting.  On MSNBC and CNN there has always been a concerted effort to be respectful to the president….  if not for the person, at least to the office.  But lately the pundits are all laughing at trump and his administration.  It looks like the media has finally had enough and the gloves are coming off.

  7. I hate SFB and usually I don’t bother  stirring up the emotionbut really what a disgusting excuse for a human being

  8. renee, I’ve noticed too that more and more media and congress folk are using the words “lie” and “liar” 

  9. fascinating article but somewhat disorienting (and dizzying as in motion-sickness) in the guardian today:
    The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Cuba, India and Russia
    More than half of the world’s population is now online, but that does not mean we all see the same thing. From being filtered by the government to being delivered by post, the internet can vary enormously depending on where you live. Here are four illustrated examples

  10. Two important items:
    Last nite son-in-law and I cheered on the Gamecock women to a 71-40 victory over the Gators. Good on them!
    A few minutes ago I looked out my breakfast room window and there was a male blue bird smiling and looking incredibly happy. I was mulling that over in my mind when I saw an incredibly shy female blue flitting around teasing him. And it’s not even close to being spring. I would be pleased if they choose to nest here.

  11. BB,If your boats are at risk because of the shutdown, set-up a go fund me page and I, for one, will provide help within my budget.

  12. We have a young friend who took a job as an arborist with the US Dept of Forestry in Montana they just  moved in December.   They have nothing to sell because they got rid of it before they moved, they don’t know many people there including their landlord.   I think a lot of their friends have offered money including us.  It is heartbreaking because he was so happy to have a job that included a pension and healthcare.  Who knew it would come without a salary,  Also he is furloughed so even when they go back – he won’t get back pay and hasn’t been there long enough to use vacation time.

  13. Well I hope so.   It’s a bad bad bad thing SFB is doing for no reason except he can

  14. KC, I doubt SFB will sign it, but I understand that the Senate passed a bill that wil protect government employees’ back pay.  It does not extend necessarily to contractors’ employees, but supposedly does extend to government employees.

  15. Who the hell will sign a contract to build a wall with a liar who cheats the guys he’s obligated to pay for a levee ?
    Oh I know, the russians !

  16. SFB’s approval rating is slipping – he’s down to 45% in the Rasmussen daily poll – first time it’s been that low since September.  He’s dropped a couple points since December  in most of the major polls.  Nice to see a few eyes beginning to open.

  17. Flatus – thank you!  My boats are wholly owned by me.  Your offer is wonderful. 
    What is interesting for the greedy old perverts is they are now starting to look at numbers, and those numbers are looking very good for Dems.

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