The Nation will come to order!

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey (D-N.Y.) on Sunday released the text of four bills meant to end a partial government shutdown, now in its third week.

The House will first consider an appropriations bill that funds the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, Lowey’s office said. Other bills cover departments including Agriculture, Interior, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development.
Lowey’s office said the four bills are virtually identical to bills that passed the Senate overwhelmingly last August, adding that text of the bills was included in H.R. 21, which passed the House last week despite a White House veto threat.
Her office also said that the only substantive change between those bills and the four new pieces of legislation is language to ensure that furloughed federal workers receive back pay.
“Unless Congress acts, the American people will not receive their tax refunds, families will lose food stamps, homebuyers seeking mortgages will remain in limbo, and our National Parks will continue to accumulate garbage and waste. These bills will stop this chaos, get many federal employees back on the job, and ensure that key parts of the government are working for the American people. After we pass these four bills, the Senate should clear them and the President should sign them into law,” Lowey said.
[from The Hill]


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  1. Way to go.  Back the Repugs into a corner. Make SFB look like the heartless, soulless bastard he is.
    From last thread:
    Luthiers  build stringed instruments. I believe the lute players are called lute players. 
    The SFB administration is apparently trying to break its own records for lying. Having reached a hard ceiling with SFB and Suckabee it’s co-opted Pence and Neilssen. Both are amateurs compared to their handlers. 

  2. Bink, you made me go look further about lute players – I could not find any reference to lutists, but did find a reference to lutenists and lutanists.  I would accept the convention you suggest, but also accept the convention Merriam-Webster notes. You are correct about the President.

  3. Pogo, went to a whale of a basketball game yesterday afternoon–South Carolina challenged by Alabama. Our women narrowly prevailed in a most exciting game.

  4. Flatus – SC’s women are very impressive.  I don’t follow NCAAW basketball closely, but pay attention when you comment on it.  Apparently Ms. Harrigan had a hell of a game.

  5. …a lewd, looting lout. 
    Let’s you an I agree on “lutist”, and then it will be the most commonly accepted term.

  6. A bunch of NeverTrump refugees from the closing of the Weekly Standard have started a new online publication called ‘The  Bulwark”
    For those looking to step out of their bubble it has some well written articles. 

  7. Ya know  an advantage that Pelosi needs to use is the fact that with the last election she has expanded into almost every major media market, She needs to organize  the Democrats to spread the message through local media by passing the national media filter.  Push the positives of her agenda. 

  8. above picture I tried but couldn’t figure out how to put at top of thread; ergo the “will come to order” title

  9. jace, didn’t the twit say yesterday all he needs is for him, schumer and Pelosi to get together and they would solve the problem…  who needs the senate (in his opinion evidently)?  mitch = a potted plant 

  10. patd – I call that the “Power of the Gavel” picture.
    Looking forward to no coverage of SFB anywhere.  Including him “on the border”  There are those who say the Moon landings are fake and done in a studio. 

    Considering how much sh*t fatso dumped out going to a combat zone his handlers can’t afford to let him do the same visiting near the Mexico and U.S. border.  I will not be watching.

    This afternoon our neighborhood red fox came by to visit, probably curious rather than looking for cat or anything else.  Gale was outside and now I need to repair the fence where the fox and she removed a couple of slats.

  11. Beautiful until you see one taking off with one of your favorite hens in its mouth. That’s when it’s time to convince the creature to drop the hen with a well placed shot. Worked last week to save Honeybun although she had to spend 48 hours in the basement infirmary to make sure she was healing from puncture wounds. It’ll take a little while to get all her feathers back.

  12. Well that was embarrassing. Congratulations to Clemson- they out played, out coached and out scored Bama. Made us look like a D2 team tonight. 

  13. Soo00,

    Trump administration officials made an urgent case Monday that the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border has reached a crisis level, laying the groundwork for President Trump to possibly declare a national emergency that would empower him to construct a border wall without congressional approval.
    With the federal government partially shut down amid his stalemate with Congress, Trump will attempt to bolster the administration’s position Tuesday by delivering a prime-time televised address to the nation from the Oval Office — the first of his presidency. He will then travel Thursday to visit the nation’s southern border.

    … reports WaPo. I will not watch the assholian lie to us tonight. 

  14. My condolences to Mr Pogo, and also to my Bro-in-Law and other ‘Bamians.
    The government is shut down over whether or not to fund trump’s mnemonic device.
    The world is turned upside down.

  15. Made us look like a D2 team tonight. 
    pogo, sorry about that, but as they say “if it looks like a D2 and sounds like a D2, ….” 

  16. flatus, did you see this from nytimes yesterday?
    Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, as recently as late last year explored the possibility of becoming president of the University of South Carolina, four people familiar with the discussions said.
    Mr. Mulvaney, a congressman from South Carolina for six years before joining the Trump administration, initiated a discussion with a senior official at the university late last year about the position, which is going to become open this summer.
    By then, Mr. Mulvaney already had two other jobs — he led the federal Office of Management and Budget, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But he was weeks away from getting a third job that he had lobbied President Trump for over several months: White House chief of staff.
    Mr. Mulvaney got the job in an “acting” capacity — a move Mr. Trump said over the weekend gave him “flexibility” with various appointments — after being replaced with a permanent director at the consumer bureau. But chief of staff is not a cabinet-level position requiring Senate confirmation, so it is unclear why the “acting” designation has remained.
    As of last week, a person close to Mr. Mulvaney said he was still interested in the presidency of his home state university, which will become open this summer.
    Hogan Gidley, a White House spokesman, said that was not the case.
    “Mick Mulvaney is focused on faithfully executing the job the president has asked him to do, and as such he is not interested in any other positions,” Mr. Gidley said.
    Wes Hickman, a spokesman for the university, said it was just beginning its presidential search process. “The search committee is committed to recruiting a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates,” he said in an email. “However, we will not discuss or identify applicants until finalists are named.”
    Mr. Mulvaney has been a relatively welcome addition to the West Wing hierarchy, such as it is. Less clear is whether he has durable personal chemistry with the president or with Mr. Trump’s family members, whose judgment the president relies on.
    Elected to Congress in the Tea Party wave of 2010, Mr. Mulvaney made his name on Capitol Hill as a hard-liner. His conservative politics and ties to Mr. Trump have unsettled some people close to the university, which is on a search to replace Harris Pastides, the current president.
    But Mr. Mulvaney is not the only high-profile Republican who is being discussed as a replacement: Andrew H. Card Jr., former President George W. Bush’s chief of staff and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, is also being eyed for the post by some influential figures in the state.

  17. If you aren’t watching morning joe this morning you should be. They are going over the numbers of southern and northern boarder crossings and apprehensions. Surprise, the numbers don’t support SFB’s lies about the southern boarder. 

  18. Here’s the first important number: in the 1st 1/2 of 2018 6 people on the terrorist watch list were stopped attempting to cross the southern border; 41 people were stopped attempting to cross the northern border. Where does SFB want to build a wall?  Jesus H Christ. 

  19. I’m debating whether I should watch the asshole tonight or not.  I’m sick of seeing him…  but it’s kinda like seeing a car crash… how can you not watch.  If he declares a national emergency, I will change my mind about the 25th amendment….  he will need to go no matter how.

  20. some info to think about from the atlanta journal const article “What is a national emergency; can Trump use one to pay for the wall?”
    What powers does a president have when a national emergency is declared?  
    Through federal law, when an emergency is declared, a variety of powers are available to the president to use. Some of those powers require very little qualification from the president for their use.
     The Brennan Center for Justice lists 136 special provisions that become available to a president when he declares a national emergency.
    A CRS report states, “Under the powers delegated by such statutes, the president may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens.” 
    However, under the National Emergencies Act, the president must name the specific emergency power he is invoking.

  21. repeat from above for emphasis:
    institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication

  22. ” … Don’t forget how people laughed at me 15 years ago when I declared that one day I would govern Germany. They laugh now, just as foolishly, when I declare that I shall remain in power!”
    — Adolf Hitler to a British correspondent in Berlin, June 1934

  23. Pogo, what more can I say…
    Pat, thanks for the catch about Mulvaney and USC. In the past, the trustees have been very protective of the institution’s academic credibility in their choice of presidents. Generally, they have sought a distinguished leader with exceptional achievement at a large public university in a different part of our country. This has worked out well for all concerned to include those receiving their education in the university’s many colleges.

  24. What, Flatus, they haven’t hired a lawyer/businessman/political hack to run the State’s University?  I wonder why not.

  25. So, patd, using the Hitler model, should we predict he will be defeated and end up dead by his own hand at Mar-A-Lego?

  26. New Thread (sorry so late, put wrong time on the sked last night). Gonna be very busy in Orlando with this relocationand and sale project, could use help with posts.

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