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  1. Nancy has the gavel again, and the house controls the purse strings.
    Trump better stop talking dollars and start talking pesos.

  2. Feinstein endorsing Biden   so what.    She’s not much of an innovator and barely a progressive   If she is indicative of his support  I’d say he might as well not bother.

    She won’t get him a single vote in California. She only won because the other guy was possibly the worse choice

    They can form the old people’s club for growth

  3. I look forward to Republicans in the House learning what it is like to be in the minority and Nancy Pelosi teaching the class.

  4. Today officially marks the end of the Paul Ryan era. Over hyped, overblown and underachieving. An abject failure as speaker and human being. His retirement from public life could not have come soon enough. The country is far better off with his departure. History will not be kind to Paul Ryan. Deservedly so.

  5. I really enjoyed her referencing Make Me A Channel of Your Peace, the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
    One of my favorite musicals:  Come From Away, uses it so perfectly in multi languages in three prayers in different religions


  6. I really loved that she had all the children in the chamber come up on the podium behind and around her for her swearing in.

    For all those that have maligned Ms. Pelosi…  HA!   She got the last laugh!

  7. Craig thanks for proving what I’ve long suspected. There are flattering  pictures of Nancy Pelosi. From MSM , you would believe  the only pictures are  those with a haggarded look and her mouth open.

  8. Nancy is a much better negotiator than SFB.  I suspect she’d have his balls in her hand and start to squeeze if those balls hadn’t been in so many places that few would want their hands to go. I will be watching with great anticipation to see how she handles this shutdown and attempts to reopen the government.  

  9. It should be interesting, this is the first time where Nancy can set the agenda of the house with out having to coordinate policy. As of now she is the face of the Democratic party and will do a lot to set the course. Her first time as speaker she felt she should be a team player and support a president who don’t know how to leverage his power. It had to be frustrating to see a twit like Lieberman screw with getting anything done. Now the only toes she has to worry about are in her house coalition. 

  10. Pogo
    I wouldn’t  be surprised that she goes after our favorite turtle first, after all Trump just proved he can’t be trusted to make a deal. The only way to deal with him is to do your job and send him a bill. He either signs it or doesn’t. I think a little hard ball with the Senate might be in order.  I think what people keep forgetting is that speaker of the house is the second most powerful position in Washington and there have been times when it has been the most powerful.

  11. From the New York times

    The Trump administration is considering Jim Webb, a former Democratic senator and Reagan-era secretary of the Navy, to be the next defense secretary, according to three officials, potentially bypassing more hawkish Republicans whose names have been floated to replace Jim Mattis.

  12. Nancy P…..  take that concern trolls
    Democrats are too willing to let the goops control the questions  and answers

  13. Pelosi is going to be sending the senate a lot of bills that will be hard votes for Republicans. Every time they vote no they will provide the substance for a new attack add in the next election cycle. If Trump’s year is going to be Hell, McConnell’s is not going to be much better. I can hardly wait.

  14. Blue Bronc,
    Ryan leaves town with a favorability rating of about 14 percent. He could never please the tea party but along the way he managed to alienate most everyone else as well. He was touted as a boy wonder policy wonk but he was in reality a boy blunder with a good press agent. In the end he was exposed for the shallow water carrier that he really was. I echo the tea party sentiment, good riddance and don’t come back.

  15. Speaker Pelosi could demand a trade in exchange for including trump’s $5B!LL!ON$. The stipulation would be that trump resign. Then pence could sign the budget bill. If the wall is the biggest security issue facing America, and if trump is truly a patriot, he’ll resign. Of course he won’t, and the bullshit of the wall will be exposed to every nose in the US.
    Next, subpoena all the manager of all the trump properties to expose trump’s corporate policy of using the neae slave labor of those ‘dirty’, diseased’, ‘murderers’, and ‘drug-dealers’, he’s always bitching about to care for his guests and their children.
    Simultaneously, send up test balloons : impeachment of trump for maintaining ‘sanctuary’ hotels and golf courses, where he harbors ‘illegal aliens’, hiding them from ICE.
    All this should take about 2 weeks.

  16. Failure to vote to punish trump for his squishy soft stance on ‘illegals’ should weaken ripper senators and congressrats in the nazi wing of the puguglican party. Therefore, the Xrepublican Plan to pry the turd from office has a chance of working. Using this plan of mine, the Dems inoculate themselves against backlash and trump nostalgia. 

  17. My guess is that Nancy will send bill after bill to the Senate to show Mertle to be the SFB suckup he is. Her first move is IMHO brilliant. Pass a bill Mertle sponsored and SFB supported until Limpballs and Coulter shamed him into opposing it. Show SFB to be the pussy he is and Mertle to be the two faced asswipe he is. Rinse, repeat.

  18. The nice thing about Dems’ favorites is that, whether Biden, Warren, Klobuchar, Booker, Harris, Brown, O’Rourke, Castro, Gillibrand, Inslee, Landrieu, Holder, or McAuliffe, etc. Not one of them is morally or ethically objectionable. We might prefer this one or that one, but no Dem is going to say that (s)he would never vote for that candidate. 
    Let’s keep it that way.

  19. Craig thanks for the info 
    However given JIm Webbs reported temper it could be very entertaining 

  20. Mr Pogo,
    That tactic is good as a little embarrassment, but isn’t newsworthy enough. It isn’t a sharp enough wedge to peal people from the ripper party. 

  21. If Latin Americans are as nasty, dangerous, and criminous as trump claims, and they work for him, then he is the head of a lucrative criminal gang.
    Someone has to push this until it poisons trump, his government, and his party. Destroy the beast using his own vile hatred and his own unbridled greed.

  22. BTW, I love Nancy. Btw, she’s 78, so if you’re good with her I don’t want to hear about uncle joe’s age. 

  23. Nancy is qualified because she just proved herself. She operates under a system that is as old as the African plains where we all evolved. It is the system of the wolf pack and the herd beast. She is the alfa wolf/Bull until some younger one comes along and knocks her off. That’s why weak speakers (Ryan) are here and gone but the tough competent ones stay forever.
    What has Biden done? In the last 30 years? Get reelected to a safe senate seat, fail miserably when he last ran for president, then become the hand picked VP of someone better qualified than he was. He was picked because he wasn’t a friend of Bill and could appease the establishment pols that wanted HRC in the slot. Biden’s big problem imo is that in all his attempts he has never ran a competent presidential campaign.

  24. In the Congress I do not mind elderly people, especially if they carry the institutional memory with them.  But even they reach the point of better to be retired than show up forgetting how to insert their card for voting.  I want my presidents in their fifties or sixties.  Old enough to have experience, but young enough to remember the names of their children and dogs and not mix them up all the time.

  25. noteworthy difference when Pelosi turned gavel over to Boehner saying “God bless you Speaker Boehner” but yesterday McCarthy said “I extend my hand of friendship to every member of this House and to the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, I extend to you this gavel”

  26. Jack, that’s the kind of debate we should be having over potential nominees. Of course there are only 3 democrats who ran successful presidential campaigns and arguably 5 who ran competent ones. I’m all in for looking at who has the chops to present as the better alternative to SFB and can choose a campaign manager who can guide him or her to a win in 2020 then follow the election plan. Trump, Obama and Hillary have demonstrated that age, race and gender are irrelevant. 

  27. All that said I reiterate what I said yesterday- I’m withholding judgment at least until the debates let me see who passes the eyeball test. 

  28. Pogo… I’m waiting until the debates also.  I don’t want Joe for the same reason as Jack… he’s proven that he can’t run a competent campaign.  I don’t care about age, gender, religion, color, who one loves, or what one eats for breakfast.  I want a vibrant, competent, smart and able to trounce trump type of candidate.  So far, I’m happy with every Democrat that’s been named who might run as they will add to what the Democratic Party stands for and the vision for the future of this country.  Yup… methinks Joe will have something to add…  but I want to see someone else emerge.

  29. pogo and jack, too early to be choosing sides.  let’s try and get thru these next few weeks with the new house activity and mueller revelations without 2020 distractions to confuse things.
    however as I said yesterday, I really really hope that warren & biden are only first round hasslers the opposition presents to madden madder the madman.   she’s tweet for tweet able to humorously challenge the twit and he (joe) is more than the twit’s match for entertaining media moments.   just hope when the appropriate time comes they quietly withdraw from race and enthusiastically endorse and campaign for the real candidate. notably a fresh and experienced one 

  30. Poobah, James Stavridis would support Jim Webb as secretary of defense. 
    One thing to remember is that Joe’s last campaign of his own was against Obama. He hasn’t run a presidential campaign against republicans, except as Obama’s running mate. 

  31. pogo, a “flattery will get you nowhere” case from politico to chuckle over:
    A witness threatened with indictment over allegations of lying to investigators in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe failed on Thursday in his attempt to select the judge to hear a recently filed lawsuit accusing Mueller of illegal tactics.
    The witness, Jerome Corsi, an author and conspiracy theorist, appeared in federal court in Washington alongside conservative attorney Larry Klayman to argue that the suit should remain with U.S. District Court Richard Leon, who handed Klayman an attention-grabbing win five years ago in a suit over warrantless surveillance by the National Security Agency.
    Klayman used the brief court hearing to contend that Corsi’s complaints alleging illegal surveillance by Mueller rendered the case related to the earlier surveillance litigation in front of Leon. However, the conservative gadfly and Judicial Watch founder seemed equally intent on flattering Leon for his wisdom and fairness.
    “I admire you and what you did in the past because you did stand up to the government and hold them accountable,” Klayman said. “You are the judge who understands the issues the best, having dealt with these issues previously.”
    Klayman acknowledged that Leon eventually dismissed the earlier surveillance-related cases after Congress passed new legislation altering the landscape for the litigation. “I respect you greatly, nonetheless,” the conservative lawyer told the judge.
    Flattery proved insufficient to carry the day, however, as Leon didn’t even take a break before ruling from the bench that the Corsi case did “not even come close” to meeting the standard to link it to the earlier litigation.
    “A related case is not whatever a plaintiff wishes,” Leon said, noting that the court’s rules are intended to prevent “judge-shopping” — the practice of trying to ensure that a case is assigned to a judge thought to be favorable.
    The George W. Bush appointee said he’d seen some cases in which the issue of deciding whether cases are related or not was difficult. “This has not been one of them,” Leon said.
    Government lawyers seemed eager to minimize their role at the hearing, which drew a throng of reporters and a small band of Mueller opponents to Leon’s dimly lit courtroom. None of Mueller’s prosecutors appeared to be on hand.
    While Leon offered each side 10 minutes at the lectern and Klayman used the bulk of his time, Justice Department attorney Elizabeth Tulis chose to take only about a minute to summarize the government’s position.
    Tulis noted that the court’s rules on directing related cases to the same judge typically require that the earlier cases be pending. Technically, Klayman’s are not because they were dismissed, although two are still on appeal.
    “The integrity of the judicial assignment process requires that this case be randomly assigned,” Tulis said, before taking her seat.
    Before concluding the hearing, Leon made clear he’d picked up on Klayman’s effusive praise. However, the judge made note of it solely to observe that the attorney was sounding a lot more friendly than he did in a March court filing in the NSA litigation when he accused the judge of being “harvested” by federal intelligence agencies and “co-opted by the deep state.”
    “We’re not down and we’re not out,” Klayman told reporters. “We’ll just simply get another judge. That’s all. Apparently, he didn’t want the case, because this is a tough case. The government was scared of this judge.”

  32. Eagle update because I need the relief from the politics.  After the tragedy of the long term Romeo/Juliet nest (Juliet driven away, eaglet killed, Romeo abandoned nest), we may have a new couple.  That nest is eagle prime real estate weighing over 1000 pounds with deep moss that actually acts as an apartment house for smaller critters in addition to the management birds).  Romeo & Juliet if still together may attempt a return next season.  We have two very young probably first season couple getting all semi-cuddly and driving off visitors.  Attempted matings have been seen, but they seem to still be getting the hang of things.  He is being generous with fish deliveries (eagle equivalent of flowers & candy).  Whether this will take is up to mother nature, but it is at least good news.
    Now back to the bad news:  Trump still hanging out on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  33. also at politico:  Jim Webb emerges as candidate for Defense secretary
    But his views on foreign policy and military affairs align with President Donald Trump in key respects. For example, he ran for the Senate in 2006 on a platform to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, even campaigning while wearing his Marine son’s combat boots.
    Whether he gets the nomination “really depends on how the military views him, how the career people view him, what his view are of Syria and Afghanistan and any number of issues,” said the official, who added that a number of candidates exist.
    The New York Times first reported Thursday that Webb is under consideration. Webb did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A White House spokesperson told POLITICO, “We have no personnel announcements at this time.”
    Even though he is now a Democrat, a number of Trump boosters like conservative radio host Laura Ingraham and The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway have been pushing his candidacy for the Pentagon job in recent days.
    Hemingway has described Webb as “aligned with the best of Donald Trump’s foreign policy views.”
    Webb was also briefly considered as a Trump running mate in 2016 and later for his Cabinet.

  34. patd, Klayman is a POS and his client is a lying scumbag.  I watched a lengthy interview with Corsi over the holidays and the guy is the kind of client that gives lawyers nightmares – can’t keep his mouth shut, can’t keep his story straight, and doesn’t recognize when he’s contradicting himself.  As the plaintiff in the suit accusing Mueller of using illegal tactics, he’ll be the star witness – and he will go down in flames quicker than the Hindenburg.

  35. from raw story:  WATCH: Maddow reveals how Trump gets his craziest conspiracy theories direct from the Kremlin
    The host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” laid out an in-depth theory that President Donald Trump appears to have a pattern of accepting conspiracy theories that are only propagated by the Kremlin.
    Maddow recounted how it seems to have begun only two and a half weeks into the Trump administration — and has continued into this week.
    She said the latest episode, “now turns out to be something maybe more worrying, maybe even worrying to the point where the new Democratic Congress might end up taking a look at this.”
    Trump’s initial conspiracy theory was that Poland may invade Belarus.
    “The only people in the whole world who were saying that was a potential problem that people ought to look out for, the only people who were talking about that as a possibility, were Vladimir Putin’s government,” Maddow reported. “Putin’s government at that time was running a military intelligence disinformation campaign to try to mess with Belarus by convincing Belarus that Poland was about to invade them.”
    “That was a made-up thing that Vladimir Putin was pushing as part of an information warfare offensive against a country that Russia wanted in its orbit — absolutely obscure and in-fact made up,” she noted. “And that is something that senior-level Trump national security aides took up of them arriving at the White House.”
    The second example was Trump’s claim that Montenegro may start World War III.
    “The only place on earth that has been pushing any line like that — that Montenegro is unusually aggressive and will start World War III if allowed to join NATO — the only place on earth articulating that is the Kremlin under Vladimir Putin,” Maddow reported.
    “So where did he get that from, right? Who planted that?” the host asked. “Where are you hearing this stuff?”
    Maddow explained how it happened again when Trump discussed his views on Russia and Afghanistan during his cabinet meeting.
    “Where is the president getting this stuff?” she wondered.
    Maddow then interview former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who brought up additional examples of the pattern.

  36. The market got a big boost today – presumably from the strong Dec. jobs report.  Mark my words – it will not last.  My guess is that we’ll see it drop Monday.
    And as WaPo reports – While federal workers go without pay, senior Trump administration officials are poised to get $10,000 raises.

    While many federal workers go without pay and the government is partially shut down, hundreds of senior Trump political appointees are poised to receive annual raises of about $10,000 a year.
    The pay raises for Cabinet secretaries, deputy secretaries, top administrators and even Vice President Pence are scheduled to go into effect beginning Jan. 5 without legislation to stop them, according to documents issued by the Office of Personnel Management and experts in federal pay.
    The raises appear to be an unintended consequence of the shutdown: When lawmakers failed to pass bills on Dec. 21 to fund multiple federal agencies, they allowed an existing pay freeze to lapse. Congress enacted a law capping pay for top federal executives in 2013 and renewed it each year. The raises will occur because that cap will expire without legislative action by Saturday, allowing raises to kick in that have accumulated over those years but never took effect, starting with paychecks that will be issued next week.
    Cabinet secretaries, for example, would be entitled to a jump in annual salary from $199,700 to $210,700. Deputy secretaries would be entitled to a raise from $179,700 to $189,600. Others affected are under secretaries, deputy directors and other top administrators.
    The pay of Pence is scheduled to rise from $230,700 to $243,500.
    There was no immediate comment Friday by the White House. A spokesperson for Pence also did not immediately provide comment.

    Stupid, arrogant assholes.

  37. pogo, is that automatic pay raise for his lackies  separate from the one he nixed in august?

    reported by realclearpolitics:
    President Donald Trump is canceling pay raises due in January for most civilian federal employees, he informed Congress on Thursday, citing budget constraints. But the workers still could see a slightly smaller boost in their pay under a proposal lawmakers are considering.
    Trump said he was nixing a 2.1 percent across-the-board raise for most workers as well as separate locality pay increases averaging 25.7 percent.

    “We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases,” Trump said. The president last year signed a package of tax cuts that is forecast to add about $1.5 trillion to federal deficits over 10 years.
    Democrats criticized Trump for moving to cancel the scheduled pay raise, citing tax cuts he signed into law last December. That law provided steep tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and more modest reductions for middle- and low-income individuals and families.
    “Trump has delivered yet another slap in the face to American workers,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.
    Under the law, the 2.1 percent raise takes effect automatically unless the president and Congress act to change it. Congress is currently debating a proposal for a slightly lower, 1.9 percent across-the-board raise to be included in a funding bill that would require Trump’s signature to keep most government functions operating past September.

  38. My God what did we hear from Trump.  He is either incredibly ignorant or completely demented.  How can any politician supposedly sworn to protect the Constitution and the Country not defy this defective human being.  

  39. Why am i not surprised that CC’s POTUS pick is a prospective Trumpistani?  Please be merciful if you get appointed to some powerful position, Mr. Crawford- i swear, they were just jokes!!
    News you can use:  the Beatles are legitimately available on Youtube, now.  No more Argentinian bootlegs that get taken down in 3 days!

  40. patd, No, these are different.  The raises that will be enacted are for upper level appointees and it is a result of the republicans failing to pass a budget before the expiration of the last congress.  The article linked goes into an explanation.  I don’t know whether the raises you mentioned go into effect or not.

    btw, the link in the excerpt you posted is blank.

  41. Having caught a few of the words today, SFB is off his rocker and will be a fruitcake in the turd bowl.  Right now I think the only way to get any movement on the shut down will be to impeach the simpleton.  The representatives are now talking like they are dealing with someone in a different universe.  A place where all he can see is brown.

  42. My life just got hit with “May you live in interesting times”.  Background:  One cousin who has lived for almost 75 years who has never had a day when someone else has taken care of her.”  Husband dies a month ago.  Finds out said husband didn’t put her on his pension among other financial derelictions.  Shatters elbow and needs to be hospitalized.  Doesn’t have a clue about her insurance etc.  House put on market and may have to move within two months.  Me who never had one day of security about anything since 1944 gets to go fix things.  Luckily crisis is an old old friend. 
    End result, I’m flying out Sunday to CA for extended as in long, long stay to help her find a life.  I’ll be off line for a few days and don’t have a clue when it will end or where I will end up.  Think positive thoughts.  I’ll need them, but at least I’ll need them in California.  lol 

  43. So cabinet secretaries and under secretaries, and even the Vice President get five figure raises while federal workers go without pay checks? Sounds like a perfect republican world. They get theirs and everyone else gets fucked. Nothing new here.

  44. Talk of a national emergency in order to build a wall? Would the 25th amendment cover what can only be considered to be the reckless endangerment of of the nation’s best interests?

  45. KGC
    I’ll be in Selma and then possibly Fresno.  Everything is up in the air.  I should be fine, but once things settle down would love to have a visit. 

  46. Sending good wishes to you and your cousin, Jamie.
    Please, pee on the old base turd’s grave for me. I’d do it if I could. Thanks in advance.

  47. I am serious about the House investigating the trump crime organization harboring ‘illegal’ aliens. The impeachment bill should have that as the very first charge against the old crook. Everyone who thinks trump is tough on ‘illegals’ has to be enlightened about his business of employing the people he uses as flesh and blood straw men.
    Throw him out. Lock him up. Lock them ALL up. 

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