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    the guardian:
    An ally of Nigel Farage was asked to obtain secret information from WikiLeaks for Donald Trump’s team during the 2016 election campaign, according to US investigators.Ted Malloch, a London-based academic close to Farage, was allegedly passed a request from a longtime Trump adviser to get advance copies of emails stolen from Trump’s opponents by Russian hackers and later published by WikiLeaks. The allegation emerged in a draft legal document drawn up by Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any collusion with Trump’s campaign team. In response to a series of questions from the Guardian, including whether he had acted on the request to make contact with WikiLeaks, Malloch said in an email: “No and no comment.”Trump appeared increasingly anxious on Wednesday following the latest burst of activity from the investigation that has clouded his presidency. He claimed, without evidence, in a tweet that Mueller’s team was “viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts” in return for favourable treatment.
    […]Mueller’s draft legal document said that on 25 July 2016, Malloch was forwarded an email from Roger Stone, a notorious “dirty trickster” close to Trump. Stone wanted someone to make contact with Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, who had just published the first tranche of emails stolen from the Democratic party and was promising more revelations. “Get to Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the pending WikiLeaks emails,” the email said, according to Mueller’s document. The email was sent by Stone to Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, who promptly forwarded it to his friend Malloch. Mueller said Corsi understood Stone “to be in regular contact with senior members of the Trump campaign, including with then-candidate Donald J Trump”. Six days later, Stone allegedly emailed Corsi again to say Malloch “should see Assange”. Then on 2 August, Corsi replied to Stone: “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps … Impact planned to be very damaging.” Corsi allegedly erased the emails from his computer but they were recovered by investigators. In keeping with justice department convention, Mueller’s document did not identify WikiLeaks, Assange, Corsi, Stone or Malloch by name, referring to them instead with titles such as “person 1” and “overseas individual”.[….]The draft Mueller document accused Corsi of lying to investigators about his own involvement. It said Corsi claimed to have declined Stone’s request for help contacting WikiLeaks when in fact he passed it to Malloch. The draft was part of a plea agreement proposed by Mueller’s team, which Corsi has said he rejected. The document was shared with reporters by Corsi. Corsi is one of several Mueller targets to have struck agreements with Trump’s lawyers to share information about the ongoing inquiry. In a highly unusual arrangement, Manafort has continued to pass information to Trump’s team even after signing a deal to cooperate with Mueller. That deal was scrapped on Monday as Mueller said Manafort had continued lying to investigators. Malloch, who once taught at the University of Oxford, was last year discussed as a candidate to be Trump’s US ambassador to the EU before a Financial Times article exposed numerous false claims he had made about his credentials.

  2. as to the thread topic

    also from today’s https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/28/cliven-ammon-bundy-criticizes-trump-immigration-border-wall

    Cliven Bundy rebukes Trump over attack on migrants: ‘We should have a heart’
    The Trump-supporting rancher and his sons have now become unexpected critics, telling the Guardian: ‘I don’t like walls’
    “I really question his doctrine ever since he started it about building a wall,” Bundy, 72, told the Guardian on Wednesday. “I don’t like walls. I think we oughta be able to get along with neighbors … Trump’s wall never did sit very good with me.”
    Ammon criticized conspiracy theories about the migrants and claims that “they’re all a bunch of terrorists”, saying: “That’s a bunch of garbage.” He also acknowledged the violence migrants are fleeing: “The conditions in Honduras factually are terrible … Many of the refugees have testified that they had lost a husband or a mother or a brother or a sister or children and that they’ve been threatened.”
    He said some anti-immigrant arguments are “fear-based” and “based upon selfishness”.
    Reached by phone, Cliven said he agreed with some of his son’s arguments.
    “Are they good people or bad people? If they’re good people looking for refuge, we’re Americans and we should have a heart and we should try to help them,” he said, noting the harrowing journeys some have likely taken. “How much suffering and effort are they putting forth to get to our border? They are after some freedom and liberty and a better life.”
    Cliven, however, said it was “hard to tell what the truth is” and referenced unsubstantiated reports that migrants could be earning payments to be part of the caravan. Trump and other Republicans have repeated baseless claims that Democrats were funding the migrants, and Ammon acknowledged these falsehoods on the “conservative side”.
    Cliven said he believed migrants should have an opportunity to apply for asylum.
    “Are they really refugees or are they really criminals? … We need to settle down and sort them out,” he said. “We can take care of a few thousand people for a few days.”

  3. Lawyers create timelines for many cases.  When did the girlfriend first meet the husband, when did the wife find the hotel receipt, when did the husband confess to his wife, when did the wife walk out, when did the husband go missing. . . Dates, times, locations, witnesses, principles and a lot more go into time lines.  They are very useful in explaining the who, what, where, when and possibly why.

    I would love to see the timelines that Mueller and his teams have created of the various cases.  Especially where they cross, intersect and merge and there is one and only one criminal in the final spot.

  4. Cohen pleads guilty and names SFB.  That should cause a lot of heartburn in that gut that talks to the low intelligence brain.  Not looking good for a happy day in AF One which is on its way to the G20.  That by itself is funny.  Can you imagine SFB stuck in a metal tube and no way to cry without a herd of reporters writing about it.

  5. Some days are so much better than other days.  This morning had such nice news all I can do right now is smile and wonder what the gut is telling SFB brain. Gurgle purp urb gurgle (you in deep doodoo stupid).

  6. Unfortunately Craig…  it is us until we get rid of the sycophant racist at the top of our government.

    and Sherrod Brown is my choice… no matter his gender, ethnicity, or age because he’s excellent on talking about the bread and butter issues of working class people.  The fact that he keeps winning as a Democrat in an increasingly red state says to me that he can beat trump…  and govern effectively.

  7. Barriers such as walls and fences are worse than worthless as deterrents unless they are guarded to prevent them from being breached. Picture the Great Wall of China. That is what SFB must build to have a mediocre chance of keeping ‘los undesirables’ from entering our hallowed Texas much less Missy-Sippy.

    The picture of the two kids being led away from the tear gas is not what our country is about; impeach Trump now. Just think of that poor child in Vietnam running from napalm that had already fried her young body. Napalm is no longer in our arsenal. The only ‘tear’ gas now in use is CN gas, a relatively benign agent when compared to CS or Adamsite that were previously available. In this particular case the people seeking entry were barred illegally so the legality of CNs use is more than questionable.

  8. It’s the rumpled look — very successful for him…sort of like he just got out of bed

    He’s a great guy and would certainly give a boost to the labor movement

    I think he is in his mid-sixties and he is married (2nd to a very good journalist and author) and had at one time a bit of a reputation as a roue’.

  9. I like Sherrod – he is definitely a straight talker and hair certainly isn’t disqualifying for the highest office in the land – good god, look at the hairstyle(?) on the head of the current occupant.

    I’d love to see a transcript of Cohen’s plea today.

  10. Brown and Klobuchar are an intriguing possibility. Think that they might play well in the areas that we need to win back,perhaps out west as well.

  11. in case you don’t want to read the 10 pages above, here’s a recap by raw story of some of Cohen’s plea:
    …his efforts to secure the real estate deal.

    The attorney told investigators that he emailed the press secretary for Russian president Vladimir Putin on Jan. 14, 2016, and again two days later, saying he was trying to reach another high-level Russian official who was not identified in the court document.

    Cohen received an email from the press secretary’s personal assistant Jan. 20, 2016, asking him to call her Moscow-based phone number — which the attorney did, and they spoke for about 20 minutes.

    He told the Kremlin employee about his position in the Trump Organization, and described the proposed Moscow project and identified a development company as their partner.

    “COHEN requested assistance in moving the project forward, both in securing land to build the proposed tower and financing the construction,” the plea agreement says.

    The assistant asked detailed questions and took notes, according to Mueller’s investigators, and two days later Cohen heard from an individual who appears to be Felix Sater, a Russian-born businessman who worked with Trump Organization on the deal.
    “The day after COHEN’s call with Assistant 1, Individual 2 (Sater) contacted him, asking for a call,” the plea says. “Individual 2 wrote to COHEN, ‘It’s about [the President of Russia] they called today.’”

    The plea agreement shows Cohen and Sater tried to arrange a trip by the attorney to Russia — and possibly Trump himself.

    “I had a chat with Moscow,” Sater wrote Cohen on May 4, 2016, according to the plea. “ASSUMING the trip does happen the question is before or after the convention … Obviously the pre-meeting trip (you only) can happen anytime you want but the 2 big guys where [sic] the question. I said I would confirm and revert.”

    “My trip before Cleveland,” Cohen responded. “[Individual 1] once he becomes the nominee after the convention.”

    Sater told Cohen the following day the Russian press secretary would like to invite him to a forum in mid-June 2016 in St. Petersburg, where he offered to introduce the attorney to Putin or the Russian prime minister to discuss “anything you want.”

    “Works for me,” Cohen wrote back May 6, 2016.
    However, Cohen stopped responding to Sater’s messages after June 9, 2016 — the date of the infamous Trump Tower meeting between top campaign officials and a Russian lawyer.

    Cohen met with Sater on June 14, 2016 — the same day Russian hackers were first publicly blamed for the DNC hacks — in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan and said he would not be traveling at that time.

    The attorney told investigators that he had previously lied about his activities to obstruct the Mueller investigation.

    “COHEN made the false statements to (1) minimize links between the Moscow Project and Individual 1 and (2) give the false impression that the Moscow Project ended before ‘the Iowa caucus and … the very first primary,’ in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations,” the plea agreement says.

    Cohen plainly stated in court that he lied as political protection for Trump.

    “I made these statements to be consistent with Individual-1’s political messaging and to be loyal to Individual-1,” Cohen told the court.

  12. patd, thanks – instead of drip, drip, drip this sounds more like dripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdrip, or as the newly elected senator from Missipansy would say, the noose is tightening.

  13. Pathetic miserable people who can only feel good when standing on someone else’s neck. …oh wait that’s us.

    I support anything that will stop the goopers and their leader,
    fat ass the golfing president.

    I think Sherrod Brown could be a concensus candidate. And after all Ohio is the Mother of Presidents.

  14. SFB won Ohio by about 500,000 votes – and Brown won his 2018 race against Renacci by 270,000 votes.  I wonder if the 15,000 lost autoworker jobs and the resultant downstream losses might translate into OH regaining its senses and going blue in 2018 if Sherrod is the nominee.

  15. If timing is everything it appears that Mueller’s timing is perfect. He is very subtlety making it more difficult to remove him, and making life very difficult for Mitch and the senate. My guess is that he has a few more surprises in store. The group of Trump associates lining up to spend time in prison seems to be growing.

  16. Sherrod Brown’s raspy voice, his haircut and his rolled up sleeves lend a certain authenticity to him that goes well with his passion for liberal democratic values. I hope he takes the plunge.

  17. So we don’t want him to peak too soon.   And I am withholding my judgment on who should be at the top of the ticket.

  18. jace – I think you are on the right path.  My guess is there will be other names showing up in pleadings, hopefully a few of the greedy old perverts get their time in the spotlight.  However, a couple years ago the spotlight lasted days, weeks even months.  Now with the storm of SFB making the focused light less then an hour or two, it will be hard to keep it on gop leadership who went Soviet/Russian and are indicted.  Although the talking heads are working hard to “make sense” of what is going on, they are failing.  SFB and his cult (includes a few senators) are trying to keep stirring the fog so we cannot keep them in the light, the light (Mueller) keeps adding cases AND guilty pleas.  Those cases are circling the mob boss and illuminating all the moths.  It is an exciting time to be alive.

  19. Blue Bronc,

    Indeed it is, and with Mueller it is likely to get more exciting with each passing day.Wheather it reaches all the way to Trump or not the damage to his repugnant brand is going to dog him for the next two years. That in and of itself should be considered as a great service to the nation.

  20. KGC,

    The potential contenders are still making up their minds about a run. There will be lots of top of the ticket possibilities before it is over. Am thinking that Camala Harris is another name to watch. She would I think appeal to some very important demographics that dems will need to regain the White House

  21. Jace

    I agree the Dems have lots of really good possibilities and now the media has gone from the Dems have no choices to too many choices

  22. KGC,

    The narrative is never going to be favorable to dems. Three names I don’t want to see on that long list.

    Warren, Trump has already done to her what he did to HRC

    Sanders, probably cost us 2016 he needs to sit down and stfu

    Biden , love him dearly but at some point age has to be a factor.

    I just winnowed down the list LOL

  23. I like Sherrod among several others, but for the time being my first choice is still Amy Klobuchar.  “Minnesota Nice” with brains, experience, and a firm presence sits well after the insanity of Trump.  Match her up with any of the firebrands and it could be a great ticket.


  24. Jamie,

    Klobuchar certainly puts a lot of check marks in a lot of boxes. Hope that she at least gives some consideration to a run. Another quality candidate for sure.

  25. Klobuchar will visit IA. It is next door to MN. ripuplikans have been trashing her already, claiming she was horribly rude to brat kavanaugh. Cheese Crates, she just asked a question. Anywhat, if the rippers are trying to gut her in a dark alley, she must have impressed them as being a formidable candidate & genuine presidential timber.

    PS, I’ve repeatedly brought Sherrod Brown up since 2013.

  26. Returning to the topic of Is This Us ?

    It ain’t me, babe.

    No, no, no, it ain’t me, babe.

    It ain’t me you’re looking for.

    – Robert Zimmerman

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