A Shrinking Defense

Last week Kellyanne Conway stressed there was no collusion only at the top of the campaign staff, leaving open the possibility that there was collusion lower down the totem pole. On Tuesday press secretary Sarah Sanders pointedly defended only Trump: “Certainly we remain confident in the White House’s assertion that the President was involved in no wrongdoing, was not part of any collusion.”

Mississippi elects another racist. Boycott this state

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  1. emails are forever… like lady Macbeth’s “damned spot”

    cbs news:
    Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi indicated he had advanced knowledge about the release of hacked emails by WikiLeaks ahead of the 2016 election, according to documents obtained by CBS News.
    “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps,” Corsi wrote in an email to Roger Stone, President Trump’s sometime political adviser, on Aug. 2, 2016. “One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.”
    The documents, known as a statement of offense, were sent to Corsi by the office of special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller and his team are investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, and U.S. officials have accused WikiLeaks of being a cutout for Russian intelligence.
    NBC News first reported the existence of the documents, which say Corsi has been cooperating with Mueller’s investigation since Sept. 6. According to Corsi, Stone told him to get in touch with Assange and WikiLeaks in the summer of 2016 and “get the pending emails.”
    According to the documents, Corsi lied to investigators and said he rebuffed Stone, when he instead passed along the request to someone living in London. Corsi also began deleting emails to and from Stone early in 2017, although he continued to stay in touch with Stone as the investigation into Russian interference took shape
    The “friend in embassy” is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent years camped out in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid extradition. In the lead up to the 2016 election, WikiLeaks published thousands of pages of emails that were hacked by Russian agents from Democratic computers. Many Democrats say these email dumps affected the outcome of the election.

  2. good trevor noah quote from the guardian in article on recent climate change report:

    “I love how America always thinks about everything in economic terms,” he said. “Like even when they’re talking about the end of the world they’re like: ‘Climate change is going to kill everybody and that’s gonna cost us like a billion dollars.’”

    When asked about the report, Trump said it was “fine” but he didn’t believe it.

    “How can one man possess all the stupidity of mankind?” Noah asked. “It’s like they edited his genes to give him superhuman stupidity.”

  3. wapo: How Mueller can use the Manafort plea to get around the White House — if he wants


    Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on Monday accused Paul Manafort — President Trump’s former campaign chairman — of breaching his cooperation agreement. In doing so, Mueller may have created the opportunity to release information outside of grand jury indictments and a final report, sidestepping acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker.

    Whitaker plays a significant role in whether Mueller’s findings are made public, according to attorney Jonathan Meyer, a partner at Sheppard Mullin and former Justice Department senior official.
    When a special counsel concludes a grand jury investigation, Justice Department regulations require he write a confidential report detailing his decision to indict or decline to indict its subjects and submit it to the attorney general.
    The attorney general must then notify the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate Judiciary committees that the special counsel investigation has ended. The attorney general can forward the final report to Congress but is not required to. He is also authorized to release the document to the general public, if he determines it’s in the public interest.

    Since he has not recused himself from the special counsel investigation, Whitaker — and presumably, through him, the White House — will get the first look at the Mueller report. It will be his decision to whether to disclose it to Congress or the American people.

    Another way the information may come out is through filings by Mueller himself.
    In the past, he has intentionally released information by making certain indictments public and painstakingly detailed. Mueller could do the same with the Manafort sentencing memo, which would neither be covered by executive privilege nor in Whitaker’s reach.

    Since he has not recused himself from the special counsel investigation, Whitaker — and presumably, through him, the White House — will get the first look at the Mueller report. It will be his decision to whether to disclose it to Congress or the American people.
    “Prosecutors are allowed to use grand jury testimony to prove substantive evidence at the hearing. The fact that information may have been obtained in the grand jury will not bar Mueller from bringing it up,” he said.
    The hearing will likely be a matter of public record. The ultimate question — whether Manafort violated terms of the deal — will be out of Whitaker’s hand and up to the sentencing judge.

  4. Craig…  yeah….  but….  people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Cuz the same can be said of Florida.  We all know Rick Scott is a total creep….  and the new gov. elect, Ron DeSantis, wasn’t shy about his racist bones in his recent campaign.  I guess the best you could say is at least the contests were close.

  5. Am happy to boycott Mississippi  I had no plans to go there anyway and I don’t think I purchase anything produced there.  I also boycott Louisiana …for a long time…because of their ridiculous position on abortion.  I would like to go to New Orleans so that makes me sad.    I have never had a desire to go to Mississippi.  Mr C’s close friend is from there and although he is not an overt racist — he is a bit of an anti-semite.

  6. Only reason I ever went to missipannippi in the first place was drinking age was 18 when I lived in Memphis, Lo those many years ago.

    But you have to go some to be ripped from The Onsonawango, the celebrated Sturgeone Road Atlas.

  7. “although he is not an overt racist — he is a bit of an anti-Semite”

    kgc,  isn’t that like being a little bit pregnant or just a little bit bankrupt? either you are or you aren’t

  8. Not really.  I think he uses the language he grew up and may still hold on to some of the myths but he would not act on it,    He wouldn’t march around Charlotte chanting Jews will not replace us.   He talks a lot about the Jews Of  the Mississippi  Delta

  9. politico:
    Rep. Hakeem Jeffries was elected Democratic Caucus chairman Wednesday, defeating Rep. Barbara Lee for the No. 5 leadership post in a 123-113 vote.
    Jeffries, 48, has been in Congress for only six years but is already often mentioned by younger members as a future party leader.
    He was a lead architect of House Democrats’ messaging strategy during the campaign as co-chair of the caucus’ communications committee. He’s also notched several bipartisan wins, including a prison reform bill that overwhelmingly passed the House and is backed by President Donald Trump.
    Lee, 72, is a twenty-year incumbent and former chairwoman of both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus.

  10. Sturg…  I hear ya!  We almost stopped going to Maine when that asshole LePage was elected governor.  Now that the state has turned mostly blue…  we can breathe a little easier.  Next on Maine’s list is to get rid of Collins…  2020 is a coming!

  11. I have not yet decided whether to run for president, nor who my running mate will be.

    (Thanks to the late Walt Kelly)

  12. Mississippi differed from Alabama in that women in the latter were a higher % of the voters than Blacks in the former.

  13. The re-elected Senator from Miss reminds me of the former gov of Az  – sort of hard looking and mean

  14. As far as voting goes Alabama may be a little bluer than MS, GA or FL, but the deep south is still the deep south and as much as I would like to believe otherwise, aside from some urban areas all the trappings of the Confederacy are still alive and well there.  (And btw, TN, KY, SC AK and TX are members of that club.)

  15. In my units in the military, we didn’t put-up with profiling bullshit. Outside of those circles, I found talking to the offensive individual with words such as, “Benny, I’ve always admired you but when you start using the N or K words I’m shocked to my core. Please, I want to continue our friendship—well, I  think you understand.”

  16. XR, Mike Lee is probably just doing Mitch’s bidding on that. Imagine carrying water for Mertle.  I want to see where Squeaky lines up on this, considering his prior “Hell to Pay” remarks.

  17. Mr Flatus,

    You could have had a career in the diplomatic corps.

    Not me, with my short fuse & big mouth.

  18. Mr Pogo,

    I think trump could go postal in the Mueller team’s office, and the repub snotters would merely call it an unfortunate lapse.

  19. hey  katy tur   SF and Berkely already have ranked choice.  It is a better way to run elections– run-offs usually have lower turnouts and a second election is costly.  Who does your research Donald Trump?

  20. So Nancy was unopposed and won the Dem nomination for Speaker – now she’s just got to make sure no more than 16 dems defect – and if they do, they should consider how that defection will serve their constituents since they won’t likely be given plum committee posts.  Idiots – the proverbial cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

  21. isn’t there a conflict of interest smell wafting from mitch about blocking the mueller protection vote?  could it be his wife’s job depends on doing the twit’s bidding?  if not,  there must be some other quo promised for his quid.

  22. Yesterday it was announced that a person who created one of the most iconic cartoon creations had died.  Little was made of the disease, little was made of his characters.  Only a few went beyond the headline “SpongeBob Squarepants Creator Stephen Hillenburg Dies at 57”.  Too bad.  For those who did not know, he died of ALS, one hell of rough way to go.  The other is that the far right freaked out for many years because the concept of ‘gentle’ was way out of their hate filled thoughts.


  23. patd – little ol’ Mitchy might have a Russian problem too.  It could be he has a lot of extra money floating around somewhere, even near his campaign.

  24. So if Mitch won’t get on board with protecting The Mueller investigation, does that not leave an opening for the house to do it at some point? If I were Mueller I would sure as Hell drag this out until January.

  25. Russia was using Assange as their middle man to influence the election that much seems certain. So why would anyone associated with the Trump campaign be meeting with him or have contact with him unless they were colluding? No other explanation passes the smell test.

  26. KC, I suspect you know the answer to your question.

    Screw Manafort. Let SFB pardon his lying ass. Then let the various attorneys general introduce him to state level justice – and screw SFB who can’t pardon those crimes. But Bob, make damn sure you don’t fuck those state prosecutors’ cases up with a double jeopardy problem.

  27. Mississippi, still fighting the war that they lost. What part of unconditional surrender did they not understand?

  28. Craig,

    re your 7:14

    Manafort has effectively placed himself in no mans land. Of limited use to Mueller and a potential liability to trump. Don’t know where he got his legal advice but he got damn little for his money.

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