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  1. Jeff Sessions resignation letter.

    One by one all the reasonably sane people near the President are being wiped out.  Either the Leader helps get rid of Trump or there will be no stopping his most outrageous actions.


  2. @realDonaldTrump


    We are pleased to announce that Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, will become our new Acting Attorney General of the United States. He will serve our Country well….

    2:44 PM – Nov 7, 2018


  3. ny times:  Trump Forces Out Jeff Sessions as He Cleans House After the Midterms

    The deputy attorney general, now Mr. Rosenstein, would normally be in line to become the acting attorney general, but Mr. Trump has complained publicly about Mr. Rosenstein, too. Since Mr. Sessions is recused from all election-related matters, Mr. Rosenstein oversees the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, who is investigating the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia.
    Such a move might clear the way for Mr. Trump to fire Mr. Mueller. To dismiss a special counsel, the president has to order the attorney general or, in the case of a recusal, the deputy attorney general to carry it out. Mr. Rosenstein has said that he sees no justification to dismiss Mr. Mueller. Mr. Trump has already fired James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director originally overseeing the investigation.

  4. here’s what whitaker (now, the new acting atty gen) had to say about mueller back in july

    Matt Whitaker Joins CNN Panel On AG Jeff Sessions And The Russia Investigation, July 26, 2017

  5. from think progress: 
    The new acting attorney general wrote an op-ed slamming Robert Mueller
    So much for the rule of law
    One day after Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives, Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. (Although Sessions technically resigned his position, the first line of his resignation letter is “at your request, I am submitting my resignation.”)

    Trump also named Sessions’ former chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, as acting attorney general. Whitaker, a former US attorney, rejoined the Justice Department after authoring an op-ed attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
    In that op-ed, Whitaker claimed that Mueller “would be crossing a line if he started investigating the finances of Trump and his family.”
    “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s letter appointing special counsel Robert Mueller does not give Mueller broad, far-reaching powers in this investigation,” Whitaker falsely claimed. Instead, Whitaker argued that Mueller “is only authorized to investigate matters that involved any potential links to and coordination between two entities — the Trump campaign and the Russian government.”
    In reality, the letter appointing Mueller provides that the special counsel may investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” It is common practice for federal investigators who discover evidence of a second crime while investigating something else to also probe the newly discovered evidence. And, as Whitaker appears to concede in his op-ed, Rosenstein could always have given Mueller “additional authority under Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.”
    Last May, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson rejected many of the same arguments Whitaker raised in his op-ed.
    The ordinary practice when an attorney general leaves office, and when a Senate-confirmed deputy is already in place, is to let that deputy act as attorney general. Trump’s decision to place Whitaker over Rosenstein was an intentional — and unusual — choice. Whitaker’s op-ed may very well explain why Trump made this choice.


  6. Jace, according to RCP dems picked up 27 seats.

    IMPOTUS is quickly putting himself in an untenable position.  He’s moving quickly to make all his moves in DoJ before Schiff becomes a committee chair.

  7. atlanta journal:
    The Latest on Jeff Sessions’ resignation as attorney general (all times local):
    3:20 p.m.
    The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee says he wants “answers immediately” after Jeff Sessions was forced out as attorney general by President Donald Trump.
    Rep. Jerry Nadler is in line to become the chairman of the Judiciary panel when Democrats take control of the House in January. He tweeted that “we will be holding people accountable.”
    Trump has long expressed frustration with Sessions over his recusal from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation. Democrats worry that firing Sessions is a path to removing special counsel Robert Mueller and trying to end the probe.

    Nadler says he wants to know why Trump is making the change and “who has authority over Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation?”
    3:15 p.m.
    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says it is “paramount” that the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller be protected by President Donald Trump’s new attorney general.
    Trump forced Jeff Sessions out as attorney general on Wednesday after the midterm elections. The president said Sessions’ chief of staff, Matt Whitaker, would replace him for now, with a permanent replacement coming later.
    Schumer says he finds the timing of Sessions’ departure “very suspect.” The New York Democrat says it would spark a “constitutional crisis” if Trump forced out Sessions as a “prelude” to ending or limiting Mueller’s investigation.

  8. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Wednesday that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who was appointed by President Donald Trump after he fired Jeff Sessions, should recuse himself from oversight of the Russia probe.
    “Given his previous comments advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Whitaker should recuse himself from its oversight for the duration of his time as acting attorney general,” Schumer said in a statement.


  9. from heavy:
    Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia also expressed concern for the Robert Mueller investigation. His statement reads: “While the President may have the authority to replace the Attorney General, this must not be the first step in an attempt to impede, obstruct or end the Mueller investigation. No one is above the law and any effort to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation would be a gross abuse of power by the President.
    Senators from both parties have repeatedly affirmed their support for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Every one of them should speak out now and deliver a clear message to the President that the Special Counsel’s investigation must continue without interference.”

  10. If Mueller has something he should get it out sooner rather than later.

    As for Sessions he has been a dead man walking for months. He should have had the good sense to resign on his own rather than be fired.

  11. Yup…  trump is feeling threatened and very afraid.  And he doesn’t care what happens to this country or anyone in it except for himself and some family members.  I’m in need of a little break from politics after this past election… so I will quietly watch the ensuing frenzy… with a big bowl of popcorn.

  12. Pogo,

    Thanks, I was hoping for thirty seats but twenty seven will have to do. Dems got the house and picked up some state houses so all in all not a bad days work.

  13. Jace…  I disagree.  By Sessions waiting to be fired…  it is blatant obstruction of justice right out in the open.  I don’t agree much with Sessions…  but in not voluntarily resigning on his own, he did this country a favor, IMO.

  14. Jace, you may get your 30.  There are about five seats in CA that have not been finalized and it looks to me like 3 of them are likely to go blue.

  15. Welcome to post election noise, well most people are trying to move on with the exception of Create the New Network and most on this blog.  I did have to dry off this morning from a few splashes of the Blue Dribble of the election.  Where is the Blue Wave?

    Craig,  You can be more creative than “Trump is so afraid”…  Ha that is funny.  Trump is starting the run for 2020 and with the Senate safety net he has nothing to fear.  And those Dems that go negative and keep with the silly CNN branding attempt will not survive beyond 2020.

    Trump and Pelosi might get something done!  What an idea!!!

    So Trail Mix,  join the new movement and try an open approach – get over the TDS.  you are only hurting yourself and not helping the country.  And tell CNN to give it a try ….  Ah that might be asking to much for CNN to actually report news and not be a big joke.


  16. Welcome to post election noise, well most people are trying to move on with the exception of Create the News Network and most on this blog.  I did have to dry off this morning from a few splashes of the Blue Dribble of the election.  Where is the Blue Wave?

    But in all fairness, it was good wins for the Dems and congratulations.  Reps need to learn and Trump needs to become civil in all ways.  If he does tone it down and connect with the great work done – he will win in 2020!

    Craig,  You can be more creative than “Trump is so afraid”…  Ha that is funny.  Trump is starting the run for 2020 and with the Senate safety net he has nothing to fear.  And those Dems that go negative and keep with the silly CNN branding attempt will not survive beyond 2020.

    Trump and Pelosi might get something done!  What an idea!!!

    So Trail Mix,  join the new movement and try an open approach – get over the TDS.  you are only hurting yourself and not helping the country.  And tell CNN to give it a try ….  Ah that might be asking to much for CNN to actually report news and not be a big joke.


  17. SFB is creating a Wednesday night massacre.  I doubt there are any of the greedy old perverts willing to step up and tell him to stop.  We have to have a countdown now until January 3, 2019, fifty-seven days if my math is functioning.

    If the low intelligence racist homophobe does fire everyone then it will be up to the new Congress, in particular the House Judiciary to investigate this travestry of justice.  Considering the Senate did do some real peeking at the SFB mess during the last year, it is possible they might gain some brass gonads and actually step in now.

  18. Ping, you must have really liked your post – posting it twice and all.  Like it or not we are moving on – and with a split decision.  You might find this hard to believe but I didn’t expect dem wins in the FL or TX senate races or the FL or GA governors races.  I was delighted when it looked like they might have a shot, but it’s FL, GA and TX fuhchrissake.  And what do you mean people here aren’t moving on?  I disagree – it is the moving on that Trump is afraid of.  His move to fire Sessions is pretty transparent – and it tells me he thinks he’s sufficiently stacked the Court to save his ass from the obstruction case that is likely brewing.  Oh, we’re moving on, all right.  SFB is still talking Wall – he does know that spending bills originate in the House and that the dem caucus believes it’s a stupid waste of money, right?  Who’s not moving on?  Watch talk of immigration reform and dreamers re-emerge after Jan. 1.

  19. Is it not enough that your state screws up every election that you have to come and gloat about it, afterwards, Ping?  Please get secession on your next ballot, because we know you guys will vote for anything.

  20. Yes, Mr Pong, we’ve all MoveOn-ed. The republican attempts to grow YUJE Government in every womb in the sidereal universe will probably continue. No movement there, right ?

    As long as republicans believe that women are public (BIG GUV) property, no one can be free.

    You have nothing to lose but your chains, Mr Pong. So, Move On.

  21. Mr Bink,

    We bought Florida fair and square. They have no right to secede. I think we settled issue that at Appomattox, at least for Florida. However, we could trade Florida to the EU for, perhaps, Britain. Or to Mexico for the Yucatan Peninsula.

    Just a thought.

  22. The overall results from SC are not surprising despite being disappointing. In my home corner of the Northeast in Richland County, we Democrats won all local and state partisan offices through the state rep and senator levels. Local voters also approved two school referenda totaling half a billion dollars.

  23. Good work, Mr Flatus. Please congratulate all your neighbors on their good sense for me.


  24. We in northern Dakota County walloped congresslout jason lewis. Our bulge overcame the rest of the 2d District.

    The Muslim woman running as a Dem in Mpls (5th District) won with 78+% of the vote !

    Keith Ellison came through as the new AG. His fascist opponent promised to fire about 80 employees because the are “known” Dems.

    We’ll have a recount in Tim Walz’ 1st District. Maybe, the Dems won’t pick up a seat in MN after all. sigh

  25. XR,

    My nieces and nephews and their families living in Mpls are more than active in their community; with your leadership, looks like they are doing ‘good’. Many thanks

  26. What’s to stop  Mueller & staff doing the work pro bono, if the budget for the investigation is cut?

    What about a GoFundMe to help out Bobby III?

  27. Nunes is kicked to the curb.

    Scott Walker …….Ug.


    (replaced by a human)

  28. Pelosi just seems so ineffectual.

    Trumpy giving her empty compliments.

    We need someone stronger as SOH.

    I don’t see her going toe-to-toe with SFB.

  29. XR,

    Sounds like you all did a good job. Dems picked up one seat here in WA. An open seat that had been republican. The republican was a three time loser who had the endorsement of the Seattle newspaper. The dem was a woman doctor who was a first time candidate. She won going away. Made me smile.

  30. Nancy Pelosi…….speaker of the house.

    I’m looking forward to it.

    She’s going to show you what it is all about.

    ineffectual’s ass.

  31. Only got three weeks……living at the Americana, playing in the lounge and eating the best Italian food this side of paradise……then circumstances shifted and I found myself back at home.

  32. So is it too early to begin presidential speculation?

    No dem was particularly strong last night. Not seeing any one at this moment that could stitch together a winning coalition. Biden is in I think and probably Booker, maybe Gillibrand, not sure who else.  The electoral math for dems just does not look as promising for dems as it did just four years ago. We can and probably will win in the suburbs but the rural areas and the rust belt are going to be a problem not to mention an inherent weakness in Florida and an inability to connect with voters in Ohio. I think that Pennsylvania might come back into the fold but that is by no means guaranteed.

    At one time I thought a second Trump term was impossible. Now it seems like a real possibility.

  33. Sturg, I’ve been through Niceville – maybe 40 years ago. Don’t know shit about it other than it’s Boggy Central.

  34. Yep, 40 yar ago……close to my time there……..I have left many places  in my goofy little life, but panhandle Florida was one of my most favorite places to have escaped.

  35. the guardian:

    As Trump replaced Sessions with a senior aide, Matthew Whitaker, a critic of Mueller’s inquiry, Senator Susan Collins was amongst the first Republicans to warn: “It is imperative that the Administration not impede the Mueller investigation … Special Counsel Mueller must be allowed to complete his work without interference.”
    Mitt Romney, who won the race on Tuesday to become a senator for Utah, aimed his first broadside at Trump, tweeting: “It is imperative that the important work of the Justice Department continues, and that the Mueller investigation proceeds to its conclusion unimpeded.”
    Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York, the likely new chairman of the House judiciary committee, said the American public “must have answers immediately” on Trump’s reasons for firing Sessions.
    “Why is the president making this change and who has authority over Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation? We will be holding people accountable,” Nadler said on Twitter.
    Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard University, said Trump’s replacement of Sessions with Whitaker was arguably an impeachable offence in itself. “This rule of law crisis has been a slow-motion train wreck for a long time,” said Tribe.

  36. this should garner many comments about the efficacy of current gop officials –  how can one tell the difference sort of thing.

    the guardian:

    What happens now that a dead pimp has won a Nevada senate seat?


    Dennis Hof won his seat by almost 70% of the vote, despite dying last month


  37. white nationalist at white house

    daily beast:
    The leader of a white nationalist group whose members marched in the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville proudly posted pictures on Wednesday from a visit to the White House.
    Patrick Casey, who heads the group Identity Evropa, posted the pictures to Twitter, in which he is seen posing on the White House grounds on what he described as a visit to “pay my respects.”
    “Evropa has landed at the White House!” Casey tweeted.

    . The pictures from Casey’s White House visit were tweeted on the same day that President Donald Trump held a press conference in which he bristled when a reporter questioned whether his embrace of “nationalism” encouraged white nationalists. Trump responded by claiming that the question itself was “racist.” The reporter who asked the question, PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor, is African American.


  38. Vote counting resumes in Arizona today as several counties combined have an estimated 100k votes remaining to count. Maricopa County has the most outstanding and so far that county has gone heavily for Sinema. Indications are that Arizona could have a Democratic senator by the end of the day.

    We shall see.

    Don’t want to speculate about 2020 yet, but keep in mind that Arizona will be electing a new Senator to replace John McCain in special election. Interesting times in the Grand Canyon state.

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