Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

No need for an introduction, one of my favorite big band numbers by my favorite big band. Some Sunday morning Stardust, a nice way to start the day.

Enjoy the music but most of all enjoy your day!🌞


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  1. jace, back in the sock hop days, the last dance was either “stardust” or the fox-trot “goodnight sweetheart…’til we meet tomorrow”  (later on pookie hudson and the spaniels’ “goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight…it’s time to go”)

    ahhh, sweet memories.  thanks.

  2. CNN interviews Republican senators Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett), Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), Susan Collins (Cecily Strong), Jeff Flake (Pete Davidson) and Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (Aidy Bryant) as well as Democratic senators Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffatt) and Joe Manchin (Mikey Day) about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  3. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news including the Senate confirming Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

  4. Thank you Jace.  If ever palates needed cleaning, today is the day and Glenn Miller is a great antidote to yesterday.  Here’s a little moonlight to go with all those shiny stars:


  5. Favorite standards

    I’ll be seeing you

    So Rare


    Moonlight Serenade

    must admit I’m partial to the Artie Shaw version, but that’s small potatoes. Glenn Miller could have done little brown jug or Mary had a lamb and have made them sound too great to shake a stick at.

  6. well, looks like we’re not the only ones going to the dogs


    LONDON (Reuters) – Around a thousand dogs and their owners marched on Britain’s parliament on Sunday demanding an end to Brexit via a second vote on the terms of the country’s exit from the European Union. 
    Organisers of the so-called “Wooferendum” campaign argued that animals would suffer from leaving the EU, saying there would be a shortage of vets and a rise in pet food costs.
    The march backed a wider campaign for a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit, at which Britons would have the chance to vote on whatever Brexit deal Prime Minister Theresa May is able to bring back from Brussels.

    At several ‘Pee Stations’ along the route, dogs were encouraged to urinate on images of Brexiteers like former foreign minister Boris Johnson and ex-UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage – key faces in the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign.


  7. Am hard pressed to see what Democrats gained out of the Kavanaugh fight. Not sure that it will have any significant impact come Election Day. Republicans won and their base loved it. Guessing that they will retain control of both chambers in the mid terms. If we thought the first two years were long, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    What am I missing?

  8. Jace

    Thanks for a great Sunday opener.   The area we live in used to have a lot of dance pavilions and the big band sound could be heard through the summer nights,

    We are fired up!   I think Democrats did what they could considering they have zero power.

    I don’t know about the senate but I think the house will be blue


  9. The SNL writers were harder on Schumer than I was 😉

    Jace, did you read the article by Dan Balz of the Washington Post I linked a couple days ago? The Democrats are desperately in need of a Leader, a face, a unifying force. Seeing this mentioned more in many places. Any ideas, suggestions? Right now Amy Klobuchar is the best candidate as I see it, but in a quiet, level headed way which doesn’t win the pizazz factor. Optics matter. Still, she is my choice as the top Dem. I like her, will support her however I can.

  10. So…Roberts was given judicial complaints about Kavanope and pulled a Comey on them so they wouldn’t affect Mertle running the prick through.

    Wapo reports. 

    Folks, we are in real trouble.

  11. “Bush credits Kavanaugh in his book for helping choose Roberts …”


    Oy vey.

    It’s a small incestuous world in Washington, eh?


  12. When the goopers continue to whine about their predator judge — we should get out  old impeach Earl Warren signs and remind them they cannot pretend to be people they are not…too many people remember

    BrettBartBrat is a creature of the Lee Atwater culture

  13. The Kavie opera occurred during the “political season”, when everyday Americans were watching.  There are a couple of far right around where I am who are all in on it and the results.  But, there are many others of the conservative persuasion who are not.  And, not behind it enough to cancel our community sit around and talk about everything cocktail hours.  They are conservative, but not SFB followers.  Bush I is definitely their type.

    I like to look at numbers, not percentages.  And, never equivocate the sides.  The R’s can count on R’s voting.  The D’s can count on D’s voting D.  I want to know which of the I’s are going to look at what SFB is doing and be appalled enough to consider voting D and no more of the “protest” voting.

    We should start be seeing polls.  538 or as I like %#*  will be updating very soon too. With under a month to go to the election these polls should be getting close to reality.

  14. BB

    you are so sensible

    Do you ever look at either of these two  — the Cook Report

    or Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball   I like him  a lot better since he stopped appearing on Faux News

  15. Perhaps it is because I’m somewhat isolated or because my neck of the woods will probably vote blue in any case but I don’t detect any sense of urgency or outrage on the part of voters. Dem leadership has failed to create a compelling message that will motivate voters. It is not enough to be anti Trump. You have to stand for something and I’m damned if I know what Democrats stand for. Post election, new leadership should be the order of the day.

  16. Whoa Jace

    Democrats stand for healthcare, for fair immigration policy , equal pay for women, environmental policies to protect people and country– Just by pushing their usual policies they are the opposite of Trump.

    I don’t get why people think Dems don’t stand for anything that is absolute bullshit  Where is the evidence they don’t stand for anything — that is a Republican line –kind of like how everyone hates Pelosi  but the only people who actually hate her are Republicans  and what are SF values anyway.  Anti descrimination policies, people who think gays should be treated respectfully and like any other citizen.  Seriously you cannot believe the Democrats don’t have policies and positions —

    Better public transportation which the current sec’y who apprently has a lot of executive time (napping) on her schedule is busily undoing all the work on public tranporation and that horrible woman at education is ruinng the public schools as for Ben Carson – we know graft and nepotism are more important to him then housing or anything else. and that is just a start

  17. jace,

    You are making sense; have a realistic message. This country is so fractured, divided, divisive. I fear it will take something horribly catastrophic to shake us out of our selfish tribal factions. While we snicker & dicker it gives cover for the real bad guys to take advantage of the situation. That is very scary because we know who is out to destroy our way of life – and our immaturity gives them full range. Who will step up, who has the cred to help get this country back on line?



  18. I think it safe to say the Democrats are the majority party.  The important thing is that people vote

    It should be enough for people to know a big difference between Dems and goopers –Democrats want more people to vote and Republicans only want old white men to vote

  19. What Katherine Graham Cracker says is true; what Jace says is true.

    Unfortunately, and this is the truth, the Democrats have no clear Leader or strong Voice to remind voters of their good, decent qualities. This is what is needed. What voices have spoken up have been successfully demonized/diminished by Republican operatives. Somebody out there in this big beautiful country is bigger than this awfulness & is desperately needed.

  20. KGC,

    Don’t get me wrong, dems associate themselves with all those things as well they should. What they don’t do well is articulate their support of those items. A coherent message would go a long way toward moving undecided voters and getting stay at home voters to get out and vote. Neither side can win simply with its base. Dems have to earn independent voters. When they do that they will win.

  21. Jace

    I think you are wrong but it could be your geography or shitty news available in your area

  22. People did turn out last time and in Wisconsin one of the states where a surprise loss — 200,000

    Democrats were illegally denied the right to vote

  23. Georgians need id to vote — and then they shut down all the places where you can an id in the mostly black counties

    people shouldn’t be yelling at democrats they should be yelling at Republicans for not letting people vote and for illegally purging voter roles

  24. There is nothing wrong with this country that couldn’t be solved by getting rid of the Republicans

    Donald Trump in the last election told people this was their last chance to preserve their lifestyle of the rich, white bigots

    and our last chance apparently to get rid of it

    Going out to lunch now finished ranting for awhile

  25. Dems have a firm and strong message. And it will be seen in the midterms. Even more clearly than it is now seen.

    the problem isn’t the message…..the problem is GOP trying to steal elections.

  26. Democrats rhubarbing over “messaging” is what divides and loses elections.

    And……..Anti GOP is pretty strong messaging at the present time.

  27. well one more thing
    While first lady Melania Trump reportedly mourned an ivory burn and toured an elephant conservation site in Kenya on Friday, a dark irony hung over her visit: Just months ago, her husband’s administration quietly lifted an Obama-era banon Americans bringing ivory and other elephant body parts home as trophies.
    “It is sad to see this,” the first lady reportedly told her guide while viewing 105 tons of ash from an ivory burn, Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted from the scene. Conservationists carry out the burns in hopes of hindering the ivory trade.

    I hear Don jr gave Kimberly an ivory sex toy I wonder what Melanoma got for Don sr


    A tweet

    Phil Bredesen Should have said What Beto O’Rourke said on Kavanaugh Beto O’Rourke: “If I were in the Senate, I would have voted no,” Beto O’Rourke is up by 3 points and Phil Bredesen is down by 8 points One had political courage the other didn’t

  29. It’s kind of ironic people calling for a unified message and a single strong voice are the same who complain when local races aren’t about local issues — which is the formula Dems are currently using to win and they are winning

    Mr Cracker is going to leave without me now I really have to go

  30. sturge, saw where dem money is being held back from Phil Bredesen because of his stance on kav.   this is another one of those times when the party shoots itself in the foot.  why lose the senate over this kind of purist behavior?

    from the hill:

    MoveOn, a progressive outside group, said on Friday that it is cutting support for Democrats in two key Senate races because they are supporting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
    “We’re cancelling a planned six-figure digital video ad expenditure for Phil Bredesen in Tennessee due to his Kavanaugh position,” the group said in a tweet.
    They added that “similarly [we] will be pulling all planned campaigning on behalf of Joe Manchin in West Virginia if he votes yes. Kavanaugh is unfit for the Court.”


    and from reuters: Super PACs MoveOn and Priorities USA, which raises money to support Democrats, on Friday said they would no longer support the two men, even as the party tries to leverage a potential wave of liberal voter anger to pick up the two additional Senate seats it would need to take a majority in that chamber.


    however, wash exam reports:
    Senate Democrats are standing by Sen. Joe Manchin and former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen despite their support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court as they continue to hold out hope that they could re-take the Senate majority in November.
    Top Senate Democrats and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee indicated Saturday that they would support the two top candidates in deep-red states after Priorities USA, a top Democratic outside group that served as Hillary Clinton’s primary Super PAC, revealed that they would not back either in the last month before the midterm elections. Victories by Manchin and Bredesen are viewed as vital for Senate Democrats as they hope to overcome a one-vote GOP majority.
    “Absolutely,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., when asked if he continues to support the pair. “Let me just tell you that a Democratic majority in the Senate will avoid this kind of tragedy we just went through with the Supreme Court.”

    —repeating for emphasis —
    Senate Democrats are standing by Sen. Joe Manchin and former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen despite their support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court as they continue to hold out hope that they could re-take the Senate majority in November.

  31. as bill maher said re the risk of liberal purist stupidity:  “…this is about winning the next election,” Maher said. “And that begins with learning the difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy.”

  32. Those who served in the military should take the lead, as it will only make Space Cadet Bone Spurs look like a weaker creep than he does now when he lashes out at them like a rabies-crazed dog.

    Eventually, I see Beto being a good spokesperson for Dems.   He interacts in a very authentic way with folks and he can handle himself against asshats like Tedious Cuz.

    I think Dems should be quiet about voting until the 11th hour.  No need to get Trump’s base worked up.

  33. There are 12 million more Democrats than goopers .  Dems are at 40% of the electorate  the goops at 29% only slightly ahead of decline to state   2018 —  No one except the most deplorable people consider themselves goopers

    It doesn’t matter how excited they are by election day only the white males from the Senate will be Republicans.\

    We need to make sure registered Democrats get out and vote and that Goopers don’t do more to keep them from voting.



  34. Colin Powell said Trump has turned from we the people to me the president

    And he just bought himself a get a out of jail supreme court judge

  35. 4 inches of rain so far this weekend, forecast says we could get another 4 inches by Wednesday, lucky we are on high ground I guess. no high water here

    But I did find a young Johnny Cash on youtube.


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