78 thoughts on “Trump’s Stupid Economy”

  1. add to that what this may mean to oil prices to say nothing of environmental damage to come


    Strongest-ever earthquake strikes Alaska’s North Slope region
    KAVIK RIVER CAMP, Alaska — Alaska’s North Slope was hit Sunday by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the region, the state’s seismologist said. At 6:58 a.m. Sunday, the magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck an area 42 miles east of Kavik River Camp and 343 miles northeast of Fairbanks, the state’s second-biggest city. The agency says the earthquake had a depth of about 6 miles.
    State seismologist Mike West told the Anchorage Daily News that the quake was the biggest recorded in the North Slope by a substantial amount. “This is a very significant event that will take us some time to understand,” he told the Daily News.
    The previous most powerful quake in the North Slope was in 1995 at magnitude 5.2, West told the newspaper.
    The jump from a 5.2 to Sunday’s 6.4 is significant because earthquakes rapidly grow in strength as magnitude rises, he said.
    “That’s why at 6.4 this changes how we think about the region,” West said. “It’s a little early to say how, but it’s safe to say this earthquake will cause a re-evaluation of the seismic potential of that area.”

  2. nbcnews:
    Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former “Apprentice” contestant who became a White House aide, has provided an audio recording that she says is from 2017 and on which President Donald Trump expresses surprise that she’d been fired from his administration.
    The tape, which was played exclusively Monday on “Today,” appears to show Trump having no idea that Newman had been dismissed by his Chief of Staff John Kelly.
    “Omarosa? Omarosa what’s going on? I just saw on the news that you’re thinking about leaving? What happened?” Trump is heard saying on the tape, which Newman said was made one day after her termination in December 2017 when Trump called her.
    Newman responds, “General Kelly—General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave.”
    “No…I, I, Nobody even told me about it,” Trump replies.
    Newman then says, “Wow,” before Trump reiterates his shock.
    “You know they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it,” Trump is heard saying on the tape. “I didn’t know that. Goddamn it. I don’t love you leaving at all.”
    NBC News does not know what was said before or after that exchange. The White House had no comment when asked about the exchange between Trump and Newman.

  3. Everything costs more now.  Food –everything is a dollar more.  And gas is creeping toward $4.00 and that is regular.    And it will only get worse as the tariffs kick-in.

    Everything SFB does is stupid

  4. I think the mass media should stop covering SFB.  Write about his policies but nothing he says or tweets.  There are plenty of other people who can be quoted on policy issues

  5. the hill:

    President Trump on Monday blasted former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman after she went on a media tour to promote her new book that calls the president a racist and an incompetent leader.

    “Wacky Omarosa, who got fired 3 times on the Apprentice, now got fired for the last time. She never made it, never will,” Trump tweeted.
    Trump sought to explain why he hired someone he dubbed a “lowlife” to a senior position in the White House.
    “She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok,” he wrote.
    Trump said “people in the White House hated her. She was vicious, but not smart.” He also claimed that he ‘would rarely see her,” despite claims the two frequently had contact in the White House.

  6. KGC: “I think the mass media should stop covering SFB”

    Not sure I agree. The more his lunacy is exposed the more of an embarrassment he is to moderate Republicans (especially women) and Obama voters who voted for him — key swing groups.

  7. There’s coverage and then there’s coverage – It’s one thing to repeat unchallenged SFB’s tweets in the online and on air media as if what he says has some basis in fact.  It is quite another to in essence fact check him by posting the facts that refute his BS tweets as they are repeated by the press.  Cover but refute – that’s my idea about covering his BS, and I think it should be done, and done, and done…As to his stupid campaign rallies, it’s not possible to do on the fly refutation, so to that extent they should not be covered live, but only be rebroadcast with the refuting facts. So sez me.

  8. Here’s a really nice article by Stephen Miller’s uncle about Miller’s immigration hypocrisy.  I’m guessing this isn’t Miller’s favorite uncle and that they don’t pal around at family holiday gatherings.

    Acting for so long in the theater of right wing politics, Stephen and Trump may have become numb to the resultant human tragedy and blind to the hypocrisy of their policy decisions. After all, Stephen’s is not the only family with a chain immigration story in the Trump administration. Trump’s grandfather is reported to have been a German migrant on the run from military conscription to a new life in the USA and his mother fled the poverty of rural Scotland for the economic possibilities of New York City. (Trump’s in-laws just became citizens on the strength of his wife’s own citizenship.)

    These facts are important not only for their grim historical irony but because vulnerable people are being hurt. They are real people, not the ghoulish caricatures portrayed by Trump. When confronted by the deaths and suffering of thousands our senses are overwhelmed, and the victims become statistics rather than people. I meet these statistics one at a time through my volunteer service as a neuropsychologist for the Philadelphia affiliate of HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), the global non-profit agency that protects refugees and helped my family more than 100 years ago. I will share the story of one such man I have met in the hope that my nephew might recognize elements of our shared heritage.

    Stephen’s uncle is not your average run of the mill dummy – he’s Dr. David S. Glosser, retired neuropsychologist: formerly a member of the Neurology faculties of Boston University School of Medicine and Jefferson Medical College.

  9. I’m in favor of Pogo’s 1113. I would be inclined to report the president’s observed activities for each prior day, e.g:
    0700-0900 Studied current events via network teevee
    0900-1000 Tweeted reaction to current events
    1000-1100  Briefed Ms Huckabee in prep for her Press Conf
    1100-1200  Listened to Press Conference
    1200-1300  Lunch in quarters
    1300-1345  Brief nap
    1345-1400  Returned to office
    1400-1430  Received briefing on purpose of ‘Suitcase’ and how to use its contents
    1430-1500  Met with Amb from Turkey. Told him he would make a fine president
    1500-1530  Tweeted on matters of State and Decorum
    1530-1610  Followed closing of financial markets so-so
    1610-1659  Talked to Gen Kelly about getting rid of football
    1700            Retired to quarters


  10. I am not sure that I agree with the proposition that trump has a disability of intellect. That proposition would mean that the sabotage of foreign affairs, our economy, law enforcement, and education are co-incidental. The very scope, the variety of ruin, argue against co-incidence. The sheer size and grandeur of the events, and the intricate details all argue for intelligent design. And, where there is intelligent design there is an Intelligent Designer.

    See the source image

  11. I like the Pogo plan.   There used to be a sports show that had a fact checker and at the end of the show – he presented the facts.  They could do that on the tv news

  12. It’s good to be back.  It won’t stop raining here…  feel like I live in Seattle.  Anyhoo…  it rained so heavily Friday evening that we had a minor roof leak…  unfortunately it leaked right over our router.  Rick finally went to the Comcast store today and got a new one.  As much as I sometimes bitch about being on this machine too much…  it really sucked being without the internets for almost 3 days.

    at least the tv worked…  so I do kinda, sorta know what’s going on in the world…

  13. Renee asks what’s going on in the world. Okay. The Indians are in First Place by 12 games in the AL Central. Boston is in First Place by 9-1/2 in the AL East. SFB sux. I’m moving to Shaker Square. We’ve had 4.56-in of rain here so far this month.

  14. in the midst of the usual palaver of he said she said, omarosa told judy woodruff in pbs interview tonight that she’s got corruption stuff on wh and will be taking it to law enforcement authorities.  also says she has a “treasure trove” of mixed media.   so guess that means she’ll be the flavor of the week on cable.

  15. here’s the newshour link  for report on the interview and an excerpt:

    On Monday, she said would release more tapes soon.
    “I have a significant amount, in fact a treasure trove of multimedia backup for everything,” Newman said.
    Manigault Newman has faced criticism for recording conversations in the White House; the one with Kelly where she was fired took place in the Situation Room, where taping events is prohibited. She also drew criticism during her time at the White House.
    Trump on Monday called Manigault Newman “wacky” and a “lowlife” on Twitter. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also criticized Manigault Newman’s portrayal of the Trump White House.
    But Manigault Newman has defended the recordings, and said Monday the contents of the tapes could include evidence of corruption she alleges she saw inside the Trump administration. When asked to share a specific example of corruption, Newman instead said she would “reserve that for the authorities.”
    “I prefer to do that not in the court of public opinion, but in the court of law, because it is very serious,” she added.


  16. Maybe once in a while the media could point out that both Trump and Omarosa  are successful reality TV stars and everything they say should be viewed in that light. The current titillation of the media being the most prominent example.  It is pro wrestling/reality tv folks of course it is fake. The thing the media needs to do is quit following the magicians wand and pay attention to the other hand.


  17. Well, i’ve discovered racist graffiti in my immediate neighborhood- it’s probably the act of stupid teenagers, but who knows?  It could be something more organized.


    Anyway, i could document it and publicize it with the intent of “fostering dialogue” in the community, but that could easily go awry, so i’ve decide to just paint over it, in the cover of night, and hope nothing more comes of it.


    Just thought i’d share:  Yes, there are real-world, local consequences to the current national political atmosphere, with its increased permissiveness of blatantly racist perspectives, and they impact some more than others.  Fortunately for me, that’s amounts to less of an impact on me than my brown-skinned neighbors- they don’t deserve to see that shit while they are just trying to go about their daily lives.

  18. could be she’s just upping the “settlement” price, but more power to her if she does turn over to authorities solid evidence of illegal doings in the white house.   quite common to use mob underlings and fellow travelers to send  the nasty of nasties up the river.   think Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos et al.

  19. Omorosa is sounding a little bit smarter every day.

    by the way, down in charleston, “Manigault” is pronounced as “Manni-Go”

  20. Just as “Huger” is pronounced “HEW-jee ” and Legare is “La-GREE”, etc. …..old French Huguenot stuff I guess.

  21. Calling a woman a “dog” — making sure that 30% approval among women doesn’t break the ceiling …

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!

    Hell hath no fury like a narcissist scorned.

  22. Craig get real, it is all fake, designed to do just what you and all the other media did, you have taken your eyes off the real problems.  BTW for the women that Trump wants to attract, they are nodding in agreement.  For them she is a loud mouth black woman, of course she is a dog.


  23. As for the meager attendance at the kKk rally in DC I think conservatives view “protests” as a liberal thing and they ordinarily just don’t do it.

  24. Dunno, Jack, but his support among non-college white women in the Rust Belt has fallen from mid-50s in the 2016 election to the high 30s — and that was his margin of victory. Maybe some will appreciate racist taunting of a black woman but my guess is they’re outnumbered, or maybe it’s just a wash. His erosion among college educated white women is more dramatic, and the cumulative impact of his misogyny must surely a factor. If these changes are reflected in midterms, that’s your blue wave.

  25. “you have taken your eyes off the real problems”

    jack, are you saying trump is not real or is not a problem or that it is not important to expose corruption/dementia/treason in the white house?

    yes, climate change slowly destroying the planet and the destruction of our democracy are bigger problems,  but eyes seem to glaze over every time media broach these issues.

  26. op ed in ny times: 
    Welcome to the Resistance, Omarosa
    She’s a venal scammer, but she’s right to tell all about Trump.
    Omarosa Manigault Newman, the reality show villain who campaigned for Donald Trump and followed him into the White House, is an amoral, dishonest, mercenary grifter. This makes her just like most people in Trump’s orbit. What separates her from them is that she might be capable of a sliver of shame.
    Naturally, Manigault Newman’s new book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” is self-serving, a way to avenge her 2017 firing and make money telling us what we already know about this wretched administration. Nevertheless, she had other options for cashing in. She has revealed that she was offered a $15,000-a-month position on the Trump re-election campaign in exchange for keeping her mouth shut. She could have had a career in right-wing media; an African-American celebrity willing to say that the Republican Party isn’t racist will always find patrons.
    Instead, she chose to speak out against the man who made her a star, and repent for her complicity in electing him. She may be a manipulative narcissist, but she’s behaving more honorably than any other former Trump appointee.

    hat’s not a high bar, and I wouldn’t take most of the claims of “Unhinged” at face value. But we don’t have to, because Manigault Newman has receipts. When I got a prepublication copy of the book on Friday, I wasn’t sure what to think of the scene in which Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, fires her, making thuggish threats to destroy her reputation if she doesn’t go quietly. On Sunday, “Meet the Press” played her recording of the exchange, which unfolds exactly as she described.
    Similarly, I didn’t quite trust her account of the post-firing phone call she received from Trump, in which the president expressed surprise and dismay that she has been let go. “No one even told me,” she quotes him saying, adding, “I don’t love you leaving at all.” But on Monday, the “Today” show played Manigault Newman’s recording of this exchange. And that $15,000-a-month contract? You can read it yourself in The Washington Post.
    Of course, just because Manigault Newman is telling the truth about some things doesn’t prove that she’s telling the truth about everything, including the alleged existence of outtakes from “The Apprentice” in which Trump uses racial slurs. “Unhinged” has lots of evidence-free gossip, including speculation that Trump was sleeping with Paula White, the pretty blond prosperity-gospel preacher who gave the invocation at his inauguration. My opinion of Trump could scarcely be lower, but I won’t be convinced that he floated the idea of being sworn in on “The Art of the Deal” instead of the Bible, as Manigault Newman claims, until I hear it myself. (Lordy, I hope there are tapes.)
    Still, there’s no question she has useful knowledge of our ruling clique. Perhaps the most interesting thing about “Unhinged” is its insights into how Manigault Newman, a former Democrat who’d worked in Bill Clinton’s White House, rationalized being part of Trump’s white nationalist campaign. I’ve always been mystified by how the president’s enablers, who understand his venality and incompetence, justify their behavior to themselves. (Even most bad people want to believe that they’re good.) Manigault Newman is an unreliable narrator, but her book is still the best account we have of how the Trump cult — a term she uses repeatedly — looks from the inside.


    Still, there’s no question she has useful knowledge of our ruling clique. Perhaps the most interesting thing about “Unhinged” is its insights into how Manigault Newman, a former Democrat who’d worked in Bill Clinton’s White House, rationalized being part of Trump’s white nationalist campaign. I’ve always been mystified by how the president’s enablers, who understand his venality and incompetence, justify their behavior to themselves. (Even most bad people want to believe that they’re good.) Manigault Newman is an unreliable narrator, but her book is still the best account we have of how the Trump cult — a term she uses repeatedly — looks from the inside.

    Her version of her own motivations is probably sugarcoated, but it still isn’t pretty. She’d been part of a pro-Hillary Clinton “super PAC” and was bitter that she didn’t get a job on Clinton’s campaign. Meanwhile, Manigault Newman, who grew up in poverty, knew she owed her cherished celebrity to Trump. (As she points out, he likes to surround himself with fame-worshiping people whose fortunes depend on him.) “The Trump team, unlike HRC, was true to its word and had officially brought me on board as a senior adviser and director,” she writes. “Regardless of whether Mr. Trump was being taken seriously, I was.”
    She suppressed whatever unease she felt about selling out by trying to convince herself that she was representing African-American interests in the campaign and administration. Manigault Newman did graduate work at Howard, the revered historically black university. She had roots in African-American Democratic politics. When she switched sides to back Trump, the disgust of old friends and colleagues hurt. Throughout “Unhinged,” you sense her trying to explain herself to them.
    Studies have shown that the people who are most likely to leave cults are those who maintain intimate links to people outside them. Manigault Newman, who last year married a pastor who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, could never fully sever ties with Trump critics.
    In the end, you don’t have to trust her sincerity to see “Unhinged” as a serious indictment of Trump. Either she is telling the truth when she calls Trump “a racist, a bigot, and a misogynist” in serious mental decline, or the Trump campaign’s former director of African-American outreach, a woman frequently called upon to testify to Trump’s lack of racism, is a lying con artist. No matter how little credibility Manigault Newman has, the man who gave her a top-ranking job in his administration has less.

    [Michelle Goldberg has been an Opinion columnist since 2017. She is the author of several books about politics, religion and women’s rights, and was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2018 for reporting on workplace sexual harassment issues.]


  27. from editorial board of ny times:
    The Raging Dumpster Fire of the President vs. Omarosa
    We are yet again reminded of how this president has hired people who reflect and reinforce his nastiness, neediness and narcissism.

    On both sides, the spat is vintage Trump: tawdry, cruel, vindictive and highly personal. That said, this is about more than a petty feud with a former aide who famously shares Mr. Trump’s love of chaos, confusion and high drama. It is also a glaring reminder of one of this president’s central failings as a leader: his disastrous judgment when choosing people with whom to surround himself.


    Even if you grade on the Trumpian curve of loyalty matters above all else, Mr. Trump has repeatedly failed. These people are all grifters. Mr. Trump just assumed they were his grifters.

  28. Jack: “you have taken your eyes off the real problems”

    I think this was my first comment here about Omarama, had made this thread post about the economy, but she took it over. Please write us a post about real problems anytime, would be much appreciated.

  29. 21h21 hours ago


    George Conway Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    Cincinnati Enquirer/Suffolk 6/6-11/18 OH statewide 500 LV
    Unfavorable opinion of
    > Donald Trump:  58.6%
    > John Kasich: 34.8%

    George Conway added,

    Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
    The very unpopular Governor of Ohio (and failed presidential candidate) @JohnKasich hurt Troy Balderson’s recent win by tamping down enthusiasm for an otherwise great candidate. Even Kasich’s Lt. Governor lost Gov. race because of his unpopularity. Credit to Troy on the BIG WIN!


    384 replies 3,588 retweets 12,750 likes





  30. Pat

    What I’m saying is really simple omarosa  and Trump have been playing you and from your posting pattern the last 2 days you have been suckered and you are loving it. Trumps tweets are sucker bait intended to distract from what is real,  when you or anyone responds to them you are the sucker.



  31. Sturg, what is the source of the Tweet you quote in your 8:14?? If it is from Trump… FWIW, I’ve never gone to his twitter feed

  32. I don’t see his twitters, either, unless some one quotes them……I ain’t following that goon.

  33. I find Omarama fun summer reading. Call me a sucker, but anything that shows this WH as the silly circus it is can’t be helping the president, no matter what he and his cast of clowns might think. The embarrassment of this presidency is sinking in, and stories like this add to it.

  34. Thanks, Sturg, I was ready to put on my boots and rucksack for a march against the White House du Jour

  35. Craig, there’s enough real bigotry in this episode and the White House without embellishing it with hurtful innuendo of times past. We must clean House(s) with the editorial page and ballot box.

  36. Well, on the political front – state level, overnight the WV House Judiciary Committee recommended articles of impeachment for the remaining 4 justices of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals, which the House approved – Menice Ketchum (dumb as a box of hammers) resigned a couple weeks ago to avoid a Senate trial on articles of impeachment against him.  Breaking news – at 9:30 this morning Justice Robin Davis resigned (to avoid the possibility of having her seat filled by the governor in all likelihood – today is the last day to put a name on the November ballot), leaving only 3 remaining justices to face an impeachment trial in the WV Senate.  If any of the 3 justices resign or are convicted of the articles of impeachment and removed from office after today the rotund republican coal baron governor of the state will fill the positions vacated. I don’t think he’d consider appointing me. Good times in WV.

  37. I find myself in the odd position of agreeing with both Craig and Jack about the Omarama (love this name) sideshow – it’s fun reading that points out the chaos in the trump white house AND it does distract from more substantive but less fun things like Manafort’s trial, Strzok’s firing, ….

  38. KC, I’m not the least bit interested – I’m political, but not formally political in WV – and it takes that her to run.  Besides, running for WVSC takes money I don’t have to waste and don’t have the backing of the Dem establishment, so I’d be hung out to dry.  Mrs. P would love to sit up there with a black robe on but wouldn’t want to take the pay cut.

  39. so much for the twit’s promised 6% growth….

    from roll call:

    Congressional Budget Office Revises Economic Forecast Downward
    The Congressional Budget Office projects the economy to grow at a rate of 3.1 percent in 2018, a slight revision to the 3.3 percent growth rate the agency forecast in April.
    The CBO attributed the slight decline in its gross domestic product estimate this year to revised projections of discretionary spending and interest rates.
    CBO Director Keith Hall added a caveat to the projections, though, about the forecast, specifically noting the uncertainty surrounding U.S. trade policy, particularly on tariffs.
    “Economic projections are inherently uncertain. For example, when CBO completed this economic forecast in early July, the agency estimated that the macroeconomic consequences of the U.S. tariffs and foreign retaliatory tariffs that had been implemented at that time would be small. The new tariffs that were then in place affected goods that accounted for less than 1.5 percent of the total value of U.S. trade. However, trade policy has already changed since early July and may continue to evolve, so the effects of new tariffs may become more substantial and have a larger effect on the economy than CBO accounted for in its current projections,” Hall said in a statement. 


    and from the hill:
    ….the updated estimate sees the economy growing at 2.4 percent in 2019, below its 2017 levels of 2.6 percent.
    “In 2019, the pace of GDP growth slows to 2.4 percent in the agency’s forecast as growth in business investment and government purchases slows,” the report said.
    The CBO also ticked down its estimate of how fast the economy will grow in the latter half of the upcoming decade. While the April estimate projected growth of 1.7 percent from from 2020-2026 and 1.8 percent on average in 2027 and 2028, the new update estimates that growth would drop to 1.6 percent in 2021 and 2022 and remain at 1.7 percent from 2023-2028.


  40. jack, yes, admitted sucker here re the surreality show; but many AAs out there are taking this very seriously.   guess it all depends on who one is (an AA or female) as to  how important and how real a problem the latest silliness is perceived.

  41. ny times:

    Manafort Lawyers Rest Without Calling Witnesses in Fraud Trial

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Lawyers for Paul Manafort rested without calling witnesses on Tuesday in their client’s trial on bank and fraud charges, a stark contrast from the prosecution’s case that included testimony from nearly two dozen people and hundreds of documents entered into evidence.
    Before they rested, the judge, T.S. Ellis III, denied a motion to acquit him on four of the 18 counts against Mr. Manafort. Judge Ellis scheduled closing arguments to begin on Wednesday morning.

  42. sorry, jack, but one more vid on that NOT real important problem:

    Omarosa Manigaut Newman tells Chris Matthews that if Robert Mueller “calls again” she would give her secret recordings to the Russia investigation.

  43. patd,  lawyers decide not to call witnesses in the defense of their clients for one of only 2 reasons.  The first is that the case against your client is so weak and the case for your client through cross examination is so strong that there is no need to call witnesses in the defense.  That happens in very few cases in my experience (although my criminal defense experience is admittedly very limited.)  The second reason is because as my momma used to say, “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”  That’s probably good advice in polite society but as a defense strategy it means ya got nuthin’.

  44. On the Omarosa thingy…   I agree with Pogo… it’s obviously a distraction and yet it’s kinda fun.  And even if Jack is correct and the whole thing is a setup…  how stupid can trump be (oh let me count the ways) to actually call her a dog.  The wave is blue because it’s largely pink…  I’ll gladly stand by and let trump and Omarosa turn it pinker.

  45. Just saw an hilarious reference to SFB at Wapo – IMPOTUS.  Glad I wan’t drinking milk when I read it.  Would have done that milk through the nose thing.

  46. In addressing the current WH occupant, i move we adopt IMPOTUS in all our formal trail presentations.  SFB and the twit can be for informal and casual posting.

  47. I am hazarding a guess that there is a small cohort of people who have no idea, or clue, who Omarosa is, what television program she was a star of, and when.  The same with the Karadshians.  No clue. Nothing.  I am now with the knowledge that she was famous on television, same with some fat child (never seen, only read a little about).

    With this handicap we, the “who is that” cohort, do need to be given free rein when we make a faux pas about them, including the “K cup” group (that includes dummy who now realizes what a SFB she is).  I do not know anything about Ms. O, except she was one of SFB suck ups, and that might be her only skill.

    Will Paul Manafort go free?  That is funny.  That dude is not going anywhere.  If SFB pardons him, at least three states will have claims on his stinking butt. (he has been in prison for a while)  I would not be surprised that a couple of countries would make a claim on him too.  Oh, yeah. Putin might be tired of the guy and we do know what Putie thinks of rejects.

  48. lol @ political hipsters “Omarosa is so played out, man, im into the more obscure policy advisors, you wouldn’t have heard of them…”

  49. Omarosa and her caustic personality created “The Apprentice.”

    I hope Omarosa and her caustic tongue take down Trumpsky.

    If Mark Burnette is the pious Christian he claims to be, he will let the light shine on any ugly truths (recordings) about Trump.

  50. tpm:
    As the battle between former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman and the Trump administration intensifies, Manigault Newman leveled many new accusations against the President in a Tuesday interview on MSNBC.
    First, she told MSNBC’s Katy Tur that President Donald Trump “absolutely” knew about the Clinton campaign’s stolen emails before they were published by WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. She offered no further details about how Trump knew.
    She added that Trump frequently sexually harassed women in the White House, saying that: “He is very physical and would grab women and kiss them, unsolicited, any time, any day.”
    On special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, she said that she has partaken in an interview with Mueller and that the Trump administration is very worried about the probe.
    “They have been hiding things from the American people and have been being dishonest,” she said.
    She concluded that all of the information she was sharing from her memoir “UNHINGED” is “documented” and “corroborated.”

  51. business insider:

    The Trump campaign is suing Omarosa for millions after her tell-all book and recordings set off a firestorm
    President Donald Trump’s campaign announced on Tuesday that it’s suing former top White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman for allegedly breaching a 2016 non-disclosure agreement by releasing secret recordings of top officials, including Trump, and writing a tell-all book on the campaign and administration she served.
    The Washington Examiner, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press reported that the campaign filed for arbitration against Manigault Newman with the American Arbitration Association in New York City for violating the agreement.
    On Tuesday afternoon, Manigault Newman told the AP that she “will not be silenced” by Trump’s campaign. She said she would “not be intimidated” by the campaign filing for arbitration.
    “I’m not going to be bullied by Donald Trump,” she said.
    The AP wrote, however, that she declined to answer several questions about her time working for Trump, citing the arbitration action.

  52. I am one of the W.ho I.s T.hat, WIT, cohort. Have no clue about ‘K’ cups. Sold at K Mart ?

    IMPOTUS is a fine title for the cruel, pussy-pinching, deadbeat, serial husband, traitor, and national disgrace.

  53. too late, saul, looks like she’s already called the A-team

    according to political wire:  Avenatti Has Spoken with Omarosa
    August 13, 2018 at 11:55 am EDT By 38 Comments

    Michael Avenatti told The Guardian that he has had conversations with former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, but would not comment any further.
    Said Avenatti: “I’m not going to go into the details of what I said about that. She had reached out to me a number of months ago.”


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