Smoking Pistol

We don’t need Nixon-style secret tapes. Trump’s crime a matter of public record. Russians attacked us on his orders.

July 27, 2016, Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

From today’s Mueller Indictment: That evening, Russian operatives targeted Clinton campaign emails “for the first time.”

Craig Crawford

Author: Craig Crawford

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69 thoughts on “Smoking Pistol”

  1. mueller would not have filed indictment without having concrete evidence to back it up….  names, dates, times, discussions etc. in black and white (or pink pixels)

    and this is just scene 3 of act I

    dramatis personae domesticae in  acts II and III coming up

  2. Although we have yet to hear him utter a word, Mr. Mueller has great comic timing.
    Rosenstein delivers the news and although he gets a bad rap –‘ if you scratch his surface, you get more surface’ —  I think he has done a great job in his delivery.
    And the justice presser always end the russian probe indictment announcement with this  —
    “There is no allegation that the conspiracy altered the vote count or changed any election result.”
    (we’ll see)

  3. rudy, rudy, rudy…. you are sooo predictable

    Follow Follow @RudyGiuliani

    The indictments Rod Rosenstein announced are good news for all Americans. The Russians are nailed. No Americans are involved. Time for Mueller to end this pursuit of the President  and say President Trump is completely innocent.


    9:53 AM – 13 Jul 2018 



    for the one lone Greenie

    “Money that Jill Stein raised to recount votes in 2016 swing states is being used by her campaign to pay for legal bills stemming from the investigation of Russian interference in the last presidential election,”

    Picking  Stein should finish the American version of the green party but it won’t.


  5. Rudy’s tweet clock says 9:53.  what time did Rosenstein make the indictment announcement, before or after that?

  6. As Queen Elizabeth is obliged to have tea with Donald Trump, who is busily working to subvert the alliances established after WWII, let us recall that she is the last surviving head of state who served in uniform during that war.

  7. Lots of the right wing spokes-clowns like Rudy are tweeting and all say “see no collusion”.  All of them overlooking (purposely or because they can’t read) the qualifier “IN THIS INDICTMENT”.  There are still lots of booties to hit the floor.


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  9. Whoa!  And trump was already briefed on these indictments before he left for the U.K.  Yet he still claims the “Russian thing” is a witch hunt.  I am now absolutely sure that Putin has some stuff on trump and is blackmailing him…    and methinks it’s much much worse than some pee pee tape.

  10. Congrussian!

    An unidentified 2016 congressional candidate reached out to Russian intelligence officers collectively posing as a Romanian hacker under the pseudonym Guccifer 2.0 for dirt on a political opponent, according to an indictment filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller Friday.

    In addition to the unnamed congressional candidate, the indictment mentions several other individuals and groups who communicated with the Russian intelligence officers in order to gain stolen documents. Among those individuals were several reporters and a “then-registered state lobbyist” who received “personal identifying information for more than 2,000 Democratic donors.”

  11. To whomus it may concern

    Basically anyone yelling at or advocating for Nancy Pelosi to step aside. Stick it.

    What about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, should she step aside for “younger blood” to have a shot?   No, right?

    Oh, that’s not the same thing, you say…….Well, yes, it is exactly the same thing, just different positions.  An older lady, extremely capable and conscientious in her ability to advance progressive goals……and being asked for no good reason except that she is a wise old WOMAN to step aside.

    Sometimes people ought to just stop and think…..instead of frenetically grasping for ephemeral wads of bullshit just because it’s squishy and somebody sprayed it with perfume.

    get a grip…….experience is the KEY.    I’ve grown to put great trust in many old progressive women and will continue.


  12. It’s not an age thing, it’s a Nancy & her old ways thing.  She has never been good at conveying a message.  I’m with sj on this; it’s time for new blood.

    Hillary, old ideas. Bernie (who is older), newer ideas.

    As for RBG, I hope she stays right where she is; we need her.

    (Craig- Line  two typo.)

  13. Yeah, go ahead a spout anti-trump shit all day long and then see if there’s anything you can do in your own small way to divide democrats.

    i got it.

  14. “Not very good at conveying a message”…….. That’s very squishy, but the perfume done wore off.

  15. Bout the onliest damn thing I know of which could lure me inside that Florida line again……..Georgia, too, for that matter.

  16. Melania, don’t get on your husband’s airplane again. Plead illness and depart to the States tonight on one of the standby airplanes. You and Baron bunker down along with your parents until Rosenstein says it’s safe to come out. Donald is toast.

  17. This is a good day, not great, but good.  Putin and his bastards in the GRU are outed once again.  They keep screwing with me for no reason at all (roughly two hours from now my website will be attacked)

    I am waiting for an indictment or two of the congress creatures and a kushner maybe too, very soon.  Perhaps the Stone indictment to top off a great week.

    I am thinking Mueller will build a statue, the indictments and pleas so far are building a bottom plate or base to which he will add more important pieces, all waiting for the orange blimp to be plopped on top.


  18. I guess the music from The Third Man would be appropriate to accompany trump’s next piddlefest in russia.

    The Czechs during the Reformation began an interesting political tradition called defenestration. It involves tossing the politician(s) you don’t like out of a high window.

  19. Old Carl was booked and on his way to New Yawk and Ed Sullivan when he got in a car wreck. Elvis got the gig.

  20. Who is is he congressional candidate who tried to get access to the emails?

    Sturg – Wanting someone else instead of Pelosi is not a Republican thing.   Face it, the Dem party is on the move & Nancy is standing in a rut.

  21. Favorite old New Yorker cartoon…….a cat at the grand piano, sitting on the piano stool looking at the camera while leaning on his elbow propped on the keyboard.    He’s wearing a beret and dark glasses….a voice off-stage in a blurb at the top says “Mendelsohn worked himself to death.”    The caption underneath says:

    “So, who got the gig?”

  22. Defenestration…..I remember learning that word in the biography of Jan-something who got defenestrated at the beginning of some spy book.  Elected leader of Baltic avenue or some such…….de- fenestra…..out Latin is strong within us……

  23. Nancy is in a rut.

    I’m not sure anyone even bothered to spray any perfume on that one…..


  24. You know, you want to ring off republican talking points that’s your business…….ain’t none of me……but republican is as republican does, and your support last election was republican, and if you want to support them again just keep fomenting crises of needless bullshit.

  25. Sturg, LoL!!! Got an extra seat in your car?  I’m wit ya man. Bernie’s new ideas?  Only if you ignore the 30s.

  26. Sturg…  Pogo… can I go for a ride with you fellas…  I’ll bring the ranch flavored Doritos and the mojitos…

  27. Yes, because I was the only Bernie supporter in the country.  Yes, because newbies who are left of the Dem party stance are winning.   Drive off into the sunset.

  28. Im tending bar that time at the Bryn Mawr in Pine, Co. Lizard bust open the front door at five minutes to six, wearing a filthy deer hide suit with a Bowie knife in a sash across his chest demanding,  “Schnapps!!”  Schnapps, schnapps, schnapps….he keeps hollering at me…….

    The night time bartender, sitting at the bar having a drink before relieving me at six leans over and says, “Don’t serve Lizard…..he’s barred.”

    I went down to the other end of the bar and started washing glasses…..Lizard could have any damn thing he wanted. I figured from that end of the bar if Lizard should charge behind the bar, I could hop it and be self-defenestrated out the window before he ever  got anywhere close.    It didnt get to that because the owner, Loretta, came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on her apron, and grabbed Lizard by the ear so hard I could hear it snap……”Lizard,” she says, ” I done told you not to come back here…..You’re Barred! I’ve been in that damn kitchen all damn day cooking cause you done scared my cook half to death, and you got the nerve to…..etc etc etc”   Lizard starts going, ” Ow ow ow Ms Loretta, that hurts, all I wanted was one schnapps……”     Loretta let him have one, but then he had to go.

  29. RR, I’ll make sure there’s room for you and your Doritos and mojitos. Never know when we might have a snack attack.

  30. No, you weren’t the only one……as it turns out there were very many russian bots and republican operatives  supporting the ever-living fuck out of Bernie. You know, like you did.

  31. So now all of a sudden there’s trump and you want to blame democrats?      Stick it.

  32. My truck has the most horriblest old time AM/FM radio I think you guys would make me stop and get a rental car before 100 miles was up…….maybe 25…….it’s some horrible shit on that radio.

  33. If Nancy P has to retire as speaker, it won’t be a problem.  She is a person who can always find something worthwhile to do.    She has a great leadership skills and she is one of the most progressive members of the house.  She is from SF the face of the values goopers pander to their voters.  Instead of being stand-up proud for her, people are attacking her using gooper arguments which are factless and feckless.

    Mr C and I went to Sebastopol probably the most liberal town in America.  At one time they had a Green majority council.  On the main road coming into town was a  Trump support table  –  big signs –looked like paid people — kind of odd.

  34. I was watching a little bit of Chris Hayes and have only one thing to say to our “president”, STOP BEING SUCH A BIG ASSHOLE!!!! Russia hacked our election and you won. Cause and effect? I say yes, you say no,  I say high, you say no, no, no[collusion]….STOP BEING SUCH A BIG ASSHOLE. Where’s the goddam swear jar? I owe it big.

  35. bbronc, any idea if the 12 agents named in the indictment were also some of the 60 Russian “diplomats” that twit made go home?   if so, could have been done purposefully to get them out of Mueller’s reach for questioning while on u.s. soil during early part of investigation and now out of reach cause we have no extradition agreement with vlad.

  36. patd – I do not know if the group of spies Obama kicked out were the same group that was involved with Hillary.  I do know the group of spies kicked out of Maryland were the ones attacking me.  I would expect that once the unit was back in Moscow they would start going after HRC the same way they went after me.  Although the attacks on me went away for awhile, those did return after a few months. Those were when I think they set up new equipment (computers) and started testing it out.

    I think they now have the capability of adjusting to different computer rack life.  i.e. they can handle lost websites which are not seen on a typical Google scan.

  37. ny times:

    G.R.U., Russian Spy Agency Cited by Mueller, Casts a Long Shadow

    MOSCOW — The Russian intelligence officers indicted on Friday by the United States special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, served in a branch of the Russian military formerly known as the G.R.U., which has been linked in recent years to a number of increasingly bold, even reckless operations abroad.
    The organization is Russia’s largest military intelligence agency and is one of several groups authorized to spy for the Russian government, alongside successor agencies to the K.G.B.
    Though the G.R.U. has been the target of sanctions by the United States government numerous times, including in connection with hacking in the 2016 presidential election, the indictments filed by Mr. Mueller’s office are the first criminal charges leveled against Russian government officials for election meddling.
    Though still commonly referred to as the G.R.U., or Main Intelligence Directorate, the agency in 2010 changed its name to the Main Directorate, or G.U. As before, it is subordinate to the Russian military command.
    From the shooting down of a civilian airliner over Ukraine to operations in Syria and the United States electoral hacking, the organization’s recent history has been entangled with some of Russia’s most contentious actions, analysts and security researchers say.
    On Friday, Michael McFaul, a former United States ambassador to Russia, wrote on Twitter: “I’m very impressed that Mueller was able to name the 12 GRU officers in the new indictment. Demonstrates the incredible capabilities of our intelligence community.”

  38. KGC… If Pelosi retires l would bet good money that she goes right on raising money for Democratic candidates.  She’s a master at it… And her experience would be invaluable.

    All healthy organizations need a mixture of young, old, and those in between.  I want new blood… but to forcebly push out your most experienced is a big mistake IMO.

  39. Nancy is a strong woman and they’re after her big time so I’m with her.

    you wanna spit about she’s this or she’s that, ok, spit……she’s ok with me.

  40. The last time vice cops arrested night club acts was Lenny Bruce early-mid sixties…..,. They tried it again with Stormy and, of course, got their assees handed to them

    whats fucking wrong with those people…….

  41. I found lenny before he died, but early seventies Zappa put the Berkely Concerts on Bizarre records and I heard the real deal…….Catsklls comedian goes rogue.

  42. I couldn’t find TDF last night so I watched an hour and a half of the last set of the Anderson/Isner men’s Wimbledon semis. I saw the first 31 games of the set.  I missed the last 19. It was the longest match in Wimbledon history on center Court. 99 games, 6 hours & 36 minutes. Pretty amazing.

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