59 thoughts on “Still More Dictator Envy”

  1. Through my million Mormon cousins I am related to Mrs McDaniel.

    Jeff Flake is a relative too.

    Supporting President Trump is against what Latter Days Saints are taught. I know this & my mother’s family left that church years ago.

    There is a divide within the LDS over the track of the Republican Party & it is ironic it reaches the lowest point under a church member. Cousin Mitt, Ronna’s uncle, is a waffler, torn between genuine belief & what’s in it for me syndrome. Making money is not a sin but what you do with it can be. I am fascinated by the dynamics of Trump within the Church & more importantly how the Church ultimately reacts. My family spilled blood & died in support of this religion, murdered by “outsiders” during the 1840s, 1850s. My maternal Great-Grampa Brigham left the church after a crisis of conscience.

    Weird times. How quickly history is forgotten when status & personal advancement is involved.


  2. heddy, here’s another raccoon story reported in 2015:

    Woman Fights Off Raccoon While Treading Water to Save Dog

    “It all started when we were getting ready to go to the Canada Day fireworks in Pugwash,” Dawn Simmonds told the Metro News.
    “My dog had gone down to the ponds. She’s a hunting dog and she follows a muskrat that goes between ours and our neighbor’s pond. I heard a lot of barking, but she didn’t return when I called her. Just more barking. So I went down to see what was going on.”
    Her stomach dropped when she saw her 37-pound Brittany Spaniel staring down a raccoon of nearly the same size.  It appeared that Star had backed the raccoon into the neighbor’s pond, but Simmonds knew that the situation was dire.
    “My father warned us long ago if a raccoon feels threatened near water it will back into the water to draw the attacker in, and then drown them,” she explained.
    She watched in horror as the raccoon backed further into the water, luring Star ever closer.  Emboldened by her seeming victory, the dog went after the rapscallion.  She circled it twice.  Once the trap was set, the raccoon lunged at Star and dragged her to the bottom of the pond.
    “I can’t believe what I did to save my dog,” Simmonds said. “My mama bear instincts kicked in. I kicked off my sandals and dove underwater and grabbed the raccoon by the back of the neck and Star in the other and separated them.”

    Star sustained only a chomp on the snout, and swam back to the water’s edge.  Simmonds was still holding the raccoon in the 12-foot deep pond.

    “I didn’t feel the bites at that time. It was pure adrenaline,” Simmonds said. “So, I pushed him down as far as I could into the water before I let him go and I swam up. He swam up away from me, gasping for air, and took off… it was an epic battle in the pond.”

    Once out of the water, she called her sister to take her to the hospital.  On Friday she began rabies treatment – a needle in every single tooth mark the raccoon left – and Star will spend the next week under observation.

    Though she is obviously not happy about having to undergo a series of painful injections, Simmonds doesn’t hold a grudge against her attacker.

    “I think he was hunting frogs until Star came along. I was lucky it was not more severe.”

    The raccoon survived, but has not been seen in the area since Wednesday.

    “I think he learned his lesson.”

  3. this day in history spotlighted the adoption of the flag, napoleon’s battle with Russia and the premiere of the gong show.

    fittingly the ushering in of gong show is also the twit’s birthday

    The Happy Birthday Dirge from Mother Russia.  Happy Birthday comrad!  I hope you enjoy your special day while it lasts – then back to reality!

  4. Craig, do you reckon McDaniel’s minions have a list (database) and are taking names? Not since Joe McCarthy, a period that I remember well. One difference–McCarthy wasn’t representing our president.

  5. SJ

    You have the most interesting family and you know so much about it – thank you for sharing your family history.

    And I have something for you.   The Campaign for America’s Future.org    You fav Zephr Teachout is part of it and I learned about it through Jim Hightower’s newsletter.  It is an amalgam of the best parts of the Sanders campaign and the Clinton campaign.  They have a progressive agenda and are working to make it the Democratic Party’s agenda.   Mr. Cracker and I have signed up

  6. Someone needs to tell Ronna that other people are taking names as well and will remember who enabled this destruction of democracy

  7. Flatus, they can look no further than Trump’s tweet bombs for a long enemies list.

    My other peeve with Ronna’s tweet — it always bugs me when people use “that” when referring to human beings, should be “Anyone who that does not embrace”

    I enjoy personification of inanimate objects, but the reverse is just wrong.

  8. Back to the raccoon — there were many suggestions that window washers (or firefighters using their equipment) should have gone up and saved the critter. I know raccoons and anyone trying that would have gotten their face bit off.

  9. Trump asked Putie if he could have The Red Army Chorus perform The Song of the Volga Boatmen from the shores of the Potomac. Putie is said to have replied, maybe next year.

  10. FBI internal investigation on the Clinton case handling is expected to be released today

    More stuff for SFB to lie about

  11. KC, drinking game – a shot for each time SFB or his minions tweet or say “no collusion” while they spin the IG report.

  12. from above link:

    “While we did not find that these decisions were the result of political bias on Comey’s part, we nevertheless concluded that by departing so clearly and dramatically from FBI and department norms, the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the department as fair administrators of justice,” Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in the report’s conclusions, which were obtained Thursday by Bloomberg News.

  13. Oh Shoot!! SJ

    If Rona has Ebenezer Hunter in her background or distant relatives, we are probably related through the one who went from Scotland to Utah.

  14. “I enjoy personification of inanimate objects, but the reverse is just wrong.”

    boss, not wrong in the case of some human beings in  critterville THAT very well personify lifelessness. at least their hearts are certainly made of stone, their brains of deadwood… or both.

  15. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    I tithe to Zephyr Teachout & Cynthia Nixon 😉

    Might seem foolish to some (going up against the Cuomo Machine – & it is a Machine) but if you don’t put out on what you believe in what’s the point? Things change – eventually. I support these ladies, I believe them to be true in their motives. Thank You for the support.

    A few years back I tweeted to Zephyr Teachout she was the Little Engine That Could. I still believe this & Cynthia Nixon is a car on that train. Onward!


  16. Jamie,

    If you can tie in your family to the Wheatons, Brewers or Campbells …. Jackpot! My Brewer cousins are especially prolific. Lots of gold there 😉



  17. President Trump has quite a birthday, eh? Perhaps not the wishes he wanted.

    Said this a while ago but Eric Schneiderman did a lot of good for New York citizens. He was a watchdog for the entire state, not just NYC. I know many of you are upset about Al Franken – I sympathize in the way I feel about Eric Schneiderman, however if he did what he is said to have done …. yuck. Ick. I honestly wish he was not this Jekyll/Hyde person because we need his watch doggedness during these crazy times. Reportedly his work was integral in today’s charges against Trump & Co. Good that his successor followed through.


  18. Now for something completely different ….

    Enjoying Sabra Hummus. The Cadillac of mashed chickpeas & tahini. Spoiled me for life.


  19. Raccoons: they are wild & prone to rabies. End of story.

    Worst wildlife experience was when a opossum took up residence inside my sunporch. Little bugger pushed the door open, walked in, settled down. OMG they stink! Their poop is even stinkier. It was almost a death match, but I got him to leave by waving a broom at him. He hissed & bared his many jagged teeth at me. Yes, I was scared.

  20. “…some animals are more equal than others.” – Orwell

    Perhaps that’s is why some folks use ‘that’ when ‘who’ should do.

  21. Inside a huge Texas shelter for immigrant children https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/14/us/inside-immigrant-children-shelter-brownsville-texas-invs/index.html

    This is disturbing.  They had this planned long ago.   Nothing good ever happens at a Wal-Mart, even when it is no longer a Wal-Mart.

    This internment camp, I mean shelter, and the other two dozen are costing millions to run. The cost to children is incalculable.

    The mural of Donny with the quote translated into Spanish is right out of a Nazi handbook. Creepy.

  22. BTW what’s up with saluting those we’re still at war with and where are all those jeering patriots who castigated Obama for a polite diplomatic bow?

  23. A group of six year old children (including great granddaughter) at techo camp learning computer code to run motors and make things spin.  It won’t be long before everyone over 10 is completely obsolete.


  24. I suppose i shan’t be surprised if a picture is released of Trump giving Kim sexual favors.  What in the Steele dossier could possibly shame this shameless man?!

  25. “What should I wear to the Summit, this weekend, Mr. American Bastard Donald Trump?”

    ”…someting black, slimming, and sexy.”

    ”Oh, good, i have that.”

  26. How many nazis does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None.   They’d use their tiki torches to light the cross.

  27. Patd – my response after spending a day cooling off is that SFB has proven himself a traitor.  In that picture he is providing comfort and aid to an enemy at war with the U.S.  Saluting the enemy like that is disgusting.  That entire episode of the photo op with the enemy and then stopping military training, there are no “war games”, is more evidence that he is an agent of the KGB/FSB/SVR/GRU.  It is time the intelligence community start leaking and get this guy in jail.

  28. No-regard said something scary with regard to separating families.  He quoted scripture, saying to obey the law like the Apostle, Paul, said to do…because the government is ordained by God.

    a) Divine Right of Kings in play here?

    b) Isn’t he violating separation of church & state?

    *Shouldn’t the UN or Amnesty International be getting involved with the separation of children from parents (kidnapping) and refusing asylum-seekers?

  29. bbronc, this is a ray of hope from abc news:

    After special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors and Paul Manafort meet in court on Friday, there is a chance the former Trump campaign chairman could leave in handcuffs.

  30. they impeached one prez for lying about a blow job.  this one they’re making king.


    wapo’s the fix:

    The president of the United States was just accused of persistent charity fraud
    He used his namesake charity to benefit himself, both financially and politically. He broke state and federal law multiple times. His charity may have violated tax and campaign finance law. The president of the United States should be banned from running any charity in New York for a decade because he was so reckless and unethical with his.
    That’s the bottom line of a stunning lawsuit filed against President Trump and his three oldest children Thursday in New York.
    This New York lawsuit feels different. It’s much harder to separate the person from the actions. It alleges that he used the charity’s money over the past decade to settle legal disputes involving his for-profit business.
    And the lawsuit alleges that when he was running for president, things got worse, not better. It alleges that he used the money to donate to certain veterans’ charities that could be politically beneficial to him, for example.
    The lawsuit alleges that this wasn’t just a mistake on his staff’s part or bad apples in his campaign acting on their own. Trump had been using the charity to enrich himself consistently for decades. He knew what he was doing when he used it to run for president.
    Underwood said: “Mr. Trump’s wrongful use of the Foundation to benefit his Campaign was willful and knowing.”
    In other words, Trump knew he was acting unethically and maybe even illegally. And he did it anyway. Over and over again.

  31. After saluting the guys we’re still at war with, trump took a knee for Flag Day.

    Lock ’em up. Lock ’em ALL up.

  32. Fuck trump. Did he unveil the new US of trump flag?

    Colbert did a great job of skewering him tonight.

  33. Drain the twamp.

    The NY civil suit against the trump gang does not preclude a criminal action.

    As I wrote last year, to survive this catastrophe, the repug party leadership may have to impeach and remove trump. Or, the 25th Amendment him. Whichever they choose, they’d better hurry ‘cuz pence may rot on the shelf before Jan 20th.

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