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If this weren’t from Trump’s campaign guru (now running his 2020 reelection campaign), it might not be worth noting.

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  1. wapo:

    Mueller asks to secure evidence in ‘Putin chef’ case, citing Russian intelligence and ongoing interference operations

    Federal prosecutors say they believe operations to interfere in U.S. elections are ongoing and want a court to tightly control how evidence gathered by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III about Internet trolling in 2016 is shared with a Russian company accused of helping to mislead American voters.
    Public or unauthorized disclosures, prosecutors said in a court filing Tuesday, would release information that “would assist foreign intelligence services, particularly those of the Russian Federation,” and other actors in future operations against the United States and tip off people and firms the government “believes are continuing to engage in interference operations like those charged” in Mueller’s ongoing probe.
    The filing seeking a protective order for documents came in proceedings against Concord Management and Consulting. Concord was indicted in February with 13 Russian individuals and two other companies, and accused of being part of an ambitious effort to trick Americans online into following and promoting Russian-fed propaganda that pushed 2016 voters toward then-Republican candidate Donald Trump and away from Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
    Concord is the only one among the group of 16 to appear in U.S. court to contest the charge that its alleged actions were part of a conspiracy that began in 2014 to obstruct lawful functions of the U.S. government through fraud and deceit.
    Prosecutors appeared especially concerned that information that Concord’s attorneys are entitled to have for defense preparation could be shared with Concord founder Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, a business executive nicknamed “Putin’s chef” because of his ties to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin.
    Prigozhin also was indicted but has not replied in U.S. court, the prosecutors said, which should preempt his seeing material shared with Concord.

    Information in the case identifies sources, methods and techniques used to unmask the alleged Russian interference, prosecutors wrote, and disclosures without a court-protective could tip off adversaries and enable them to adapt and adjust.


  2. Yeah…  how about trumpty dumpty having his presidential credentials suspended…

  3. Also in re Heathens Raging:

    Why do the Heathen Rage?

         These essays were written over a period of thirty years and originally appeared in more than sixty newspapers nationwide. The author, who chose to remain anonymous, was a prominent Christian businessman in the Atlanta area. He entitled his columns“Why do the Heathen Rage?”and used this question from Psalm 2 and Acts 4:25 as a basis to comment on the events of the day. He believed that Psalm 1 promised blessings to the faithful in Christ, but Psalm 2 and Acts 4:25 asked a critical question and answered it with a prophecy of cursings and judgments upon the heathen; those who rebelled against the laws of God.
    Truly a prophet in his own time, the author received thousands of letters from his readers.However, at times, newspapers would refuse to print his column or prefer to edit it because of his outspoken condemnation of evil in government, literature and individuals who supported unbiblical practices.

         “You will find here a keen insight on several scriptural passages concerning those who are departing from the truth of God’s Word. While you may not agree with all of the author’s beliefs, you will be awakened to a sense of contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”
    —-Bob Hill, Editor of some sort or other.

  4. This “historic moment” argument doesn’t fly.   Ask questions when EVERYONE is paying attention!   Yes!

    Do Trumpsky’s eyes look more vacant than usual?  Maybe it’s jet lag…or Dr. Ronny specials helping with the jet lag.

    I still think there is a paternal connection between Trumpsky & Lil Kim.

  5. sturge,  emphasis on the last half of that quote

    Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?


    except today that vain thing is real not just imaginary and it lives at 1600 Pennsylvania ave.

    truly a bonfire of vanity at the white house.


  6. pogo, more on that question of yours in today’s guardian: 


    China hails its ‘indisputable’ role in outcome of Trump-Kim summit

    Chinese officials have been quick to take credit for some of the outcomes of a historic summit between the US and North Korea on Tuesday.
    Following the meeting between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi hailed China’s “indisputable” role in the process.
    “It is fair to say that the relevant approach and initiative proposed by China and its endeavours … have played a positive and constructive role in getting the situation on the peninsula to where it is now.”
    China’s state-run media called the summit a “success” and something China had long been “working toward.”
    China, North Korea’s largest trading partner and most powerful ally, was not present at the summit in Singapore but Beijing has emerged as a clear winner. …..


  7. And to the asshat preacher who counseled a rape victim to just forgive her attacker, I say the attacker’s nuts should be cut off & he should be forced to forgive her for that!  Jackasses!

  8. BiD

    I posted that CA split article over on Facebook with this comment:

    I always love it when one of these ideas comes up almost as much as I enjoy the idea of Washington, Oregon, and California leaving the union. With this plan, I would have relatives in three different states and separating that crowd would definitely be a good idea.

    I was being facetious, but actually think it would be a good idea.  Not sure about this particular split, though it does do a fairly good idea of separating the divergent political and environmental sections of the state.  Southern California would be fighting for water.  Northern California would be the lowest in population density.  It’s possible Central California would do a better job of preserving the agricultural land that hasn’t already been massively destroyed by the excess population.

    In any case I’m moving to the yellow chunk.


  9. Let’s see  would we get more electoral college votes that way?

    At this point I think Californians are less interested in breaking up the state and would be more likely interested in leaving the union.

  10. Guess the media is worse than Canada …

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN. They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have “begged” for this deal-looked like war would break out. Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!
    9:30 AM – 13 Jun 2018

  11. Trump didn’t write this!  He can properly apply “to, too and two”.  He surely can’t spell promulgate!

  12. KGC

    Looking at that breakup, we would get 2 more governors and 4 more senators while House numbers would remain the same.  This would have a greater effect on the EC.  The political divisions would be more up in the air.  Southern CA would trend Republican while CA and Northern CA would trend Democratic.

  13. Altho I join the celebration of the raccoon’s survival, must add a downer note for those who might be inspired to befriend these creatures: a rabid raccoon twice bit a neighbor girl here last weekend. She’s OK after two days of shots, but beware! I had seen it on our deck earlier in the day and worried it might have rabies, as they seldom wander around in broad daylight unless that’s the case.

  14. Craig,

    I almost always side with the critters, but it is always a good idea to report a wild creature not acting in line with its natural inclination.  In CA always loved the skunks, who only act “skunky” when threatened, but they tend to be nocturnal as well.  One in broad daylight is a warning sign.


  15. Yep, Jamie. I have a lot of raccoon experience from my Florida-in-the-wild days. Tried to make a pet of one as a kid at our cabin in the Ocala Natl Forest. Didn’t go so well. They are dangerously mischievous, unpredictable critters and not as benign as they appear. Mine turned nasty toward our dog and I had to run it off.

  16. I’ll just add in my 2 cents worth (about its value) on raccoons. They are opportunistic feeders, particularly this time of year when they have young to feed. I’ve lost chickens to daytime raids by perfectly healthy raccoons. So daytime sightings don’t mean they are sick unless they’re acting sick (staggering, lethargic, etc.). Raccoons may be cute, just like foxes. However, when you see feather bombs of your favorite hens, raccoons and foxes aren’t so cute anymore.

  17. Yep, heddy. I’m wondering how many unsuspecting folks might endanger themselves because the viral video created sympathy, fondness for them. The poor girl who got bit in our neighborhood was trying to pet the darn thing.

  18. Spider-raccoon, Soider-raccoon, doing what a Spider-raccoon can do…look out…

    I love the pic of the little critter climbing straight up.  Yes, they are wild animals & mean when cornered.  I’m glad the climb & rescue were successful, though.

    Cohen flipping???

  19. Craig

    I had a friend who rehabilitated wild life with a specialty in raccoons.  She had one “old man” that she acquired as a kit and unable to return to the wild.  Whenever she went boating, the old boy jumped in the boat and lounged back for the ride.  They can be tamed, but usually only when raised from very small.

  20. more on cohen according to the guardian:

    Those lawyers are “not expected to represent him going forward”, ABC News first reported. The Wall Street Journal reported the law firm, which has represented Cohen since June 2017, would part company with him at the end of the week.
    The switch in legal representation could be a prelude for a deal for Cohen to cooperate with prosecutors, legal analysts said, although the Journal reported that Cohen had not yet made such a decision.
    While Cohen has not been charged with a crime, he is the subject of an investigation by federal prosecutors of alleged wire fraud and other crimes. He has appeared repeatedly in court over the last two months in an effort to block prosecutors from using documents seized in the raids.
    Those documents include millions of electronic files from four phones, an iPad, multiple hard drives and USB drives, and at least eight boxes of paper documents.
    A judge had set a deadline of Friday for Cohen’s legal team to finish its review of the seized documents. Cohen, a 51-year-old father of two college-age children, recently told friends he expected to be arrested at any moment, Vanity Fair reported.

  21. brought to you by the so-called party of family values:

    Nevada’s most notorious pimp wins Republican primary 

    A month after Donald Trump was elected, however, Hof announced his switch to the Republican party.
    “It’s all because Donald Trump was the Christopher Columbus for me,” Hof told the Associated Press on Tuesday night as he celebrated his win. “He found the way and I jumped on it.” Hof has previously waxed lyrical about his similarities with the president and styles himself as “the Trump of Pahrump”. Like Trump, Hof is a reality TV veteran – he starred in the HBO adult reality series Cathouse. He’s also an author: in 2015 he released his memoir, The Art of the Pimp, which begins by detailing how meeting Marilyn Monroe as a child led to his first erection.
    Like Trump, Hof has also been accused of sexual assault. According to a police report released earlier this year, two former prostitutes alleged they were “raped and battered” daily by the brothel owner several years ago. The Nye county district attorney’s office declined to prosecute because the four-year statute of limitations had run out. Hof denies the charges.
    While Hof has been a big name in Nevada for a long time, he gained international notoriety in 2015 when basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in one of Hof’s brothels.


  22. politico:
    White House Counsel Don McGahn recused his entire staff last summer from working on the Russia investigation because many of his office’s lawyers played significant roles in key episodes at the center of the probe, former White House attorney Ty Cobb said on Wednesday.
    McGahn made the decision to halt his staff’s interactions with Special Counsel Robert Mueller because many of his own attorneys “had been significant participants” surrounding the firings of national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James Comey, Cobb said.
    “The White House made a decision to recuse his entire office,” Cobb said during a panel discussion hosted by George Mason University in Northern Virginia.
    The former Trump White House lawyer explained that McGahn’s recusal was a key reason for why he was hired last summer to manage President Donald Trump’s official response on the Russia case, including filling Mueller’s requests for documents and arranging interviews with current and former White House aides.
    While it’s been widely known that McGahn handed over day-to-day responsibilities to Cobb when he started working in the White House last July, neither of the Trump lawyers had ever specified that the entire White House legal office had been recused from the Russia probe in its entirety.

    Cobb’s remarks about McGahn’s recusal came during a panel discussion about the rise of polarization in politics at the university’s Antonin Scalia Law School – a topic that the former White House lawyer said will be hard to reverse anytime soon.

    “I think it’s a question of trying to limit the damage at this stage of the game and maybe there will be a turnaround in another generation, but it’s a death spiral to the bottom at this stage of the game,” Cobb said.

  23. I never screw around with raccoons.  They will eat your oars and for grins take a bite out of your truck tires.  After the first deep bite they tend to blow off and not show up again.

    Skunks can be tamed, at least as much as a cat can be tamed.  The important thing is to have them descented before trying to play with them indoors.  I think that owning a pet skunk is illegal in a few states so check before going under the porch to grab one from the nest built there a couple months ago.

    Monafort count down.  It is almost Friday, again.  Maybe Mueller can do something special like arrest Cohen at the same time.

  24. Several years ago, a guy (from another country) was riding his bike in a nearby town & thought he saw an injured cat. (They don’t have skunks everywhere in the world; lucky us.) He wrapped it up in his jacket to find help for it.  It was a skunk & I believe it was rabid.

  25. These texts for the city council race are so annoying.  I hate everyone who is running!

  26. tidbit from wapo:

    Cohen, who is now in a dispute with his attorneys about some of his legal bills, plans to seek new representation soon, the people said. He wants to find a New York lawyer more familiar with the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, they said.


    how ’bout Rudy, Michael?

  27. Patd, no irony in that Hof article. Trump is his Christopher Columbus?  Bwahahahahahaha.

    Im waiting for the “speed up your internet connection“ pop up ads and spam.

    Sturg, I guess they needed a gator whisperer … if they could find a live one.

  28. I can’t imagine what Cohens legal bills look like. We’ve got to be talking millions baby. Legal fees dispute my ass.

  29. good news today.

    that Cordray is currently ahead should also be good news for Sherrod Brown although he got great news when the strongest gooper dropped out.

  30. Raccoons. They were a constant in John Pennycamp State Park in Key Largo. Little bastards UNZIPPED a handlebar bag and took out and ate a few brownies I forgot to take out of it when I was bicycle camping in the Keys back in the day. Left the plastic wrap untorn on the picnic table the bike was leaning against. I believe the little fuckers could pick a damn combination lock to get into a trash can.

  31. Pogo:

    Yes, raccoons probably could pick a lock. Toronto, the self-proclaimed “raccoon capital of the world” had come up with raccoon-proof trash bins. Hah! Raccoons adapted immediately. I’ve been trying to find a scientific paper I read several years ago that reported a study using MRI/fMRI in raccoons to examine circuitry changes associated with their learning capabilities. It was actually quite scary as to how fast their brains made new circuits that are associated with learning when they were presented with increasingly complex devices securing food. Plus, it looked like those changes were, to some degree, heritable. Hopefully, the information gleaned from such studies can be eventually applied to cognitive issues in humans, whether in disorders of developmental delay or in dementia associated with aging.

  32. Shhh, don’t tell Trump. Tomorrow is Flag Day, the anniversary of the adoption of our National Flag on 14 June 1777.

  33. for flag day or any day, Americans hymn sung by the only person allowed to sing it imo

    BTW, these days we need to be reminded, lot of shit out there

  34. Ya know don’t mess with a coon, A full grown boar coon can whip most dogs and not even break a sweat.


  35. Heddy, they are amazing. They win are you smarter than a third grader every time. Trevor Noah is riffing on that story now. LMAO

  36. Recognizing the ingenuity of raccoons, I had hung suet feeders for the birds with screw gizmos under baffles that were too wide for raccoon access from above. The bottom of the suet feeder was at least 5′ from the ground. Nonetheless, I came out one AM and all of the suet feeders were on the ground and empty, almost like some critter had spooned out the suet. The only thing that I could figure is that “Lucy” stood on the shoulders of  “Ethel”, grabbed hold of the suet feeder and spun counterclockwise to unscrew the suet feeder. I just wish a trail camera had captured the action. However, I do have lots of trail cam shots of raccoons scaling the hen house porch in a fruitless effort to grab a nighttime snack. So far, they haven’t picked the locks nor have they figured out how to open the hatches in the porch floor. They never give up trying, judging by the handprints on the doors every AM. Thankfully, they don’t get enough time to figure it out since trail cams have shown nightly visits by a couple of coyotes that would find a raccoon dinner quite tasty.

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